Shadows In Your Room: Sleep Paralysis or Ghost?

Are you experiencing a dream or haunting?

Have you ever been stuck in your sleep before? No matter how hard you try to kick or scream your body is completely rigid as you remain still parlayed in fear – often accompanied by the presence of something evil.

If this sounds vaguely familiar then you most likely experienced an episode of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a state of being conscious but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep.

As if their is a glitch in the brains matrix system that occurs right between wakefulness and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

During REM your brain is most active similar to many bees buzzing around the hive. In order to prevent you from playing out these vivid dreams (or damaging yourself), your brain has an intelligent built in program: it very own ability to temporarily freeze your entire body.

Unfortunately if you are one of the many that experience sleep paralysis it just means the on and off dream switch has malfunctioned. Basically your brain wakes up while your entire body is cast under a spell of sleep paralysis. The residue from your previous night dream has a tendency to seep its way into your brain right before you wake up.

Sleep Paralysis Tips: Try and wiggle your toes or feet as you are stuck. Studies report snapping out of the “stuck state” faster. 

Common Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations

  • Shadows or demons with red eyes
  • Choking
  • Break ins or intruders
  • Monsters
  • A witch on your back (aka Old Hag Syndrome)
  • Being attacked or violated
  • Strange smells (fire, food, smoke)

An Actual Haunting Or Sleep Paralysis?

So when is it time to call a priest over to your house? It seems that their is a fine line between sleep paralysis and an actual haunting. Even though there is so scientific proof that ghosts exists, approximately half of Americans say they do.

If we wait for science to catch up it might be too late. It seems that ghosts like to invite themselves over to your house like an annoying friend that wouldn’t leave – but this time they manifest as something evil.

The close connection between sleep paralysis and an actual haunting seems to be  interpreted differently from around the world.

The majority of Middle Eastern countries associated sleep paralysis being caused by a jinn (“genie”)—a supernatural entity that terrorizes and sometimes harms their victims. Perhaps why the evil eye is so prevalent around these countries. Could they be overly superstitious or their might be a reason for this?

7 Signs Of An Actual Haunting

There are tale tale signs of paranormal activity taking place in your house. Not only would you experience an increased amount of sleep paralysis episodes a week other things will be taking place in your house. If your sleep paralysis is followed by unusual events it might be time to call in the professionals.

    1. Cold Spots: Just like the movie “The Sixth Sense” when the boy said he saw dead people, many haunting’s include temperature fluctuations in the house. What are known as cold spots ghosts tend to kick off an unusual charge in certain parts in the house – often where something bad has taken place.
    2. Doors Slamming: Did you close more doors than you thought you closed? One of the major signs of an angry poltergeist are doors that slam shut in your house. This is their way of communicating that they are very upset.
    3. Unexplained Noises: Did you hear a voice calling out your name?
    4. Objects Lost: Ghosts have a tendency to move and hide random objects like keys and wallets from you.
    5. Touched: When you are touched randomly in your house.
    6. Electrical Disturbances: Lights that randomly flicker, electronics malfunctioning, batteries not working.
    7. Strange Smells: Odd or unusual aromas are known to appear in your house. Signs of a bad entity is often the smell of rotten eggs, where as a good spirit smells like flowers.
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1 year ago


The next morning I woke up with a strange odor that I couldn’t get away from which would pass as the day ended or mid-afternoon. many things were accompanied by this experience but the most haunting was seeing a young boy in a consecration camp at a fence and he and a guard in a wood tower have eye contact. I felt connected to the boy and felt his experience.

Reply to  The Dreamer
1 year ago

The boy was seen while I was asleep but only if I had experienced sleep paralysis while going to sleep.

1 year ago

Weeeeelll i was haunted as a child, thank you website, for informing me that it WASN’T sleep paralysis.

1 year ago

Weird ok a ghost is apparently visiting me not being haunted I’m being visited by ghosts

Reply to  The Dreamer
1 year ago

only some of these things happened