Shoe Dream Meaning

Over the years of analyzing my dreams I noticed my shoes appearing during specific times in my life. It wasn’t until later I realized the importance of this symbol I was ignoring for so long. I found out why shoes kept appearing during changes in my life.

Shoes might come across as an insignificant detail but this is the farthest from the truth. Shoes emerge in your dreams for specific reasons, often connected to personal change, spirituality, or representing a new life path (feet dreams).

Shoes forecast something big to come on the horizon, sometimes new beginnings and other times setbacks.

Fun Fact:

In the Bible shoes are often depicted as a symbol for our direction and protection along life’s journey.

The Shoe That Fits One Person Pinches Another

The enigmatic nature of the “shoe” makes it difficult to interpret. It would be easy to say one size fits all, but  in this case shoes have multiple meanings behind them.

A shoe might suggest a new path for one person, but what happens when the shoe is black, lost; or if you are receiving shoes from someone? This alters the meaning right away as you need to start thinking outside the box.

You are given clues before and after the shoes appear to help solve this puzzle. Since your life path and movements are different than the next person, your dream will guide you to its true representation.

Shoe Symbolism:

  • Moving forward
  • Grounding
  • Stability
  • Protection and defense
  • Identity and image
  • Work and career
  • Responsibilities
  • Spirituality
  • Predicting the future

Dreaming Of Shoes: What The Future Holds

Going though my journal I came across a number of dreams about shoes, though I was never was able to understand it’s true meaning until later. I realized that my shoes were a part of my identity, I was taking a stand for what I thought was right.

In the dream I took my shoes out the closet that belong to someone who had the ability to control my movements. I noticed my shoes were in the back when I took them out; the person became very upset and angry as they watched me with confusion.

At the time when I had the dream I knew it was significant but I couldn’t figure out just yet. Like most dream symbols ‘shoes‘ often appear to make sense later on down the road. You might never see it now, but when you look back it would piece together.

Since I made a conscious decision to remove myself out of their life, over time my life became much better. The shoes are never just shoes, but a metaphor relating to standing on my own and moving on.

Types Of Shoes:

  • Sneaker = light new movement ahead, sneaking your way somewhere
  • Boots = spiritual and mental grounding/protection
  • Dress = new ventures, transformation and excitement
  • Running = excitement, new beginning and inner change
  • Loafers = casual relationships, comfort and flexibility
  • High heals = elevated energy, new heights and ventures

Fun Fact:

Men were the first people to wear heels. During the 10th century, according to Slate, men who rode horses needed their boots to have heels in order to stay in their stirrups.

Did You Receive Shoes?

Receiving shoes in your dream often points to new beginnings and adventures in your life. The type or purpose of the shoe can be translated metaphorically mirroring your life. Receiving shoes as a gift implies you will receiving something valuable from someone along your journey.

Anytime we receive something in our dream it usually has a positive omen, being given something new; an opportunity is coming your way. The person who gave you the shoes and the location will help narrow down the meaning.

Black Shoes Meaning

This unusual choice of shoe color seems to show up more than you think. Thousands of people a month are trying to find out the meaning behind black shoes.

The color black has a duel meaning hinting at power, fear, shadow, strength, authority, elegance, formality, aggression, and rebellion. It would be impossible to suggest what it means, however what happens in your dream will determine the meaning.

This is a color that is opposite to white, a symbol of darkness. You will have to ask what do black shoes mean to you and if they remind you of something. The mood, location and what you were doing with the shoes will help you piece the meaning of the dream together.

New And Old Shoes Meaning

Dreaming of new shoes is often a positive symbol hinting a new beginning and ventures in your life. Think about how you feel when you have a new pair of shoes, excited, happy and fresh. This will be a mirror of how you will feel on your new path ahead.

Old shoes can be considered a good symbols as well. Previously worn but they are what you are used too, something that brings you comfort. They could be a symbol of familiarity or going back to what you were doing in the past.

Fun Fact:

The red sole on Louboutins are inspired by an Andy Warhol drawing.

Lost Shoes Meaning

Losing a shoe is a very common dream symbol that brings your attention to something missing on your path. These are not negative dreams but an alert to find what is missing within. Opposite of completeness the shoe holds the key to your future. Your unconscious is sending you a message suggesting you have found one but not the other.

If you lost both your shoes it suggests that something is stopping your movement from advancing. A symbol to either become more organized or attention towards this issue.

How does this relate to your path or movement in life? What has been lost? The location and people around you are hints provided in the dream. In the children’s fairy talk about Cinderella, her shoe represented her journey and transition in life. It was also lost at the ball. Whatever this may be it is stopping your progress and making it hard to move forward.

Buying Shoes Meaning

Buying shoes in your dream are more common than you think. These dreams are very positive that focuses on new beginnings, changes,  conscious shifts and transformation.

Think about the feeling when you are buying new shoes. Your dream is picking up on anticipation that you will enjoy trying something new and excitement. This might be conscious or unconscious to the dreamer – possibly connecting to what is coming your way in the future.

Spiritual Meaning Of Shoes

Dreams sends us symbols that are often coded deep metaphorically to send us messages. The interesting thing about shoes is the fact that their is a soul underneath your feet. Could this suggest a unity between you mind, body and soul – all working along your life path.

Being grounded might be connected to your energies that are tuned into mother earth, a spiritual connection.

No Shoes Dream Meaning

Walking barefoot can be considered a both a positive and negative symbol. If you were enjoying walking without shoes represents your carefree nature as well as being a grounded person. A sign that your root chakra is balanced and you are protected against the negative energy of other people.

If in your dream you are not enjoying walking barefoot and are having difficulty hints at how you are going though life. Something is bare and needs protection for you to properly navigate though life.

Colors Of Shoes Meaning

Gold Shoes: Consider yourself lucky if you dream of gold shoes. These appear to be a symbol illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom.

Blue Shoes: This color appears to represent trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Blue has a pacifying effect on the nervous system and brings great relaxation and helps with communication.

Brown Shoes: This is a wonderful color that focuses of grounding your energies. It is an earth tone that is showing you your connection to Mother Earth.

Green Shoes: This color is often associated with money hinting at what might come in the future. It can also represent your heart, emotions and sometimes greed.

White Shoes: A symbol representing your soul, pure at heart. This color helps identify with who you are as you venture along this road called life.

Pink Shoes: A vibrant color that matches your true being. A possible sign that you like to stand out of the crowd.

Broken Shoes

Noticing broken shoes is a symbol that you have been neglecting something for to long. This happens when something “snaps” or “breaks” relating to your path.

You are not paying attention to things that are holding you together, a minor inconvenience that needs to be fixed. What could this be? Your location will point at where this issue might stem from.

Looking For Shoes?

This is a common dream symbol that often implies preparing and searching for your new path ahead. This is an indication that you might consciously or unconsciously looking for a new start.

Did you end up finding them? What was your location when you where looking for them? Are you frustrated or happy? These feelings that emerge help point to the meaning.

High Heels Dreams

High heels are symbols of attraction, power and elegance. However, this is a reflection that despite you will be seen you have to watch your step. Others might be watching if you will fall.

Wearing high heels usually points to new exciting events heading your way, weddings, parties, formal etc. How you act wearing the shoe reflects your inner confidence. The color red is often seen as passion and vitality.

Shoe Laces

Shoe laces commonly appear to be missing, or a need to be tightened up. It is metaphoric that something is loose in your life and needs to be straitened out. Tying shoe laces are a positive omen that implies you are prepared to move forward.

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2 years ago

Dreamt in a shop in the mall w/ a friend who has a beautiful black flat shoes w/ a black lace look like on the toes part of the shoes. Then I asked my friend if I can fit them on. When I am about to fit them the shoes became a wedge in color beige (that in my mind I don’t like) with straps and a abstract designs opened on the toes as well but the black flat shoes is just beside on my right side on the floor where I am sitting.