Dreams About Falling: Meaning Of Falling Dreams

Falling dreams are the most frequent among all the common dreams we experience in our lifetime. Researchers say the average human will experience falling in a dream up to five times in their lives.

These vivid nightmares often revolve the dream Falling, Slipping, Jumping or Being Pushed from high above ground. Researchers tend to believe falling in dreams may be a result from a natural disorder called Parasomnias, whereas dream analyst feel it is to do with not being grounded.


Reasons For Falling Dreams

A phenomenon called Hypnagogia is a common yet natural experience that occurs during the transition state between wakefulness and sleep. Similar to the state experienced from sleep paralysis, falling in dreams is considered a “hypnagogic state” known to make the dreamer feel like they are actually falling.

According to the American Academy of Sleep say there are many reasons why one experiences these disturbances. One theory suggests falling dreams are connected to what is taking place in our waking life. Whenever we dream of falling we have lost control in some aspect in our life that needs to be identified. Possibly a metaphor for a need to be  grounded or lost touch with reality.

  • afraid of losing your job
  • connecting to relationships
  • not having control in a situation
  • lack of confidence
  • embarrassed that you wouldn’t make the cut
  • your not in control of your destiny
  • hitting rock bottom
  • insecurity
  • need proper grounding
  • spiritual grounding

Falling In Dreams & Waking Up

Hypnagogic jerks are involuntary muscle spasm that occurs right before you go to sleep or just walking up. Researchers say that these consistent, yet strong  unexpected contractions happen up to 70 percent of sleepers. However not all falling sensations will force you out of sleep, most go unnoticed sleeping right through them.

Also known as hypnic jerks or sleep starts which are accompanied by hallucinations; sensations of falling, bright lights and exploding head syndrome. Some scientist believe certain factors, such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, caffeine and sleep deprivation, may increase the frequency or severity of hypnic jerks.

Another scientific take on this is when the brain sends electrical signals to muscles to test for this paralysis, but it has not yet kicked in. However this mystery still remains inconclusive.

Another popular theory takes a more evolutionary approach to falling dreams, suggesting that the jerks are an ancient primate reflex to the relaxation of muscles just before sleep — the brain essentially misinterprets the relaxation as a warning connecting to the primate falling off of the tree. This causes the brain to react quickly by sending signals to the muscles.

How To Stop Falling Sensations

  • avoid caffeine
  • do not oversleep
  • reduce stress
  • mediation
  • avoid stimulants
  • check medications for symptoms

Falling Dreams

#1. Losing Balance In Dream Meaning?

Dreams of losing balance are metaphoric in nature reminding you of your own lack of balance in life. Currently you may be unstable as you need proper grounding – a need to explore areas where you may be vulnerable or slipping that will cause a disturbance. The location and the people around you might give you a hint of what to look out for.

#2. Pushed In Dream?

A common dream is we are pushed by either an unknown person or someone you may currently know. These dreams are symbolic showing you that a person might be responsible for this lack of control or possibly yourself.

If you are unable to see the face of the person that pushed you might be connected to the shadow side of your personality. This is your neglected side or the unknown part that pushes you to your own troubles.

If you were pushing yourself to please other for example, this dream might be appropriate. If it was someone you may know they could be the person responsible or a reflection of someone who carries these similar traits.

This dream would imply you might be pushed to your limits. You could be a push over suggesting being to agreeable. Someone might catch you off guard.

#3. Lost Grip In Dream?

Trying to hold on for your dear life in your dream is a common occurrence. These dreams suggest a need for grounding in your life. You might feel a lack of control and it is unconsciously affecting your path.

You might want to explore different areas in your life where you feel you are just hanging on; or if you feel someone has the upper hand on you. You might need some more support in your life as you may experience a lack of control.

#4. Holding or Slipping In Dream

Holding on for dear life in your dream suggests that you are trying your best to fix a situation you may have no control over. This can either be with a relationship, friends or even your family.  It could also be connected to your emotions as you are trying to hold on before you crash.

Slipping and plummeting to your death is a quite a scary experience.  Slipping to your death suggests that you will eventually “slip up” in a particular situation that will cause emotional distress. Where you able to regain your grip? Did you fall to the ground? Where was your location? How did you feel when you slipped?

Trying to hold on for dear life at the edge or balancing on a cliff implies possible danger. Could it imply you live on the edge, or maybe you make risky decisions; hence being on the edge.  It’s quite possible you need some grounding physically and spiritually.

#6. Falling From A Building Dream

Buildings appear in our dream as things that have been previously built, metaphorically speaking relating to a new idea or project. It may also relate to your belief system, relationships, ideas, projects that has been “built” by you in the past. Falling from a building in your dream represents a loss of control or abandonment.

#7. Somebody Falling In Dreams

You might see the person who is falling as a metaphor for losing them in a particular way. You may feel the person is out of your control, or some other force has affected them. You might be witnessing distress from other people around you in your life.

Finding out who was with you, your emotional state and location are all clues to better decode the dream. If you feel helpless then it might imply you are not in control in helping others in danger.

#8. Falling Down A Staircase Dream

Stairs are symbolic in the sense as they show us advancement or progress in our lives. In this case falling down the stairs suggest you may experience a setback or delay in this area. If it was in your house could represent your mind/psyche in some personal development.

#9. Falling in water

Dreams about falling in water bring our attention to our emotional state of mind.  There could be a loss of control or unwillingly plunging into a part of yourself that makes you apprehensive.

#10. Landing at the bottom

This could suggest an ending of some sort of your life. Something where you might need to get to the bottom of things. Do you feel that you might hit rock bottom in life? Could this relate to your job or relationship?

Remembering how you fell on the ground can suggest what needs to be fixed in your life. If you fell on your back implies that you need more support in your life. If you fell on your hands means that you need more of a hand with people that are close to you.

If you fell in water means that you are emotionally breaking down and need to address your problem asap.

Spiritual Meaning Falling From Dreams

If you had the ability to land on your feet after the fall reflects overcoming a obstacle in your life. Falling then gliding yourself to safety shows you will find another way out of the difficult situation. Find out how to stop falling in your dream (r).


“People who fall the hardest, bounce back the highest.” – Nishan Panwar.
“Just because we fell one time doesn’t mean we can’t get up and let our light shine.”
“When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep walking.

Falling dreams should never be overlooked especially if they are recurring. This dream could be unconsciously hinting at our insecurities and our beliefs in life . Though all falling dreams are not always bad symbols, but indications for us to open to change that is taking place.

Sometimes we need to hit rock bottom before we start a new stage. Dreams of this nature alert us to becoming more cognizant of our actions and behaviors in our life.

Famous dream analyst Carl Jung stated that falling is a warning as being too high in life, trying to impress others. This would be referring to the comparison to one’s neighbor as a benchmark for social class, or the accumulation of material goods. To fall in the dream would be perceived as demonstrating socio-economic or cultural inferiority.

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10 days ago

I have a reoccurring dream in which I am in a plane, simoultainiously I am also seated in the stands of a stadium of some kind and finally I’m in the middle of this “stadium”. I jump from the plane without fear or parachute. All at once I watch myself fall from the ground from the plane and from the perspective of the jumper. I always hit the ground and usually bounce several times before coming to a stop. This dream has been reoccurring over my entire life always remembered with the same detail and multiple points of view.I am… Read more »

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