Dreams Starting With H


To dream you are hacking reflects the shadow side of the dreamer personality – the ability to manipulate the weakness of others to get what you need. If you dream of your bank account being hacked it represents a breach of truck or a violation to your privacy. Someone has gained access to something that is valuable and private.


The night hag or old hag is a malevolent witch looking creature that is known to sit on the chest or appear at the end of the bed. Commonly associated with the phenomenon called sleep paralysis she is know to paralyze the dreamer by restricting the air from the body.


Dreaming of hail can be considered a negative omen representing stuck emotions that pose a threat. Opposite to rain that shows a release of negative emotion, hail however shows something blocked making it unable to express these feelings. Hail storms imply a rare unexpected event that will be short lived.


In our dreams hair reflects the dreamer own inner strength, knowledge, self image and attitudes. In some people dreams it may even reflect sexuality or spirituality – the ability to grow and develop. A powerful metaphor of how your inner world (mind) reacts with the outside world. A dream that can be both negative or positive based off of the context in your dream.


Cutting your hair in a dream is similar to making hairstyle changes. The dream is suggesting that you are changing your ways of thinking. If someone is cutting your hair short it implies that you feeling weakened or brought down by someone. It also means chopping off the past, getting rid of those dead ends to start a new. Dreaming of a bad haircut suggests you trusted someone to do a good job but will affect your image. I hope you didn’t leave a tip!


When you dream of putting on a false hairpiece or wearing one it means that you are trying to be someone you are not and give off a false impression. If you lose the hairpiece then you are getting rid of the false impressions people have of you, you are trying to correct your image. It could also mean that you are losing whatever is protecting your head from losing control.


Something seems to be incomplete or its inability to grow in your life. A symbol that encourages the dream to find wholeness on what was projected being half.

Hall or Hallway

A dream of a hall symbolizes social activities and celebrations. A place of interaction where multiple energies meet and gather; known to be symbols when the come to interact with the living. A empty school hallway brings you back to forgotten memories and past experiences.


A powerful symbol that represents a death and rebirth relating to the dreamer dark side of their personality or shadow. To dream of trick or treating reflects the part of your personality that has mischievous fun sense of humor.


Usually when the dreamer thinks they are either — or smelling, hearing, tasting, or feeling — things while asleep, you might not be dreaming. In fact these strange or bizarre sensation that classify under a hypnagogic hallucinations. These common occurrences happen between the state of waking and sleeping.


A halo is representative of angelic attributes, enlightenment and wholeness. The circle is a powerful omen for inner completion – a longing to return to innocence and spiritual purity that exists with angles.


Any source of food is a symbol of inner nourishment and energy. Ham is often seen as unclean or forbidden in many cultures that might reflect negative energies or absorbing bad traits within. Dreaming of a ham sandwich might connect to poor diet or pig like traits.


A dream about a hammer suggests that something needs to get done and it needs a lot of work to be completed. If you are using the hammer then you are determined to put the work in to get things done. A wooden hammer in a dream is a symbol of using the right resources to get the job complete.


A hammock is symbolic of relaxation and taking things easy. You may need to take some time for yourself and decide what you want in life.


Hamsters appear in our dream that mirror contentment and joy in small or confined spaces. They may also emerge to reflect the lack of resources and limitations in the dreamers life; a cage represents confinement. Dreaming of a hamster escaping shows the fears to survive and navigate on your own. A hamster that dies shows endings of friendships or something that brought you joy. A hamster that gives babies is a positive symbol of abundance and new growth in your life.


Hands are one of the most useful body parts and we depended on them so much in our daily lives. Hands symbols our work, love, social life and friendship – symbolic in Buddhism – Buddhas hands are held in front of his heart showing his teaching are straight from his heart. In the Middle East the Hamsa meaning five in Arabic is a palm and fingers that protects one from bad eye.


Shaking someone’s hands in your dream represents a fresh start, agreement or conclusion between two factors. You have finalized and agreed to something or with someone. Shaking hands with the president reflects a wishful fulfillment or adopting similar traits within.


Dreaming of being handcuffed represents inner feeling of powerlessness, the inability to cope, restriction, the lack of dexterity in your life. They are negative omens that encourage the dreamer to find out what is causing this. Arrested by police show that this force belong with something of authority or power over you. Removing, escaping or broken handcuffs are positive symbols imping the dreamer will no longer be in confinement.


Depending the disability and who is disabled it will alter the meaning. Seeing a disabled person in your dream may reflects the unconscious parts of the dreamer their hinders movements, senses, or activities. Wheelchairs in dreams symbolizes efforts by using ones strengths to move someone else. Dreams of a disabled person walking reflects your progress advancing.


A handkerchief in your dream is a symbol of convivence and protecting others


The dream is a metaphor of your having a handle on things in your life. Alternatively, if the handle is broken it represents that you do not have control of what is going on in a situation in your life.


Dreaming of a hanger implies that you are learning to deal with something which could be dealing with life or a problem. If you witness a hanging it symbolizes characteristics that you want to get rid of in yourself. If you are hanging clothes in your dream denotes that you are clearing your mind or parts of your identity. If you are hanging upside down it reflects feelings and situations in your life, a symbol to become grounded.

Hang Ups

Dreaming that you keep getting calls that keep cutting off means that you are having trouble communicating with people.

Hard Drive

A hard drive reflects what the dreamer past memories and experiences that are used in their walking life. When you hard drive crashes in your dream it suggests that you feel burdened with too much information and feel you are about to crash.


A harmonica in a dream speaks about communication and harmonious speech towards others. It can be seen as a symbol of independence and care free attitude.

Harmless Snake

Not all snakes in dreams are considered bad omens, in fact seeing a harmless snake might represent your higher consciousness. Alternatively, this might be a symbol of something you thought was a dangerous threat turned out to be harmless.


Dreaming of musical instruments represent inner relaxation, peace and harmony A harp signifies peace found in spirituality.


When you dream of harvesting crops it represents the work you have to do in order to reach your aspirations. You will reap what you sew. The fruits and vegetables that you harvest become metaphoric relating to nurturing parts of your mind, body and soul.


A hate symbolizes protection or covering how you truly feel. The location on the head becomes metaphoric for shielding your thoughts from others. The dreamers thoughts and feelings that are unconsciously hidden in life are displayed metaphorically in the dream – colors of the hat, people around you and locations.

Haunted House

The house is often a representation of the dreamers mind that directs them towards an unconscious haunting. The uncomfortable presence in the house mirrors the dreamers behaviors, guilt, urges or addictions that haunt them in their walking life. Vivid or recurring dream themes are common with haunted houses to encourage the dreamer to remove the negative presence.


A hawk in dreams symbolize great vision, intuition and wisdom. These apex predators are on the top of the food chain, a powerful dream omen relating to obtaining new heights or higher consciousness. In ancient Egypt Horus is represented by the Hawk as the god of the sky.


This dream could be a warning of bad events or emotions heading your way. A symbol that encourages the dreamer to proceed with caution.


Seeing a head in your dream reflects the dreamers thoughts, opinions, knowledge, and your ownability to make decisions. Closely connection with your intentions the symbol may appear to be both positive or negative. Injury or any sort of damage to the head represents cognitive distortion in your walking life. When a head is removed it becomes a symbol of detachment from the mind and body.

Head Lice

Dreaming of head lice is a negative omen that represents negative thought patterns or feelings of frustration, anxiety and stress. Positive dreams is when the dreamer removes the lice from the head reflecting fixing this deep rooted issue.


Reading the headline from a newspaper article is a message from your subconscious. Try and relate it to your life to see what it means.


Like most symbols of death these dream represent forgotten or buried aspect of yourself. They appear when you may be reflecting about the old person that was once you – relating to behaviors, personality traits or past situations.


What you hear in your dreams might be a message for you to pay attention to something very important. Though random noises may also be associated with the phenomenon called sleep paralysis or a hallucination hearing things right before you wake up.


A powerful symbol of love often known as the seat of the emotions. An accumulation of emotions stored from the past to the present moment – repressed pain or past trauma is often mirrored negatively in dreams. Vivid images of being shot, stabbed or even a heart problems in dreams encourages the dreamer to do self examination so you can properly heal or forgive.

Heart Chakra

Known as the balance point of all the other Chakras, the heart or the fourth (green) is located at the lower center of the chest. This Chakra deals with love and relationships and represents the energy center for an individual’s happiness and feelings of compassion. If this is blocked you may experience lack of love and care for others. Dreaming of this chakra lets you know to open your heart to let the divine light shine through.


Often times in our dreams our heart beats really fast as if it is coming out of our chest. It can signify anxiety related to repressed pain and trauma from the past.


Heaven in dreams is often seen as a symbol of enlightenment, eternal life and reaching a state of higher consciousness. Dreams about ascending to heaven suggests an opening or connection with a higher realm or God. If you are dying and going to heaven it might be related to questions of the afterlife or a symbol of a rebirth. Noticing a stairway to heaven is a positive symbol of your close connection with your higher self or connection with God.


Dreaming of something being too heavy to carry relates to your situation in your life. This becomes a metaphor relating to feelings of lacking power, resources, or support from others in your life. If you are carrying on heavy bags or loads reflects the burdens you carry around with you in your walking life. Heavy legs in dreams can be interpreted as your progress that is slowing down from getting ahead. If you feel something heavy on you might be related to sleep paralysis.


A dream of a hedge implies that something is holding you back and hindering you from moving forward. While trimming it would suggest that you are getting used to it and learning how to be optimistic with things.


A powerful symbol that shows the starting steps of your life movements. Any issues in your dream with your Achilles heel or heal reflects slow progress or motion to get things done. The heel also has a strong association with Mother Earth – to become grounded; or root chakra.


Being at a high level of a place in your dream means that you have attained your greatest aspirations in life. Unfortunately when heights emerge they often terrify the dreamer fearing not to slip or fall to the ground. These images are profound symbol encouraging the dreamer to become grounded, secure, confident and protected on your life’s journey.


Helicopters are powerful symbols that are unlike planes helicopters go directly up that relates to a major shift in your life. They may also emerge pointing to the dreamers success and achievements that will soon be obtained. They may also appear when new plans and projects that you are starting soon. They are known to chase and attack suggesting outside forces stopping your goals and progress to move forward. If you are being rescued by a helicopter it implies you will receive help and guidance starting up a new project.


The image of Hell might be a place that resides within the unconscious side of the dreamer relating to past actions. The underworld might be part of the dreamers shadow relating to their unconsous behaviors, urges, or actions that need to be punished or examined. A place of repressed emotions of anger or resentment that you cling too. Being dragged to hell represents a time to reflect on these past actions. Escaping hell in your dream is a positive suggesting putting an end to previous hardships and personal mistakes from the past.


Being at the helm of a ship suggests that you are in charge of where you are going. You also have the strength and determination to get there. However, if another person is at the helm it denotes that someone has a big part to play in your decisions in life.


Helmets are meant to protect the head and dreaming of them represents precisely the same thing. You need to keep your feelings and views safe.


When you dream of helping someone it suggests that you are very accepting and understanding. You make the necessary sacrifices in order to meet others half way. If you know the person you are helping in your dream and you do not like them in reality, or they seem to be an enemy in the dream then it symbolizes that you need to compromise.


Are you a follower and not a leader? Having a dream of a herd indicates that you are a follow fashion. You do not make trends but you just go with the flow.


If you are feeling a bit lost and confused about your sexuality then the thoughts manifest themselves into dreams of hermaphrodites.


Being a hermit in a dream suggests that you want to be left alone or you feel lonely. Stop letting life get you down, go out and have fun with your friends.


Connected to the ‘hero archetype’ in Jungian psychology. Connected to the ego the hero represents the process of overcoming obstacles to achieve specific goals. In your dream it is an emotional symbol that signifies your deepest wishes and feelings.


Dreaming of a hex is a symbol of distrust, hate or distrustfulness that may be directed at you or others. If someone is putting a hex on you in your dream represents unknown or passive attacks directed at you – something that cannot be seen but felt.


Hickeys might appear in your dream to reflect embarrassing situations that others will see. This might be related to something private that you don’t want exposed. If a guy gives you a hickey in your dream might imply a wishful fantasy or desire.

Hide ‘n Seek

Are you the one hiding or seeking? If you are hiding things then you are trying to make sure something is concealed. Dreaming of hiding indicates that you are trying to hide something but you know that it is constantly as risk to being exposed. On the other hand, if you are seeking it means you are on a quest for more information. If it is a bunch of younger children then you are just reminiscing your past.


Hiding is a very powerful symbol representing your unconscious fears and anxieties that you avoid. Hiding in dreams hold a very valuable lesson encourage the dreamer to find what they are metaphorically running from in their lives. Your dream will provide you with clues such as what is chasing you, where you hide and symbols that emerge.

High Chair

When you dream of a high chair it suggests that you want to have a better look at a situation. If you are sitting on a high chair it represents your habit of thinking you are better than others. You think people need to look up to you because you feel you are at a higher level than them.

High Heels

High heels are symbolic of feminine power, sexuality, and dreamers sexual drive in life. The dream indicates that you are confident in yourself and know you are able to make a change as a woman. Wearing high heels in your dream shows that this progress or drive has now begun in your life.

High School

High school appears in our dreams when we need to go back to the old or past self to find answers. The experiences in high school shape us to who we are as individuals – depending on your experience high school might be a symbol of an old forgotten self, or relates to painful emotional experience. High school also emerge to teach us things that are not known to us yet, a metaphoric symbol relating to our future advancements, failures or repressed memories. Dreaming of a high school crush might connect to the unconscious masculine or feminine energies.


Seeing a highlighter in your dream signifies wisdom and clarification. Pay attention to what you are highlighting for a better understanding of the dream.


Dreaming of a highway symbolizes your life’s journey; what lies ahead of you as you move forward. How the highway is presented to you will determine if it is either a smooth, long, big or bumpy ride ahead. If you dream of crossing a busy highway it suggest getting in the way of other people path or busy schedule. Known to either walk, run, or drive on a new highway – a symbol of how fast you will get to the next destination.


Hijacking is considered an unlawful seizure by force of an aircraft by an individual or a group. Planes are very symbolic in our dreams for transitions in our lives. The hijack itself becomes a symbol of people or situations that cause a drastic change in your direction.


The dream symbolizes your strength and ability to strive for what you want in life. The beginning stage of achieving a major goal or reach a level of higher consciousness. The correlation with the mountain connects with divine inspiration, a symbol of transcendence or spiritual elevation.


To dream of a hill usually reflects a small obstacle in your life. Images of green hills connect to the heart combined with future happiness and fulfillment. Whether you are climbing up, rolling down, or perhaps struggling at the bottom are symbolic clues informing you of your progress with this issue or task at hand.


You do not care about what society is trying to force you to think. The dream symbolizes your liberty to express yourself.


To dream you are hitchhiking suggests you need the help of others to get you where you need to go faster. Often reflects a person or situation that allows you directs you a particular way or to reach an objective without any serious commitment.


A dream where Hitler is involved symbolizes power, tyranny and cruelty. Possibly connected to the shadow part of your personality that has been left in the dark.


A hit man in your dream represents the shadow side of the dreamer release repressed emotions such as anger and hate on others.


Dreaming of having hives suggests that you are anxious about something in your life.


When you dream that you have a new hobby it indicates that you should recognize and accept your abilities. Stop repressing things that you could enjoy.

Holding A Baby

Holding a baby is a positive symbol suggesting happiness from something new in your life. You are nurturing a part of your inner self or connecting you to inner growth.


Dreaming of a hole are usually negative symbols reflecting feeling and problems that need to be covered up. This is why many dreamers notice holes in the ground, wall, floor, ceiling or roof as it identifies with the mind of the dreamer. What needs to be fixed or patched up is causing distress in your life. Noticing a hole in your foot suggest a slow down in your progress. A hole in the face or head connects thoughts, opinions, your intellect, and the ability to make decisions. If you are climbing out of a hole it is a positive symbol of new progress in your life.


Does the specific holiday in your dream serve any significance to your waking life? Perhaps you just need a break from the hustle and bustle of life so you can relax.


When you dream of Hollywood, it represents your feeling of wanting to be part of that celebrity and glamorous lifestyle. If you feel lost in the dream then it means you need to come back to reality and focus on more realistic goals.


Do you feel that people are blaming you for something you did not do? If you dream that you are part of the holocaust it suggests that you are feeling criticized and attacked by some higher power although you did nothing wrong. Also, your own feelings about the holocaust may come into play in your dream as well.


Your unconscious is trying to tell you to stop looking at things piece by piece and put everything together. The dream means that you need to look at the entire picture in order to understand what is going on.

Holy Grail

Have you lost a sense of spirituality? Maybe you are on the search to find what you lost and regain aspects of yourself once again.


Houses in dreams is a very powerful symbol of the dreamers psyche or mind. Within every individual room contains a construct of different emotional functions, past memories, phyical body and unexplored parts of your unconscious. Inside encompass a blueprint or map of your emotional and phyical nature; where the the past and present unite, specifically molded based of feelings and emotions that often unconscious.


Turn the words around and consider the pun on the words that your unconscious put together to be coming home. Are you expecting someone or longing for someone to return? Otherwise to dream of a homecoming means that you need to embrace your past as a learning experience that made you who you are.

Home Improvements

Dreaming of making home improvements is a positive symbol of self examination – removing the old parts of yourself and making new known. Pay attention to what renovations you are doing and to what room.


To encounter a same sex dream and having to be straight is quite common and doesn’t mean you are gay. The unconscious is androgynous as humans are made up of both male and female characteristic. In the dream you maybe identifying with qualities that both sexes or the individual possess. Think about the qualities in a woman being nurturing, strong, or kind. You have men who are strong, aggressive and dominant. By you kissing or having intimacy suggest a closeness or a need to inherit them in yourself.


Having a dream about your hometown represents emotions from your past that are holding you back or you are revisiting. Perhaps you have some unfinished business or forgotten memories.


Homework in a dream reflects learning new things to make you a better more equipped person. To dream of incomplete assignment mirrors the parts of your life that you are falling behind; an image that is used that something needs completion or else your will be held back.


Dreaming of honey is a powerful symbol that implies you will reap the benefits from the past hard work. Bees are known to be symbols of wealth, luck and prosperity – a sign you have already attracted this energy towards you. Another positive symbol would be the dreamer collecting honey which signifies abundance and richness that can be applied to both your inner and outer worlds.


Honeycombs in dreams are symbolic of life enjoyment, protection, and hard work. The inner place in your mind where you store your energy. Its close connection to hexagons and healing.


Honeymoon dreams reflect the exciting times of a new partnership or union you have created in your life. Alternatively, it may even connect to you anima or animus – inner masculine or feminine development.


Having a hood on in your dream indicates covering up or hiding or covering aspects of yourself. You are trying to get away from someone or something by masking up your appearance and deceiving others. If you see someone else wearing a mask then someone else is doing you this.


Hooks in your dream signify that you are trapped in things. Something is holding you back and trying to get you hooked on some habit. To dream that you are catching something with a hook suggests that you need to acknowledge and incorporate some aspect or characteristic into your self-image. Alternatively, the dream refers to love or sexual relationship and issues of intimacy.


A dream of the horizon is indicative of starting a new phase or the ending to something in your life. Look forward to the new journey ahead of you.


When you dream of animal horns it symbolizes that you are clashing heads with someone. To dream of devil horns represents negative forces or possessing unconscious behaviors (shadow side of the dreamer) that reside with you. A car horn is a warning to others along your path or drive not to get in the way or they are too close for comfort. A cow horn dream connects to the feminine and nourishing side of the dreamer – fertility, prosperity and security.


Dreaming of hornets brings your attention to possible trouble in the near future. In the Bible a hornet can be translated to fear, dread or panic; though in most symbolic text hornets are seen as lingering threats, angry people or situation, or repressed emotions emerging with a sting. If you happen to be stung by a hornet in your dream it represents people directing their anger or a personal revenge at you. If you either see a dead or kill a hornet it becomes a positive symbol of eliminating the threat.


What zodiac sign did you see? In dreams seeing a horoscope directs you towards the energy and unconscious gravity towards other people.


Horses in dream connect the dreamer to their unconscious masculine side that directs them towards inner strength, power, endurance, virility and sexual prowess. When you are horseback riding it may connect to the male sexual organ that reflects “sex drive” or “passion” that is in full power. Unless the horse is injured in your dream that reflects these unconsous traits, horse are often very powerful symbols.


Seeing a horseshoe which is not faced downward in your dream symbolizes fortune, good luck and accomplishments in your life.


A dream of a hose can symbolize both purification, life-giving nourishment, and fertility because of the water power – or – relating sexual drive or male organ.


Hospital dreams emerge to cure the mind, body and soul from previous trauma. They are positive symbol indicating healing and new growth on the horizon. If you are lost in the hospital in your dream it indicates your inability to receive help in the right places.


Being held hostage by someone is usually a metaphor for being controlled by others. They have the power over as you are vulnerable in your movements. You may feel trapped in some aspect in your life and you are needing to break free.


When you dream of being hot it indicates feelings of intimacy or anger. Some situation is probably causing you frustration and you should figure it out before your temper is released. Otherwise your sensuality is on its prime lately, you have to release it somehow or you would get sexually frustrated.

Hot Air Balloon

These are positive dream symbols that lets you know that your anger has left. It shows moving forward or elevating from a situation or people – moving up on the social ladder.

Hot Coals

A warning that you might be getting close to something dangerous in your life. Perhaps this is a symbol of what is heating up within you to keep you going, anger or motivation.

Hot Dog

A symbol that can be considered a phallic (male) – reflecting aspects of your masculinity, enthusiasm and sexual energy.

Hot Pepper

Something is heating up! The hot pepper in your dream indicates that your life needs some excitement in it. Otherwise, some situation or person is causing your temper to heat up.

Hot Water

Water is a symbol that points to the emotional side of the dreamer, something is definitely boiling within that needs to cool down.

Hot Springs

Undergoing an emotional spiritual renewal, feeling that need to bubble up in order to release.


An hourglass in your dream represents you have a deadline coming up. You are worried that you would not be finished in time.


Houses in dreams are symbolic to the dreamer that connect to memories, events, experiences that we may have forgotten about. The house is a representation of our psyche/mind and you will need to investigate the purpose of the contents inside. This is a part of you, a substructure that has molded you to who you are today. Dreaming of an old house or childhood home brings you back to the past, a forgotten memory or traumatic experience. hey usually symbolize your emotions and changes that are going to happen in your life. House construction or renovation are positive dream symbols of breaking down the old and rebuilding the new.


A dream of having a boat in your house means control over your emotions. Water represents your feelings so look at the state of the water if you want to find out your emotional state.

House Flooding

Connects the dreamer to their emotional changes that are unknown to them. A warning to find the leak that is causing you distress – looking for areas of being overwhelmed by your own emotions.

House Keys

Keys are very symbolic to new beginnings. Its close connection with the house suggests finding something new or openings to higher consciousness.


When you dream of a housekeeper it means that someone is helping you sort out your life. Someone is helping you with your *housework. On the other hand it represents someone trying to control how you handle matters in your life.


Dreaming of housework indicates a need for something new and exciting in your life. You are fed up of the old things in your life and cleaning out the cobwebs!


Any dream of howling signifies your feelings of being alone. You are afraid of something and feel helpless.

Huge Waves

To dream of huge waves reflects emotional disturbances and taps into your emotional unconsciousness. These waves may be associated with outside forces that will cause turbulence, or your own repressed emotions that shake you up during particular situation.


Hugging in dreams is a positive symbol that represents joy, acceptance, protection, and happiness between these two people. These powerful dreams often reflect out ex’s, crushes, friends and dead relatives.

Hula Hoop

If you just see a hula hoop in your dream indicates you are not doing anything but going around in circle. On the other hand if you are spinning the hula hoop around you then you are learning to balance your life and handle your tasks in a way so it becomes a routine to you.

Human Waste

Dreaming of either human waste, stool, poop suggests an inability of ridding toxic emotions or at need to be released or let go. Very often expresses feelings of repulsion or distaste.

Human Trafficking

A symbol of being held against your will or being forced to do something by a negative force. It may also relate to unconscious feelings or emotions related to this serious matter.

Humpback Whale

A humpback whale emerges when the dreamer is exploring the depths of their emotional unconsciousness. They are spiritual messengers that are highly that have heard your inner calling from far away. They bring peace, compassion, and love in your life.


Humming in your dream indicates ignorance to your unconscious, you are being stubborn. When you hear humming in your dream it means that something or someone is annoying you and you cannot get it to go away. The humming sound like “OMMM” is related to the Buddhist mediation technique to bring inner peace, a time for prayer.


Dreaming of a hummingbird is symbolic of your inability to focus and stay with one thing or person at a time. They have the ability to go backwards in flight very fast. This might be connected with going back in your past.


What are you missing in your life? Dreaming of being hungry indicates you are missing something in your life which is causing you dissatisfaction. It could also mean that you are not nourishing your mind or body properly and your unconscious is telling you to fuel your system.


Dreaming of hunting directs you towards your instinctual or primate side of advancement or acquiring resources. What animal you are hunting will have a symbolic representation of the solution you are coming up with to achieve this goal. If you dream of hunting dogs it represents your unconscious masculine drive that is used to find and complete the object. The forest in which you hunt belongs to the part of your unconscious mind that is finding solutions to your life problems.


When you dream of hurdles it is representative of problems in your life and how you will overcome them. If you jump over hurdles and racing to win suggests that you know what you want in life and you would pass anything in your way to reach then end and succeed. Otherwise, if you cannot seem to jump over the hurdles then you are letting things slow you down from reaching your ambitions.


We tend to end up hurting the ones we love the most in our dreams such as kids, animals and husbands. Hurting others belongs more to the dreamers repressed feelings of frustration or anger mixed in with their inability to express in their lives.


Dreams of hurricanes are symbolic to our unconscious emotions or possible future events that have the ability to destruct. A hurricane forms deep in the ocean (unconsciousness) far from what is known to the dreamer, he or she must brace for impact as it comes to the shore (consciousness).


When you dream of being in hurry it represents your brain is rushing with so many thoughts that it does not have enough time to process it all. If you are hurrying or rushing to pack it may imply deadlines might be ending – something needs to be completed so you can advance to the next stage.


Being hurt in our dreams represents our own inner sensitivity – the location of the pain on the body is metaphor clue. If a child is hurt it connects to the dreamers own inner child that needs attention. Hurt animals can relate to our unconscious masculine or feminine side that is damaged – instincts, behaviors and traits need your care.


It is not uncommon to dream of our husbands in danger or even cheating on us. Sometimes these repressed feelings of mistrust or emotional neglect might rare their ugly head metaphorically in our dreams, though most of the time husbands appear in our dreams for several different reasons. They are known to reflect love, animus, intimacy, sex, connection with your marriage. They may even appear in danger as you might be picking up on something that needs to be addressed.


Huskies in dreams can be related to hard work, protection and success. Since they are built to endure the cold harsh weather this might be related to situations or cold emotional states that remain unconscious. Dogs may also be connected with a best friend or a women’s animus.


Dreaming of a hut is your unconscious telling you to be grateful for what you have in life. You have what you need and that’s good for your survival other things would come when necessary.


A fire hydrant holds water so that it could supply the mains. Therefore seeing one in your dream is a good symbol, it represents a fresh beginning in your life. If the fire hydrant


A dream of a hyena represents bad qualities of gluttony and filth or simply a clown. You seem to be relying on others way too much and taking advantage of their generosity with your wit to benefit yourself. A hyena could also symbolize someone who makes everyone laugh with their jokes.


Dreaming that you are hypnotized signifies your restrictions and how you are easily persuaded. If you cannot be hypnotized for whatever reason it indicates that something is causing you worry and you cannot seem to be relaxed or helped by anyone but yourself. If you are the hypnotist then you feel that you have control of people and their emotions.


Dreaming of a hysterectomy does not necessarily mean that you are going to have one; it signifies a progress in life. Usually when women have hysterectomy when they dream of being attacked or raped it is because they feel violated from the surgery.

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Marion Foster
Marion Foster
1 year ago

I have had two dreams about wanting to buy a house and not being able to. The first was a big house on a mountain. The realtor had given me and a friend a key but it wouldn’t open the door. While we were there the realtor brought two more couples to view the house.
In the second dream I was thinking of buying my grandparents’ house but wanted to find some way to move it to a better location.
In my dream I was not able to enter either house.
Both houses were made of wood.

2 years ago

Dreamt of holding in my hands a Viking boat filled with pennies. The little boat had no mast but had those Viking dragons at each end and was a canoe like shape. Everything seemed to be a similar color, brown boat with brown pennies.

3 years ago

I had a dream
I was a teen again working out of my home and a guy came to rob me and my father that has pasted away came to my rescue. What does this mean?

alexis uni
alexis uni
11 years ago

had a dream of holding hands with someone i didn’t know but i held on tighter it felt so real what does it mean please tell me

11 years ago

i had a dream that i had a heartattack, what does this mean? so i had one, died, came back to life and died again? scared.

jasmine i.
jasmine i.
12 years ago

well last year, my crush asked me to hug him many times, he really liked me, in october, we stopped talking to each other for some reason, he also told my friends that i’m too shy! since a couple weeks ago, he has been giving me signs that he still may likes me. but last night, i had a dream that i asked him instead to hug me, and he did. In my dream he looked a bit sad, but he still hugged me. Then he started kissing my forehead and treated me as if he really likes me. It… Read more »

marline ramlotchan
marline ramlotchan
12 years ago

I dreamt that I’m washing my hair under a shower repeatedly in a place full of busy people.and people waitin for me to come help cook a feast of vegetatian meal.