Dreams That Start With R


Rabbits can be both positive and negative dream symbols relating to good luck, prosperity, abundance, and fertility. Similar to the fox they can be seen as deceitful tricksters either being the people in your life, or unconscious behaviours that you possess. They are commonly known to bite, attack, run away, chasing, different colors, and to even notice poop. What they do is a metaphor relating to success or trickery.


Whether you are racing on foot, in a car, or any other sport suggests getting ahead in life. Your place gives you a clue if you need to speed up or down in order to complete your tasks. If you lose the race it suggests that you are overwhelming yourself with ambitions that are unattainable. If you win a race suggests you would reach your ambitions. You know you are going to be successful and you are not letting anything get in your way.


Seeing a racetrack in your dream symbolizes your pace in life and how fast you are getting things done. On the other hand it might suggest you are going in circles.


Raccoons can appear to be negative aspects of your personality or signifies deceit and thievery. They are commonly known to hide or found in your house representing unconscious negative aspects of your psyche – each floor they are seen in contains a different meaning. Many metahproc clues direct the dreamer to family, greedy, selfish or aggressive behaviours that linger in the trash. If the raccoons attack the dreamer it can mean the people close to them or hidden unwanted instincts that bite them back.


Dreaming of experiencing discrimination might reflect bias or conflicting views in your life. If you are feeling insecure or being judged by others you might have these types of dreams.


In dreams racks might be a manifestation of thoughts or ideas that are stored in our consciousness. Depending if the rack is empty or has specific objects is a clue what to look out for. If it is clustered or messy hints to sort out your mind.


Listening to the radio represents your knowledge and insight of a certain circumstance in your waking life. If you hear a particular song or it is a broadcast it is a message from your unconscious or the song is a memory you have with some situation in your life. If the radio is off it means that you are not allowing people to communicate with you. If you are buying a radio you are going to receive new information in your life from people you cannot see.


These dreams signal danger that is built up somewhere. It could be a manifestation of negativity that has been building up for a long time that it’s considered dangerous. If you are in a very toxic relationship or job it shows the dangers of it.


Dreaming of a raffle indicates using your energy and resources to gain something of value. On the other hand the dream could mean that you are trying to get rid of things or memories that are still lingering in your mind.


Rafts in dreams are images that relate to how you negative though your emotions in life. Since the raft floats on water (emotions) how the water appears shows the force or energy that you are up against. They may also be seen as a call for adventure.


Dreaming of old damaged rags signifies your progression in clearing out your old ways and bad memories. If you are wearing rags it indicates low self confidence and worries about your image.


A railway dream is a metaphor of your life’s journey connected to your past, present and future choices. These symbolic railroad shows the dreamer about their movements, transitions or if you are on the right track or not. The condition of the tracks and location helps determine the motive of the dream. If you notice a long railroad ahead is a positive dream that points to your future. Broken tracks indicate a minor setbacks in your path. If there is a barrier in the railroad it signifies someone or something is hindering you from reaching your goal. Walking on the tracks suggests your journey will take time but you will get their.


The meaning of rain in your dream can be seen as a release of pent up emotions. A symbol that reflects mourning, depression, sadness being released that is currently taking place, or reflects what’s ahead. Alternatively, rain can be seen as an image of rebirth or transformation. As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” that implies that good thing come after painful endings. If it is raining inside your house it represents unconscious emotions that are building up on the inside.


A rainbow in your dream indicates good luck, happiness, freedom and prosperity. Rainbows connect to your life and personal relations you have with others. If you see a white light rainbow suggests you have a good spiritual foundation. If you see rainbow hair it represents new growth pertaining to thoughts and higher consciousness. To dream of rainbow water is a positive omen relating to your colorful personality and current emotional state of mind.


Wearing a raincoat in your dream implies a wall or a protection against other people’s negative emotions. You will be shielded from being effected.


Using a rake in your dream implies just scratching below the surface. If you are using it to clean up suggests cleaning up personal clutter that you have accumulated in your life. Raking leaves suggest the passage of time. It might hint at the end of a project, relationship or situation.


Rambling in your dream implies that you have a lot of thoughts that you just want to release. If you keep holding it in, the dreams would get worse about those emotions.


Going up or down; struggling or with ease can alter the meaning of a ramp in your dream. Ramps help bring us from one section to another in life. If the ramp is damaged suggests a set back. Going up with ease implies bringing you to the next part in your destination. Types of struggle suggests minor issues that are slowing you down from achieving your goals. Reversing down the ramp brings your nearness to backing out of a situation.


When you dream someone is insisting you give them ransom it implies that you have been deceived. You might be being held against your will until you pay up. If you are demanding ransom then you feel that you deserve to be treated better in your waking life.


These are common nightmares that bring your awareness to being taken advantage of. The feelings in your life of feeling vulnerable, held against your will or being attacked in any matter. The attacker might be faceless suggesting the unknown or ignored feelings that are on you. The location will help give you a clue to what area to focus on. However, if you were attacked in real life then these dreams appear to be repressed feelings and memories. If they continue please seek professional assistance.


Rashes or any sort of skin allergy is a negative omen representing negative internal feelings being reflected on the outside. A symbolic reference to a feeling of dissatisfaction or insecurity with your outward appearance.


Rats are bad omens that bring your attention to troubling thoughts, people or situations that you encounter. Pests that are troublesome and cause destruction if they are not found or killed in your dream. The main goal would be for the dreamer to identify who or what the rat is referring to in your dream; clues will surround the rat and its behaviour to help guide you to the issue.


These are cold blooded creatures reflecting on dangerous people around you. The rattle is metaphoric to shake you up to get your attention to a threat nearby; a warning to be careful to watch your every step. A warning to protect yourself emotionally, physically and mentally against venomous people or possibly your unconscious behaviors.


A very intelligent and clever bird that possibly related to the trickster, often related to selfish, hungry, and mischievous parts of your personality. They can tackle problems yet create them, both contain good and bad traits. They are also known as messengers and oracles that can see into the future. They can bring you divine knowledge – connecting the gap between our world and the spiritual world.


Dreaming of a ravine signifies you might be off the beaten path or a need to be grounded in nature. You need some form of help and someone you can rely on. The color of the water and movement brings your focus on your emotional state.


Dreaming that you eat something that is uncooked symbolizes your raw feelings, experiences or learning. You could be feeling unprepared for something.


Seeing a razor in your dream means that there are rough edges in a situation that you need to even out. If you are using a razor or or sharpening one it represents preparing yourself for an attack.


When you reach for a person or something in your dream it indicates that you are missing something in your life. You want to fill that empty space that is causing you emotional frustration.


A dream where you are reading suggests knowledge before a big decision you need to make in your life. You are planning properly by doing all the right steps in order to advance. Dreams of reading books such as the Bible represents understanding your morals and belief systems. If you are reading a letter its becomes a message from your unconscious.

Reality Show

Being in a reality show in your dream indicates your feelings of being judged by society. Alternately, you may need to step back and quit avoiding things out of our reach. Face the facts or reality.

Rear Ended

Any sorts of accidents in your dream donate a slow down or halt in your life’s direction. The fact that you are hit from behind is metaphoric for something “behind you” or perhaps your past has finally caught up on you. People that hit you show that this slow down is out of your control and caused by others. If you hit someone’s car from behind it suggest going to fact and not paying attention to what is ahead of you.

Rear-View Mirror

These objects are metaphors for observing, reflecting or looking back in the past. Since you are in a car it would be connected to your drive as you are moving forward on your path. Reflecting on situation or past events are the objects that are present in the rear view mirror. Possibly trying to get you to focus on the present moment.


A dream of being a rebel suggests that going against what everyone else wants and standing up for you is the best thing to do. You are your own person so do what you have to do to be that person.


Dreaming that you are reborn signifies a new beginning. You have the choice to have a fresh start to do things again. The dream could also represent a new phase in your waking life.


Consider what the receipt is for and relate it to your life. It represents receiving something in exchange for another thing. Moreover, a receipt in your dream symbolizes recognition and acknowledgement of your character and features.


Recipes are representative of experience, learning and creativity. If it is a recipe for a dessert it implies that you should relax and accept the pleasures of your waking life. On the other hand if it is a recipe for making meat it suggests you desire intimacy.


Dreaming that others are recognizing you for your hard work symbolizes that same thing in your waking life. Continue doing what you are doing, as your hard work would pay off. If you dream that someone else is being recognized it suggests you admire qualities of that person or someone they represent.


When you dream about reconciling with someone it suggests that you need to make amends with someone on an unconscious level. It’s possible that you have forgiving the situation and time to move on.


Listening to music from a record or seeing one indicates that you need to realize there are two sides to story and you must listen to both before coming to a conclusion. The record could also have a message that you should pay attention to from the dream. If the record is broken or damaged it means that your messages are not being delivered clearly.

Record Player

A record player symbolizes a phase where you keep going nowhere, you always return to the same starting point. If something is wrong with the record player it suggests an end to something you could not seem to escape like an old habit.


Recycling in your dream represents you attempts to organizing your life. You are doing so by looking back at your past mistakes so you would recycle them but put them to better use by learning from them. On the other hand if there is a pile up of recycle as though you are collecting your recycling then you need to stop living your life in the past and move forward.

Red Color

Red is often seen as a symbol of passion, love, vitality and life’s energy. For others it may mean anger, blood or violence or to control and over power.

Red Carpet

If you are walking down a red carpet it means that you want people to recognize and think highly of you. You need other people to tell you that you have done a good job for you to feel accomplished.

Red Meat

Raw or red meat can be seen as both good and bad luck depending how it emerged in your dream. The fact it is not cooked mirrors something dead, cold or unable to get proper fulfillment from something.


When you redecorate in your dream it suggests that you should make some transformations in your waking life. Maybe some changes in your a physical appearance would get you what you want.


Seeing a reef in your dream wants you to explore the colorful part of your unconscious. Being underwater brings your awareness to your emotions; the wonderful beauty once you dive down and see.


When you dream of a referee suggests someone with authority that is playing fair in your life. There are two sides and one judge; a referee calls that shots.


Seeing a reflections in your dream shows the dreamer its true identity or the mask (persona) they wear in public. The contexts of the dream can alter between a positive or negative depending on your emotions. Noticing your teeth falling out or hair dropping are indications of insecurity, self image issues or inward appearance flaws. If you overly confident in the mirror might project aspects of narcissism.


Refrigerators are things in our life that we keep protected, closed off or stored cool. Unlike the freezer that suggest stuck or frozen things, refrigerators might suggest a cool down time to preserve your energy. These dreams might also hint at procrastination, implying leaving something for later.


When you dream of yourself as a refugee it indicates you are trying to flee your current situation. You feel alone in the circumstances you are in and you need to find somewhere to which you feel welcomed. Maybe you should try tackling the problem before you run away from it.


When you refuse something in your dream, it suggests that you are trying to reject things. Maybe you are not allowing a certain characteristic to surface.


Regretting something in your dream signifies the distress of life is getting to you. You actually are feeling this way about something in your waking life.


You need to go through a phase of facing and battling the problems in your life. You will overcome the issues and create a new beginning for yourself.


A rehearsal in your dream represents that you are preparing yourself for something important in your life. Perhaps this is the test before the big show!


Being reincarnated into another person implies that you are trying to be someone you are not. You may also like characteristics of that person and you are trying to be like them. If you were reincarnated into an animal it indicates you are trying to obtain those qualities into your lifestyle.


When a reindeer enters your dream world they are connected with your spirituality. The reindeer spirit is very skilled in guiding you into better quality social activities. They teach you to listen and observe your surroundings peacefully.


Rejection in your dream symbolizes areas in your life where you have been left out, usually relating to past experience that is unconscious to the dreamer. The location becomes a clue that will help determine the origin of the problem. Common dreams about rejection usually revolves around past relationships signifying repressed emotions that are not understood.


Dreaming about people in current relationships signifies those relationships in your waking life. The dream could bring light to something you would not notice when you are conscious. Use the relationship in your dream to understand what you are not seeing in your waking life. On the other hand, being in a relationship with someone you do not know symbolizes you inner masculine or feminine traits.


Dreaming of something which involves your religious practices signifies your dedication to your faith, or relating to your beliefs and morals in life. The boundaries and structures you have set in your life can be reflected as a religious institution that portrays depending what changes.


Remembering something in your dream means you have used your experiences as lessons. Alternatively, your unconscious may be trying to remind you about something. If you are worrying about a future date, appointment or specific time that you are trying to remember and afraid to forget then that is the source of the dream.


Out with the old and in with the new! Renovating a place is very difficult and so to is renovating your mind and body. When you dream of making renovations, it represents your progress of moving forward. You now have a new approach to life and your old ways are no longer.


Rent in the dream world symbolizes your dues in your waking life your responsibilities to others and yourself. If you have to pay rent and you do not have sufficient money or there is a rise in rent it indicates that others are requiring too much from you.


Repairing something in your dream represents a situation or problem in life which you are trying to fix. These are positive dreams that show you that old issues will be fixed soon. The location and what is being repaired will help determine what its connected to. If you were repairing your car connects to your drive; where as a leak in the house connects to the mind.


When you dream of being replaced in some position in your waking life it signifies your fear about it actually occurring. You are insecure in some aspect of your life. What are you replacing will come across as a metaphor for what you might be replacing in life.


When you are writing a report in your dream it indicates that you need to slow down and think before you make decisions. Assess things before you make your move.

Report Card

These dreams are metaphors for being graded for your performance in life. The grade determines if you failed or not; able to go on to the next stage or held back. If you are still in school and experience these dreams suggests fears about failing.


Reptiles are known for their cold blooded nature and thick skin. Dreams of reptiles can bring your awareness to people who surround you in your day to day life. They need the warm to survive that could be draining your energy. These are warning to be careful who you give your trust to.


When you dream of your reputation being at risk it means that you worry about how others perceive you.


Rescue dreams can alter depending who is in danger. If the dreamer is being rescued they will have to determine whether the conflict is either internal or external. To dream of rescuing implies someone who is danger (emotional, phyical) that needs help. This also can be aspects of who you are that need urgent help. If you are being rescued in water that brings awareness to your emotions. Rescue dreams can translate to a positive omen if you are being saved by someone. If you are in need of a rescue gives you an understanding that help is required to fix this issue. If you are rescuing someone or and objects these are symbolic to what needs to be saved.


Resigning in your dream indicates transformation. You are changing your direction in life.


Being restrained in your dream could actually mean you are in a state sleep paralysis. On the other hand it represents your feelings of not being able to move forward because something is keeping you back.


When you dream of a person coming back to life it denotes someone or something that you considered dead is back in your life again. These dreams are positive as the old needs to die for the new to shine.


Experiencing revival in your dream means that you need someone to resuscitate you in your life. You feel overwhelmed and troubled by life. If you resuscitate someone it suggests that you could help others. You have a very good ability sharing your knowledge to assist people.


Being a part of a revolution in your dream represents personal revolution for you. On the other hand you may think that society needs a revolution and that is what you imagine it to be.


Rewinding something in your dream indicates that you wish you could rewind your life. You want to go back in time and change what was done. You are regretful about certain decisions and actions you made but you must realize it is irreversible.


The rhinoceros in dreams are known for their aggressive behavior and strong physical presence. They are also warnings not to provoke something that can take you down very fast. If you are being chased or attacked by a rhino suggest to be aware of your unconscious instincts that are know to be very forceful; or perhaps someone else.


Ribbons are used to bind and tie for a specific purpose in your life. The color will help signify the purpose of the bond. Alternatively, the ribbon could represent your feelings about being held back or tied down.


In many cultures rice can be seen in our dreams as a symbol of fertility, luck, prosperity. A symbol that is often affiliated with the divine, and so can symbolize immortality; as well as both physical and spiritual nourishment. In our dream we are known to see rice grains, crops, fields and plants.


Dreaming of being transported by an animal or automobile connects us to our destination or path in life. Being taken by others might suggest a lack of control or being ‘taken for a ride’. What you are riding can alter the meaning of the dream.


A dream of a ring represents infinity and commitment. If you were wearing the ring on your ring finger it means you are ready for commitment. If the ring was broken it signifies division and unfaithfulness.


Trying to take over a repressive force or a need to change. You may feel unconsciously repressed and have an urge to lash out and display your anger. However riots are normally violent and destructive and this might connect to our shadow archetype. Taken part of a riot can also suggest you are not independent and need to be a part of a group to get things done. You should learn to voice your opinions on your own for your own needs.


A dream of ripping something suggests to pull apart something in your life. The dream could also represent your feelings of being ripped off and people are taking advantage of you or the other way round where you are in wrong. On the other hand to see something rip could be a pun on R.I.P. Have you lost someone close to you or feel that you are losing someone or something?


Rising in a dream is a good symbol of being prosperous and able to overcome situations. If you are rising in status or job it means that your hard work will soon pay off.


A dream of doing a ritual signifies that you live a routine life. Day by day you do the same things with the same schedule. You have to find a way to mix up things and spice up your life a bit.


Dreaming that you have a rival suggests you are allowing people to take advantage of you and you are not going up and fighting for yourself. This is causing you to lose respect from your peers. If you rival outsmarts you it implies you are ignoring the tasks you have to complete in your life.


In our dreams rivers are majestic symbols that represent the ever changing constant flow of life; a powerful image that emerges when we transition from one phase of life to another. The condition of the river usually tend to be clear, muddy, green or black; sometimes the dreamer is swimming in this powerful force of nature. The river often appears during specific times in ones live when undergoing a major change.


Roads are symbolic as the foresee the path mapped out for us already. The condition of the road helps determine what you may face in the future. Noticing the road being windy, curvy or bumpy suggests that you will encounter many obstacles and setbacks. These might be unexpected difficulties from others. If the road is straight and narrow implies your path to success is going as planned. To see an unknown road in your dream represents a path that has not been ventured. A dead end road brings your attention to a block and wants you to rethink your path.

Road Signs

To see road signs in your dream, represent some advice and message that your unconscious is trying to convey. The road sign may be trying to guide you toward certain decisions. Consider what the road sign is saying and how you need to apply its message to an aspect of your daily life.

Road Trip

To dream that you are taking a road trip signifies your life journey and the decisions you make in life. If the road trip is a smooth one it indicates that you are transitioning smoothly through life’s events. If the road trip is chaotic for example it might suggest many obstacles and issues in your waking life. Consider the destination and the stops that you make on your road trip.


To see a roadblock in your dream signifies obstacles in your business or personal life. You are experiencing some setbacks toward your goals. You just need to be more persistent and diligent in trying to overcome the obstacles that come your way.


The road is symbolic to our path in life. Animals bring our attention to our instincts and depending the type it can alter the meaning. How long it was left for dead is an indication if the problem is new or old.


To see roadwork in your dream represents the many obstacles, setbacks, and delays that you will need to overcome. Along your path in life there are many delays that we need to be patient with until it’s time to go. The dream may also be analogous to the complications and difficulties that you are experiencing in your waking life.


Roaring in your dream is an unconscious calling or crying out for attention. Repression needs to come out and be vocalized. If you hear an animal roar connects to the instinct side of the dreamer.


These are bad omens pertaining to an infestation of negativity. These can be thoughts or people that you may attract yourself to.


When you are robbed in your dream it suggests an attack on your identity, personal value, energy and advantageous people. Robbers are known to break into our houses, take jewelry, hold us at knife or gun point, or our cars. Depending on what they take and where will point to who the robber is in your life.


Dreaming of a robot symbolizes your way about doing things. You go through life as though you are programmed that way. You do not express emotions and are unable to feel any sentiment.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in your dream represents that you are able to overcome obstacles in your path by willpower and perseverance. You know what you want and you would climb till you reach the top.

Rock Star

Dreaming that you are a rock star suggests you want people to be the center of attention and have others admire you. You feel like if you are not getting enough attention in your waking life.


Seeing a rocket in a dream implies that things in your life soon will shortly launch. Work hard now too reap the rewards later. If you dream that a rocket it taking off might have a sexual connotation to it.

Rocking Chair

These dream indicate going back and forth and not going anywhere. This could apply to your thinking habits, situation or events that have taken plane in your life. A need to rest and sort yourself out.


Seeing rocks in a dream represents solidity, stability and being grounded. You may have forgotten to be still; become one with the self. Find peace and solitude in mediation.

Roller Coaster

A roller coaster symbolizes fun, exciting thrills, and the unpredictable movements that life has to offer. They can emerge as short thrills that seem to appear in our lives, or relating to the ups and downs of life or moods. Remember you are stuck on this short ride so the emotions expressed will relate to something in your life.


Dreaming of romance is a powerful dream theme that often relates to our own inner masculine or feminine qualities. Your relationship with these unconscious qualities will reflect on your interaction with these strangers. Perhaps they are your twin flame or maybe who the person you are searching for to spend the rest of your life with.


Roofs on houses can be seen as the mind or psyche of the dreamer; what belongs on top (consciousness) or protection from the outside. This is why it is very common to dream of your roof leaking, falling apart, tearing down, construction as you make changes within everyday. They are considered negative dream omens, but its your unconsous hinting at a need to fix and repair these past issues that are still hindering you today.


Rooms are very symbolic in dreams that represents a part of the dreamer that remains open or closed off. They can be seen as a blueprint or layout of the psyche that encourages the dreamer to explore what is seen inside. To dream of unused rooms can be seen as a positive symbol referring to new possibilities that reside within the consciousness of the dreamer (see house dreams). Rooms that have no windows or doors bring you closer to the feminine or womb. The size of the room whether being small or large donates to opportunities that you may have.


If you see your roommate in your dream it signifies that there are issues between the two of you but you are running away from discussing it. If you dream of your old roommate it might suggest forgotten memories or new friends you will meet in the distant future.


A root is often the symbol of an initial causation or starting point. Firmly planted in the soil brings your attention towards grounding and strong foundation before you grow. Imagination springs forth thoughts, movements, ideas and more. Make sure the roots are bring growth towards positive instead of rooting it in bad soil. Roots could be a metaphor for getting to the root of the problem or to find your roots. Once a healthy root is planted it brings you to the mind and body connection.


Dreaming of a rope symbolizes being tied up and held back in some type of situation in your life. Alternatively, it might be a metaphor for holding something intact. Walking on a rope indicates you are walking on a fine line and to be careful. If you are climbing up a rope signifies achievements and obstacles in your life. Hanging from a rope donates to killing off aspects of yourself that you no longer need.


Roses in dreams symbolize love, happiness and the inner feminine. The color of the rose can alter depending the color. Red brings us to passion, lust and romance. Pink show us admiration and grace. A white rose symbolizes purity and innocence. Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and passion. To smell a rose in your dream shows you to enjoy the present moment and contentment in life. A dying rose bring us symbols of endings or death.


Noticing things rotting in your dream mirrors things in your life that you have been neglecting. A mirror of what is taking place on the inside (mentally) that needs to be attended to. The location, people around you and what is rotting will reflect metaphorically in your life.

Rotten Eggs

These dreams are negative dream omens that suggest failed potential or ideas. Some area in your life has been neglected and gone bad.

Rotten Teeth

Dreams of rotting teeth are quite common, however quite disturbing. They bring your attention towards the inner part of you, a metaphor for something neglected. These dreams might have to do with communication or outward appearance that needs attention.

Rough Seas

These dreams bring out attention to or emotional state during a turbulent time in our lives. The deeper the ocean brings you closer to the depths of the unconscious.


A dream where you are in a rowboat signifies your progress. You are staying on top of your game so you would reach your goals. On the other hand it means that you are handling your feelings.


If you are rowing in your dream, it suggests you are on a passage that is going to give you a lot of difficulties. Try taking a different route; it may be easier for you. Either way you choose, you would still reach your destination.


Rubbing something in a dream could have sexual connotations or simply mean that you desire some support. If you find that when you are conscious you are worried about a situation then you are probably looking for someone to help you out.


Seeing rubber in a dream symbolizes your able to adapt and adjust to situations. If a rubber object hits someone or you, the dream suggests that you do not allow things to worry you, it literally just rebounds back off you.

Rubber Band

A rubber band means that you need to stretch yourself so that you are able to help others. When you broaden your perspectives then you’d be able to supply for others and not just yourself. If the rubber band burst then you are stretching yourself too far. You are probably overwhelmed.


Seeing a pile of rubble suggests the parts of you which you no longer want. On the other hand the dream indicates that you are walking on a very bad road where something is going to hit you and make you fall apart.


Seeing a rug in a dream indicates that you are attempting to protect yourself from society and its dangers. Consider the metaphor, Sweep under the rug. Maybe you are trying to hide your pain and problems below the rug.


Dreaming of breaking the rules represents your desire to get out of routine. You want to do what you want and it is frustrating you that you may be penalized for it. If you are making the rules it implies that you should be more ordered and settled in your life. If you obey rules it means you follow what people tell you what you have to do. Maybe you should try standing up for yourself even if it puts your status of loyalty at risk. If you dispute rules in your dream it indicates inner turmoil.


Hearing a rumor in a dream suggests that your unconscious is trying to send you a message. On the other hand the dream means that you are listening to what people have to say and not doing your own investigation of things. People could make up stories that do not exist; try and uncover the truth yourself. If you spread a rumor you are expressing your own lack of confidence.


If you run in your dream you could be avoiding a situation in your life. Perhaps to indicate a healthier lifestyle.


Trying to escape a situation? Dreaming of being a runaway suggests that you are trying to avoid issues. It could also mean you feel like you need to run away to somewhere where you feel accepted.

Running Away

Running away from someone in your dream suggests that you are trying to escape a situation. If you are running away from someone who is trying to harm you it means you are not battling your fears. If you cannot run indicates difficulties moving forward in your life. Your dream is your friend sending you a message to face your fears to live a happier life.


You seem to be pressed for time of late and your dream is expressing these sentiments. You should learn how to organize your day so that you get all the things done that you need and want to do. If you are very calm and relaxed in your waking life then the dream is telling you that you should try and speed the process up a bit.

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2 years ago

Forgot to mention that it was supposed to be scary but I wasn’t scared of it and many other dreams like that I wasn’t scared of

2 years ago

I had a dream that I was running away from fluffy pink clouds that we’re slowly coming towards you and the clouds were deadly and when you went into them they turned everything green and made you go insane and they kept coming in waves. also there was a friendly walking tree I don’t know if that’s important but I just want to know what it meant

Sylvia stapelberg
Sylvia stapelberg
2 years ago

revealing of a demon and he gave his name

3 years ago

I had a dream I was at home and I saw a hole in my clear white wall and as I started to repair it someone found more and more holes for me to patch up. I was racing to fix them faster and faster. The holes where about the size of a soft ball .

Last edited 3 years ago by Elle
Angie Mac
Angie Mac
3 years ago

I dreamed that I was naked from just having gotten out of the shower and I was getting ready for my first day at a new school. I was walking through the hallway of my current home even though this dream felt old as if I was still in college and I was on my way to my kitchen in the dark,(It was still dark outside due to it being very early in the morning.) while on a tan land line phone with a very long cord talking to my cousin and when I reached the wall next to the… Read more »

3 years ago

I had a dream I was home when someone came in and was walking very slowly. I laid on the floor to see if I could get a peak under the door. I never see anything but I can hear the footsteps approaching. My heart is raising I’m scared they may lay on the floor and see me. I never see them though.

3 years ago

I had a dream I was running towards my daughters waiting for me but for some reason I couldn’t get a good grip on the floor. Every time my foot was meant to touch the floor to gain speed I was hovering.

Anonymous Dreamer
Anonymous Dreamer
4 years ago

I had a dream that I was running, but not away from someone. Perhaps just on a training run? I felt as if I couldn’t move or run as well as I usually do, but I suspect that it may just be due to sleep paralysis… If not or if so, what does this mean??

Lora Matheny
Lora Matheny
4 years ago

I dreamed of a place with lots of different rooms all of them had a door to go outside even down to tne bath room except the middle room it had lots of doors but ever room also had a door to lead to the next room also the place was hughs does anyone know what that means

12 years ago

I am desperate! Can anyone tell me what is the meaning of dreaming roman numerals 1 and 2. But in my dream both numbers were glowing. Then I touched number 2 it marked on my palm. Telling me that I have a calling. Please help!