Dreams That Start With O

Oak Tree

An oak tree in your dreams is a very symbolic image representing inner knowledge, wisdom and power from within. Its attraction to lightning connects with the higher realms, God or higher self; a symbol of enlightenment.


When you dream of using oars to get across the sea of water in front you it indicates you are moving forward and have the ability to manage your feelings.


When you combine a green spot in the a dry arid desert they symbol becomes symbolic representing a peaceful area in your hectic life. These can be seen as symbol of love, hope and life; however the desert is a negative omen relating to obstacles, barron and a lack of growth. You have stumbled upon something that gives life by water – a symbol of the emotional state of the dreamer. The oasis becomes a symbol that encourages the dreamer to find out what is the desert in their lives.


When you dream of taking an oath it means you want to uncover facts and truth or simply that you are ready to commit yourself to something. If you refuse to take an oath it represents you are hiding the truth to something or that you are running away from commitment.


Oatmeal is symbolic of power and being able to handle things that come your way. If you are eating oatmeal it means that you are in control of yourself and know what you want in life. If you are making oatmeal for someone else it represents you are in charge of and responsible for someone’s future.


Are you following and taking orders that you wont normally do in your waking life? This signifies your acceptance that there are others who have greater power and authority over you. Otherwise, it means you are too weak and allowing others to take advantage of you.


Obeah can represents both internal or external forces that has control over the individual. These symbols become a warning that an unconscious force is manipulating or controlling your movements or direction in life. Like any sort of Voodoo or witchcraft most of these possessions belong to the dreamers inability to make their own negative behaviors conscious.


A powerful symbol where you speak with your higher Self or the higher power. A message coded with inner you wisdom, a place of enlightenment, and strength of the soul.


Dreaming of being obese might suggest a lack self control and indulging in something negative. Do you a desire to get rid of extra weight? Could this mean you need to cut down on your carbs for your health. A dream about being fat is similar to your dreams about fast food. It indicates that you are conscious of your weight and you feel like you been putting on a few pounds.


This does not necessarily mean death of someone but as in dream symbols death symbolizes the end of things or transitions. Dream of seeing obituary poster indicates death of the old you for the new to start.


The specific type of object that emerges becomes a symbolic clue that can be decoded metaphorically. These objects belong to the dreamer hence the strange attraction to them. If you noticed an object fall from the sky it represents a message from the unconscious to pay attention too. If you noticed objects moving by itself relates to your unconscious actions always have a reaction. If objects are being thrown at you represents what you unconsciously put out in this world comes back in an aggressive manner. If you can move objects with your mind might in fact be related to your own telekinetic abilities or the fact you can get what you want by using your intelligence. If you notice objects underwater it relates to finding something a powerful within connecting to your emotional unconscious.


Being obligated to someone in your dream represents you are liable for others. On the other hand if someone is obligated to you then it suggests your move to be successful.


How did you react to this obscene behavior in your dream? If it affected you then whatever you did in your life is making you repentant. When you see or hear obscenity it signifies qualities of yourself that you are hiding because you know they are not good.


Dreaming of an observatory is a very powerful symbol that represents exploration of your true self and to find the deeper meaning in life. In fact you might see the bigger picture in life.


An obsession in your dreams appears metaphorically showing you something that is pulling or attracted to your energy. Though most dreams often entail someone being obsessed with the dreamer that might reflect an actual scenario in your life.


A powerful symbol that emerges in our dream to help protect and shield the dreamer against negativity and bad energy. This black stone connects with the unconsciousness that helps block psychic attacks and known for clarity and clears confusion.


Dreaming of dealing with an obstacle relates to the things in our lives we have trouble getting through. It can relate to deadlines at work, relationships or even to lose weight. If you dream of completing an obstacle it is a positive dream symbol reflecting finishing your goals.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course in your dream signifies whatever is in your path that you must rise above and jump over to attain achievement. Whatever the obstacle course is made of indicates the issues and hindrances you would be faced with in your waking life.


If water represents the emotional side of the dreamer, when the ocean emerges it connects with the unconscious emotional side. What is not seen or understood within reflects the depths of the ocean – what is encountered or seen below becomes symbolic to the dreamer. Swimming in the ocean just implies you are scraping the depths of who you are. Dreaming of a black ocean represents the dark mysterious side that might not be fully understood yet.


An octopus is a very intelligent creature showing your ability to multitask with ease. The flexibility with many hands could direct the dream to your emotions as it dwell deep in the water. If you are being attacked in your dream by an octopus suggests you might be juggling to many things at once. A direct connection to your mother.


To dream of anything that feels or seems odd relates to unconsous behaviors or actions that are causing a disturbance in your life. Odd numbers however contain a significance to special dates, future events, imbalance or situations that left unanswered. To dream of odd pair of shoes represents internal cognitive dissonance on your path, movement and direction.


Sometimes we smell different fragrances before we wake up it would classify under a sleep paralysis episode. If you are smelling something bad in your dream the specific type of odor and location are clues to where the issue is.

Odd Shoes

Dreams about wearing an odd pair of shoes brings your awareness to old behaviors, patterns and past movement.


When you dream of offending someone whether it is verbal or physical it represents repressed anger or immature emotions. Dreaming about committing an offence that is against the law it suggests you are unaware of breaking your moral barriers that you abide by in your life.


Dreaming of making an offering indicates that you are repenting for things that you have done in the past. Otherwise, it may suggest that you are giving up something that means a lot to you to benefit yourself or a situation. Offering food or flowers is common in dreams that reflects offering aspects of your inner kindness and beauty to others. If you are offering flowers to God suggests your short time on earth will be devoted to God.


Offices in dreams are often appear in our dreams as a part of the dreamers emotional experiences, stress and structure. Noticing an office clean or renovated suggest healthy and positive chance inside this office. To dream of an office desk reflects your dedication to your job.


When you dream that you are an officer it implies your ability to control and have authority. If you are detained or arrested by an officer implies their might be a minor set back in your life. They appear sometimes as warning signs or guides depending your interaction with them. Since they have the ability to hold and detain you at will they reflect the things in your life that hold you back or something that will stop your movements in the future.


The fact that oil holds much significance to our daily life dreaming of oil suggests obtaining something very useful. You may have tapped into something within that holds great value. Oil spills however are negative symbols that suggest carelessness resulting in a great loss of money or danger to your emotional unconsciousness. When you notice oil on your head, hands or feet relate to negative setbacks at work, projects and movement. If you notice cooking oil reflects putting to use your skills for inner nourishment. Palm oil and holy oil are seen as positive symbols of protection and spiritual protection.


Dreaming of an ointment is symbolic of self curing through introspection. The location that you are putting the ointment on your body would be metaphoric relating to fixing this issue.

Old Items

Dreaming of an old item indicates either that your need to throw out your old stuff or you need to dig through your basement or attic and use things from the past to help you in your life now. If you dream of old items stolen it a negative symbol representing old possessions or aspects of who you are taken away.

Old House

Entering an old house represents an the old part of you, the past that needs to be revisited. Inside this old structure contains forgotten memories, old habits, ideas, beliefs, and attitudes.

Old Friends

Dreaming of old classmates, friends or even old acquaintance is a lot more common than you think. Just when you thought you would never see or hear from them again, they randomly appear in your dreams. Your past friends in your dream are not technically who they appear to be. Old friends in your dream emerge as the old you that might still be present today.


The olive branch is a symbol of peace or victory allegedly deriving from the customs of ancient Greece. Dreaming of olives are very positive symbols that are associated with peace, healing and friendship.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a very symbol dream symbol that means blessing, protection, peace and empowerment. It can be considered anointing oil being a metaphor for being chosen by god. It must be extracted through a long hard process to become more valuable, or sometimes to heal the sick. This might be a hint to do some soul searching deep within to become chosen.

Olive Tree

Olive trees are mentioned all throughout scripture and hold very high significance in dreams. The tree is symbolically a representation of peace, prosperity, beauty and the relationship between God and the people. It brings us peace and reconciliation in its identification with the dove who returned to the ark with a olive branch held its it mouth after the huge flood, signifying God’s reconciliation with man.


Dreaming of being a competitor in the Olympics suggests that you need to chase your dreams and fight for what you want in life. The dream may also be telling you that you should appreciate harmony and unification that is present around you. You should put aside your diversity and make peace. If you actually aspire to be an athlete then the dream signifies this.


An omelet in your dream suggests that your current actions are leading you the right way or what used to be whole is now being mixed up.

One Eye

Dreaming that you have the use of one eye implies that you views and the way you handle things are very one sided. If you notice a one eyed cat or dog it refers to your lack of insight with your instincts that still remain unconscious. If you dream of one eye bleeding indicates issues with your perception in the world around you, or loss of energy. Alternatively, one eye might in fact be related to the third eye that is considered the seat of the soul.


When you dream of onions relates to particular situations contain multiple layers. The ancient Egyptians connected the onion with eternity as it has a circular shape with different stages or processes to get to the center. You will need to go through these particular layers in order to understand the core issue. If you noticed a red onion it connects with passion or anger relating to this situation. To dream of spring onion or chive suggest new growth and development in your life.


Dreaming of onyx is representative of power in yourself that you are not aware of. You have a sense of self worth and have great strength mentally.


When you dream of opal it symbolizes your yearning for love. If you are wearing opal is said to bring about loyalty and faithfulness.


Any sort of opening in your dream is a positive symbol that has multiple of different meanings. To dream that you are opening a door or window implies new opportunities, insight, and self-discovery in your life. If you open a door with a key suggests that this new advancement or knowledge has not only been unlocked by you but will unfold sooner than later. If you open a bank account in your dream it reflects new found protection, ideas, wealth and accessibility. By opening up a gift in your dream alters depending the gift, however these powerful omens relate to new found wealth and opportunities.


To watch an opera in your dream it represents your quest for the grander things in life. The dream may also be trying to tell you that you are being overly dramatic in some waking situation.


To dream that you are having an operation suggests that you need to get something out of your system or cut it out of your life. Perhaps you need to let go of something or change your habits. Depending where they are operating gives you a clue to what area needs work. If you were to be operating on your heart might be an indication of blocked emotions.


To dream of a telephone operator, indicates that you are looking for some guidance into your unconscious.


To see or smoke opium in your dream suggests that there is an issue or situation that you are avoiding. You are prolonging a decision that needs to be made. It is time to take control and stop relying on outside help. Alternatively, the dream might suggest that you need to relax and take it easy.


To dream that you have an opponent signifies an aspect of yourself in which you are in conflict with. Consider what you are fighting within yourself.


To see an optometrist in your dream suggests that there is some situation or problem that you are unclear about. You need to look at things from a different angle or new perspective.


To dream of an oracle symbolizes your belief of fate. You are seeking some guidance or are expressing a desire to know what the future has in stored for you. The dream also serves to offer reassurance needed for you to move forward and look ahead in a positive direction.


To see an orange tree in your dream signifies health and prosperity. If you dream that you are eating oranges it is a positive symbol indicating satisfaction with your life. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. It is the color of the sacral chakra that is situated in the lower abdomen. Orange is the color of success and relates to self-respect and freedom.


The word Orangutan means people in the forest that adapt to their habitat. You might be known for you flexibility and adaptability in social situations. Dreaming of these closely related species implies a need to connect with the spirit or unconsciousness as well. Yearning to be alone with oneself to find solitude and use these skill in the future.


When dream of being in an orchestra it signifies making peace and understand your true nature. If you hear the music from an orchestra it indicates you are in harmony with your being and the world. If you are conducting an orchestra it suggests you have the power to control others and situations in a positive way to make things work in harmony.


Dreaming of orchids represents well cared for sexuality and romance. You are very careful with how your deal with your relationships and situations that come your way but you benefit from it in the end. Orchids are associated with fertility, virility, and sexuality. These associations coupled with their exotic appearance have given them a long history of being associated with love, fertility, and beauty in many cultures.


When you dream of an ore is suggests that you are still trying to accept the knowledge of life lessons. If you break down your problems in life and use what you have learnt to understand things, you would get by a lot easier.


A musical organ in your dream symbolizes your spirituality. It could also have a sexual connotation attached to it depending on the context of the dream. If it is an organ from the body it signifies worry about your health.


Dreaming of an organist signifies peace and unity.


Dreaming of organizing things represents disorganization in your waking life with some situation and you need to sit down and sort it out. The articles that you are organizing have relevance to what you need to organize within your waking life.


Your dream either means that you are sexually frustrated or you have finished something that caused you stimulation. If you did not reach orgasmic stage it indicates that something, not necessarily sex, is causing you disappointment and displeasure.


If you have problems enjoying sex then the dream suggests that you let loose a bit and try out different things that would satisfy your sexual energy. An ancient Mediterranean symbol of transitions or rebirths.


Pay attention to what object you are creating and consider the relevance of it in your life. The dream is symbolic that you have to start communicating things through writings and your creativity.


An ornament in your dream suggests the things you enjoy and use to relax in your life.


If you dream of seeing an orphan it means you are afraid that you would end up alone. If you are the orphan in your dream it indicates that you are too sheltered and dependent on others. You need to learn to give of yourself and do things on your own.


An orphanage in your dream indicates feelings of neglect or acceptance. If you feel lonely and that no one takes the time to help you then the dream means you feel lost and in need of attention. Otherwise, the dream serves as assurance that you finally got the help and care you needed.


Like dentists they are symbols that emerge when something needs to be straightened out. Since the orthodontist works on your teeth it represents or removing negative aspects of communication.

Ouija Board

An ouija board symbolizes broken relationships and failed ventures. You might be trying to contact something that is not longer in use or good for you. On the other hand a ouija board could just be a way for your unconscious to relay a message to you.


When you dream of an outbreak it signifies that you are letting bad thoughts and anger get to you.

Out Of Body Experience

An out-of-body experience is an rare phenomena in which a person experiences the world from a location outside their physical body. OBE’s happen when people sleep often during a sleep paralysis episode.


Feeling neglected or out of place? A dream of being an outcast indicates that you have unwanted qualities that you have been trying to get out of your personality.

Outer Space

An opportunity to explore the unknown or unconscious parts of your personality. A symbol that encourages the dreamer to find the deeper meaning of why they are here on this earth. If you dream of flying in outer space it is a very symbolic, yet positive symbol that shows you have no boundaries to achieve your goals.


Dreaming of being an outlaw indicates that you feel you are above the law and other people. Even though you try to hide these traits the fact is you do things to prove that you are more powerful.


Seeing an outlet in your dream indicates that you are looking for a way to release your feelings. You need an outlet per say to let go out all the energy you have stored up.


When you dream that you are outside it denotes your ability to appreciate all that life has to offer. You are accepting and free to go out as you please. On the other hand the dream could mean that you are doing precisely the opposite and you need to go out and enjoy yourself more.


To dream of an oval is a powerful dream omen that connects to completion and wholeness. Connection to the unconscious feminine energies that resides within regardless of gender.


When you dream of ovaries it suggests possible concerns with personal development or the place of inner transformation and new growth.


Dreaming of an oven with the heat on symbolizes positive feelings of energy that you give off. The oven becomes symbolic represent your true inner warmth and ability to provide positivity to others from this gift. However, if the oven is on fire its is a bad omen relating to repressed anger that has released within.


A dream of wearing an overcoat indicates that you have up a protective layer so that you would not get hurt. You feel that by putting up a wall from the world and not letting people get too close that you are going to ultimately protect yourself.


Wearing overalls in a dream suggests that you are too laid back and need to actually put in some work to get results. On the other hand overalls encourage the dreamer to pay attention to the entire picture and stop focusing on small things.


If you dream of taking an overdose or someone taking an overdose indicates that you are pushing your limits. Be careful how you proceed because if you push yourself to a point where you cannot handle, the overload is going to cause your body to shut down. Try and make some alterations so that you do not do self harm.


Water overflowing brings your awareness to your emotional state of mind. Personal blockages in you life need to be unplugged. They come as metaphors for sinks, toilets or house floods that has to do with the mind.


The owl has both a positive and negative symbolism that suggest an ending (death) and the starting new. It can be translated to wisdom, intelligence, foresight and psychic abilities. They are very powerful omens that bring your attention to the darkness the shadow part of the dreamer.


Did you jump out of an ocean and took a breath of fresh air? This dream is representative of self renewal and a new outlook on things. If you dream that you do not have oxygen or in need of oxygen it implies that you need another method of dealing with things because you feel overwhelmed with things in your life at the moment.

Oxygen Mask

An oxygen mask in your dream indicates a necessity to get out of a situation that is causing you to feel stifled.


A dream of eating oysters symbolizes sensuality and sexual satisfaction. If you see oysters it indicates knowledge, growth and strength. If you see the oysters closing and opening it means that you are having problems letting people into your life. On the other hand if you see an open oyster, your unconscious is telling you to go out and enjoy the benefits the world has to offer.

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