The Meaning of High School Dreams

Dreams of going back to high school decades after you graduated are symbolic dreams that have both a negative and positive connotation.

Since each individual has their own unique experience in the past the interpretation will vary from person to person.

High schools often appear in our dreams reflecting what is currently taking place in our lives. Schools often mimic future advancements, failures, or repressed memories that have shape us for the better or for worse.

 School Dreams: Helpful Tips

Dreams have an interesting way communicating with us that is often done metaphorically. Remember you are going back to a time that is mirroring something in the present.

Depending the context of your dream their will be specific symbols are embedded as clues to help decode it. One of the most common school dreams are either failing or completing tests. Alternatively this will apply to either moving forward or backwards in your life.

Perhaps the the events and relationships in your past has shaped you to who you are today.

Interpretation Hints:

  • Emotions felt in the dream
  • If you noticed old friends, classmates or ex partners
  • Significance of a particular classroom
  • Events or emotions resurfacing
  • Are aspects of you still stuck in the past?

Dreaming Of  Old Classmates Meaning

Dreams about old classmates can be symbols of the past reliving in the future, or memories stored in your unconscious.

These people randomly appear to remind you of similarities mimicking the future. Your experience and relationship with them might remind you of someone or something in the present moment.

You may need to examine their personality traits that you either admire or reject within you. Typically if they where a class clown, attractive or a day dreamer, might imply these traits would be unconscious to you – a need to be integrated.

Could it suggest you want to contact them and see how they ended up? Did you recently check their Facebook profile?

Metaphoric Jumble

If you are still wondering why they appeared in your dream you may want to think a little outside the box. Since dreams use metaphors to relay messages to you, alternatively their names, ethnicity or even what they remind you of mirrors you life.

Lets say for example you are dreaming of a classmate was name Phil from Korea. Could it suggest you may need to “fill the core”? Maybe his name was “Bill” from Czech Republic. This might indicate you need check something, possibly a bill that is overdue.

School Dreams Reunion

Often times we dream of going back to school to reflect our present accomplishments. This is a symbol that you have graduated or advanced to the next stage in life.

High school reunions casually appear in your dream when you have reunited with something. This might be parts of your past that you have become at piece with.

In essence this might be a reflection not only phyical but emotional as well. You may have broken the mold that once shaped you in the past and now its time to move on with your life.

High School Crush & Teacher

More than often you will notice a teacher in your dream. They may appear as the image of the teacher but a mere reflection of your life that needs a pass. They can be their to teach us something, or to let us know we need guidance.

A high school crush might be forgotten memories or possibly connected to something new on the horizon.

Learning Something New

Is it possible that going back to high school suggests you are acquiring a new skill? Could it suggest you are now ready to become more advanced with the next stage?