Dreaming of Seals

Dreaming of seals can be considered very symbolic when they emerge from the depths below. They bring our attention by exploring the unknown, bridging the gap between the conscious and unconscious.

Unlike the Whale, Shark or Dolphins; seals have a unique ability to haul themselves out of the water and onto a preferred resting site. They have come to shore to bring you a message. But what exactly?

Seals in your dream are powerful messengers that represent good luck, powerful emotional states and the hidden emotional that have now come to the surface. Remember they often come from very cold temperature hinting at a lack of warmth or attention from you.

Depending the context of your dream a seal can translate in many different ways. Dreams symbols are coded in metaphors, as if you where to ‘seal the deal’, or ‘keeping your lips sealed’. In order to properly decode your dream you will have to understand what a seal means to you, its behaviors and senses. Considering all of these factors we then have to integrate these coded symbols in our walking life.

Seal Dream Symbolism

  • a messenger that arises from the unconsciousness
  • feminine energies that connect to KUNDALINI
  • protection
  • instincts, intuition and emotion unconsciousness

Seal Dream Meaning

Seals spend most of their time exploring under water and coming to the shore to mate, and give birth to babies. Seals act as a guide, needing trust to explore aspects of the unknown – or unconscious side of the dreamer. By being asleep on the shore (consciousness) this is a representation for new awakenings in your life.

Connecting with water the seal brings your focus on the hidden emotional side. With keen eyes they can see both under water and in air connecting the dreamer with vision or intuition. There whiskers can sense vibrations that cannot be seen with the naked eye, thus connecting with higher consciousness. They encourage you leap in the water because you are protected by thick skin.

Seal Symbolism In Dreams

Seals have the incredible ability to bask in the sun, and dwell in -0 degree temperatures. They can be messengers from far away from the warmth, the cold, dark, and desolate areas of your unconscious emotions. They can dive up to 1300 feet deep below sea level hinting at areas you are unfamiliar with. Emerging on top of snow to socialize and give birth suggest new beginning and resurrection. This might be connected to rising energies by the base of your spine (kundalini), heading up to the sun (crown).

Nightmares revolving around seals attacking suggest an unconscious resistance, or defense relating to unknown fears. The seal might be a representation of something that is frozen (snow) relating to your emotional state of mind. Inevitably, you would want the seal to devour you; to pull you down to your depths below.

Seal Dream Idioms

  • All sealed up
  • Lips are sealed
  • Sealed with a kiss
  • Seal someone’s fate
  • Seal of approval
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Absolutely grateful to find this.