Snake Dreams

Did you know that the oldest dream symbol ever recorded is the snake. You might have seen the coiled serpent engraved on the hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt, or perhaps you may have even noticed the Buddha meditating behind a cobra? Though, in the Bible the snake is considered a symbol of temptation or evil according to the Adam and Eve story.

So what do snakes really mean in our dreams?

Anybody who gives you a short answer on the meaning of a snake dream would be lying to you. These iconic yet enigmatic dream symbol contains both elements of healing KUNDALINI, or a potential threat or hidden danger if you are not aware of something. The snake in our dream is a tricky symbol that is often unconscous to the dreamer, often connecting to their primal instincts, behavior or urges.

Find out what the meaning of the snake represents in your dreams before it could be too late.

Dreaming Of Snakes

These cold blooded reptiles get a bad reputation due to the human brain is hardwired to be scared of snakes. Our fear of snakes is a “genetic phobia” due to our long evolutionary history in which pythons preyed on people.

However in the dream realm, snakes can be considered a unification between the conscious to unconscious state; our life force energy or fertility. Due to its two extremes how do you know if the snake is considered a good or bad symbol?

Often times your interaction with the snake determines the outcome of your dream. The good news is your dream will provide you with the right amount of clues that can be interpreted metaphorically. This is not such as easy task, though the minor details such as your location, type of snake, symbols, being attacked, bitten or chased.

Snake Bite In Dreams

Snake Bites are common dream symbols that bring your awareness towards deceitful people in your life. Considered a bad omen when a poisonous snake has attached itself to you. This is a warning to protect yourself from people, situations or things that pose imminent danger.

The symbols, location and people around you are clues to direct you to the threat. Alternatively the snake bite could be unconscious urges or behaviors you possess.

  • Warning of people, behaviors, or instincts that have a destructible force.
  • The venom can determine how paralyzing this perceived attack may be.
  • A hidden yet lethal force that you are unaware of.
  • Temptation has its sting.
  • People who have bad intentions, ill will or hatred against you.


Type Of Snake In Dreams

The type of snake will provide the dreamer with a clue to help narrow down its motif in the dream. With over 3000 types of snakes in the world it would be impossible to break down each individual snake meaning, however each snake has its own individual characteristics that will alter the meaning.

We understand that venomous snakes that range in the category as “pit vipers” a symbol that metaphorically emerges as a threat due to the fact its deadly strike shuts down or central nervous system.

  1. Rattlesnake – Appears as a minor threat, metaphoric to ‘rattle’ or shake you up.
  2. Cobra – A symbol of personal transformation, unconscious fear or an enemy you have provoked.
  3. Black Snake – Connecting to the unknown (shadow) the most deadly.
  4. Boa Constrictor – Metaphoric for constricting the life blood out of you, depleting energy; life force.
  5. Python – Fast with the ability to wrap itself around you so you cant escape.
  6. Anaconda – Points to your emotional unconscious fears that need to be explored.
  7. White Snake – This is a special color is commonly associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity.
  8. Rainbow or Multi Colored – A threat that blends in or relates to your emotions, feeling or unconscious energies.
  9. Snakes everywhere – Connected to your fears or hidden unconscious energies that are rising.
  10. Killing Snake – Considered a positive omen, however due to its complex nature not all snakes are considered bad symbol, in fact they are known to possess healing properties and fertility.
  11. Two Headed Snake – Two headed snake contains elements of rebirth or confliction in one’s life.

 Snake Bite Location Dreams

From Behind

Certain parts of your body like your back suggest an attack from behind. This will be an attack that will catch you off guard or possibly not know who is plotting things behind your back. Metaphoric in nature suggesting something that has been left behind or forgotten about; turning your back away poses a threat.

Snake Biting Hand

Often times a snake that bites your hand is synonymous with deceitful friends, people you may encounter or ones close to you. The proverbial ‘bite the hand’ suggests what good deeds you may do for others will not be appreciated; in turn coming right back at you. This could indicate bad minded people who wear a mask, pretending to be someone they are not. A right hand is someone close to you; the left suggests something unclean.

Snake In Hair

If you noticed a snake in your hair it could imply issues with your thoughts; stuff that grows out of your head. Medusa known to have snakes coming out of her head might connect with the feminine; devouring mother.

Dream of Snake Biting Neck or Throat

An attack near the neck or throat brings your attention to your ability to voice your opinion or lack there of. This is an attack on your communication or the ability to express your emotions. If the snake happens to be blue it might connect you to stuck energies that are by the throat chakra.

Dreaming of Snake Biting Face

A snake that bites your face could be an personal attack or connected to your shadow. As the mask we wear in public, who we are (ego) is under threat. The location of your head or face brings your awareness to your mind or image that is threatened. If it is close to your mouth or throat it might be an attack on your communication.

Dream of Snake Biting Foot 

The location of the foot is metaphoric for your movement or path that is hindered. The bite is an attack on progress or advancement as you move forward in your life. This might be something you stand for being jeopardized; your support system under attack.

Snake Locations

Snake In House

Snakes that appear in your house connect the dreamer to the mind/psyche; a negative and positive connotation depending the context of the dream. Different levels to the house translates differently.

Snake In Bed

The bed is often connected to the sexual side of the dreamer. Alternatively the snake may imply a phallic symbol or seen as a threat. This is a place of peace and rest that is disturbed – the unconsciousness. To explore personal romance, sexual issues or repression of urges. The symbol of the snake being under the bed relates to things that are hidden; dangers or lack of awareness.

Biting Family

Snakes that bite your family members might be connected to a unconscious perceived threat you are picking up on. To examine possible threats that surround them, changes in behaviour or emotional disturbances. The type of snake, color and location will help provide you with clues in order to help decode the dream. If the venom penetrated the skin determines if the attack will affected them emotionally.

Snakes Dream Analysis

Snake Chase

Dreams of being chased as synonymous with running or avoiding something in your life. Being chased by a snake could reflect people that pose a threat to you; or the negative aspects of yourself you are unaware of. In essence you want to face the snake and kill it; a need to reflect to become less agreeable, or noticing these traits within.

Biting Animals

Snakes that attack animals might be a reflecting or hindrance to your unconscious instincts. Common dreams of a snake biting your dog or cat connects to your feminine or instinctual side of the dreamer. Common dreams themes when your own dog is attacked by a snake; a connection to a friend or something that provides unconditional love. See alligators and spiders.

Water Snakes

When you notice a snake in water this brings attention to the emotional side of the dreamer. These dreams could suggest a threat or metaphoric danger relating to your unconscious emotional state.


Snakes that appear in your car brings your attention to your drive or path ahead of you. Something might come you way that will pose a threat from you moving forward in life.

Killing Snake

If you are killing the snake is a positive sign that signifies you will be stopping this threat from its attack. These can relate to people, situation or aspects of your shadow that are no longer a threat.

Dead Snake Dream

A dead snakes in your dream can emerge when there is an ending to a possible threat in your life. They can also connect to your energy life force, feminine energy or healing that is dormant within.

Snakes Everywhere Dream

Noticing Snakes Everywhere in your dream suggests to look at the dangers or threats you are around in your walking life. To investigate if the snakes relate to negative thoughts or behaviors, toxic friends or places you associate with. However it can be a symbol of unconscious energies that are now being tapped into.

Baby Snakes Dream

A symbol that manifest to potential healing energy, non threatening; fears that seem small but are still dangerous.

Three Headed Snake

A symbolic dream that implies three separate beings may represent either a triad who  ones always appear as a group. Collective minds as one, feminine archetype, triple goddess – mythology hydra and Cerberus.

Snake Dreams: Behaviors

Shedding Skin:

To notice a snake shedding it’s skin it is a possible omen suggest death and rebirth. The process called ecdysis can be translated to new growth, change and transformation occurring in your mind. Shedding the negative aspects for the new to develop.

Snake Eggs:

Often times snake eggs appear in dreams when change is about to occur. The cycle of death and rebirth; transformation new beginnings. A connection with the feminine

Turning Into Human:

A snake that turns into a human can suggest a transformation or a possible underlying threat. Depending the context and what the person means to you it may alter.

Wrapped Around Body: 

A symbol of healing or rebirth. If the snake is posing a threat it can suggest the people who drain the life blood out of you.


The iconic symbol of the ouroboros the snake eating its own tail. These dreams might be a symbol of personal transformation, wholeness or infinity.

Crosses Path:

When a snake crosses your path or you are are aware of its presence suggests the dangers that lurk around you. These might be dangerous people that might not necessarily be a threat to you but are in your daily life.

Colors Of Snake Dreams

Rainbow colored or multiple colored snakes are known to appear for many different reasons. The colors can be associated with our CHAKRAS related to blocked or opening often in these energy vortexes.

  • Red – anger, lust, emotions, passion, rage, blood and lust.
  • Green – envy, greed, finances, harmony, renewal and growth.
  • Yellow – Intellect, caution and jealousy.
  • Black – The shadow or dark side of the dreamer, unknown; awareness to the shadow archetype.
  • White – Pure, innocence, transformation, light and safety.
  • Brown – Connects you to the earth, mother nature the feminine energy.
  • Orange – Bright, witty, spontaneous, generous, optimistic, eager and bold.
  • Golden – Connects to the soul or self, a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.
  • Purple – Power, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, arrogance and royalty.
  • Pink –  Points to friendship, affection, harmony, childhood, feminine or inner peace.

Snakes Dreams: Healers

Many Eastern cultures think of the snake is a symbol of awakening or life force. The snakes energy remains coiled within at the base of our spine in the sacrum, waiting until its ready to move. The kundalini is portrayed as lying “coiled” at the base of the spine as a goddess waiting to arise in the body.

This type of movement is the complete joining of the masculine and the feminine through the heart. When this is complete healing energies might be active throughout your body.

This could suggest you are in need of spiritual guidance. You might be in a phase in your life where you need to pay more attention to your spirituality as transformation could be near.

It may suggest for you to open up more on a spiritual level so you can possibly become a healer or some sort.

Snake Dreams: Primitive Fear

Researchers have concluded that humans have evolved an innate tendency to sense snakes; this fear has shaped our evolution. This primordial fear gave us an advantage to survive and reproduce during a time governed by reptiles.

Unconsciously the snake might appear as unconscious fears that pose a personal threat to you. You would be surprised to know even ruthless dictator Saddam Hussein had a dream about trying to kill a snake while he was being held captive.

  • Rejection
  • Change
  • Loss of control
  • Anxiety
  • Failure
  • Uncertainty

Snakes In The Bible

We all know the story about Adam and Eve, the temptation of the snake forcing them to go against God and his teachings. In chapter 2 the serpent appears to convince Eve that God did not really mean what he said to Adam about not eating of the one tree, and after taking a good look at the tree, Eve tries the fruit.

She loves how it tastes, that it is a “delight to the eyes,” and that it is “to be desired to make one wise”. The snake is used as temptation or desires that we might not be able to control in our daily lives.

Snakes In Mythology

Ancient Egypt

The snake symbol dates as far back as 3000 B.C. in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. The Hindus, Christians and ancient Greeks acknowledged the importance of this mysterious serpent – it has emerged in your dreams for a specific reason.

Greek Culture

The symbol referred to medicine was that of two snakes on a rod that was derived from ancient Greece. Caduceus is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it associated with the Greek god Hermes, the messenger for the gods, conductor of the dead and protector of merchants and thieves. This symbol can be used a healing as well depending the context of the dream.

The Ouroboros (snake eating its tail)

This ancient symbol of the snake eating its tail suggests a possible complete integration of the psyche. The unification between the conscious and unconscious mind. This symbolizes could represent a cyclic Nature of the Universe: creation out of destruction, Life out of Death.

The ouroboros eats its own tail to sustain its life, as a everlasting eternal cycle of renewal. In alchemy this symbolizes the soul of Mercury, the power to permeate all matter in its existence. This is transformation and rebirth.

Native American

The Native Americans refer to this unique symbol as something of a masculine meaning. This would be associated with the phallus of lightning which is considered a medicine staff of tremendous assertive power.


To the ancient Celtics this symbols was considered something of knowledge, cunning yet can transform the dreamer. If you remember the story of Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. He is credited with expelling all the snakes from Ireland, and today, not a single snake can be found there.


Snakes, nagas, have high status in Hindu mythology. The Snake symbol indicates rebirth, death and mortality, due to its casting of its skin and being symbolically “reborn”.

Carl Jung Snake Dreams

Carl Jung was also intrigued by this symbol and had a very strange experience that led him to investigate further. A young 28 year old client of his had told Jung she had a snake in her belly. She went on to say that the snake at a time was dormant, just laying there.

One day it became active and started to move slowly upwards finally to come out of her mouth where she saw the head as golden. He linked the snake to the collective unconscious that was connected to the Kundalini.

The image of the snake in the abdomen, Jung says, “is well known in India.” Although the woman “had nothing to do with India” and although the image “is entirely unknown to us,” he says that “we have it too, for we are all similarly human.”

The snake is the symbol of the great wisdom of Nature, for the too direct way is not the best way; the crooked way, the detour, is the shorter way.

– Carl Jung

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3 months ago

I dreamt that I had 3 snakes in the house: a small baby pink/green one (much like the actual baby snake I caught inside the house a week ago), a black cobra and a massive yellow boa constrictor. I grabbed all the cats to put them away from the cobra and started jumping around furniture to get around the snake. Throwing a bucket down to hopefully lure the snake in. The snake turned into a woman who Id hit with the stick I’m carrying. She eventually leaves by walking out of the house in human form. Next, I see the… Read more »

The Dreamer
Reply to  Brittany
3 months ago

Interesting. Houses in dreams often connect the person to the psyche/mind or inner architecture so we are dealing with the unconscious part of you. If you are protecting the cats it might pull more towards the feminine instincts that you are guarding. The snake is a feminine energy hence why this lady appeared. Do you have issues with your father? Constrictors are known to be symbols of people or elements in our lives that metaphorically constrict us. If it is in his room – beds are symbolic in the sense that it connects you towards intimacy, relationships and the unconscious… Read more »

Karen J Wolford
Karen J Wolford
4 months ago

I saw a pile of dead snakes and knew they were dead because they had eaten other snakes that I had feed poison to. Then one remaining snake reared up and ask me “what now” and I told it to go kill itself. The snake then turned to a mirror and hit the mirror with it’s face 3 time, each time a little harder until it exploded and was nothing but green goo, in effect killing itself.

Last edited 4 months ago by Karen J Wolford
The Dreamer
Reply to  Karen J Wolford
4 months ago

Interesting. The mirror seems to have emerged to show you some sort of self reflection. So if this was the case the snake was something unconscous within you that relates to behaviours, instincts, emotions, urges that have now been understood. Green could be a symbol of envy. What do you think?

4 months ago

I had a weird dream with a lady she was having a conversation with me in my house. She left out i open the door and a cobra was in the trashcan looking at her as she passed it I screamed to her and she act as if she couldnt see it. So i ended up pushing the trash can down and it captured the cobra so i had her write a note on the can to let anyone know its a cobra inside and dont touch it.

The Dreamer
Reply to  nana
4 months ago

The cobra might be related to something you discarded from the past but has now emerged back in your life. Trash is a negative symbol that in your case seems to have been removed. Houses in dreams often connect the person to the psyche/mind or inner architecture. This lady leave and the door is open (see door dream in search bar). You seem to have caught this issue again (hand – power and expression) to warn others. You understand the danger of this snake once it attacks. Though cobras are also known to transform. See cobra in search bar.

4 months ago

I had a dream this morning where I was walking with an unidentified group of trustworthy good friends peacefully and joyously walking on a desert trail, when from behind and off to the right, a long fat non threatening rattlesnake, in the colors of browns and golds with it’s of black and the latter of the snake was outlined in white, came cruising along and passed me by and made its way up to the top of a mound. I was surprised to see the snake, I could tell the snake sensed me and was not bothered by my/our presence,… Read more »

The Dreamer
Reply to  Rebecca
4 months ago

The dreams is very symbolic. I thought of the serpent mound in Ohio when while I was reading your dream. I doubt it has any significance but still kind of fluky the snake was on top of the mound; head of the serpent and the egg align to the setting of the sun on the summer solstice. I though of this because of the desert in your dream, however it might imply something that lacks growth or the vast unconsciousness. I am not sure if you are picking up on someone in your group (friendship), someone you will encounter that… Read more »

4 months ago

I was at a large outdoor social gathering, with lots of people mingling, many of which I knew. A cousin who I was very close to as a child came up to me with a gift. I was caught off guard, not expecting a gift, but pleasantly surprised. I took the gift bag and reached in, to pull out a multicolored (red, black and brown I think) snake. My immediate reaction was a surprise and mild disappointment at my cousin. The snake was poisonous. He should have known, he is remarkably intelligent. I knew I couldn’t keep it, and I… Read more »

The Dreamer
Reply to  Tiffany
4 months ago

I think this dream represents that you are or will be going through some sort of unconscious transformation. The fact that it was coiled (see SPIRAL) (see Kundalini) in search bar, tells you about its intention. But where exactly? I am thinking because of the so called little child (male); what you know as intelligent seems to be connected with your own masculine energy (Yin & Yang) imbalance or new growth that is underdeveloped or developing. Remember you are being gifted something that is contained or carried around with you. The red color might connect to the ROOT chakra (see… Read more »

Agent Smith
Agent Smith
4 months ago

I was walking with an unknown friend in a grassy area next to a pond. I saw a snake and avoided it. It was completely still. I came across another one and was initially scared. All of a sudden I started noticing snakes everywhere, either green or black in colour (if I remember correctly.) By this point I was floating in the air to avoid them but they were very still and not threatening me. I noticed a tail hanging straight out of the water. The friend came by and picked it up and it appeared to be a raccoon.… Read more »

The Dreamer
Reply to  Agent Smith
4 months ago

Raccoon are often connected to deceit, theft or sneakiness. These are animals are scavengers and are pack (family) animals. It might tie in with the snake, though it would be hard to say. The water tells you about your emotional state – feminine energy that connects to the snakes feminine energy. The floating in the air suggests that this could be a semi lucid state (see floating in dreams in the search bar). To me it sounds as if this could be something in your life that poses a “perceived threat” that could relate to your friend or aspect that… Read more »

Agent Smith
Agent Smith
Reply to  The Dreamer
4 months ago

Many thanks for the reply! It’s still not clear what this relates to yet so I will have to spend some time meditating on it 🙂

The Dreamer
Reply to  Agent Smith
4 months ago

That is a great idea. Just pay attention to what might unfold in the near future and apply it. Snakes are very enigmatic symbols.

Musa konneh
Musa konneh
5 months ago

I dream I was under a tree and I saw a snake it color was green and black I don’t know it name but it didn’t harm me it just pass.

The Dreamer
Reply to  Musa konneh
5 months ago

That is a good symbol if it passess you with out a threat. Now you need to figure if this belongs to someone or something unconscous within you. Trees bring you towards your own living structure. (see tree dreams in search bar).

5 months ago

I dreamt that I was sitting on a couch with a friend and their wife. I don’t remember who they were. They weren’t people from my life. My friend gets up from the couch, he is barefooted, I noticed something moving in the carpet, and tell him tell to be careful. We look to see what it is and it is a small scorpion. It is light tan in color, like sand. It has small pinchers and stinger. My friend gets scared and backs away. His wife comes into the room from the kitchen. As my friend gets down from… Read more »

The Dreamer
Reply to  Amanda
5 months ago

The container is an important clue that might be referring to things that are contained within you. I am not sure if this dream has anything to do with your friends but its something to keep in mind. Scorpion relate to the feminine – kitchen/social gatherings – rectangle would be stability and order. The snakes that are wrapped around each other point to healing and transformation. Like the scorpion the rattlesnake emerges as a warning to rattle you up or to warn of an unconscious shift (negative) before change.

(see scorpion dreams)

Reply to  The Dreamer
5 months ago

Thank you for your time and help.

The Dreamer
Reply to  Amanda
5 months ago

You are most welcome Amanda.