Dreams About Intruder

Dreaming of an intruder is a negative symbol that represents an infringement from both our inner and outer worlds. Since our house is often represented as the mind (psyche) of the dreamer, the intruder is often disguised as someone or something that is infringing on your personal boundaries.

This so called “break in” warns the dreamer that they need to protect themselves in the areas they might not be secure in. Once the intruder has entered your house it tells the dreamer about a threat has now barged into you mental state of being. The emotions that are expressed while you are experiencing this invasion will mirror how you will react to this personal violation.

The main purpose of your dream is not only to inform you of this threat but also how to remove it from you house (mind). In most cases when the intruder in your dream remains faceless this often points the dreamer in direction of what is hidden or unconscous – emotional states, intrusive thoughts, repressed feelings or behaviours that disrupting your peace of mind.

How To Understand The Intruder

These intruders are known to uses knives & guns as clues, or perhaps you turned the tables and killed or attacked the intruder. Regardless if you’re hiding or confronting the attacker head on will change the meaning of your dream.

Did you know that most break in or intruder dreams happen during sleep paralysis? The dreamer must decipher if this was a dream or related to sleep paralysis; occurring before sleep or waking up, an episode consists of not being able to move, speak or hallucinate. In some rare cases dreaming of an intruder might be a precognitive dream warning you of such an event.

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Intruder Dream Meaning

Your dream should be nice enough “if you remember” to provide you with clues to understand the meaning of your intruder dream. How the intruder enters and how you react reveals the level of threat, or how defenceless you are against this unwanted trespassing.

  • locations of the intrusion; window or door
  • how many people appeared breaking in?
  • what weapons did the intruder use?
  • were they trying to kill or attack you
  • did you defend yourself or was hiding?

Intruder dreams encourages the dreamer to investigate their own personal boundaries or privacy around other people, relationships, work environments that need to be secured. People who have an agreeable disposition often have dreams about people breaking into their houses as they are unable to set limitation between you and the other people.

These people who are known to take advantage of nice people also have the ability to morph in your dream as an intruder. The intruder in your dream has more to do with setting up your own personal protection so you learn not to be taken advantage of in the future. But how do you do it?

How To Stop Intruder Dreams

By finding out in which aspects in your life you are “allowing in” the wrong set of people in your personal space that are taken you for granted. If you have exhausted this option you will then want to look into your inner world by examining your beliefs, ideas, behaviors or emotions that are causing stress in your life.

Home invasion dreams are very vivid and feels almost like a nightmare, however they contain a very important message that still remains unconscious to the dreamer. Whenever we secure doors or windows it tells us about the safety in our own home. Unfortunately someone has pushed their way into the comfort of your mind. Who could this be referring too?

Dreaming Of An Intruder With A Knife

To dream of an intruder with a knife represents an invasion of your personal space with aggressive force and hostility. Knives in dreams are symbolic in the sense they have the ability to “remove” or “cut” away things from the dreamer; the attacker may be related your unconscious emotional side, situations or people in your life that have hostility against you.

According to some theories the knife might be related to painful penetration that might be reflected a painful sexual undertone. Alternatively, these dreams might be related to unconscious fears of being attacked as nightmares serve as a benefit for the dreamer.

Dreaming Of An Intruder With A Gun

Dreaming with an intruder with a gun symbolizes hostility, aggression or an urge to forcefully hurt someone. If they are in your home with a gun it tells you about a “direct attack” that will result in a inner conflict. Guns in dreams often point to power and strength that a person, feeling or situation has control over you.

If the dreamer was shot by the gun indicates the emotional upheaval they will endure when this metaphorically attack occurs. Alternatively, theses dreams might be a result of unconscious fears of this event actually occuring in your life.

Fighting or Killing An Intruder In Your Dreams

Whenever the dreamer confronts an intruder in their dreams either by attacking or killing, represents removing or challenging this destructive threat. When this negative element gets too close to comfort (home), these aggressive behaviours or defensive action is required to handle this situation. Often times these emotions are unconscious and hidden within the dreamer.

Intruder Dream: Psychic Warning

In rare cases dreaming of a break in might be related to an actual house invasion. Dreams that predict life changing events tend to be more vibrant or vivid that resonates days after the dream – a gut or intuitive feeling that something is not right. If this is the case you would want to always secure the doors and windows in your house “just in case” this was a psychic dream. Find out how your dream will come true the next day.

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