Dreaming of Needles

Did you know the fear of needles, noted in the DSM (medical literature) is commonly called needle phobia. People with a fear of needles find themselves feeling lightheaded, dizzy; or even fainting at the doctors office. So why is the symbol appearing in your dreams?

The symbol of the ‘needle’ appears metaphoric message relating to a situation in your life. Depending the context of the dream, the purpose and location of the needle may alter the meaning.

Needle Dreams

Common dream themes revolve being injected by a needle, a needle and thread, acupuncture, and more disturbing themes being in the mouth and skin. The needle can be an enigmatic symbol that has a both negative or positive meaning. You might like what’s going to happen but will benefit you in the long run.

  • Emotional pain,
  • Physical pain,
  • Healing;
  • Sewing two things together.

Medical Needles (Syringes)

Often times we dream of being injected by a needle usually preformed by a doctor or a dentist. The fear or anxiety associated with the needle could reflect a situation you are facing with in your life at the moment.

The symbol of the doctor brings your attention to a healer or the healing abilities that resides within yourself. However, reacting negatively to the injection shows the inner conflict or fear relating to this subject. The acceptance to the needle shows  positive changes within.

When a doctor or nurse is administering a needle these are positive dream symbols. Though resisting brings your attention to a fear or the unknown or change.

Positive Changes:

  • Internal curing,
  • Protection,
  • Change or acceptance,
  • Getting help you need.

The resistance reflects your outlook on this current problem. You will need to distinguish if the injection hints at enduring physical pain in your life. It could be unconscious fears relating to an injury or sickness. If you notice blood brings your attention to anger related to this issue.

If you are receiving an intravenous injection in your dream suggest something directly delivered into your bloodstream. This dreams would be metaphoric relating to an outside event has now become internalized. Your skin has been penetrated or pinched relating to the effects on your mind/body.

Needles are also related to drug use or relating to an addiction. The addiction might not be an actual drug addiction but something that has control over you. What negative feelings do you harbor within that needs to be addressed?

Negative Reaction:

  1. Guilt
  2. Rejection
  3. Grief
  4. Loneliness
  5. Failure
  6. Physical pain/sickness (body)
  7. Drugs
  8. Negativity

Needle Dream: A Little Prick

Could this dream just be a reflection on minor things in your life that irritate you? Your location and who was around you might hint at where the problem might arise. Something or someone who gets under your skin that has the ability to get in your head.

According to Sigmund Freud he would suggest that anything that penetrates your skin has a unconscious sexual motive behind it. The needle relating to the male organ that might have some fear attached to it. The location of the needle will give you an indication of where you don’t want to be pricked.

Do you have a fear of needles that relates to your childhood? Did you have bad experiences with needles? Maybe the dream is wanting you to look at inner child that was hurt from the past.

Common Needle Dreams

Acupuncture: Acupuncture relates to healing, however the location of needle on your body relates to what area needs healing. Acupuncture is a metaphoric dream relating to fixing internal pain. This is something that has been held inside you for a long time.

Sewing Needles: Often times we dream of sewing needles which is a good omen suggesting you are bring two things together. This could be related to anything that has split up or needs joining to make something complete. This could be both related to relationships or internal conflict.

Mouth Full Of Needles: These are disturbing dreams very similar to falling teeth dreams that cause anxiety for the dreamer. In the dream you will be pulling or finding needles in your mouth that reflect speech or communication and issues pertaining to it. Could it suggest what you say stings other people? Could it suggest an in ability to express how you feel? Who was around you when this happened?

Needles In Skin: A disturbing sight that feels like a horror movie. The skin is the largest organ on the body that can reflect the soul or not having tough skin. Is something under your skin that you are trying to get rid of? An inability to move though out your life with this inside you. What could that be?

Needles In Foot: Connects the dreamer to his path in life that has been hindered. Anything that stick in our foots stops our progress as its an major irritation that needs to get out.