Dreams That Start With U


Making a U-turn in your dream in your dream suggests you are making changes in your life. Cars are synonymous with your drive and path; you will be making a sudden change; possible turn of events. You are changing direction soon.


These dreams could be a metaphor for something that has come to you that is unknown, possibly the unconscious. Seeing a UFO in your dream indicates your yearning about where you are going and what you are destined for in life. It also could symbolize your feelings of being an outsider.


To dream of being in the UFC implies your aggressive nature to win and compete in your life. Fighting shows pent up anger and force directed at the person. Winning can be considered a positive symbol that will get you ahead of the fierce competition.


Dreaming of anything that is ugly signifies unconscious characteristics about yourself or situations that are unpleasant or undesirable. Animals such as dogs and cats connect to the instinctual or behavioral side of the dreamer that is not attractive. To dream of an ugly baby suggest new inner development that you might turn away or be uncomfortable with. If you are called ugly in your dream it can be related to insecurities or others pointing out negative aspects of your personality that remain bad. If you notice an ugly house in your dream it mirror undesirable qualities relating to the psyche of the dreamer that is ignored.


An ulcer is an internal wound that needs urgent healing. A metaphor in your dream that connects with past inner turmoil or internal conflicts. The locations of the ulcer help the dreamer find out where they problems is stemming from. Mouth ulcers relate to problems with communication, whereas a stomach ulcer relates to emotions and intuition. To dream of a canker sore is a minor annoyance relating to speech or communication that will go away soon.


Ultrasounds are symbolic representations of seeing your own inner growth being developed. While most dreamers deliver a baby, the ultrasound however is informing the dreamer of a major transition taking place. If you see the ultrasound pictures in your dream it implies understanding your own inner nature or intuition.

Umbilical Cord

Dreaming of an umbilical cord symbolizes that problems with independency and attachment. You are worried about doing things on your own and so reply on others to help you out. If the baby represents new growth and transition the cord is letting you know you are attached to something that belonged in the past or should have been let go.


An umbrella in your dream reflects protection from emotions of others. Rain is always seen as a symbol of sadness or release of pent up emotions; the umbrellas shield you from these events. If you open an umbrella in your dream you are intuitively preparing to emotionally protect yourself in the future. To dream of an upside down umbrella signifies your inability to protect yourself from negative outbursts.


When you dream of being an umpire it indicates that you are trying to judge things without being impartial. If an umpire accuses you of cheating it signifies that you have culpable feelings about a situation in your life.


Uncles may appear in dreams for several reasons. They can be connected to past experiences, unconscious traits that are similar, or relating to a precognitive event. Women who dream of their uncle might be connect to the inner masculine or the animus. An uncle that gives you money is a positive symbol of receiving traits, behaviors or energy that is valuable to you. Negative dreams emerge when the uncle is either sick or dying that suggests a part of you is dying off, aspects of your relationships, or family values.


A dream of yourself being unconscious suggests that reflects unconscious aspects or memories that remain forgotten or lost. If you are knocked unconscious it is a negative omen suggesting you will be blindsided or impacted with negative news.


Dreaming of the undead symbolizes your people or aspects of yourself that you have cut off. If you are being run down by zombies it signifies problems that you just shoved aside and are now coming back to taunt you.


Feeling uncomfortable in your dream mirrors aspects of your life that are causing or feeling slight pain, awkwardness or physical discomfort. These emotions are often repressed that is being transferred in your dream.


When you dream that you are undercover it represents that you are being someone you really are not in life.


The underground is synonymous with the unconscious aspects of the dreamer. These are tunnels, basements, subway stations that are usually depicted to represent all the repressed, forgotten and potentials that are neglected in you. The objects you notice are clues hinting what to explore deeper. This is below the tip of the iceberg the most essential part of dreaming to help you understand yourself better.


Depending the context of being underwater can alter the meaning of the dream. Water is synonymous with the unknown emotional unconscious part of the dreamer. If you are exploring the great depths or running out of breath all depict how you are connected with that side of yourself. The color and the condition of the water helps give you insight into the clarity and disturbances you are experiencing.


These dreams symbolize your privacy and what you keep covered. A feeling of being exposed or embarrassed by others by giving too much of yourself. How you react when you are in your underwear are indications about your comfort level. If you see someone else in their underwear it means that person or someone they present is finally being exposed for who he or she is. If you see dirty underwear then it means you feel uncomfortable about a situation or some part of yourself. If you are not wearing any underwear then soon everything will be exposed.


Getting undressed indicates that you feel comfortable in your skin. You are ready to open up and let your feelings out especially when it comes to your sexuality. If you do not feel comfortable undressing it means you have an issue opening up and you are feeling forced to do so. If someone else is undressing in your dream it implies that you should realize that other people have feelings as well. While some may think that undressing someone in a dream represents sexual feelings, it also actually means you are trying to get to know what is hiding below their cover up. You want to know them better.


A dream of being unemployed indicates the talents that are being repressed. You may feel worthless or not having a purpose in your life.


Dreaming of having bad luck does not actually represent that. You are actually in luck if you keep battling the downs in your life.


The unicorn is a symbol of hope, insight, and high ideals. It also represents gentleness, power and purity. You are going to reach high and not settle for mediocre things in life. They open up endless opportunities a symbol of good things to come.


Seeing yourself or someone in a uniform indicates you desire to be associated with a group. On the other hand, the dream could mean that you are not being yourself. You need to stop using other peoples ideas and use your own brain.


Dreaming of being in a union means that you feel accepted and part of a group that is going to do good for people.

United Nations

A dream about the United Nations is symbolic of your desire to have harmony in your environment.

Unborn Baby

These are positive dreams that suggest a new birth within will be coming soon. It also could be a premonition to you giving birth or unconscious desires to have a baby.


These dreams can alter depending if you finished or waiting to go. If you dream of going back to university you might be taking a test/exam or just reliving forgotten memories. It might imply a metaphor for learning something new.


If you see an unknown person or place in your dream it represents that you want to explore. You want to discover things about yourself and a new place. You may have some connection to the unknown person or place but you would not know unless you ask someone close to you if they know certain people or wants to go somewhere.

Unlocked Doors

These are very positive dreams that suggest an opening up of opportunities; no longer being closed or restricted. These are symbols of things that where once closed and now it time to open and explore new possibilities.


These are positive dreams that suggest sorting out your personal baggage. You might be organizing or clearing past memories and experiences.


Gifts in a dream are symbolic of talents and abilities. If you unwrap gifts it means that you are ready to put your talents to use and not continue hiding them. If you find an unwrapped gift it means someone is using you and trying to benefit from your abilities.


Moving up in a dream means that things are emerging from your unconscious. On the other hand it means that you are pulling yourself up out of a situation that was bringing your down in life.


Dreaming of upholstering something indicates that you are trying to cover something. You could be trying to cover up the bad aspects of yourself to make things look nice and new.


Dreaming of this planet symbolizes your uniqueness. You have your own way of thinking and dealing with things and you do not let others allow you to deter from it.


When you dream of urinating it indicates you are releasing your negativity. If you are unable to control the direction of your urine it signifies your lack of power in your life. If you are urinating in public it means you are trying to let people know your business is for you to control and no one else needs to get involved in your life. If someone is urinating on you in your dream you feel like people are taking advantage of you.


An urn is representative of your past. Consider the lyrics let it burn, you have been hurt by something but you know you had to burn it and move on. You may feel that this was done to you.


Dreaming of the uterus is metaphor for something inside you possibly connected to the feminine archetype. Depending the context of the dream dictates a positive or negative feminine aspects. This is also the place that gives birth, in dreams this might be a mirror for ideas, feelings or events that might take place. If you dream of your uterus falling out might suggest being exposed internally.

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