Dreaming of Shooting Stars

When you saw a shooting star in your dream it has come to you for a reason. A shooting star is a common name for the visible part of small dust or rocks from space, as it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere while burning up, why we call it “a shooting star.” So why are you dreaming of a shooting star?

Well dreams have a funny way of being metaphoric in nature. Your dream wants you to know that you will receive a powerful message or possibly good luck is heading your way.

If large enough, the meteoroid will fall to sea or land and be considered a meteorite. Meteorites are rarer than gold, platinum, diamonds or emeralds, hence when you seen them in your dream they contain a very powerful message. Researches pay close to 1 million per pound for each meteorite.

Shooting Star Dreams

Many people associate shooting stars and good luck simultaneously. We make a wish whenever we catch a glimpse of the rock penetrating through our earth surface. Within seconds the light disappears leaving us in awe over the majestic sight. These dreams connect you with the universe as major change is not to far away. Something mysterious is above you wanting you to notice its light.

  • Major life changes
  • Good luck
  • Destiny
  • Higher self or spirit connection
  • Message from the afterlife

Shooting stars have fascinated humans since the beginning of time. Many ancient cultures viewed the meteor was a gift from the heavens. After many centuries we still keep this tradition by making a wish. The vast universe might be representation of the unconscious as we are directly getting a message from. Its fast and burns quick as what might come will be short lived.

Shooting Star Dream Meaning

The biblical meaning of shooting stars in dreams means that you will receive good luck. he Star is often considered a symbol of truth, spirit and hope during times of confusion and darkness. The Bible makes several mentions of “stars,” or “shooting stars” comparing them to Old Testament saints, protectors, angels, that are now watching over you.

To dream of a meteor shower suggests a major shift or transformation in your life will take place unexpected.

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2 years ago

I had a dream of seeing multiple shooting stars and the next morning I found out that I got a new job and my wife was pregnant. It was like a meteor shower coming down filled with colors of the rainbow.

Great article!