Dreams about Dragons

One thing about dragon dreams whether it was a nightmare or not, is the fact it sheds light for the dreamer to become aware of this dangerous threat that consumes them. Unfortunately, the dragon remains so deeply unconscious within the dreamer, in order to get this issue out of them might take months, or even years to figure it out.  But one thing I can tell you if once you find out what this might be within you and slay the dragon your life will not only be complete but have meaning.

Symbolically speaking dragons are highly complex symbols that contain both negative and positive elements in your dream.

Dragons are primarily seen as evil or chaotic forces that drives our inner being to a path of destruction. A symbol the reflects the fiery untamed part of the  personality; manifested as feelings of Anger, Rage, Hatred, Vengeance and Resentment.

Whenever the dragon remains unconscious to the dreamer it will cause destruction either in his or her life. The dreamer or “Hero” main objective would be to actively engage with the dragon by finding and killing the threat with its sword. Though this task requires a great deal of introspection on the dreamers behalf in order to slay this negative force from one’s mind.

Dragon Dreams: Hidden Knowledge

Did you know that dragons contain hidden knowledge and wisdom in your dream underneath is fiery and fierce behaviour. Though in order to access this pot of gold the dreamer would need to incorporate both their inner and outer world. Though this is not such an easy task as it seems. There is a reason why dragons have been depicted as one of the most powerful and fierce monsters dating back to antiquity.

The dragon fiercely guards, controls and attacks over its territory or “the psyche” of the dreamer. The fight between light and darkness begins once you challenge these unconscious emotions or feelings that have been residing in you for quite some time. Failing to face the inner dragon results in the dreamer being chased in the dream. Once the dragon is killed the dreamer is rewarded with a very valuable golden treasure.

How To Slay The Dragon?

One of the ways we can slay these inner demons or “dragons” would be to become the HERO in your life’s journey. According to Joseph Campbell “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself,” He says anybody can truly become a hero, all you need to do is look within, sometimes this is on purpose or even accidentally. But it involves a painful evolution that is a prerequisite to greatness.

  • letting go of grievances and resentments
  • love unconditionally
  • reward your process
  • pay attention to your negative behaviors or thought patterns
  • letting go of the past
  • acceptance and forgiveness
  • working towards the betterment of the people in your life that matter and love you

Biblical Meaning Of Dragon Dreams

Dragons are mentioned, by name, at least thirty-five times in the Bible. Its close connection with the serpent (snake) represents the unknown destructive force -A beast which is poisonous (Deuteronomy 32:33) Known to be quite powerful (Isaiah 27:1, 51:9). It has solitary habits (Job 30:29) and can make a wailing-like sound (Micah 1:8). A symbol of unconscious (powerful & solitary) with its poisonous elements reflecting negative parts of the person.

Three Headed Dragon Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a three headed dragon represents the guarding of unconscious part of the dreamer “underworld” Cerberus in Greek Mythology; powerful negative force (beginning stages) of the internal fight.

Size and Color Of The Dragon Dream

Both the size and color of the dragon in your dream are clues that help the dreamer find the threat. A baby dragon for example is a sign of a threat that needs to be killed before it grows big. It has the ability to consume you and destroy you. Dragon color in dreams such as red, blue, yellow, green, purple and white might be connected with our or unconscious emotions; a green dragon representing envy or greed, whereas a purple dragon might be the crown chakra (spirit world).

Article: The Color Of The Dragon & Chakras

How To Kill The Dragon?

Gathering as many clues in your dream you will start the process in killing the destructive force that possess you within. However this is a task not for the faint of heart and requires a great deal of self examination. Though slaying the dragon has its rewards and benefits as you will live a healthier and will balance your mind, body and soul. Are you really up for the task?

  1. Step One: Meditate on what the dragon represents in your life.
  2. Step Two: Pay close attention to your motives, thought patterns, drives and instincts.
  3. Step Three: Turn the tables on your emotions. Find the root cause of the origin of the dragon.
  4. Step Four: Follow your bliss.
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9 months ago

I had a dream where a dragon bit off my head, it was kinda gory. But instead of waking up like i normally would, i revived and made a plan to kill the dragon with the people around me. When we were attacking the dragon it turned into a human girl about my age and I blinded her with scissors and stabbed her almost to death. Again it was pretty gory. When I finally woke up I was sweating and feeling kinda uneasy.

10 months ago

I had a dream of a dragon relief carving on a casket.

1 year ago

I had a horse that suddenly became a black and red mostly black dragon that sucked blood out of my body and it felt extremely comfortable and made me sleep in my dream extremely well to the point I couldn’t sleep without my blood getting drained and when I thought I found it there was only it’s egg that it left me the egg hatched so I gave it my blood for nutrients then I went and found the dragon with my slaves it was fighting this guy wearing a white military uniform and had a color between pink, white,… Read more »

1 year ago

I always have vivid, strange dreams. I had a dream that I saw a dragon fly over me. Later on in the dream, as I was playing with the kids in the yard, one kid wanted to go play in the water in the ditch. I ran after him, and there we saw a large clutch of dragon eggs, glowing an eerie red-gold. As he stepped on one to grab a toy he had lost, the egg broke and began to hatch. I was very frightened at first, but the baby saw me as its mother, and treated me like… Read more »