Wedding Ring Dreams

Did you just dream of a wedding ring?

In our dreams the wedding ring is a powerful symbol that represents infinity, inner completion, love, relationships, without beginning or end, perfection.

Rings often appear in our dreams in various different ways such as silver, gold, broken, losing ring, dirty, wedding or an engagement ring. Depending on how or what happens to the ring in your dream completely alters the meaning. In fact most sites fail to recognize the true symbolic nature of the ring making you think something entirely different.

Does this mean you are going to find the love of your life or maybe some sort of bad omen of death? Did you know that rings are known to be given to us from the dead?

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Wedding Ring Dream Meaning

So why is the wedding ring in your dream so special? The answer is not going to straight forward as you think. Why? Because the shape of the ring is a CIRCLE, a complex symbol in our dreams that relates to the dreamers inner world. This powerful loop has the potential to guides you towards Enlightenment, Transformation or Spiritual Rebirth. 

You see dreams speak to us in a coded metaphorical language that enjoys using geometric shapes that encourages us to follow this unknown path. Similar to how a snail, ear or circle staircase directs you towards the SPIRAL, or in dream terms “the SELF”.

The iconic image of the circle often uses rings, tables, earrings, or even a snake eating its tail OUROBOROS to tell you about a transformation taking place in your life. But where exactly?  Well based off of the context of how the ring appeared in your dream it will provide you with some really cool clues.

What does a wedding ring represent in a dream?

The wedding ring in your dream represents a joining of two opposing unconscous forces in your life. The idea of “marriage” is a metaphor suggesting some sort of unification is about to take place or is in the process of undergoing.

  • eternal life, infinity and endless
  • self – sufficiency
  • a unification of all things
  • spiritual awakening
  • new found love
  • masculine and feminine energies
  • commitment for one another and represents the love, honor and faithfulness
  • wishful fantasy to get engaged or find the love of your life

Don’t get me wrong, it is quite possible this dream is hinting at a new relationship or bond, but we must first look at all the options. If this ring connects to the heart; the vein connecting the fourth finger (i.e., the ring finger) to the heart is called the vena amoris might suggest an opening or possible new relationship. Dreams are known to come true the next day.

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Spiritual meaning of a wedding ring dream?

According to Carl Jung he believed that the psyche was androgynous, comprising of both masculine and feminine energies that work towards completion or unification. This was called the ANIMA (feminine within the masculine) and the Animus (masculine within the feminine) that each transcending the personal psyche.

Sort of like the Yin and Yang symbol or circle/ring, this shows a unification between two opposites that were once unconscious. This is why wedding in dreams are considered very symbolic because they imply that this connection is about to take place. We keep dreaming of these mysterious men and women in our dreams that seem to all lead back to the same source. The CIRCLE.

The spiritual meaning of finding a ring in your dream is a positive omen about a possible meaningful coincidence that will unfold in your life. Pay attention to what might be randomly unfolding in near future.

What does it mean to see a gold ring in your dream?

Did you know the color GOLD in our dream is considered one of the most powerful symbols that connects us to the God’s? Dreaming of a gold wedding ring represents the masculine energy or the SUN linking with inner renewal, enlightenment, wealth, power, and transformation.

The mere fact that the ancient Egyptians connected the gold ring with divine beings, afterlife, power and immortality and considered to be the skin of gods and goddesses. If you are receiving a gold ring in your dream it represents being reward or gifted something that is yet to come. To dream of a fake gold ring represents distortion within masculine side, something not genuine that remains unconscous to you.

Dreaming of a gold wedding ring suggests a new unification of an opposite energy is undergoing in your life. Buying a gold ring in your dreams represents your hard work will pay off to something very valuable in your life. Losing or a broken gold ring in your dream suggests a set back or loss towards your goal.

What does it mean to see a Silver ring in your dream?

Silver rings in our dream represents inner growth, transformation and wealth. A symbol that connects us towards the MOON or feminine energy that directs us towards purity. Dreaming of a gold or silver ring combines both the masculine and feminine attributes (see yin and yang or anima or animus) that is creating harmony and balance in your life.

Dreaming of a silver diamond ring represents purity and perfection, knowledge, of invincible spiritual power, commitment, faithfulness, and promise between husband and wife.

If the silver ring is broken in your dream it represents a loss of hope, aspects of your personality, relationship or hopes for completion in a particular area.

Biblical meaning of ring in dreams

The biblical meaning of ring in dreams represents new found opportunities, honor and power. Although wedding bands aren’t directly mentioned in the Bible, in Genesis, Abraham’s servant gave Rebekah a nose ring to claim her as Isaac’s bride (Genesis 24:22).

Do wedding dreams mean death?

Oddly enough death can also be a symbol of a rebirth or transformation in your life. Wedding in dreams could signify the death of the old aspects of your former self for the new to grow and flourish. Parties, events and wedding could be associated with the “middle way” between heaven and earth – the meeting place when the dead visit the living.

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Dreaming of wedding rings breaking?

Dreaming of wedding rings breaking contains more than just one interpretation. Someone who is married might see a “broken ring” in  dream as something related to their relationship that has been damaged. Anything broken can be fixed so the dream might be hinting at change or to alter something. Alternately, one can see this is an image or endings or perhaps something that resides within the dreamer that is hindering their own completion.

Dreaming of losing a wedding ring

Losing a wedding ring or a ring in your dream represents things in your relationship or personal life that is lost, failing, misused, misplaced and needs to be found again. In order to find the lost wedding ring suggest you need to do some sort of introspection on your life or relationships.

What does it mean to be given an engagement ring in the dream?

If you are given or received a wedding ring in your dream is a positive omen representing a unification of two energies, events, or happening that will occur. According to Jung the ring might be symbolic relating to the Self or your own inner completion that is currently undergoing. This so called “person” you are engaging might be an unconscious energy that is completing you or relating to an actual connection with a new partner.

Dirty wedding ring dream meaning

Noticing a dirty wedding ring represents your unconscious traits, behaviors, & emotions that needs to be cleaned up. This might be related to your past that is hindering your own inner completion in the present moment.

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Melisa Laura
Melisa Laura
8 months ago

I’m very interested in this topic, because last night I dreamed about a pair of wedding rings. I was in a place with a lot of people, it looked like an old-fashioned post office, where people went to receive parcels and letters. I wasn’t expecting anything like that, but an employee called me by my last name (although it wasn’t my real last name) and she told me that there was something for me, I denied it because I wasn’t expecting anything, but she insisted. I went up to look and there were those very pretty silver rings, I was… Read more »

Yessica Olmedo
Yessica Olmedo
1 year ago

My husband passed two years ago…. And he had lost his wedding ring, never knew what happened to it he looked for it and didn’t find it, lastnight I had a dream with that ring that someone we know had it around her neck, I had never had dreams like that before, I want to know what this means?

2 years ago

I’ve always dreamed about my friend who committed suicide. I also liked him and he seemed to be so too. Anyway, I dreamed about him wanting to give me this huge gold ring from his mother and another person gave it to me saying “he wanted to give you this”. I then remember wearing it on my ring finger (right hand)

What could it mean? It confuses me greatly since we weren’t that close compared to his other friends. So i don’t see any personal symbol .