Dreams About Being Shot

Did you know thousands of people a month search google to find an answer why they were shot in their dreams. These realistic and unfortunate vivid dreams have a tendency to shake you up for a reason, implying you have just received a warning of a threat.

So where is this so called perceived threat coming from? Well being shot in your dream suggests a variety of different interpretations, however you will receive little hints that paint the larger picture

Remember the symbolic nature of these sorts of dreams depends on who is shooting you, the location of where the bullet penetrated, or if you survived being shot – this is why being shot in the head will translate differently then being shot in the back.

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Your dream paints a picture of a gun and bullet, though this image has nothing to do with an actual gun attack, but rather being associated with some sort of  altercation that will put you as the direct target. Now you need to figure out who is the shooter in your life?

Dreams Of Being Shot In Dream 

Since dreams have an tendency to use metaphors to integrate the meaning of the dream it is important to gather as much information as possible. usually if the shooter remains faceless it shows this danger will be unknown to you, perhaps an attack that remains unconscious to you – or – the shooter is a manifestation of your dark side “shadow” that is now targeting you.

The bullet that targets a specific place on the body becomes a clue to help you break down the meaning. Why? Because being shot in the foot would be metaphoric for you movement and progress, whereas your heart connects to your emotions.

Often times in dreams the dreamer is shot at but not hit implying they would avoid this conscious or unconscious attack.

  • painful and hurtful emotions
  • slow down or halt in progress
  • anger and hate
  • hostility and vengeance
  • specifically targeted
  • direct attack

Wait, Why Am I The Shooter?

The shooter could be a mirror image of you. The unknown dangerous aspects of your personality hidden below the mask that you are unaware of.  This could be anger, hostility or hate repressed and is being expressed in the dream.

People who could be to agreeable in life might be fulfilling the aggressive side of their personality.  These dreams are incorporating the shadow side of the dream to represent a need to integrate that aggression in your daily life.

Dream Of Being Shot in Back

You couldn’t get any more metaphoric than this. Have you ever heard the term he stabbed me in the back, referring to deceit and ill will. Well this is not to far removed. Dreaming of being shot in the back suggests this attack will catch you of guard when you are not expecting, perhaps someone close to you will make this move.

Dream Of Being Shot In Heart

The Heart is commonly know to connect the dreamer to love and emotions that will be under attack. The heart is known for compassion and understanding, life-giving and complex; the heart is synonymous with affection.

Dream Of Being Shot In The Hands

Hands are used for our ability to function and the most used on the human body. Being shot in your hand in your dream often relates to an attack on your strength, expression or work related. Depending if the hand is left or right alters the meaning of the dream, see HAND dreams for more information.

Being Shot In Neck or Throat Dreams

Interestingly enough being shot either in the neck or throat usually connects the dreamer to communication and speech. Something is being directly targeted to handicap your voice from being heard. Who or what could this be? In some case this might be an unconscous attack or block on your throat CHAKRA.

Dreams Of Being Shot In The Head

What do you think the head is used for? Ahh yes critical thinking, who you are (ego) the the seat of vital energy, the active principle of the whole individual. THis is now under attack by someone or something. Do you know who or what it might be?

Dreams Of Being Shot In Leg or Foot

In our dream FEET becomes symbolic of your movement, stability and balance in your life. Whenever our feet or legs are shot in our dreams it represents a direct attack on your progress, weaknesses and mental stability in your life – a symbol that might emerge related to relationships, health, emotions.

Shooting In War Dream

Dreaming being in a gun battle suggests internal/external conflict that needs to be solved. Two sides at war trying to win, good vs bad.  Keep in mind due to the global web we are bombarded with countries going to war so be mindful if you have just watched the news before bed.

School Shooting Dream Meaning

School shootings seem to be more and more common in this generation than ever before.  An unconscious threat knowing that it could happen to the dreamer at school.

Shot By Police Dream

Whenever the dreamer is shot by POLICE it suggests a halt or setback from  people of authority in our life’s. Being shot by the police may also hint at wrong doings or guilty actions that has now been made conscious. After the police comes the judge that might symbolise being metaphorically locked up until time served.

Bullet & Sexual Connotation

Sigmund Freud suggested that any symbol such as a knife or bullet  could relate to a desire to penetrate. Perhaps related to a painful sexual process thus making the element unconscious to the dreamer.

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5 months ago

I had a dream that I was walking down a sidewalk in a city, not sure which one, but there were tall buildings all around, and a parking garage to my left. I was pushing a stroller, but my 1 year old was not in it. A handsome blonde haired, blue eyed man, without a shirt, came out of the parking garage and looked as if he needed help. So I walked closer and he asked if I could help him. I parked the stroller and walked inside the garage, keeping my distance with him to the left of me.… Read more »

Lacey Norris-brown
Lacey Norris-brown
5 months ago

I had a dream last night that two men were fist fighting in a driveway-they started moving down the driveway..so on my dream,I started honking the horn so I wouldn’t hit them….my daughter came up from the backseat and sat on my console and bullets just started flying..all I remember was screaming for her to get down..the windshield got hit with bullets..one hit me and I woke up! Why am I dreaming this kind of stuff?! P.s. I have been awake and weirded out since 4am

Last edited 5 months ago by Lacey Norris-brown
5 months ago

I had a dream last night that I was headed up the top of a dark staircase with a few other people and when I turned to look behind me, I seen a younger man with a revolver pointed directly at my head, and when I see his face he shot the gun and the bullet hit me directly in my head. I fell to the ground and remember see down the steps as I fell to the ground. I remember my vision fading and getting cloudy and told whoever listening to me to tell my kids that I love… Read more »

5 months ago

I’m sorry if this doesn’t make much since I’m dyslexic. So I had a dream last night that I was in a bus and I don’t know where I was going exactly but I assume it was school because I recognized some people that I went to high school with so it had to take place some time in the past. And suddenly I heard a loud bang sound like a bullet and then a classmate screams as a bullet hits them. Then there were more bullets and more classmates were hit. Then at the end of the dream I… Read more »

Reply to  The Dreamer
5 months ago

The classmates some of them were just random faces of people I walked by in the halls others were some people that’s bullied me and others were just acquaintances. I was bullied quite often at school but I had friends who did their best to protect me. It could be a repressed memory I did go through a lot while I was in school

7 months ago

I had a dream about a school shooter. The building felt like a college, but my age was the same as my age now (14). Three of my friends were there as well as my twin sister. One of my friends were in the same classroom as me, on the second floor. Suddenly there is a shooter currently on the first floor. I tell my friend I’m going to run to safety, and he says he’s going to do the same. As we look for an exit, my friend looks over the railing above the shooter with a few other… Read more »

9 months ago

It wasn’t a dream about me being shot, it was a dream about witnessing people in a car with me being shot, then for some reason, I was spared.

9 months ago

I dreamt I was shot in my back and chest over and over again by someone very highly and well-respected. I felt the pain in my chest and I was struggling to breathe – heaving. I tried calling 911 but I couldn’t finish the conversation as the shooter cut me off and was speaking to me while I was lying on the floor face down. I was trying to stop something big happening but I can’t remember what. I was on the floor of a room in a house that was an upstairs room. The person who shot me had… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Janet