Dreams About The Stomach

Stomach Dream Meaning

Dreams about the stomach or abdomen usually connects the dreamer with their unconscious feelings, or relates directly to your physical health or diet.

In ancient Chinese medicine, the stomach reflects the center of body’s energy & the center of instinct and intuition. A very important organ that can be considered a second brain in the body – a symbolic representation of something that is never seen but felt.

Like most dream symbols the stomach it appears metaphoric to the dreamer, connecting to a deeper “gut” level where emotions are expressed. This is why many people report being shot in their stomach mirroring emotional pain and trauma.

Symbolic Meaning Of Stomach Dreams

This area encourages the dreamer to investigate whether this is a dream about their health or unconscious emotional state of mind. How to tell? Usually stomach dreams that involve a direct attack to this area such as stabbing, shooting or punching are liked to something internal. If this is the case the dreamer would want to look into their relationships or personal feelings that are causing dissonance within.

Alternatively, stomach dreams may also be connected with the dreamers instincts or Intuition that will be under attack. The dream becomes a warning to protect and pay attention to these gut feelings, like your hair standing up on your back, trusting feelings of impending danger or doom. Do you ignore your intuition?

Dreaming of surgery on your stomach can be a positive dream symbol that suggest fixing or developing issues relating to emotions and intuition.

Flat Stomach Dream Meaning

Being conscious of our weight might seep its way into our dreams at night. Many people dream of a flat stomach that could very well suggest a wishful desire. Do you want to lose the fat on your stomach?

Dreaming of someone touching your stomach suggests luck and success. Depending who it is and why they touched it may alter the meaning, though these dreams can be positive omens.

Noticing a lump in your stomach in your dream suggests the things that are abnormal in your life. A negative growth within this area that is causing you worry. Unless you are worried about your health you may consult a physician.

Dreaming of stitches on your stomach represents an old internal wound that is not fully healed. However it becomes a sign that the worst is over and covered up. It is now time to heal properly.

Bizarre Dreams About The Stomach

Dreaming about a baby moving in your stomach suggests new growth arriving soon in your life. Like most pregnancy dreams that relate to inner growth, your dream might suggest you might be aware of it and it might freak you out.

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When we dream of stomach cancer becomes metaphoric for something eating you up inside. It can relate to repressed or unsettled emotions that is causing distress in your mind, body and soul.

Dreams about a stomach ulcer represents trauma relating to your emotions or intuition. If this is not fixed it will cause further pain – unable to go away until self examination is done.

A dream about a stomach ache or infection represents love, affection, survival, reward and the mother. A stomach that bleeds in your dream suggests vital energy is leaking within (see blood dreams).