Dreams That Start With Y


A yacht in your dream indicates new found wealth, prosperity and enjoyment in your life. This expensive boat might actually tied in with your spiritual journey as you are able to transition from one area to the next. To explore the depths of the ocean in class and comfort bridges the emotional unconscious with the conscious part of the dreamer.


Dreaming the yantra symbolizes divine energy, intuition and a connection to all things. In addition to this it suggests that you are strong and walking a steady road.


When you have a dream of an organized yard it indicates you have this same mentality towards every prospect of your life. If you see a disorganized yard suggests that you do not know how to manage your life.

Yard Sale

Whether you are having a yard sale or you are attending one it means that you learnt from the past and are using those experiences as lessons in your life now.


When you dream of a yardstick it is representative of a very firm attitude, no one is able to pressure you into doing things you do not want. You have a good head on your shoulders.


A yarmulke is a Jewish vestment and wearing one in your dream represents your closeness with the religion.


Dreaming of a yarn signifies routine. You are tired of the same thing every day. If the yarn is twisted or disheveled it suggests that you are a bit confused and stuck in a condition.


If you find yourself yawning in your dream, stop being so lazy and get up! You need to find something that would give you a bit of stimulation mentally, physically and emotionally.


Reminiscing of the past lately? The dream indicates that you are thinking of all the people you have lost communication with. Is there any message that you saw in your dream or have you been thinking about a particular person who signed your yearbook? The message may be some advice from your unconscious. On the other hand, you may just be missing the past where you were in school and had little or no responsibility.


If you dream that you are missing something, you actually have unfulfilled desires and needs. Try paying attention to what you are yearning for in your dream and relating it to your life. Then fill the empty space in your life.


Yeast serves to help dough rise. Think of yourself as the dough. Your dream means that you are going to grow.


The color yellow contains positive elements such as happiness, intellect, solar plexus charka, enlightenment and joy; but can negatively emerge as cowardice and deceit. To dream of yellow clothes represent the dreamers image and what projects outside from their inside world. Yellow flowers in a dream represent new found happiness and joy but will last only for a short time. A yellow snake might bring your attention to your enemies or inner weakness that end up attacking you. A yellow fish is a positive symbol relating to the emotional unconsciousness of the dreamer; a message will emerge from your higher self. If you dream of yellow discharge relates to your negative inner feelings of cowardice, betrayal, egoism, and sickness that needs to be cured.


Sometimes we yell and nothing comes out. To yell in your dream is a very powerful symbol that implies something deep within you is repressed. The dream indicates feelings of anger that you have been holding back but you finally want to let it out. On the other hand you may be yelling because you feel that no one is listening to you.


The dream serves as a confirmation and push to do whatever you are unsure about.


You may be regretting something that has happened in the past. Alternatively it implies that you keep holding on to the past and cannot move on. It is time that you let go and live your life.


Dreaming of this monster means that you do not know how to control your emotions. It is a constant battle for you to understand what it right and okay to do.


If you surrender your authority in your dream it means that you are able to let go and give someone else control.

Yin and Yang

Seeing yin and yang in your dream represents your ability to find a way where two differences can operate together.


This means that your heart and mind are connected, unlike many who only think with one of them. Listen to the messages in between because it could serve some importance in your life.


Dreaming of performing yoga in your dream either means you have a good balance between stress and relaxation or the total opposite. Pay attention to whether you are letting daily stresses get to you.


Yogurt in dream connects to a healthy mind, body and soul unity. It’s close connection with milk tells the dreamer about nourishment; is the fluid of eternal life, fertility, abundance; it is the food connected with the gods. If you notice the yogurt frozen in your dream it suggests something is either stuck or needs time before you receive the benefits.


The egg is one of the most iconic images pointing to the dreamers rebirth or major transformation; see egg. The gold/yellowish color along with the circular shape makes the yoke points towards completion and growth; see gold and circle. If you are lucky you will dream of an egg with two yokes that will suggest that this could be hinting at multiple transformations or fertility — the connection with the fallopian tubes.


Dreaming of a younger version of yourself indicates that you are missing those days. Perhaps you are dwelling in the past and wish you could make a fresh start. Otherwise, you have been acting immature lately and you need to learn to accept your responsibilities.


When you dream of playing with a yoyo it implies that you think that it is easy to play with things. Through the ups and downs, you are not worried because you are able to manage.

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