Dreaming Of Someone You Don’t Talk To Anymore

As the depressing cliché goes: Nothing things last forever—which is why friendship breakups sometimes happen.

I noticed that the large majority of dreams that many people need analyzing from our forum has to do with old friends they no longer talk to. Many cases these past relationships usually end abruptly, typically in some sort of  fight or disagreement. The unfortunate part is that these raw feelings and emotions linger in the back of our minds that needs to be addressed.

Why you dreaming about old friends that you don’t talk to anymore?

Like most dreams they have the ability to search and find these repressed feelings or unconscious emotions and put them in front of your face because this is the only way for you to see it.

Dreaming of old friends you don’t talk to anymore has more to do with you than them — in fact this so called “old friend” only emerge in order for you to heal and understand the past in order to move on. Sometimes we even dream of them in positive ways as a sign that we are now in the healing process.

How to understand your dream with your ex-friend

Friendship breakups can sometimes feel even more complicated than romantic ones. The most significant thing we need to do, is normalize the fact that sometimes friendships do end and that can actually be healthy. Furthermore, the mere fact the loss of this friendship is not a normal occurrence, it feels like a personal failing when it happens and something we should be ashamed of.

The next step would be to recognize who ended the relationship first. Is this something you wanted to do or they ended it on their terms. The difference between the two involves feelings of being rejected or if you ended it, perhaps feelings of guilt.

Alternatively, someone who may want to rekindle their past friendship may also experience these sorts of dreams.

Reason why you are dreaming of people you don’t talk to anymore

  • Have you given enough time to grieve and you are still hurt
  • Did you get closure as yet or still confused on why you are no longer friends?
  • An inability to identify with what you need to move on
  • You still miss them
  • Still angry at them for what they did to you
  • Shame or embarrassment

Is this a sign for you to connect back with this friend?

You might have woken up from this dream feeling confused when these old friend pop up out of nowhere they tend to stir up our emotions. Depending the theme of your dream you can wake up feeling happy, reconnected, angry, sad or feeling rejuvenated.

Since these dream have more to do with you resolving your own personal emotions related to the past relationship I would suggest to think about it before you hurt yourself more. Sometimes these dreams encourage the dreamer to reach out in order to get closure; not for them but for you to move on.

Dreaming about friends with someone you dislike?

One of the major reasons why you are dreaming of someone you dislike tends to be a projection. A defense mechanism known in psychology in which individuals attribute characteristics they find unacceptable in themselves to another person. For example, a husband who has an anger problem might tell his wife that she has one, when in fact he has these issues that he is unable to recognize.

So by dreaming of someone you dislike encourages the dreamer to find similar attributes that you both share, even if though you might not want to.

Do you have romantic dream of someone you don’t like?

Any sort of sensual connection  you have with people you do not like is considered a positive omen of inner healing. Metaphorically speaking the merging of these two energies represents a unification of opposites coming together — a symbol of forgiveness and understanding of his ways.

Are you dreaming of someone you miss?

Dreaming about people we miss is extremely common because these feelings and emotions that we have trouble expressing in our waking life pops up in our dreams. These are positive symbol despite waking up feeling sad as you are trying to heal and understand this distance between the two.

Dream of family members you don’t talk to

Usually when we dream of family members we do not talk to we are trying to understand or resolve the past in our minds. Perhaps communication isn’t your families strong suit and you cut away without reason, these dreams tend to appear out of the blue. The main goal of your dream would be for you to heal and move on, however this might not be as easy as it seems.

As they say blood is thicker than water. This make it harder to reach out as emotions tend to be stronger and the history goes back since you were born. These dreams encourage us to accept our past, forgive and remove our grievances.

Dream about ex best friend apologizing

When our old friends apologize to us in our dreams it represents your ability to reason and understand their situation.