Dreams of Being Trapped

Dreaming of being either trapped or stuck can be a horrible feeling that often takes place in a haunted house, trapped in a box, or in a hole. These vivid dream make you feel hopeless as you are trying to figure out a way to escape.

The dreadful feeling can make you jump out of bed with a cold sweat followed by a sigh of relief knowing you are no longer stuck. However, being trapped contain a message in hopes you break free of what is making you trapped in life.

Article: Stuck In Your Dream or Sleep Paralysis? 

Being trapped in our dream often represents aspects of our relationships, family life, work, and phyical restraints that trapped us emotionally. The main goal of the dream is to help identify the problem in your life that is trapping you.

Trapped Dream Meaning

The reason why these nightmares tend to be so vivid is to get you attention. The dream will appear as a metaphor to reflect the area in your life where you feel trapped. Pinpointing the core of the issue depends on incorporating the rest of the symbols of the dream.

Determining who is beside you, the location and what objects are making you trapped help decode it properly. Often times we dream of being trapped underwater that connects to the emotional side of the dreamer.

Dreams of being trapped in a haunted house brings you back to a memory, experience or emotions that still haunt you to this day. It suggests you are stuck and need to figure out this problem (see haunted house dreams).

Trapped not being able to leave a dark place is common connecting you to your unconscious mind behaviors, urges and emotions that are not understood. If you are trapped in a maze or a box in your dream connects you to inner confinement.

  • work
  • marriage/relationship/friendship
  • mentally
  • spiritually
  • financially
  • emotionally
  • personal drive
  • love life
  • mental illness
  • suffering from chronic pain
  • stuck in a commitment

Trying To Escape

Most dreams about being trapped could be connected to your own ignored emotions.  The build up appears to explode in our dreams as you wake up confused why this dream took place. Many times we try to avoid our true feelings as much as possible, especially when these true feelings are negative or unpleasant to acknowledge.

The dream wants you to be aware that you are living with dissonance in your life and to express it so you will be set free.  Drowning under water is a common dream symbol when it comes to our emotional state.


It’s not uncommon to dream of events that might happen in the distant future.  Dreaming of getting stuck in a car for example could relate to your path/drive will be affected.  If you are being sentenced to jail it might suggest your actions will be a result of being stuck in prison for however long.

How To Fix Being Stuck

Confronting your problems head on and learning to accept what is.  You maybe avoiding responsibilities that need to be attended too.  Sit down and reflex in all the areas you feel stuck and see if you can make small steps to correct these issues.

This horrible feeling is somewhat a common condition according to WebMD takes place between sleep and just before you wake up.  No matter how hard you try to move with all your might you can’t move a single inch.  You are paralyzed seeing shadows, hearing scary sounds and sometimes someone is on top of you.

This is due to the body still being “paralyzed” from sleep (which is a natural instinct that keeps us from walking around) as our brain is awake and our body is asleep.  A list below is common when suffering from being stuck with sleep paralysis.

  • covers are being pulled off the bed
  • unable to breath
  • trying to move in the bed
  • hearing hissing, buzzing and popping noises
  • shadows and demons
  • intruder
  • outer body experience
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3 years ago

I am a victim of sexual abuse at a very young age with three offenders (one is my ex husband who the police and my therapists believe is a sociopath) which went on for years. I have weird nightmares Id like to discuss but do not want to go into all the graphic details regarding sexual abuse here. My trauma therapist has no dream training. I would like to understand my lifelong nightmares because I definitely am certain they are all related to the abuse. Is there a more private way to do this? Kidnapping, floating heads, and being trapped… Read more »

4 years ago

Ive been having dreams lately of being miserable I my romantic relationship but I am so miserable but don’t know how to leave

4 years ago

i have the dreams where i can’t speak or scream all that came out was a whisper and some of dreams are when i want to see something like whats going on but it’s like half of my eyes are glued shut and i try and try but nothing works and somehow i can’t wake up cause i can’t open my eyes.

Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith
4 years ago

When ever I have dreams about being trapped something bad happens to me in months to come. Being stuck happens when I damaged my back that puts me out for months. In my dreams I get stuck in between car and the wall, I am trying to squeeze through but cant. I wake up in the middle of the night knowing what is to come in the near future.