Dreaming about The Sea

Dreaming of the sea can be quite common, yet very symbolic dreams that bring our attention to the unconscious part of the dreamer.  Whenever water emerges in our dreams it reflects our emotions; which in this case is unknown. Depending the context and what symbols that appear in your dream can alter the meaning. The enigmatic nature of the sea can either hint at a positive or negative connotation attached to it.

Many people confuse the terms “ocean” and “sea” interchangeably when speaking about the ocean, however there is a difference between the two terms when speaking of geography (the study of the Earth’s surface). Seas are usually smaller and less deep than oceans and partially enclosed by land. When it comes to dreams these minor details are clues how we can decode the dream.

Sea Dream Meaning

Once you start to record your dreams in a journal you will notice that many symbols appear as word play, parables and metaphors. Could the dream of the sea suggest you should ‘see’ something you are overlooking? You might even notice when you enter underground areas or the vast depths of the sea you are dealing with the unconscious part of you.

The land or shore acts as your consciousness, the state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings. In the far off unexplored distance lies the unconsciousness; the unaware or unexplored areas of the mind.

The unconscious can influence our behavior and experiences, even though you might not be aware of these concealed patterns. The sea can be reflected as forgotten memories, past experiences, repressed desires and instincts. Whatever takes place in the sea can give you a hint what it might be eluding at.

Symbolic Nature Of Sea Dreams

You will also notice the color, movement, waves or just watching reflects your mind, body and soul. Usually sea dreams consist of the water being calm and clear blue; and other times it depicted as dark, rough and turbulent. What is currently taken place in your life mimics what might be going on in the water. The more control and general mood of the dream reflects your self control. Uncontrollable settings often donate to an inability to control behaviour or that of others.

  • Peaceful or turmoil
  • Clear or unclear
  • Rough or calm
  • Stuck or sailing

Common Sea Dreams

Swimming In The Sea: Did you explore below or just on the surface? These dreams let you know how much control and understanding you might have over your emotions. The events that happen, location and the people you are clues that help point to the message behind the dream.

Sea Waves: Often times you will notice sea waves, though the context can change if you are close to shore; or in the middle of the ocean. If there was danger present suggests that you will be experiencing turbulent times ahead. If you notice them from the shore it might suggest you are now observing or possible not ready to explore your own emotions.

Rough Sea: Sometimes we are out in the middle of the sea, either swimming or on a boat. If the sea is rough it turns your attention to a current situation you might be dealing with.

Drowning At Sea: These dreams suggest you are not able to manage or stay afloat of your emotions. There will be an event that might spark this build up or possibly just the straw the breaks the camels back.

Beach & Sea: Usually you will notice hanging out at the beach observing the sea. Could this dream suggests a long overdue vacation? Could it suggest a need to explore the deeper parts of your mind?

Water Rising: If the water is rising in your dream it foreshadows rising emotions and moods. Something in your life quickly can turn into something that is more dangerous. How you act and what events unfold determines how you will get out of this situation.