Dreaming of Sinking

Whenever we are sinking in our dream it brings our attention to parts of our life that lacks grounding, stability or overwhelming emotions.

Sinking in dreams can feel extremely vivid almost as if you are experiencing a nightmare. Your inability to stay above ground is highlighted in your dream on purpose, the theme encourages the dreamer to confront fears or anxieties that could be unconscious to them.

Though finding out where exactly the root of the problem is might seem like a difficult task. The good news is your dream will provide you with the right amount of clues to help you identify the issue.

Sinking Dream Meaning

More than likely the dreamer would either be sinking in quicksand, deep in the ocean, a pool in a backyard, or even in mud. The place where you are sinking helps the dreamer identify if this issues relates to internal or external factors.

Sinking is often a metaphor reflecting parts of your life that are either stuck or unable to advance  – emotional state, relationships, work, or even internal struggles.

Another important factor is to mention the next unfortunate stage of sinking. When the dreamer is trying its best to avoid suffocation it becomes another metaphoric clue that implies feelings of being smothered or oppressed by a person or situation. In the dream where you able to get out of this dilemma?

  • Being held back in life
  • An inability to advance
  • Fears of losing control
  • Anxious or stressful events

Sinking In Mud Dreams

Typically mud appears in our dreams reflecting sinking or stagnation relating to your emotional state of mind. Along our path in life mud appears to slow us down something that we commonly avoid.

When you are downing in mud it may represents obstacles that face us on the outside, or negative feelings that may be overwhelming you.

Sinking In Water Dreams

Water is a very powerful dream symbol that directs you towards your emotional state of mind. Something in your life that has or may come up that will burden you emotionally. These are very common dreams that encourage the dreamer to become mindful on how to handle difficult times in ones life.

Sinking Quicksand

Sand in dream is not considered a positive omen. Found in the desert this is a symbol that represent time wasted, feelings of exile, a place were fears and being alone reside. Do you feel that you have no real direction or no real purpose in your life?

Quicksand brings the dreams attention to feelings of hopelessness that hinders progress, hopes, anxieties or fears of losing ground in competition with others, and emotions that consume you.

Could it suggest that you are not grounded, or secure with your own emotions? It can also reflect parts of your outside world that remain stuck or an inability to move forward.