Dreams That Start With S


These dreams might be connected to what you have given up for a better cause. The death and rebirth to reach higher consciousness.


Crying or being sad in our dreams might be a release of emotions as you might not be able to express in your waking life. The location and objects around you will give you clues where the feelings are repressed.


When you dream of saddles suggests have a support system that makes you comfortable along your journey. A horse is a connected with raw masculine energy, freedom as well mirroring some sort of restraint along the ride.

Safe Vault

The meaning of a safe dream can alter depending the contents inside the safe. They bring our awareness to valuable things that are locked up inside the mind of the dreamer; a symbol that can switch from security or to insecurity if its open. Inside can harbor feelings, memories or events that have been locked up, a part of you that is valuable. If the safe was broken or empty suggests whatever you kept safe or locked up has been exposed.


When a sage appears in your dream it is bringing you wisdom. It suggests you have the capabilities to be a virtuous person, or according to Carl Jung you may have encounter the archetypal wise old man. This is the inner philosopher distinguished for wisdom and sound judgment. If you are burning sage suggest you might need to rid yourself of bad energies around you.


To dream of sailing is a positive dream that connects the spirit and the emotional state of the dreamer. Along this journey you have an unknown force that pulls you where you need to go; to trust the movement that has been practiced by the ancients – Wu Wei the art of purposeless action, by letting go to achieve. If you are on a boat sailing to a far distance place like China it suggests major transitions and changes in your life.


When saints appear in our dream they can alternative meanings depending the role of the saint. They come as messengers or guides that as agents of comfort, or in times of reassurance in your life. The visitation might be extremely vivid with bring colors and light holding very symbolic messages in them. A rare vision that could be an archetypical in nature; for striving for highest good or being morally perfect. Certain saints carry different messages such as Saint Francis of Assisi, suggesting boundless love for animals and nature. Virgin Mary however might connect to the feminine, motherhood, compassion and self love.


A symbol of protection and the power of healing and good luck. It has the ability to purify and absorbs negative energy, thus makes your aura clear, in both physical and spiritual sense. If you dream of throwing salt it can be considered a positive omen relating to protection. Profound vivid dreams are known to make the dreamer think they are tasting salt in their mouths upon waking up.

Salt Water

Salt water in your dream suggests a time in your life that you are undergoing an emotional cleansing. Strongly connected with the ocean or sea it brings your attention to grounding, manifestation and anchoring spiritual energies.


When you dream of seeing a samurai it reflects some sort of guide that is protecting you along your life’s journey. If you notice the samurai sword it can be seen both as a symbol of removal, or relating to empowerment.


Sand can be seen as a negative symbol for wasted time passing by. Some people associate sand and sun together hinting at a much needed break from everyday life. Sand is formed by eroding rocks over time usually by water connecting it to unconsciousness. When you dream of a mouth full of sand it connects to communication issues that needs to be corrected. If you are throwing sand at someone it implies you are waiting time and energy.


If you see or are in a sandbox means you might want to go back to things how they were when you where a kid. Awareness of yourself doing something that you know doesn’t really matter; wasting time, square or four corners, or relating to the desk or office.


To dream of a sangoma is a positive symbol of healing and divination. They are known to be our guides and inner healers that emerge to heal our unconscious fears, beliefs systems and emotions.


Dreaming of Satan might represent the fight between good and evil in your life. The struggle with your own darkness shadow against your highest good. Satan often appears when negative elements in our live remain hidden or unconscious to the dreamer. A symbol of a bad influence or perhaps being possessed by a very powerful force leading you down a path to darkness.


In most cases anything that we save in our dream usually has to do the unconscious part of ourselves. Saving might also reflect your ability to help other people who are in need of help. Depending what you are saving connects us to the deeper parts of ourselves that need rescuing; a powerful symbol of inner awareness and self transformation. If for example you are saving an animal such as a dog or cat it will reflect your masculine or feminine instincts; or saving a child from danger it connects you to your own inner child that has now been rescued. If you are saving a gold fish it represents caring for the small minuscule things in your life. If you dream of saving the world it contains elements of the hero’s journey – who goes on an adventure, is victorious in a decisive crisis, and comes home changed or transformed.


These dreams hint to weigh in on something in your life. It’s possible you may have weight concerns and unconsciously want to do something about it. What is being weighed on the scale would be a clue what to look out for.


Noticing a scarecrow in your dreams are positive dreams that scare away a destructive force. Crows being related to the decipher or trickster it shows that you many steps ahead of the bad negative forces in your life.


The symbolic nature of school in our dreams often brings the dreamer back to the past, or old them to either find or retrieve something unknown. A image that brings us back to a time when failing a test was crucial to making it to the next stage in life. It is also common to dream of old school friends that relate to repressed memories, stages in our life and a reminder of social bonding. Schools can be positive dreams of advancement or vivid nightmares. To dream of school days are quite symbolic that contain repressed memories and hidden gems for you to figure out.


Scissors are symbolic in our dreams when we are cutting or removing things out of our lives. Scissors are sharp and snippy that could be a metaphor for possessing these unknown qualities within. Remembering what you are cutting will be symbolic to what you need to cut away.


Dreaming of a scorpion may emerge relating to the scrupulous people in our lives, or unconscious aspects that end up stinging the dreamer. The scorpion venom and power sting becomes a warning for the dreamer to pay attention to something outside of their awareness. This is a very powerful omen that suggests change might be around the corner – defense, transformation, rebirth and ardency.


Due to the countries green lands and constant rainy weather, Scotland it becomes a symbol relating to a release of emotions that will heal the heart.

Scoring A Goal

To score a goal in your dream is a positive symbol that reflect winning, achieving and inner success in life. Remember people are watching and enjoying your wins but also it couldn’t have happened without the help of others assisting you.


It’s close connecting baking suggests putting your creative side to the test. These are positive symbols that imply you are going to make things happen.


Like most modes of transportation the scooter takes you from one place in your life to another. Scooters emerge as quick, enjoyable and accessible movements in our lives. Though its lack of raw power might reflect the drive of the dreamer; or relates to raw masculine power, sex drive (between legs), phallic.


Screaming in a dream can be a metaphor for you not being heard or unable to vent your frustrations. Often times when these feelings or emotions are not expressed it rears its ugly head in our dreams. It is quite common to scream and you are not hearing any sound come out. This becomes a symbol reflecting anger that nobody is hearing your voice. If you are screaming in your dreams wanting to wake up is a common occurrence related to vivid nightmares. If you are trying to scream ask you remain stuck on your bed it relates to sleep paralysis.


It might be a metaphor for someone ‘screwing you‘ at work or out of money. Screws in dreams may also suggests you are screwing up in some aspects in your life, or perhaps you need good one.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving are positive dream symbols that bring your awareness to exploring the unknown aspects of your emotions. You are diving below the surface trying to figure yourself out on a deeper emotional level.


The sea is symbolic images that connects to the emotional unconscious side of the dreamer. What is taking place in or around the sea are symbols that relate to your inner feelings. The color of the water helps determine your emotional clarity as well as the condition of the water. Certain creatures below the sea help decode the dream easier. If you were to encounter a shark would be different than noticing fishes. The dream might also be an indication to ‘see‘ something that might be overlooked.


You will be ingesting something that resides within your unconsciousness. What belongs in the sea contains elements of your true spiritual nature, a need to be tapped into or absorbed (digested) for you to understand its full benefits.


Shells can be seen as an auspicious used in many religions with its close connection with the gods. A powerful symbol that protects the dreamer along their journey; a symbol of rebirth and transformation.


These are your unconscious guides bringing you a message from very deep below. Seals in dreams are considered positive omens of a message delivered from the emotional part of your unconscious. It is never a seal but something that will emerge from your outside relating to playfulness, balance, creativity, good luck, dreams, lucid dreaming, creatively inner guidance and power. If the dreamer is not trusting these traits the seal is known to turn on them by chasing or attacked.

Security Guards

Security guards are known to emerge in our dreams for several different reasons. Remember they are either able to allow or deny access to known or unknown aspects in your life. If these are emotions that remain unconscious the guard itself belongs to a block by the dreamer. They may also relate to people in your life that are seen as a supervisor. They may also be metaphoric relating to security or caution in your life – images known to to appear to protect the dreamers vulnerable nature. Negative associations with security guards are known to reflect being chased; a symbol relating to insecurities or avoidance.


A seesaw represents the emotional or physical ups and downs one experiences in life. Who was on the seesaw would be a clue who might be connecting with going up and down. However your dream might be telling you to “see” or “saw something” that you should acknowledge.

Self Defense

Are you defensive with people around you? Often times the act of self defense in our dream is an indication of protection yourself from others. If you kill someone in self defense might allude to using excessive force to remove a negative element in your life. Killing in dreams can be seen as abrupt endings that you may have not provoked.


Selling dreams can be a representation of you trying to convince others about yourself or giving something away in exchange of something. What you are selling alters what you are trying to obtain to get value in your life. Images of food or bread can be seen as energy or nourishment you are offering to get something in return. To dream of selling your house connects to the mind or psyche of the dreamer, usually unconscious – giving away personal aspects relating to security, personal, and emotional states. This is why some dreams regret selling their house in their dream as they may have offered something of personal value to others that you regret. Selling clothes in your dream connects to personal identity or image that others may admire that you might not have use for anymore. If you sell your soul it is a bad omen that shows your weakness and vulnerability by giving something of value that would be used by others.

Semi Truck

Any means of transportation in your dream reflects movements and transitions in your life. A semi truck however implies large ideas, plans, shifts that conveying a tremendous amount of energy along your journey. If the semi truck crashes or is involved in an accident shows a setback or a delay in your plans to move forward.

Senior home

These dreams can be quite tricky depending the age. Most people who experience these sort of dreams are past their mid life crisis and are worried about getting old. Alternatively, if you are younger and had experienced this dream suggest that you might be overly dependent on others to do work for you.

Senior Citizen

Dreams about senior citizens can be positive symbols of the wise old people, or life lessons that are learned. These unknown old men in dreams could be related to the wise man or inner masculine that contains hidden knowledge.

Serial killer

Serial killers in dreams are often manifestations of unconscious fears that keep making the same negative patterns in your life. Serial killers in your dreams encourage the dreamer to find what dangerous behaviors they keep doing over and over. A common theme is often being chased or noticing a serial killer on the loose, an indication that this problem is not being identified as yet. To dream of a killing spree might suggest you are angry and frustrated with others around you.


In dreams the serpent is a universal yet enigmatic symbol that is know to represent death, destruction, evil; yet known to be associated with of transformation, rebirth, healing, immortality, passion, and fertility. If you dream of a flying serpent it implies inner healing and higher consciousness.

Serving Food

Dreaming of serving food is a positive symbol implying your generosity and offerings to others. Food can be seen as a symbol of energy, wealth, prosperity, pleasure, and abundance. Serving rice shows your purity, abundance and an unlimited source of love.


Any dream of seeing of being in sewage suggests a build up of negative emotions around you. This is the place in your life where all the dirty, rejected and released emotions are stored; pointing to a stagnation directed toward the emotional unconscious or shadow side of the dreamer.


Sewers are below the surface (unconscious) where all the negative waste is stored. Associated with feelings, memories or behaviors that need clearing up. If it were to be backed up, clear or overflowing somewhere are all indications how you are handing the negative emotions. A need to let go and ground your energies so you can have a healthier life.


If you are sewing you might want to make amends or fix something in your life. This can be with family or friends. You have the right tools to do it and it all depends on the sewer to make things happen.


Depending the context of your love dreams it can have different meaning to it all together. A powerful unconscious connection between two people that often relate to a merging of unconscious energies. Regardless if these people are known or unknown, this is an attraction to what needs to be incorporated within the dreamer psyche – Carl Jung integration of the anima or animus masculine and feminine traits.


To notice a shadow in your dream implies the rejected or unconsous negative traits of the dreamer that follow it around. The main goal would be for the dreamer to recognize what darkness casts behind the persona of the dreamer; what is hidden behind the mask he or she wears in public. These dark shadows are known to attack when you are not aware of these traits or behaviors that lurk inside your mind. Did you dream of a shadow person just before you woke up from bed? These annoying people tend to sit on your backs or just lurk around that are commonly connected with the dreadful sleep paralysis.

Shadow Archetype

The mask you wear not to let others know about you lust for greed, your envy and shortcomings. Bring it to the light so it doesn’t wreak anymore havoc on yourslef and others.


Sharks are known to be aggressive, intimidating and fierce apex predators that are known to lurk in your relationships, people that surround you or work environments. The fact they dwell in the deep part of the waters it directs the dreamer at danger or a threat that residing within the emotional unconsciousness. Alternatively, the shark might be a manifestation of the dreamers shadow – the cold blooded aggressive side to their personality that is unknown.


A symbol strongly connected to the Abrahamic religions as a symbol related to serving God. Unlike the goat that goes its own way, the sheep shows the dreamer once you follow the right path you will encounter luck, joy, prosperity, and happiness. If you are either attacked or chased by a sheep it implies bad outcomes to not following what you are supposed to do.


Shoes are considered a very significant symbol that reflects your path and movements in your life. Often times we are buying, losing or trying on a new pair. Sometimes we noticed different colors and other times we are barefoot. All of these images reflect what might be going on during points of our life. However not having a shoe or missing one implies a lack of balance in life. If your laces are untied suggest a need to tighten up how you move in life.


Meeting your soulmate in your dreams can be an emotional roller coaster that leaves you thrilled but a yearning for more. They are often symbols of our unconscious masculine or feminine side, or possibly who you will meet in the future.


Shooting dreams can suggest a variety of different interpretations. If you are shooting someone in your dream it shows directed anger at the intended target. If you are the one being shot it might suggest the person shooting will direct his anger at you. Shooting dreams usually have to do with emotions and anger.

Shooting Star

These dreams show us that there is an important message heading our way. A symbol of good luck and possible a major life change.


Known to be connected with future events or the ones that deliver us messages from the unknown. They can also be tricksters like the fox or rabbit that can guide us in the places you want to be.


Shovels are symbolic to the dreamer as what they are digging up holds meaning. They come as metaphors as you are digging up old memories, experiences or emotions that need to be brought to the surface.


Showers in dreams are positive dream meanings that represent renewal or cleansing old aspects of yourself. A symbol of grounding your energies by removing toxic behaviors and emotions from others in your life. Since you are in your house it connects to the mind of the dreamer – what has now become clean and gone down the drain. To dream of a public shower indicates connects to your openness in society or exposing your true self to others. If you are showing in the dark it represents removing unconsous emotions that have built up over time.


If you dream that you are shrinking it has to do with how people you know perceive you as a person. This might be related to past belittlement or feelings of insignificant to others in your life. A symbol to become more confident and less aggregable.


Silver emerges in our dreams attached to powerful symbols such as necklaces, earrings, fish, snakes and coins. Silver is a feminine elements that contains properties of inner transformation and change. Though you must protect this gift as it can be easily tarnished from negative vibrations.


Singing in dreams is a positive symbol that represents a new positive moods and conjures up fun past memories and feelings.We are often singing and dancing in our dreams, a symbol of raising up our vibrations as it will attract good things to come. If you dream about singing in a church it shows your connection, love and devotion to God or your higher self.


Sinking in our dreams is a negative symbol of being consumed by things in our life. Often times we are sinking in ships that turn our attention to our emotions that are engulfing us as we are trying to reach or advance in our lives. If you dream about sinking in mud it turns your attention to a lack of grounding, dwelling in negative emotions and your inability to move forward. If you dream of sinking in quicksand suggests waisted time – sand a negative symbol that contains no life and lacks water (emotions).


Skating is a positive dream symbol suggesting you are in control of the emotions during difficult times. Ice is a negative symbol implying things or emotions frozen, stuck, not moving – you will not let it get you down and make fun from it.


Skateboards in dreams represents movements and progression in your life. Though it does take you back to your teenage years as you might be learning a new skill along your journey. There might be an element of caution as it can be dangerous if you fall off. Skateboarding at night brings you towards the unconscious feminine energy – movement, creative or pull towards the unknown. A broken skateboards represents failures or setback as you are undergoing change. If you are going downhill might be metaphoric for something in your life. How you feel will determine if it is a positive or negative dream.


Skeletons represents our own unconscious feelings of death, repressed fears, or something is hidden. This is why skeletons often chase the dreamer as they are avoiding dealing with these unconscious fears. Think of the saying skeletons in the closest relating to things you hide within that needs to come out.


Sinking connects us to our current emotional state of mind. Water is synonymous with our emotions and once we are sinking in our dreams we are overwhelmed in our daily life. We are unable to breath or get up to the surface as you struggle for air. A mirror image struggling to stay afloat in your relationship, work or past emotions.


Sisters that emerge in our dreams represent trust, loyalty, friendship, compassion and listening. Similar to when we dream of our brothers, dreams about our sisters are down right bizarre or confusing – themes that revolve around drowning, death or getting beaten up. Though sometimes you may even dream of your sister getting married or having a baby. What happens to your sister will alter the meaning from both a positive or negative omen.


Skin in our dreams actually tells us more about hidden aspects about our personality that can be seen as weak or venerable. How you react to the outside world will reflect from your skin peeling off, infections, burns, pulling things out of your body. Though once you are able to find out what it means you will be a stronger less thin skinned person.


Skunks only emerge in our dreams when we may have provoked something that wants to be left alone. The black and white color might suggests thinking in black and white. Animals sometimes bring your attention to your intuition (smell) something is off. Dreaming of a dead skunk represents endings or removal of someone or something that could be a threat. A baby skunk might apply to your own instincts – underdeveloped that needs maturing.


If you are skydiving in your dream it translates to freedom, fearless and new adventures to come. You are taking a chance with something and the thrill will pay off. Alternatively, skydiving and flying might be connected to a lucid style dream – relates to overcoming fears and obstacles. The free fall from a plane tells you about taking a chance, leaving early from transitioning from one phase to another (see plane). If you dream of skydiving without a parachute suggests taking a chance or not protected on your new venture.


Slapping in dreams is a sign of aggression that might be repressed or directed at the dreamer. Slapping unlike punching becomes metaphoric in the sense it one only receives little pain inflicted.


Sleeping with someone in our dreams represents a connection or unification of these your unconscious energies. The person you are sleeping with has nothing to do with a person attraction, but rather an admiration of these unconscious traits, behaviours or qualities that one wants to see within themselves. It is not uncommon for women to sleep with their fathers as it represents the animus or inner masculine that is developing.


If you are slipping in your dream it shows that you might not be fully grounded in life right now. The location and the people around you give you a hint where the instability might be. If you slip on ice in your dream it connects to frozen emotions are not allowing you to become balanced. If you are slipping on stairs it suggests issues advancing or relating to falling back in some way in life.


Could be a symbol of divination, often considered sacred in many cultures. It’s slimy trail was guidance in life and in decisions possibly at a slow pace. It is a symbol of the male seed the origin of life, the silent slow tendency of darkness moving toward the light. When the slug appears in your dream it suggest you are moving up to higher consciousness.


In most cases smelling connects to the intuition of the dreamer; a message or a warning to pay close attention to this scent. Positive symbols emerges as flower fragrances or perfumes that might in fact connect to the spirit world or a visitor from another dimension. If the smells are associated in a negative manner such as poop, cigarettes, urine, death, gas it becomes a warning to trust your intuition. Though most smells that are sensed can be correlated with sleep paralysis or a hypnagogic hallucinations – occur as a person is falling asleep or before waking up.


Smiling in our dream is a positive omen that attracts good news and a new found connection with this person. Smiling contains a hidden spiritual element that is connected to the afterlife. Smiling brings us good fortune and luck depending who is smiling at us; strangers, babies, fish, dogs, husbands just to name a few.


Smoke is a warning sign that danger is around you. Fire is a destructive force that has the ability to destroy or transform. The location of the smoke and who is around you are little hints where the problem lies. This could be areas that you might be exploring in your unconscious mind that you could be getting close to the source of energy. Dreaming about a smoke alarm going off is a warning from your unconscious to pay attention to a destructive force that is starting.


Could this dream suggest a need to kick the habit? If you are not a smoker this dream could be an indication that you may be giving yourself a temperately relief for a growing problem.


A snail could suggest you are moving along but very very slow. Spirals are considered extremely symbolic symbols of expanding consciousness. Alternatively, spirals can also imply a process of going within (spiraling inward) to seek inner consciousness for answers.


Snakes are one of the oldest dream most misunderstood dream symbols. Depending on how the snake appear, the color, type and charactericts in your dream it will determine if its linked to personal transformation or an enemy. In other cultures dream analysis suggests it’s linked to our innate fears, or according to Freud a phallic symbol. If you are bitten by the snake will have a negative connotation attached to it as opposed to seeing it coiled on a rod or eating its own tail.


In our dreams snipers are known to reflect people who are hidden out of sight from you but has the ability to direct anger or some sort of personal attack. This person has you in their sight and is waiting for the right time to target you.


Snow can be seen as a negative symbol in your life that reflects stuck or frozen situations, feelings or emotions. It’s cold nature might in fact relate to setbacks or restriction as nothing seems to be growing (spring or summer). A symbol that relates to water emotions showing a disconnect or detachment from the warmth. This is why many dreamers often walk or drive in snow implying what might be ahead or what they are carrying along their path or drive. If your car is stuck in the snow it relates to setbacks in your movement – impacted by negative internal or external factors. If you are driving in snow it suggests caution as you are navigating through these hard or difficult times at the moment. If you noticed blood on the snow it relates to a loss of energy or vitality; stagnant or non moving flow/energy.

Snow Globe

Even though snow can be seen as a negative symbol the color and shape of the snow globe implies transformation. Once you combine the white color of purity, enclosed with perfect wholeness of the circle it becomes symbolic of inner completion. These symbols being the dreamer back to their childhood, or the source of innocence and happiness.

Someone You Don’t Talk To Anymore

These dream have more to do with the dreamer trying to sort through there own unconscious emotions and repressed feelings towards this friend. They like to appear to help you heal, however how they appear are clues in how to solve it.


Depending on what we squeeze and who is doing it changes the meaning of your dream. By definition to squeeze is to press something firmly, or to force something out. In most cases we are squeezing gross stuff out of our bodies or squeezing a particular object which can be seen as a positive omen. Whenever you squeeze a blackhead, pimple, puss or cysts in your dream is a positive symbol representing the removal of negative aspects, energy or build up that is held within. Something that was internal that shows on the outside will be removed. If you are squeezing worms from your skin reflects inner unconscious aspects – worthlessness, anxieties and decay. These feelings manifest metaphorically and morph into the worm. To squeeze milk from a breast is reflects the need for feminine energy or nourishment that could be lacking in your life. To squeeze a fruit or orange shows you will receive benefits from your hard work. To squeeze a hand shows a firm grip relating to work or movements.


Squirrels often appear in our dreams when we need to retract or a desire to hibernate from our active lives. They are also known to collect or save items that will be used for a future use – a symbol to conserve energy or money for a colder time ahead. Since they are active in Trees reflecting nourishment, transformation and liberation, union and fertility; a sign to go with the flow and enjoy life. The are commonly known to attack if the dreamer tends to be uptight, hoarding, greedy, lacking energy, and working too fast. If you dream of petting a squirrel it is a positive symbol of befriending these good traits within. They are know to attack, come in to our house and become rabid.


Squids lend themselves to they mysterious, powerful, and spiritual side of the dreamer. Since they are non confrontational it reflects your nature to find inner peace and the ability to remove yourself from bad situations. If you are attacked or chasing you this issue becomes unconscious to you; its connection with the water connects to the emotional side that is under attack. Squids are smart and know how to manipulate their surroundings.


Squash can be a play on words as to “squash” something negative in your life. Any vegetable that grows in the ground represents grounding your energies or root chakra.


These are very powerful dream symbols that can either have a both positive or negative omen attached to it. Spiders since the beginning of mythology have been connected to feminine and creative energy. Spiders are smart insects that have the ability to make a web wait patiently for the prey to fall into the trap. If the spider bites you than its possible you have been or will be affected by a feminine force or shadow. You may be the one who is stuck in the web or you have the tendencies to trap others in your web of lies. On the flip side the positive aspects of the spider is translated to creative energy that is coming out.


Dreaming of any food is a symbol of nourishment, however spinach in dreams points you towards healing your heart. Depending if you are harvesting, planting, eating or seeing it shows you how close you are to cultivating these energies within your mind, body and soul.


Spilling emerges in our dreams we create unintentionally mishaps or if we are not careful enough to contain these emotions from “spilling over” in our lives. Spilling water points you towards your unstable emotional state that is creating an imbalance in your life. Spilling oil suggests your valuable resources or what you have worked hard for needs to be protected. To dream of spilling rice relates to fertility and growth that could be hindered at the moment. Spilling red wine, sugar, food, drinks or tea suggests a need to slow down and focus on your movements and stability.


An ancient profound symbol that leads our soul towards enlightenment. Though its subtle appearance in our dreams usually unfolds as a staircase, snail, coiled objects, snakes and so on. If you lead your way down this maze you will be transformed. Dreaming of a spiral staircase is a powerful omen that represents higher consciousness and the connection with you inner self. If you are going down you are descending into the unconscious part of your psyche, where as going up points to advancement.


Spitting in dreams is known to be a symbol of fury, contempt, and projecting ones emotional energy. Saliva is created inside the mouth making it an unconscious symbol related to communication or inner feelings. To dream of spitting on someone’s face tells you about your dislike or hate for this person, or these people may even contain hidden elements about yourself that you are projecting on them. If you are spitting out blood points you towards a loss of vital energy or life force in your life that is affecting you. To dream of spitting out glass points you towards improper speech or negative communication that damages you more than the other person. Spitting out worms implies feelings of low self worth and confidence that relates to verbal interactions with others. In essence once the worms come out it might suggest its time to heal and fix this issue. To dream of spitting phlegm represents a need to remove blocked emotions and feelings (see throat dreams).

Spiritual Guru

In dreams spiritual Guru’s often emerge as profound beings that offer wisdom to the dreamer. They are similar to the archetypical “wise old man” or “wizard” that will lead them towards freedom of the mind. See wizard dream meaning.


Stabbing in a dream could be connected with betrayal and fear. If you stab someone in your dream, this could refer to your need for survival against the hostility of others. It might be metaphoric for a need to penetrate. Depending the context the meaning can alter if you are being stabbed or doing the stabbing.


Dreams about stairs relate to progress and moving forward or backward; ascending and descending parts of our consciousness. Steps can be symbols of feelings of fear, falling, failure, success or challenge. They can also be more symbolic depending where the steps are located. If you are going below to an underground or basement you are entering the unconscious parts of your mind. The amount of steps are also symbolic relating to the time or progress you have left with your achievement. If you are having trouble going up or falling might suggest difficulty in advancement.


A powerful symbol for staying grounded, staying close to the earth’s surface, and personal stability. Since rocks and stones are naturally occurring solids made up of minerals this implies that each specific stone has a unique property.


The Chinese understand this powerful organ where main energy centers are stored in the body. They control and store energy and energy potential. Dreams about the stomach or abdomen connects the dreamer with their unconscious feelings, or relates directly to your physical health or diet.


Storms are negative situations that are building up around you that have the ability to cause destruction. Like a tornado the images is often connected to emotional turmoil that has taken place, or possible in the near future. The symbol of the storm can alter depending if you are being affected or if you are just observing it from afar. Houses are related to the mind where buildings might be ideas that could be attacked. Storms bring rain, wind and dark clouds as it may be connected to your mood or possible depressed feeling from others.

Stained Clothes

Stained clothes in dreams is a negative symbol relating to your image, bad habits, poor behaviors and identity. How you might carry yourself in the public eye can be seen as flawed or messy.


Strawberries appear metaphorically in our dream related to our sexual urges, attraction, jealousy, enemies, passion and new love in your life.


Stealing emerges when the dreamer is either taking something that does not belong to them, or something that has been taken away from you. If you are stealing high valued items such as money, gold, diamonds it connects to your shadow – unconscious behaviors relating to greed and envy. You might want to obtains what others have to make yourself feel valuable. Stealing shoes or a car relates to obtaining other peoples movement or path without finding your own way. To dream of stealing a baby relates to taking other people’s ideas stopping them from growth.


Anything stolen reflects valuable things taken away belonging from you. In most cases what is taken away becomes metaphoric relating to your person drives (cars, bikes, motorcycles); vitality, energy, time and progress. Who steals it may belong to people, unforeseen situations or self sabotaging behaviors stopping you from advancement. A stolen cell phone relates to an inability to communicate with others or lost communication relating to a specific situation.


Walking along on the streets could imply our current life’s path. Take note of what is around you and write down all the symbols because it may have hidden gems that might help you out.


These dreams are quite common symbols of the inability to move forward in your life. These vivid dreams want to grab your attention for you to fix this problem in your waking life. However you may experience sleep paralysis, the inability to move as you are stuck seeing and hearing things that are not there. For more information about stuck dreams and the meaning behind them.


If you are comfortable stripping off all your clothes then it could mean you are very comfortable showing the bare side yourself. If you are uncomfortable it could mean that it may be hard for you to feel open about yourself. According to famous dream analyst Carl Jung he would say it implies shedding aspects of ourselves.


Submarines are positive dream symbols that suggests exploring into the depths of your emotions. You entered the unconscious, the unknown part of you that needs to be explored. You are in a safe environment that will protect you when you are going through the depths of the abyss. What you see will be symbolic to your progress.


Subways are very symbolic images that emerge during major shifts, transition or stages occurring in your life. Sometimes these movements relate to your outside world such as work and relationships, and other times a spiritual shift. Trains are symbolic from taking from one stage to another along your life’s path. A positive omen of advancement as you get off on the next destination in life. Alternatively, the symbol of the train and tunnel may mirror the feminine or the passage to the womb as the train would be a phallic symbol.


These dreams might appear when you want to kill of aspects of yourself that are no longer useful. However, if you are having thoughts of suicide and they are appearing in your dreams we ask to contact a prevention call center.


Superheroes in our dream represents unexplored parts of ourselves and ideas that we haven’t utilized in life. But depending on who you are or if you are flying i the air like superman it will alter the meaning.


The sun in the dream refers to creative life force consciousness spiritual energy. The symbol of the sun is an alchemy; see gold, the masculine balance to the feminine that will provide you inner growth and balance. The sun will represent life, influence, and strength. Its powerful life force is designed like a circle (see circle) that might be indicating the self. The sun will give off light and bring about life. The sun is one of the luminaries and a star which makes it highly symbolic; see star. The sun gives life and symbolizes the conscious mind. In dreams we often see the rays from the sunshine that hints at new growth coming.


If you are doing the surgery than you could be fixing aspects of yourself that needed work. If you are the one getting work done find out where on your body the surgery is being performed, this could be a hint of what might be needing fixing. Surgeons are actually positive symbol that want for you to change or correct your old ways. Now depending on the location of the surgery it will metaphorically alter the meaning.


Usually a metaphor for communication, speech and creativity. The throat chakra allows you to express who you are but also listen deeply to others. When your throat chakra is balanced, it gives you the ability to be inspired, projects your ideas, and align your vision with reality. If it is unbalanced than you might have trouble swallowing in your dream.


These are areas reflecting negative thoughts, memories or ideas that are stagnant. Stagnation is defined simply as “a state of not flowing,” yet our imagination thinks of unpleasant “marshy” qualities of death and decay. Perhaps we are looking at the situation from too narrow a perspective. A symbol to keep things moving possibly connecting it to the emotional side of the dreamer.


The Swan is a symbol of purity, beauty, grace, love and elegance, but it can also symbolize divination and balance. Did you know that Swans are often a symbol of love or fidelity because of their long-lasting, apparently monogamous relationships. They connect us to intuition and awareness and the ability to heal wounds. A black swan can represent spiritual love and freedom.


Swimming brings your focus on managing your emotional stability in your life. The type of body of water determines the depths or understanding of this feelings that are often unconscious, if you are unable to see the surface. Swimming informs the dreamer they will be challenged emotionally soon. To dream of swimming in a pool represents you thoughts and feelings you are staying on top of. Your comfort level can alter the meaning of the dream depends on struggling or with ease. You are using your mind and body to gain movement in your life.


Swords are reputations of bravery when you are going to battle. These dreams symbols can be tricky depending the sword use in your dream. In a metaphoric sense it could symbolism something being a double edge sword in your life. They have the ability to slice and cut which brings your awareness to things that you may be cutting away in your life. In the alchemical sense the sword can be seen as a symbol of inner purification. This implies the sharp blades of swords could swiftly and cleanly slice through anything including the body and soul of a human. Alternatively this is a positive symbol death and rebirth, battle and war, protection or victory depending the usage.


These are positive dreams relating to cleaning up the minor issues in your mind. Trying to clean up the clutter that stores in our house (mind/psyche).


These dreams might be metaphoric relating to your mood (swings) movement. It could suggest movement but still in the same place. The ups and downs going back and forth is life. Could it suggest you are being taken for a ride? You might able to connect this images as aspects of your childhood, forgotten memories to be free again.


A medical device that is used to inject fluid into, or withdraw fluid from, the body. These dreams can be a metaphor connecting to your mind and body, either to take out our inject inside you. These dreams could imply a short bit of pain for long term gain. The location of the syringe hints where the problem my be.

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3 months ago

I dreamt my bedroom was underwater. There were a lot of fish and I saw an orca. I felt something under my feet. In the dream I stepped on a yellow fish! I woke up and realized that my foot was touching my phone I put on my bed the night before.

1 year ago

I dreamt of a spider moving in and out of my fingers. The spider was a mix of real and yarn? Then I woke up. No feelings of joy or fear per say, but maybe “respect it and it will respect you”
I’m confused on what this means.

1 year ago

I dreamt of a small white snake in an incubator filled with soft desert sand, I tossed it a pill filled with nutrients as food and the snake wasn’t reacting, then the pill started to vibrate and the snake saw it and went to attack it. Behind the pill a small black spider appeared out of the sand and the snake started focusing on that, but before it could attack the spider disappeared under the sand again and another snake appeared in it’s place as if the other snake ate the spider first or so it seamed. The other snake… Read more »

1 year ago

What does it mean when you have a dream about one of ur guy friends slapping u then running away in a parking lot then you chase him and u slapping him back then hug him and then u guys talk and then u look around and see a couple dead bodies on cars and so u guys sprint to your car and get in and try to drive away but the Mafia people surround your car not letting you escape, and then u wake up? Lmao it was very scary at the end ngl

1 year ago

I’ve always had crazy dreams, today I woke from a dream with a spider. There were 3 if us, 2 of which were guys and they had the spider the third was me. This spider was controlling in a sense, if the guys harmed it somehow or tried to kill it, the spider would regenerate and retaliate. They cut off all the legs, and I watched as it grew them back on the bed flipping around wildly. Then it ran to the boys and took out their eyes and scarred their faces. They walked around with face coverings and all… Read more »

1 year ago

I had a dream about driving through a storm with my ex what could it possibly mean? Basically I was driving and he was riding with me. We were in the country on a back road that was narrow and small only room enough for one car. While we were riding it begins to storm, thunder and it was lightning and it got real dark like a tornado was about to hit. I delivered a package and as we were leaving the road in front of us caved in and branches fell down so we weren’t able to move forward.… Read more »

2 years ago

I was in a 2nd floor apartment with my best friend (like a little sister to me in life but haven’t spoken in years) from early adulthood. My son was there playing video games (as he does in waking life). My ex-husband was down the street at his shop. I had been trying to get dressed to leave. as I was going down the side stairs and halfway down I noticed my dress was not on right and exposing a part on me.. there was a guy, my friend knew him, waiting for us and I turned and ran back… Read more »

2 years ago

I had a dream that the person my child father dealing with was doing a love spell so they can stay together. In the dream someone warning me that I need to be careful. What does this mean? I haven’t had dreams for years since my mom passed away and this is the first thing I dream about ? Why

2 years ago

I kept seeing the number 6 in my dream. What does that mean?

2 years ago

I had a dream I was outside my x-mother in laws home and there was a muddy pond. My son turned into a turtle and was swimming in the pond with many other young turtles. There was so many.I was scared. I was trying to get him out but wasn’t sure which turtle he was. He keeped swimming and swimming. He then got out and his grandmother got a hold of him. She was keeping me him from me, and dressed him up as a female to try and marry him off. I was crying in the dream and was… Read more »

2 years ago

Hey Sarah. I had the strangest dream about you last night. I dreamed that you had all of these large glass balls. They had designs in them like marbles and they had flat bottoms so they would sit on a flat surface. You were throwing them into a large pit and you were saying I don’t want these anymore, they chose me, and I don’t want them to control me. I asked you if I could have one of them and you said yes. I was looking at the ball and found that it had a section that would come… Read more »

2 years ago

I had a dream, where i was being stalked?? A person, seemed to be a man, repeatedly kept calling me and my family saying “someone is gonna die” and then would show up at my door minutes later forcing me to call the police not once, not twice but three times as he kept showing up every night. There is and was more, in my dream i went to describe in detail to my best friend what the person did, and where we possibly interacted beforehand. I come here to look, and i notice there’s no subdivision on stalking/being stalked?

2 years ago

i had a dream where I tried to kill myself and I had these big cut on my back there where from wings I once had. it didn’t work so when I woke up again I got out of my room and a whole lot of people where sitting in my living room who where disappointed in me because I tried to kill myself. I don’t know what it means:

Reply to  The Dreamer
2 years ago

not really. thought about it though a year ago

Linda Gertke
Linda Gertke
2 years ago

I had a very realistic dream , some woman cut me with a sword, I perfectly remember all the details. I was bleeding from my belly and hands , dark blood, it was night time, I was running trough grass from her , but there was not only me who was attacked , I remember seeing many faces I’ve never seen before. So as I was running I fell and I nearly fell in a black hole in the ground with my head first. But I got out. I kept running ,for some reason I had a dog in my… Read more »

2 years ago

I had a dream where the Sun exploded…

3 years ago

I had a dream where my past self was dying

Mona O'Bomsawin Fox
Mona O'Bomsawin Fox
3 years ago

dreaming about large snakes in house at neighbours, not affair don’t like beying around them

3 years ago

Nothing about secret floors of the house or secret bases or portals?

3 years ago

I had a dream last night. it was with a guy I knew in elementary school. we were in my room in my house in my bed. I was sitting on his lap and as I shifted, he grabbed my hips and said “keep moving” then he kissed my neck and lips. *dies internally while writing this* then he takes my shirt off than his. then he lays me on my bed, stuff happens, and then the dream ends. I’m a virgin! why am I dreaming of stuff like this. and the scary part is, I was asleep but I… Read more »

Reply to  sarah
3 years ago

First of all dreams about someone you once knew….and don’t have contact with anymore…This is usually more about personality then the actual guy. Sex dreams can be straight forward or it could mean someone that you trust and leave your gaurds down for. If you didn’t feel safe….it maybe a warning that you shouldn’t trust someone.

3 years ago

So I recently had a really vivid dream that I was looking into the mirror in Anne Frank’s annex and I was her just looking deeply into the mirror and then it skipped to us being in the kitchen and her screaming at me “you have to remember, you have to remember, you have to remember!” While she was shaking me very hard, then it skipped to us next to the steps to the attic taking to some boy. Then it skipped again, but this time we were in the attack and she was writing then she started looking out… Read more »

Reply to  Brianne
3 years ago

I would say the book is very strong in your subconscious and wants you to continue to remember the story. Your subconscious is not done with it yet.