Dreaming of Pastor or Priest

Dreaming of your Pastor or Priest are common dream symbols that are often seen as good omens. The dream language speaks to us in metaphors and images to relates to certain times or positions in our life.

A priest or pastor can be interchanged as they both speak the word of God and provide to assist us in times of need. These power symbols emerge when you need or being offered spiritual guidance – the wise old man, healer or higher self you seek within.

Did The Wise Old Man Appears In Your Dreams?

Pastors and Priests are symbolic in the sense they are spiritually coded metaphorically in your dream. They have chosen to come to you during a specific time in your life when help is needed.

Dreaming Of Pastor Dreams

In dreams their isn’t much of a difference between a pastor or a priest as they both contain elements of the middle way between heaven and earth, spirit and God.

In essence they could be a connection to your higher self appearing as the priest or pastor as they bring you one step closer to the truth. They may even offer you help and guidance during times of difficulty or certain transitions in your life. Even if you are not religious these dreams could be unconscious desires to find some sort of spiritual grounding, belief systems or values you live by.

Remember both the priest and pastor are also there for you to confess your sins. They can appear in your dream as you are letting go and forgiving the past so you can move on with your life.

Females who dream of a priest or pastor might want to explore the animus – the male aspects of a female’s psyche. This might be a connection to the masculine side of the dreamer that leads them to their deeper self.

Priest & Pastor Dream Symbolism:

  • Sacred symbol or belief
  • Connect with the spiritual
  • Reflection or reconciliation of your past
  • Forgiveness
  • Offered a prestigious position

Common Priest & Pastor Dreams

Catholic Priest Dreams

He may act as a medium between you and the “inner self” or “higher consciousness”. The priest will have a specific purpose in your dream whether he is praying, observing or communicating with you. The dialogue and the context will be specific pertaining the change or help that is currently taking place with you.  They are there to lead you closer to your soul so you can live a more harmonious life.

Pastor Praying For You In Dreams

Often times you will dream of a priest of pastor praying for you in your dream. These are positive dream symbols that donates help and guidance coming your way. A symbol that protects and heals the dreamer so they can continue along life’s journey.

Being Kissed By A Pastor Dream

As sacrilegious as these dreams may present themselves to be they are actually good dreams. They might suggest you have an unconscious connection with the pastors.  Kissing might bring your attention to communication that connects on an emotional level.