Dreams Starting With K


A dream of a kaleidoscope is a positive symbol that emerges when energy blocks have been removed. A symbol relating to your chakras that changes constantly that may alter your moods or personality.


Kangaroos in dreams represent the dreamers ambition, protection, strength, and ease of movement. The kangaroo shows you it can hop out of tough situations and has the ability to protect its young in you get too close. It’s protective sack that carries the baby becomes a symbol of protecting your inner growth belonging to the things that remain unconsous to you – connecting to the feminine instincts and behaviours, a wild animal that ventures in the outback. The kangaroo is often known to attack the dreamer when they are not aware of these traits or the protective nature of other people in their lives. To dream of a dead kangaroo signifies a lack of growth or understanding of the unconscious feminine instincts.


Dreaming of karaoke could mean that you are either too confident in yourself or you doubt your talents. A symbol that is known to show the dreamer how they may want to express their inner desires and to admired by others.


Any sort of martial arts in dreams is a symbol of your inner defence mechanisms that you protect. Karate shows your ability in conflict resolution and how you protect yourslef from challenges in your waking life. How you fight determines your strength and weaknesses.


Karma emerges in your dreams when you are aware of your consequences of our actions in your life. A positive symbol to gain control over your emotions so it doesn’t come back around to bite you.


In dream katydids are considered a symbol wealth, abundance, love and good luck as you move forward in your life. It’s connection with the grasshopper suggests that your new plans and future endeavours will leap forward in success. Though in abundance katydids in dreams can be seen as a symbol of destruction. Their long antennae becomes metaphoric image picking up on events to come in the distant future.


Dreaming of a kayak is a positive symbol that represents balancing of your emotions during a difficult time in your life. Water being one of the most powerful symbols in dreams; depending on your journey the adventure might reflect something good or shaky taking place in your life.


A keepsake is an object used to remember the past; a symbol that reflects moments with a loved one that may have passed on.


Dreaming of a Kedarnath connects to a part of your mind, a belief system or higher consciousness that can be achieved once explored.


A keg is symbolic dream images that implies good luck and abundance that will take place in your life. What is inside and if it full or not becomes a clue to measure your success.


Kennels in dreams represents confined behaviours, instincts traits that belong to the masculine side of the dreamer. A symbol that encourages the dreamer to explore unconscious traits belonging to strength, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness that has been locked up or controlled by others.


It’s close association with the tomato symbolize good luck and prosperity. Alternatively, the dream might be a play on words for you to “catch up” to something you might be behind in.


Tea kettles in dreams are symbolic representations relating to the dreamers repressed anger or connects to relaxation and enjoyment. Depending the context kettles can show the dreamer of confined emotions (water) that have reached a boiling point in their lives. A symbol to let the steam out before it makes noise. Alternatively, kettles can apply to a rest period in your life, a time to reflect before you start something new.


Keys will appear as a metaphor in your dream to hint at something that can open and discover many different things in your life. We usually don’t think of keys being useful until we lose them. Keys in dreams are very symbolic images that give you the ability to open whatever is presented to you in your dream. A symbol relating to success, love, opportunity or new ideas that will come to you. Ultimately you are unlocking something that could be conscious to you or unconscious.


Dreaming of a ring of keys or holding the master key symbolizes authority over yourself and others. If you hold the golden key it signifies a major break through heading your way. Alternatively Freud would suggest that the lock and key might be a sexual connotation attached to it, as the key inserts in the slot to open up the door.

Key Chain

You adapt to everything and everyone. You camouflage so people would respect you and treat you on like if you are one of them.

Key Maker

When you dream of a key maker it symbolizes your higher self of guide will open a closed door for you. The context of the dream will allow the dreamer to gauge whether this door the key opens is either good or evil.


Dreaming of using a computer keyboard suggests that you have a message that you need to relay to someone immediately but you cannot do it in person.


Dreaming of your eye in a keyhole in your dream becomes symbolic representation of the beginning stages of advancement. The opening may come in any area of your life relating to your personal development, relationships or career. Alternatively, the keyhole might also mirror new spiritual develop or opening (chakras) that will show new growth and progress.


To dream of kicking may have multiple interpretations depending the location of the kick and who is doing it. The leg or foot is often symbolic of movement and advancement; an image that can be for or against the dreamer. For the most part kicking is a negative symbol that shows hastiness, removing blocks, frustration or anger directed at the person. Dreaming of something kicking you in the stomach is relates to a lack of trust regarding your gut, intuition or instincts.


To dream of kickboxing suggests competition of two opposing forces to get ahead. The main theme would be related to your personal defence and how you protect yourself in this situation.


Kidnapping or abduction dreams are vivid nightmares that reflects the areas in your life that you are held captive or against your will. An unconscious symbol that can translate to both physical or emotional confinement that needs to escape. These nightmares alternately bring our attention the people, relationships, or situations that hold us captive in our lives. It is more common to dream of your child being kidnapped in your dream when the child might be experiencing traumas such as divorces or personal setbacks.


The kidneys perform many crucial functions, including; maintaining overall fluid balance, filtering waste materials from food, medications, and toxic substances. Kidneys in our dreams connect the dreamer to their unconscious emotions; how your past experiences have absorbed and process in your psyche. In the Old Testament the kidney can be seen as a metaphor relating to moral discernment for reflection and inspiration.


Killing in dreams serves both a positive and negative connotation depending the context of the dream. Killing in dreams shows the dreamer of ending or killing of aspects of the past that no longer serve a purpose. It’s graphic and vivid style is common when these changes happen drastically or unexpected. Though, the image of killing usually haunts the dreamer as something or someone is trying to kill them. Do dream of killing a yellow snake connects to a removal of jealousy in your life. Killing negative symbols such as a rat, mice or snake is positive omen of killing off unconscious aspects or traits of others that posed a threat.

Being Killed

If you are being killed in your dream shows the dreamer is putting up a resistance to change in their life – an unconscious symbol that can be decoded metaphorically based off of what images surround it.


Killers in dreams are known to manifest in various ways from monsters, clowns or even masked men. They contain a message coded in their appearance, often a masked or unknown face they are mirrors of the unconscious mind of the dreamer. These repressed feelings or emotions take morph as the killer encouraging you to face your fears relating to these situations that need to be terminated.

Killer Whale

Whales are very symbolic as it points to the emotional unconsciousness part of the dreamer. The unknown depths/abyss of the ocean bring our attention the unknown parts about us that have been ignored.


Dream of this Japanese garment indicates you are liked in some way with the culture or have feelings for someone from the country.


When you dream of revisiting your kindergarten days you might be reminiscing on your past. It is the beginning place of learning, perhaps this is a symbol reflecting that you are preparing from the ground out. Otherwise, it kindergarders may indicate knowledge and changes from immature into maturity.


A symbol that represents power, control and achievement in your life. It indicates that you are able to control your issues in life. The king may also mirror a fatherly figure that you want in your life to hold you up. If your dream of yourself being a king it means that you are using the power you have gained in too much of a forceful and controlling way.

King Cobra

To dream of a king cobra has a duel meaning; a symbol representing enlightenment and transformation, or relating to a venomous people and situations in your life. One of the most powerful dream images that alters depending your interaction with it. Known for its dark black color this is a symbol that connects to the shadow side of the dreamer – unconscious instincts and behaviours.


According to anthropologists, kissing may have started in India around 3,500 years ago. Kissing varies from culture to culture, however a kiss is a bond, love, connection and romance in our lives. When we dream about kissing all depends on the context of the dream, mood and how you felt when you woke up. A powerful symbol that joins and connects two energies together to make an inner spark.


To dream of a kitchen represents the mind or psyche of the dreamer that undergoes change and transformation.When you see kitchen cabinets in your dream it represents the important thing hidden, growth and stored past memories that are used to learn and grow. Though in most dreams kitchens are known to appear negative as a warning from the emotional unconscious. When you notice the kitchen sink flooding it suggest an emotional blockage (root chakra) that is interfering with your free flowing energy. Fires in dreams can be seen as a symbol of transformation or warning of anger or outside events that will cause inner turmoil.


Kites are symbolic images of your dream that encourage the dreamer to become a free spirit. The connection with the wind implies harmony within two opposite forces; to trust the movement of the spirit as it will guide you in the right way. If you catch a kite in your dreams it is a positive symbol of new growth and spiritual freedom to come.


Kittens appear in our dreams for several different reasons. Kittens may appear to be symbols of new inner development of these unconscious traits – or – relating to your timed shy behaviour. Cats are known to bring the dreamers attention towards the feminine, intuition, and part of your personality that needs to be nurtured. They are considered a universal symbol of tenderness, vulnerability and innocence.


Kiwi is a fruit therefore dreaming of it indicates your need to pick yourself up and gain strength in yourself. It could be emotional or physical strength but you need to feed yourself so you can get up and get moving.


A dream about Kleenex often symbolizes stuck emotional states or minor setbacks. What negative issues that are blocked on the inside and now appearing on the outside.


When you dream of a knapsack it symbolizes past feelings that you may still carry around with you. It’s connection with school relates to past knowledge that is behind you. It becomes a part of you or what you carry around that might bring you down. If you dream of losing or misplacing your knapsack it suggests not wanting to let go of the past.


A dream of your knees represents your flexibility and moving forward in your life. Often times our knees appear in a negative context to reflect an issue in your movements in your life. To dream of bad knees or your knees giving out is a symbol of a slow down or stopped progress. Injuries to your knee such as being scrapped implies a minor setback but you will manage to pull through.


Kneeling in your dream indicates a connection to God or your higher self. If you are kneeling down to pray is a powerful omen that alters depending on what you are asking.


Dreams involving knives are symbolic representations of removing or cutting away things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives. Often times what we cut becomes a metaphoric symbol of what unconscious aspects we are removing. If you are the one being cut with a knife it suggests anger, removal, loss or to cut away. According to Sigmund Freud would suggest any sort of penetration or wound to the skin is phallic in nature.


Dreaming of a knight indicates you have an admirable reputation. You look out for others and make sure people you care about are safe. If you are helping out a girlfriend or boyfriend it is a metaphor of being their knight in shining armor. If you dream of becoming a knight it represent your new gained trust and respect from others.


Knitting symbolizes tranquility and time to oneself to keep the mind at ease. The dream could just be telling you to relax and take time for yourself by using your creativity. Otherwise it may be a reminder of someone who you know that knits. If you just see the needles it indicates that you are maneuvering around something in order to get what you want out of it.


The actual meaning of “knocking” translates differently in your dream as opposed to the transitional stage between wakefulness and sleep. In dreams its a sign of something new occurring or related to the dreadful sleep paralysis. To dream of a knocking someone out implies repressed emotions pent up directed at this person. The person you are knocking out might be a direct target or they possess unconscous qualities that mirror somebody else. Knocking someone teeth out represents direct anger; teeth link to communication or speech you are upset about. Dreaming of knocking things over suggests a need to ground your energies and find balance in your life.


A dream of a knob denotes that you are able to twist and control problems and situations that arise around you.


Dreaming of knots indicates you are feeling constricted and unable to solve problems in your life. If you are tying the knot it represents a unification of two people.


Koalas are connected to family and mother earth. They are symbols of community, family and stability. They are also symbols of peace, tranquility and grounding.

Koi Fish

Koi fish emerge in our dreams when the dreamer is undergoing a personal transformation, good luck, self worth and abundance. The fish is a very powerful images that arises from the unconscious part or spiritual side of the dreamer. The bigger the koi fish the bigger outcome or reward. If you notice an orange koi fish directs to the sacral chakra see chakra dreams suggests an opening to these energies. If the koi fish is dead suggest that this is an ending of a cycle, transition, the spiritual side.


In our dreams we are often building a Krall or seeing cows in a kraal. Kraals in our dream connects to the feminine, the Great Mother that nourishes our soul. It’s circular nature tells you about inner completion once you are nourished by this divine source.


The lord Krishna usually appears in our dreams in little statues, as a baby, idol and getting married. Like most gods or deities such as Jesus, these powerful images may represent higher consciousness, connection to the divine spirit and your own spiritual progress.

Ku Klux Klan

Dreaming of the KKK might be a metaphor for your shadow archetype, something you are hiding below the mask. What is your true identity might play a role in your dream.


These dreams are powerful dream omens that imply your divine energy within. Depending where the energy flowed suggest where it might be located and worked on.

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