Phoenix Symbolism

Accordingly to ancient legend, the Phoenix is a mythical immortal bird that engulfs in flames only to be reborn from its ashes.

The Phoenix is a powerful image that connected with immortality, resurrection and life after death, hope, grace and protection. In ancient Egyptian mythology they associate this alternating feminine energy with the SUN god; Ra represented with a human body and the head of a hawk ruled all parts of the created world.

This stored bird has become so iconic in our culture, yet nobody seems to have any idea about it’s true power. Maybe you have seen a Phoenix tattoo on a hipster one day and wondered if these weirdos are onto something you don’t know about. Or perhaps you are one of the lucky few who had a very symbolic dream of the Phoenix and what the real answer behind this iconic image.

Phoenix Dream Meaning

So what is the meaning behind the phoenix when it appears in our dreams?

Well it turns out that the meaning of the phoenix in your dream is closely linked to how it is described in mythological & folklore text. But we cannot look at this symbol in a literal sense, but more metaphorically that is mirroring undergoing a major transformation in your life.

If the Phoenix only emerges every 500 – 600 years, it seems to only emerge in your life as a one time event that will lead you towards a rebirth. It’s close connection with FIRE, a symbol that is known to destruct or transform, allows a complete renewal of the Self. Similar element in alchemy the fire is represented by an upward TRIANGLE – the Christian symbol of the resurrection.

To properly understand the true meaning of the Phoenix in your dream, one needs to metaphorically deconstruct the image similar to the way the Bible uses parables. Furthermore, the unconscous has a tendency by sending us messages in Geometric Shapes along with archetypal images pointing you in the right direction. The phoenix in your dream is also commonly known to attach itself to specific colors or animals.

Spiritual Meaning Of The Phoenix

Spiritually speaking the Phoenix is a very powerful bird that represents change and transformation in ones life. It likes to make its appearance during a specific time in one’s life when they are undergoing a spiritual transformation or conscious shift. The phoenix is a unconscious feminine energy comprise mainly of fire rising upwards implies its relation to the awakening of the KUNDALINI –  the term for “a spiritual energy or life force located at the base of the spine”.

Reaching up to intertwined with the masculine energy SUN suggests the process of healing of the Self.  The sun geometrically comprised of CIRCLE (with or without rays), CROSSES, and SPIRALS brings you one step closer to the source. In ancient Chinese mythology, an immortal bird whose rare appearance is said to be connected with the Yin and Yang or foretelling balance and harmony in ones live.

Spiritual Meaning Of Phoenix 

  • masculine and feminine connection
  • animus and anima
  • spiritual rebirth
  • death of the old aspects of your personality
  • connection with the higher Self or God’s
  • undergoing a massive change in life

Phoenix Dream Symbols & Renewal

Specific colors of the phoenix in our dreams tend to show up time and time again. But why?

It seems that these colors might in fact be connected to our seven CHAKRAS, in Sanskrit means “wheel” and refers to energy points in your body. The phoenix will rise in your dream by activating or opening these chakras within. For example a blue phoenix in your dream will point towards the throat chakra or the removal of communicate with other people that was once blocked. The green phoenix in your dream governs your heart chakra suggesting you have opened or will undergo a powerful transformation. Click chakra for more information.

Dreaming of a phoenix and a wolf is a very powerful image of the starting phase of this inner transformation. The WOLF is an iconic image of the masculine; tracing back to the origins of the SUN, the wolf has found what it is longing for. The wolf itself belongs to the wild or unconscous part of the dreamer, the phoenix is feminine energy that has is now insynth with this energy.


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