Dreams About The Devil

Dreaming of the Devil often represents the unconscious aspects of your personality that appear to be unclean or ungodly. Though we are obviously unaware of these negative traits hence why it manifest in our dreams as the devil.

Opposite to God which represents light and perfection, the Devil however, emerges as symbol of darkness the lures in the shadows of your mind. The Devil becomes a powerful dream omen that encourages the dreamer to investigate the rejected side of the personality along with your limitations.

What Carl Jung described as the human shadow is often manifested in shape of the Devil for you to pay attention to the destructive force within. By recognizing and tackling who or what the devil represents in your life will essentially make the Devil in your dream to lose power.

The so called Devil is often comprised of undesirable traits you either ignore or deny such as anger, selfishness, violent tendencies, the quest for power, and sexual desires just to name a few. The reason the Devil in your dream scares you is due to the fact that you might not have much control over these negative forces in your life. In fact if these less desirable traits are unknown it can be a source of evil of mankind.

Devil Dreams: Good vs Evil

The devil is a symbol that wants you to recognize these rejected or bad traits within. So what could this be exactly? You will be provided with metaphoric clues where to look.

Dreaming of being attacked by an invisible suggests the dreamer is unaware of the aspects that control them. This might be related vices, behaviors, sexual or greed tendencies that causes you harm but are unable to see it.

The Devil has a message wanting you to reflect on your negative ways such as manipulation, deception, cunningness to get what you want.

Did You Kiss The Devil?

As bizarre as it sounds kissing the devil in your dream is quite common. Kissing is symbolic reflecting some sort of union, connection or attraction towards someone or something. Kissing the devil has multiple meanings relating to awareness and acceptance of these traits, attracted to the dark side, or enjoyment in being bad.

Devil Dreams During Pregnancy?

Unusual dreams while pregnant is not uncommon, in fact the change of hormones in the body alters the vividness in your dream. Does this mean you will have Rosemary’s baby? The answer is no. Are You Experiencing Unusual Baby Dreams?

Blue Devil Dream Meaning

Blue is a very symbolic color that often symbolizes serenity, stability, inspiration, or wisdom. Dreaming of a blue devil suggests that your inner peace is in jeopardy from either an internal or external force.

The image of the blue devil symbolized a struggle, the color is cold the furthest place from warm, happiness and personal transformation.

Biblical Meaning Of The Devil In Dreams

Part of life you will be tempted to do wrong, tricked or convinced to do something against your will.  The devil in your dreams symbolizes ‘temptation’ that has been offered in front of your eyes.  Like the biblical story of Adam and Eve being driven out of the Garden of Eden to live on earth, disobeyed God wishes by listening to the devil as they ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

If you are being forced to do something against your will or decide to go through with an unlawful act – the devil rears his ugly head when you try and justify it. Your bad deeds need to be justified as if you were Robin Hood by stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

Dissonance builds at the back of your mind as you know stealing is wrong – if you are serving your own ‘greed’.  The devil is created by you as a symbol of the corrupt, evil and wrongdoing nature that has not been accepted in your reality.

The feelings, thoughts and justified behaviors hide deep in the  unconscious lurking in the corners, hiding from the light with his cape covering his eyes. He will come out to feed when you are neglecting it for too long.

Devil Dreams Meaning

Dreaming of the devil ‘chasing you’ bring your awareness to running away from these issues that you are ignoring. Depending the context of the dream and who is around are all clues in order to properly decode.  Accepting the devil within he will no longer be a threat in your dream.

Fighting The Devil in your dream represents of the battle between good and evil within.  These dreams are positive as you have come to accept the evil within and who wins determine the outcome.

Dreaming of being ‘pregnant‘ with the devils baby usually occurs when women are pregnant. These are just unconscious fears worrying about the future of the child. If you are not pregnant then the dream hints at something sinister growing inside you. These could be thoughts, urges or negative behaviors you carry within.

When the devil appears as a normal human is a representation of his hidden nature. All evil acts are done by man and not the devil. He might appear to be in disguise suggesting at people around you who are not as who they seem.  It could imply that your own idiosyncrasies are disguised.

The Collective Devil Within Human Nature

You might not have seen the devil in person but he lives within all of mankind. His work appears though our actions (e.g. World Wars 1 & 2, Holocaust, 9/11 and Iraq & Syria war). Leaving us with millions dead, detached from our own spiritual connection with the self or God.

As insignificant as the devil is by showing up in your dreams, he has the ability to manifest collectively as a thought that creates something as atrocious as the Holocaust. One must fight with his ‘shadow’ by accepting these horrible traits that are in all of us. Once recognized the devil loses it’s power to become a destructive force.

Common Devil Dreams Forum

 I had a dream where I fought the devil, I was sitting there the devil approached me and my brother in human form so I got mad and punched the devil in the face in the dream I told my brother go get our mother I’ll handle this idiot for now, and so my brother went inside to get her after that the devil turned into some weird demon bird and knocked me on the ground after that I woke up.

Devil Dreams

“I was falling in blackness, soon I was able to see a body far below. I kept falling getting closer and closer. it was a naked white man with blond hair, he was so beautiful, so handsome, slightly grinning this devilish grin. His eyes closed. Still falling, getting closer, the body was rather large. I was like a speck of dust as I fell closer and closer. Coming down to the body I fell into it passing the layers of skin, I entered his arteries further and further until I was deep inside the capillaries.

At the very end of each capillary were circles. Inside the circles were souls, each trapped in their own hell they created. As I was moving on, I saw someone I knew. My late gram pa Moses. He was trapped in the circle in agony suffering totally unaware of me. I watched him for a moment then I am not sure if it was me thinking or someone else saying, we should go. Cant stay long, we have to go before he realizes were here. I started rising leaving the capillaries, veins n arteries. I wanted to look at his face because of how amazingly cute he was. This time his devilish grin was slightly bigger than before. Rising into the darkness again”


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8 months ago

I am having a weird recurring dream also I am pregnant. I met the devil and go to his apartment on the way I’m warned by a homeless crazy person to stay away I go anyway fall in love with him and he seems to love me back we have passionate sex. And there is always a blonde girl who lives in the apartment but never sleeps or talks she hangs out in the kitchen with his demon pals. Eventually he brings a dog to the apartment a scary big aggressive dog that does not hurt me but scares me… Read more »

9 months ago

So I had this dream where I was decorating for this party with my cousin and we left to go pick up my boyfriend cause it was a party for his nephew. We were driving and got to this bridge and it was suddenly icy outside and we had to get out and push the car over the slippery roads and there a bunch of people pushing their cars behind us. We got to a part of the bridge where there were about four or five guys in masks with various sharp weapons and I was scared and I thought… Read more »

1 year ago

I had a dream that I was on a road trip for work with a group of people and we decided to fly back instead of drive back and we landed in the middle of down town Houston we was like why would u laid here and she was like this where the boss told me to land and then it was like 911 in today’s time and when I was about to wake up I flashed back to us driving and the person who was driving was the devil but he disguised himself and I thought I woke up… Read more »

1 year ago

I had an erotic dream where the devil was performing fellatio on me and it was so erotic that it woke me up. It’s kind of freaking me out.

1 year ago

I dreamt that I was a part of a family that is not mine. My “dad” started acting strangely and his eyes became very dark, as if he were possessed. The house was in a neighborhood with many houses in close proximity, all the exact same design. He did not do anything to hurt us, he just glared at us and we knew we had to run or else we would be corrupt as well. We ran throughout the neighborhood. As soon as my “brother” and I would get away, he would be right on our heels, as if he… Read more »

brownkey joshan
brownkey joshan
1 year ago

Danny Kim
Danny Kim
2 years ago

I have dreams about the devil but then I realized it was my ex wife that was being used as a symbol. I used to get chased by a pitch fork as it was taking something valuable away from me (my kids) I finally stood up to it and it backed down.