Dreaming of the Desert

In geography, a desert is a landscape form or region that receives very little precipitation. In your dreams the desert is a part of you, detached from reality, exploring the vast landscape you become alone and lost.

We might think of deserts only being associated with Sub-Saharan desert or sand dunes in north Africa, however the earth contains many different types. In our dreams you may be wondering alone in a polar desert, perhaps a cool coastal desert or a cool, or a cold winter desert.

A desert is considered a large landscape or region that receives very little precipitation – less than 250 mm per year (about ten inches). We can use this as a metaphor representing the lack of growth, stagnation or comfort in your life.

Desert Dream Meaning:

  • Loneliness
  • Unexplored areas
  • Stagnant
  • Lack of feelings or emotions

Desert Dreams Interpreted

What comes to your mind when you think of the desert. Feelings of isolation, desolate and uncharted areas? Well it turns out that this is a symbol that may help identify with your state of mind.

The desert mirrors feelings of exile, a place were fears and being alone reside. Wondering alone shows you that you have no real direction or no real purpose in your life. However the unexplored wilderness will bring you to a place of self – realization, you must lose your soul only to regain it again.

Colder climates such as a polar desert brings your attention to ‘frozen’ or ‘stuck’ unconscious emotional state. Could you be venturing into parts of you mind that can cause you to be lost?

Sand Dream Meaning 

Sand compliments the deserts barren feelings of emotional nourishment that could be lacking in your life. Known to be the symbol of transitory – similar to the hour glass, a passage of time.

This is a hard passage to walk though, unlike a street or a clean path ahead, sand reminds you of its irritations, harshness and abilities to sink below. It takes no prisons and consumes you whole. May this be a symbol that reflects your fears of being stuck in some aspect in your life?

Alternatively sand can be seen as a symbol of the earth, grounding your feet and enjoying the suns rays on your body. A reference to the wise men in the desert offering you a blessing in disguise.

Common Sand Dreams

White Sand: In dreams white is often a color of purity, cleaning and innocence. Perhaps a need for a spiritual cleanse, or possible relating to living or longing for a pure life.

Beach Sand: Noticing beach sand can be a positive symbol suggesting comfort and relaxing times ahead. Unless you are overworked and need a vacation somewhere warm. The connection with the sun and the water, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, conscious and unconscious – the medium between two worlds.

Red Sand: When iron comes into contact with oxygen often used for TNT and glass. Is this a symbol of time passing you by? Red is often considered a symbol of passion, anger, vitality or life force. The location will help determine the motive of the dream.

Walking On Sand: The location and atmosphere will determine if the sand is a negative or positive symbol.

Sand In Mouth: Dreaming of sand in your mouth is a negative omen that relates to communication. Think of the feelings or emotions expressed, disgust, uncomfortable, gritty; something unknown or foreign has stopped you from speech. Could this be a symbol of bad talking, gossip or harboring negative emotions that come across verbally.

Sand Facts

  1. The demand for sand has hit the illegal worldwide market for a decades. A 2013 estimate valued the shady business at about $16 million a month.
  2. Parasitic insects called sand fleas harbor deep in the sand. These tiny creepy crawlers burrow into a person’s skin and stay there for up to two weeks, eventually producing hundreds of eggs.
  3. Dunes are important to our ecosystem. We need these dunes to protect our coast from wind and waves, and they also protect turtles.
  4. Sand is also formed various rocks by weathering and erosion. Erosion breaks large boulders into smaller rocks.
  5. A sand grain can be defined as a particle that is between 0.06 and 2 millimeters.