Dreams About Sister

What does it mean to dream of your sister?

Sisters that emerge in our dreams represent trust, loyalty, friendship, compassion and listening. Similar to when we dream of our brothers, dreams about our sisters are down right bizarre or confusing – themes that revolve around drowning, death or getting beaten up. Though sometimes you may even dream of your sister getting married or having a baby.

You might wonder why our siblings appear in our dreams in this manner but it is perfectly normal. These sorts of dreams suggest you are picking up on a shift or transition in their lives. Now depending on what is taking place in your dream with your sister the pendulum can sway either from left to right suggesting if this is a good omen or not.

Hidden message of sister dreams

Women who dream of their sister might contain a different interpretation to when a man dreams of his sister. Males tend to be more protective, aggressive and assertive than females –  They want their sisters to be happy and want to protect them from the world of boyfriends, fakeness and mean people.

Sisters however tend to have a closer emotional bond with their sisters that is hard to be broken. Because women are more intuitive they tend to pick up on the feelings on their sister that manifests and projected in their dreams at night.

Of course these dreams will alter depending what is taking place in your home life and their current situation. Any dreams about our siblings encourages you to stand back and reflect on what is currently taking place in their lives. Are you noticing a change?

Sister dream meaning

  • would your siblings describe you as a good sister?
  • is your sister going through a transition?
  • did you recently have an argument
  • are you fighting for dominance within the family unit?
  • do you have trouble communicating?

Dreaming of my sister drowning

Whenever we are dreaming of drowning it is a very powerful symbol that represents being emotionally consumed by a known or unknown force in your life. Dreams about our sister drowning represents that you are picking up on some sort of emotional turmoil that is currently taking place with your sibling.

You might stand back and watch in horror or jump in to save her. However you react in your dream will mirror how you are approaching this issue in her life. These dreams sometimes can be warnings for you to offer support and love when she in need of assistance.

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Are you dreaming of your sister dead?

Dreams about our sister dying are not what you may think it means, but rather a symbol of change or transition in their lives. Death In Dreams only emerges when you are picking up on a metaphorical ending – A symbol that can be related to shifts in one’s life such as puberty, maturity, graduating or maybe moving out of the house.

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Alternatively, death can be seen as an unconscous fears of losing your sister because many people cannot conceive life without their siblings in life. Some theories about why we experience nightmares would be only to help us prepare us for any tragic event in our lives.

My sister is getting married or having a baby

Marriage is a very complex symbol that symbolizes a merging of two energies, new growth or relationships, or a connection with her masculine energy. The act of two people joining forces may be reflected in any aspect of her life. Dreams about weddings are positive omens that representing a unification, commitment, transitions and life changes. 

Quite often many people associate marriage with death but this means a metaphorical death as opposed to a physical one. Marriage in a dream can be seen as your sister moving away or changing as an individual.

To dream of your sister having a baby represents new inner growth, development and success that is taking place in her life. Babies in dreams are known to be symbols of positive energy that will grow with your sister.

What does it mean when your sister appears in your dream?

Depending on your relationship with your sister in law she can appear in your dream for several different reasons. For the most part our sister in laws appear in our dreams to represent compromise in life, forced to get to know someone, someone will get close to your circle.