Dreams That Start With M


Macaroni like most foods in dreams is a symbol of nourishment for the body. It is something in your your life that remains hard or stiff until it softens in boiling water (emotions).


To dream of mace or pepper spray is a negative dream that reflects directed anger (hot) at the dreamer. It becomes an image relating to protection and self defense.


Any sort of knife or swords in your dream represent removal or cutting away unconscious aspects in your life. The machete in your dream is a more powerful tool to cut and remove making it very symbolic. If you are attacked by a machete it shows hidden aggression that wants to detach from something. Holding a machete connects to masculine energy.

Mad Dog

Noticing a mad dog in your dream can represent your unconscious masculine behaviors, or an aggressive attack from someone close to you. Once these mad dogs chase us in our dreams it suggest you might be repressing these masculine instincts within. Mad dogs that bite are symbols of aggression; people who direct these emotions towards the dreamer.


Any sort of madness in your dream is a result of repressed emotions that are being projected in your dream. The mad man is in fact a part of you, the shadow that may have reached it’s tipping point. If you are fighting with a mad person in your dream represents your inner battle with your beliefs, emotions and your Self. If you are running or being chased by a mad man suggests you are avoiding this unconscious problem instead of facing it head on.


A Madonna is a representation of the Virgin Mary; The Mother or divine feminine energy. Dreaming of the Madonna represents purity, virginity, love, royalty, everlasting life, innocence, youth, chastity, and immortality. Possible connection to the male’s feminine archetype the anima.


Dreaming of the mafia reflects the people in your life and the control they have over your free will. A possible yearning to be more independent. If you are in the Mafia suggest that you can control others and use your power to get what you want. The mafia might be a manifestation of your shadow – the dark side of your personality that uses power to control and succeed.


Maggots in a dream are a bad omen suggesting neglect and the negative aspects in our life. Maggots in dreams are known to be disturbingly vivid often coming out of their heads, skin, mouth or seen crawling on them. Once it comes out of the body it reflects negative usually feelings of disgust, repulsiveness, hate, or fears that remain hidden with the dreamer. A symbol that encourages the dreamer to pay attention to their thoughts, to practice mindfulness meditation to find the answer.

Magic Powers

Dreams of having magic powers is a positive omen that encourages the dreamer to explore their hidden talents. Magic itself represents transformation, change, rebirth, positive energy and happiness. If you dream of a magic wand it implies that you have the power to control, manipulate, or influence the people in your life. If you notice a Magician it can represent a trickster “one who deceives” or “pulls the wool over your eyes.” They are people of power, charm and trickery that surround you.

Magic Carpet

To dream of a magic carpet represents your desires to be free and escape your normal reality. Though these symbols are a form of flight and movement that brings the dreamers attention to new transitions and stages in their lives.


Magnets in life pull objects together by force, a symbol that can reflect metaphorically to what pulls you towards in your life. These types of dreams can have a both positive and negative connotations to it depending what you are pulling.

Magnifying Glass

The dream could be a hint for you to look close at the facts before you make a decision. Your ability to see though something that will take sometime to investigate before you come up with a plan.


Magnolia in dreams are a nice positive symbol that represents happiness, joy and peace. In ancient China they felt the magnolia represented womanly beauty and gentleness. In the American South white magnolias are commonly seen in bridal bouquets.


If you dream of a maid might hints at disorganization and sorting yourself out. Maids in dreams can be seen as positive symbols that emerge to clean up aspects of your past that has disrupted your present moment. Since they clean houses, hotels or buildings it connects to the psyche or things built by the dreamer.


Receiving a letter in the mail or an email are possible messages from the unconsciousness. Depending the context and who gave sent the mail can change the meaning. They can have both negative and positive messages hidden that is unique to the dreamer. What was inside the mail? These are clues hidden for you to decode. It could also be a metaphor for ‘male’ as a mirror image.


Seeing a mailbox represents sending and receiving communication. Think about what you want to communicate and to whom. If the mailbox is either full or empty brings your attention to a need to reach out.


The mailman is a metaphor for the one who brings you information or messages. They might be guides bringing you news, secret information disclosed for your eyes only.

Make Up

Usually when you dream of putting on makeup suggest that you are trying to cover something up. It might suggest masking or hiding up aspects of yourself imperfection that you don’t want others to see.


Malls are enigmatic symbols that tend to contain different interpretations depending the dreamer. The fact that some people like malls while others detest them will alter the meaning of the dream. If you associate malls with consumerism and greed than the dream might be hinting at these feelings emerging in your life. Though, most people see the mall as fun, entertaining, security or rewards that seems to be reflected in your life. When the mall appears to be empty, closed or abandoned in your dream it could reflect your insecurities, choices, and wants or desires to obtain.


There are many theories about who this man you have never met in your walking life could represent. Some claim the man that appears might be connected to your past life, while others say this man could be your could be your soul mate.


Dreaming of a mango or mango tree are very powerful dream omens that will bring you future luck and abundance. The mango connects to our sexual desires, erotic fantasies, sweetness, new beginnings in our life.


Dreaming of a mannequin might suggest you are a dummy on display for people. Mannequin could be the people in your life that lacks personality, motionless, or a need to show off in front of others. Once attacked by a mannequin it may connect to your own unconscious personality traits that are stiff and boring.


If your dreaming about getting a manicure done on your hands means that your feeling good about yourself. It’s possible that all your hard work is now paying off.


Mansions are very symbolic dreams like houses that represent a part of the mind – a powerful and rich structure built connected to finance, consciousness, knowledge and ego. How the mansion is displayed becomes a mirror image of what is behind the scenes in your mind. Positive dreams are often related to inheriting or seeing a luxurious mansion as it shows a powerful inner drive that reaches for success. A haunted mansion reflects an unconscious disturbance in your mind that relates to success or image. Dreaming of a mansion with many rooms is a very positive omen that represents new opportunities, growth and development in their lives.

Manta Ray

Unlike the stingray the manta ray emerges in our dream as a false warning. A symbol that connects with the unconscious part of your emotions that are not fully understood.


Maps in your dreams are positive symbols from your higher self that has come in to guide you along your life’s journey. If you are buying a map it represents a new path will be mapped out in your life. To dream of an old map suggest a need to go back to your past to find your way.


If you dream about running a marathon represents hard work that will help you achieve your goals. The idea of running from start to finish mirrors aspects in your job, goals or relationships. Alternatively, this challenge reflects a struggle you need to endure to get ahead. The place and emotions expressed reflects something that you are working on.


Dreaming of smoking Marijuana means that you need to escape from the daily stresses of life. A possible desire to reach a stage of higher consciousness. If you smoke weed in real life and dream about it suggest that you come to terms with your problems.


When we dream of a market suggest that you are lacking the basic needs in life. If you are lacking love and support we usually dream of being in a market.


Marriages are positive dream symbols that represent commitment, harmony, balance or transitions in your life. Marriage is symbolic because it is both a natural institution and a sacred union because it is rooted in the divine plan of creation. However, the dream meaning can change depending on the mood, gender and context of the dream. Marriage dreams might act as a metaphor reflecting some type of unity or alliance that you experience with someone in your life. Alternatively, it could be the integration between the masculine and feminine within.


Mars is the planet of outward activity and animal passion including our sexual instincts, aggression, and anger. Mars brings energy into living matter and grants an enterprising spirit, stamina, courage and daring. Mars is known as the “Red Planet” and is associated with fiery passion. The energy of Mars is primarily focused on the existence. Mars is the counterpart of Venus: war and peace, hatred and love.


Masks in dreams are often seen as symbols of protection that cover your true self. Masks are powerful dream symbols that provides insight to aspects of their personality that remains unconscious. The mask or persona that we present to the world is known to protect that shields the ego from negative elements. According to Carl Jung its symbolic nature is designed to make impression on society, or to cover up and conceal the true nature of the individual.

Mask (Covid 19)

To dream of a surgical mask represents protection from outside negative influence. Due to covid dreams of forgetting your mask is a symbol of anxiousness and not being prepared.


Massacres are vivid dark dream images that connect to the shadow side of the dreamer. Repressed anger and fear is the driving force of these dreams – bottling up these emotions might result in explosive anger. A symbol that encourages the dreamer to explore their negative thoughts, motives and behaviors that are causing frustration in your life.


When we have dreams about masturbation means that we like to make things happen in life for your own pleasure. You might be self pleasing yourself hinting at narcissism. It is also possible that you can be sexually frustrated, or need to spend more time to your own needs.


Matches are symbolic as it is attached to fire. Fire symbolize destruction, passion, desire, illumination, purification, transformation, enlightenment, or anger. If you have the ability to light something up the location and what you are lighting is a clue.


Noticing a mattress in your bedroom connects us to relationships, safety and security. According to Carl Jung he feels that Jung sees the mattresses as representing a marriage; unity of two people. Though in our dreams we tend to see mattress dirty or unclean that reflects the dreamers mind – a symbol to clean up aspects of their relationships. If the mattress is wet in your dream it relates to embarrassing situations that will trigger your emotions. If you are moving a mattress it suggests movement and change.


Dreaming that you are in a maze represents trying to get out of a tough situation in your life. The complicated irregular network of passages or paths connect with the situation you are faced with. Mazes are very symbolic ancient archetypal dreams relating to confusion from your past life experiences. If you are being chased in the maze it shows confusing and complications trying to get out of a situation in your life.

Measuring Tape

What are you measuring? Is that item too big or small for you. Dreaming of measuring tape represents that you are comparing yourself to others. You may feel a bit insecure and trying to ‘measure up’ to somebody.


If you dream of medicine it implies finding a solution to one of your problems in life. If you are taking medicine it is a positive symbol of inner transformation and spiritual healing. If someone is giving you medicine represents the situations and things in our live that make you change your perspective on matters.


Due to its round shape these symbolic fruits emerge to show inner completeness, wholeness and prosperity. Many say that this is a symbol that connects with love and joy that surrounds us in our lives; the seeds that are contained inside tell us about growth or fertility. The honeydew melon suggests that your hard work will pay off.


Melting is a positive symbol which is the stage before undergoing some sort of inner transformation. A symbol implying the process of warming (heat or sun) that melts away non moving or stuck emotional states; ice melting shows an ending of negative or stuck states. Depending what image is melted will alter the meaning of the dream. However if you dream of your skin or face melting it becomes a negative symbol relating to surface impressions, image or what you display to others is falling apart. Teeth that melt represent losing strength and power in your life. If you notice that your phone is melting it relates to an inability to communicate or connect with others. Melting gold is a positive symbol that suggests a changing of states within the dreamer; masculine or sun a symbol of inner transformation. If you notice ice cream melting it suggest you are not seizing the moment to enjoy something at the right time. If you notice a melting candle it represents time, fears, illumination, lack of confidence , core of your existence, spiritually and depression (darkness). How you felt in the dream will either indicate a positive or negative meaning. If you notice chocolate melting it represents childhood pleasures, rewards or punishments.


If you are from Jewish faith and dream about a Menorah implies that gifts will be coming your way in the next 7 days. The Menorah symbolizes the 7 days of creation, with the Sabbath represented by the central lamp. The lamp is an important dream symbol that contains the divine lamp within. It might also represent the 7 planets; Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon.


These dreams might be a metaphor for things coming in a full circle; hinting at completeness or end. However, fears of missing it or being late this symbol might show up. There have been many studies before women get pregnant they dream about their menstrual cycle.

Mentally Challenged

To see somebody who is handicapped in your dream might be a reflection of inability in your life. Deformed, not straight or challenged in some way in your life; inwardly or outwardly.


They are connected with enchantment, entreating sailors with beguiling beauty, grace and mesmerizing melodies. A myth that has the ability to seduce and charming. A male who dreams of a mermaid could be linked to the anima archetype that suggest the inner feminine in the male. The female who dreams of a mermaid might be associated with her shadow, the repressed side of the dreamer.

Metal Detector

When we dream of a metal detector means that you might detect something in you. This might be a metaphoric dream to do with the internal part of you.


If the meteor or asteroid turns into a shooting star in your dream it represents your prayer or wish will come true. Shooting stars or a meteor shower can be considered a positive omen in dream – wish upon a falling star, something that will come true. Perhaps the universe is hearing your thoughts and granting you a wish.


Mice are considered bad omens signifying pestering thoughts, negative forces or fears in your life. Mice show up as a warning that relates to your insides and outside world. Positive omens are when the mice leave the house, found dead or trapped.


This is a great dream symbol that you should pay attention too. Your unconscious is hinting that something should be examined in your life by a fine microscope.


If you are a midget in your dream suggests that you feel insignificant in life; something that is half your size or not remaining whole.


Military dreams are our way of telling us that we need some type of order in our lives. A symbol of inner and outer conflict that needs organization. If you dream of military training it is a positive omen represents working towards or fixing a conflict that has been out of control for some time. Military is a strict structure that demands your full attention. Does this sound familiar to your work, relationships or mental?


Milk is very symbolic in dreams as it brings our awareness to mother earth. This is the symbol of power, nurturing, fertility, protection and feminine instincts. Dreaming of drinking milk indicate of good health and health improvements. Similar to breast milk this is the nourishment of the feminine or mother nature.If the milk is spoiled in your dream it suggests you are not nurturing the right parts of the unconscious feminine. Milk from a cow is considered sacred bringing you protection from the gods. In Hinduism, milk is connected to the divine and therefore be protected and venerated. The cow has also been associated with various deities such as Shiva. Millions of Hindus revere and worship cows as a sacred animal as it provides life sustaining milk.


If you dream that you are milking a cow suggests milking someone or something. Milking can also represent that you are the one being milked. If you watch somebody else milk the cow means that you are the one being taken for a ride.


If you see or drink a milkshake in your dream imply s that you are not very happy with the direction of your life. At this given moment your life feels shook up a bit. Somebody who is very close to you my be overwhelming at times.


If you ever dream about a mill means that you are improving with your social skills. Still remain mature and don’t let the small things get to you. A mill represents transformation so good things are ready to come your way, just be patient.


Depending the context millions can go either way. For a dream to win a million dollars represents good luck and fortune coming their way. To dream of million of ants represents hard work, structure and organization to get things done. If you notice million of spiders represents the creative, mother, feminine and negative emotions.


To dream of meeting a millionaire connects the material wealth and gain, or relates to the egos wants and desires. An image that might make you question if money means everything to you. Women who dream of a millionaire might be connected to their inner masculine or what Jung referenced to as the animus.


Millipedes or centipedes have a duel meaning attached to it. However the dreamer interacts with it whether it is positive or negative will alter the meaning. Sometimes it may connect the dreamer to ward off bad luck as its the bringer of fortune. While at other times relates to unconscious fears that tend to creep up fast.

Missing Flight

These dreams suggest you are not ready nor prepared in your personal life to reach the next stage. The next destination is waiting for you but something is blocking you from getting there.


Mirrors are very symbolic in our dreams as it connects with inner reflection. However, most of what is seen can scare the dreamer because many things about their personality remain unconscious to them. A negative omens are often associated with broken or cracked mirrors representing loss or damage.


To see a mockingbird in your dream could imply cockiness, mocking or cleverness. Birds are symbols of transition and movements, though it in this case it may become a metaphor for being mocked by someone?


Mold is a negative dream symbol implying something that is left hidden that has potential to be harmful to you. It grows and feeds in dark areas; the location give you an idea where this negative energy resides. To dream of moldy bread represents negative issues relating to emotional nourishment or biological needs. Moldy skin mirrors negative aspects of your image or personal security.


Dreams of this nature are signs that you are being taken advantage of, or relates to a violation with your personal space and emotions. It is not uncommon for family members, friends or unknown people to do this to them in their dreams. However, if these dreams occur from past events we suggest you seek medical help.


Money in dreams also symbolizes your finances, energy, personal values, image and feelings of security. In our dreams we are commonly known to count, receive, gain, lose or deposit this value currency. What does money mean to you? A feeling that can apply to your life; a symbol of loss or gain to this strong emotion attached.


These dreams can be both a positive and negative symbol depending the context in the dream. Monkeys are swift the have the ability to communicate, cause trouble, protect what is theirs and intuition. There need to explore and climb high to oversee any danger. A symbol that can be connected to your own curiosity, or perhaps a representation of self-indulgence and rebellion.


Dreaming of a monster relates to our hidden fears and anxieties that we do not recognize in our lives. They will chase you and become more and more scary to get your attention to what you are ignoring. Monsters or any type of scary creature might be connected with the ‘shadow’ the repressed unknown parts of our minds.


Your relationship or interaction with the feminine will determine how the moon appears in your dream. If our bodies are comprised mainly of water, the moon becomes a powerful force that either pulls or pushes us away. Heavily connected with the dreamer emotional state, cycles, feelings and intuition; connecting back to the relationship with the mother, these feelings are always unconscious. The moon can be your friend our your worst enemy – connects to the dark shadow side of the dreamer encouraging them to explore these traits. According to Carl Jung the moon was the dark place for souls; the mysterious dark desires pulling out our madness. Connected with the feminine dreaming of the moon bring our awareness to overpowering attraction, menstrual cycle and the sensual.


The moose brings the dreamers attention to their masculine energy. A symbol that can apply to both males and females; the moose living in the forest or wilderness suggests this powerful force is unconscious. Observing them implies you are in harmony with this energy, whereas being attacked shows a weakness. Dreaming of a baby moose shows new development of this inner energy.


The mother represents the nurturing side of the dreamer that connects with the feminine, moon or inner child. Depending on your relationship with your mom she is known to morph in various ways in your dream. Having arguments, noticing a sick or injured mother mirrors the relationship and inner feelings that are damaged. A mans inner feminine or anima reflects their own inner feelings that can either be healthy or underdeveloped based off of the past relationship.

Mother Dead Appearing

Your dead mother might appear for many reasons in your dream, either you made actual contact or these are memories stored in your unconscious mind.


Mops relate to cleaning up aspects of our minds/psyche that need sorting out.

Moor or Swamp

This could how you are emotionally feeling right now? Dreams like this are indications of the dark and depressed aspect of yourself that remain unconscious. A symbol that targets stuck or stagnant emotions.


Death dreams have positive symbolism relating to rebirth, the old you is now dying off. Death mirrors new beginnings that is currently taking place in your life as you are undergoing a personal transformation. This can apply to friends, family and relationships as well hinting at change.


Moths similar to butterfly goes through the same metamorphosis process. They are very symbolic in our dreams because they bring your awareness to transformation. Unlike the butterfly the moth focuses on possible psychic abilities, moon, messages and darkness. They are attracted towards the light hence the folklore surrounds it with the dead. The darkness brings us close to personal transformation that needs struggle in darkness to obtain enlightenment. The personal journey through the shadow side as the search for the eternal flame. Moths are known for their camouflages skills – the ability to blend in with their surroundings.


Motorcycles in dreams are symbols of freedom, vigorous force, excitement and male raw power. The image connects to our rebellious side, wanting a thrill as change might be heading your way. Alternatively, a motorcycle is also symbolic of raw sexuality, implying power is between the legs. How you handle the bike determines how you are approaching this situation in life.


The mountain connects to divine inspiration, and it is the focus of pilgrimages of transcendence and spiritual elevation. Cultural traditions feel its ascent was relates with purification and refinement – as in the ascent to heaven, or a holy mountain. Alternatively, mountains symbolize self-achievement and introspection, while the top (peek) of mountain is always a specific goal. Your current life situations, spiritual advancement and emotional obstacles appear as the mountain and your progress or struggle is your clue.

Mountain Lion

A wild feminine energy that is known to live in solitude in the wild. When these powerful cats come down from these unknown foreign areas of your mind they bring a very powerful message, often what is unconscious to the dreamer. Their main purpose would be for you to make something conscious within you, hence why they often appear close to the home. They are known to be very aggressive once they are not understood — a symbol that belongs to you or others that poses a threat.


Mice are considered bad omens signifying pestering thoughts, negative forces or fears in your life. Mice show up as a warning that relates to your insides and outside world. Positive omens are when the mice leave the house, found dead, or killed by the dreamer.

Mutual Dreaming

Did you experience the same dream as your partner, friend or family member? These are very symbolic vivid dream that tell us more about your empathic nature or psychic gift.


A closer connection to God, feelings towards your religion or connecting you to your soul. This could be a metaphoric dream relating to what you stand for, the structure of your psyche.


Dreams like this might have to do with how you communicate, how we express our emotions and expression. Negative dreams about the mouth when you have stuff in your mouth, pulling things out of your mouth, or sewn shut represents toxic behaviors. A lot of these issues remain unconscious so the dream is informing you to pay attention to your words.


A very common dream symbol that reflects a lack of clearly and movement. A metaphoric symbol for something sticky and stagnant in your life where you don’t want to be stuck or have on you. We try to avoid it as much as possible.


Dreams being in a museum are might be connected to the collective unconscious of the dreamer. Remember this is a place where we go to where historical items and other valuables are stored. Way before our time we are looking at what used to be.


Murder dreams are often seen as symbol of abrupt emotional endings that have been cut off. The meaning alters depending if you are the one being murdered, having to witness, or if you are the one murdering someone. These are generally vivid or graphic dreams mirror unconscious feelings of aggression, anger and conflict in life.


Mushrooms in dreams are powerful omens relating to the spirits, visionary and the underworld. It’s message unfolds in a metaphoric manner based off its use and how it develops – something magical that grows in the darkest parts of your mind. A symbol that encourages the dreamer to either reach or develop a high state of consciousness in order to transform. Due to their phallus shape it may imply male fertility or the Gods. They are commonly found attached to the dreamers skin or head.


When you dream of hearing music it connects to your emotion state of mind, inner happiness, and inner awareness. The type of music determines your mood or atmosphere in some way in your life. If you are playing music it is a symbol that encourages you to tap into your creative energies – the type of instrument played would be metaphoric mirror for what to explore.


Dreaming of your muscles might be an indication of strength in ones life.


A symbol that can be connected with the feminine; a symbol of birth, good fortune, and resurrection. It resides in the deep parts of the water thus connecting it with emotions or the unconscious side of the dreamer – cooking or eating muscles can be considered a positive omen.


Could be a play on words “must stash” something. For the most part this would be a symbol of creativity.

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3 months ago

Can’t find anywhere can someone help me my daughter had a dream last night that she was blowing mice out of her nose..that’s all she can remember about her dream

2 years ago

I had a dream last night that I walked into the bathroom and saw a nude girl with wet hair (maybe just had gotten out of the shower)… when she turned around I realized it was myself and I was crying . I was staring myself into the eyes and all I could to myself say was “it’s me” … Unsure what this means but it was freaky seeing myself like that

2 years ago

I had a dream that i went back in time and was a cult leader. I didn’t want to hurt people but I thought the other cult leaders would kill me if I tried to stop them, so i had to pretend I was evil. I asked someone if they would die for me and they stepped in front of a train and well. Died. After that everything was kind of unclear and I don’t remember well but I eventually disbanded the cult but the other cult leaders eyes stared into my soul and I don’t understand the whole dream… Read more »

Dawn Zavala
Dawn Zavala
2 years ago

I had a dream about a week ago that my boyfriend was trying to steal missiles to end the world. I tried to stop him and another man that I’ve never seen before and my boyfriend pushed me and I fell down the missile silo and looking up at him I hit the bottom and everything went blurry and I woke up. What does this mean?

Aurielle Phelps
Aurielle Phelps
2 years ago

So I had a dream of this YouTube couple from the UK and me them and my family were at Walmart checking out when I left to go grab one more thing ,a big cinnamon bun and my mom said absolutely not,and the boyfriend gave me a flirty hug and said he would get it for me and my mom looked annoyed,but I was really happy and we left into a nice sized van,then I woke up.what does this mean somebody tell me please.

Z ikram
Z ikram
3 years ago

I dreamt of a pair of mutilated legs from the knee down. Not my legs but someone else. The feet were pushing me away at one point then I carried the legs around not knowing what to do with them. Horrific ! Any ideas please?

Z ikram
Z ikram
Reply to  The Dreamer
3 years ago

Thank you for your analysis. i agree about the support system. Very interesting. Thank you!

3 years ago

This afternoon i had this dream, it starts abruptly and my aunt is informing me that my cousin is getting engaged that very day, who ia already married in real life and it’s a recent event. The cousin’s younger brother meanwhile asks me to whip cream and bake a cake for him to which i agree. I take the cream out from the fridge. Right at the moment, this guy that i am kind of in love with (real life) appears and asks if i cam go out with him. So i agree thinking I’ll be able to manage time… Read more »

Carol miller
Carol miller
3 years ago

I had a dream that my father wanted me to make ties out of this weird fabric. I had to put some kind of coating on it to shape the tie. He told me he wanted pine cones on one but was showing me the pine tree branches. He walked to a door and entered a room from a long hall. Next thing I know he is sticking his arm through a wall and shaking the fabric at me so I will finish his tie. It was a dark teal color fabric. Then I woke. #2. Next day. I dreamed… Read more »

3 years ago

Where’s Music? While thinking on that, perhaps a personal interpretation of this? I dreamt a close friend was playing a massive glockenspiel combined with drums, and to my surprise he played beautifully. He then sang and that was good at that too. (I play strings, but not a glock, and my friend doesn’t play, but is very dear to me).

4 years ago

I dreamed that i went camping with my mom,dad and my cousin
The next day in the dream we all got out of the tent and my dad tryed to pick the tent with a pick up truck but a bear was in the tent and my cousin ran thrugh the woods when a porcupine fell and kissed him on the nose. What does this mean.

Krristine Fourman
Krristine Fourman
4 years ago

I dream a lot of of getting lost when I’m trying to get home.

4 years ago

I dream about meteors suddenly pass by then I wish for my love ones to be in good health then again one passby then more and form into like a snow flakes and so nice color on it just like sparkling rainbow that floating in the air

Chris Rainey
Chris Rainey
4 years ago

Last night i dreamt of a meteorite, it looked like it’d landed many years ago and the people just built their house round it and it was in their back garden on show as you walked past the place, walking past this area very familiar to me, but slightly different, there was also bathroom tiles on the meteorite and then i woke up and got the feeling i’d seen this before in my dreams. Looking at the info on this subject matter, i get the idea from the site that massive changes are to come?, but does it mean because… Read more »

4 years ago

I could see the view of earth from space and there were shooting stars, or meteors everywhere. Not in a destructive way, it was beautiful like a show. I woke up and hoped on Twitter to see nasa talking about the spectacular meteor show that happened last night…. this wasn’t a dream of the future it was a dream about what was happening in real time…. I really still can’t believe it. I haven’t seen or heard anything about meteors recently to influence this type of dream….

Chris Rainey
Chris Rainey
Reply to  Anastasia
4 years ago

Interesting, you may find my meteorite story of interest also.

12 years ago

This is for the ‘marriage’ section. I dreamt I was with a friend and her fiance, and we were just hanging out, and he proposed to me. Everyone was fine with it, and they called off the wedding to prepare for ours. It was weird, but I didn’t feel bad about it, and nobody tried to make me feel bad about it, either.

12 years ago

I had a dream that i was getting married to my current boyfriend, the actual room was lovely but outside those doors it was a hair dying factory and i got clumsy and did something to one of the machines then i go back into the room to find out (from a friend) that my boyfriend had walked out of the wedding. i frankly ran around the whole warehouse estate and started bursting into tears when i couldn’t find him because there was a memory in my head of his favorite place to go but i just couldn’t remember, then… Read more »

12 years ago

we woke up and getting ready to get out of the house and my little boy start shouting there’s was a bug on the wall and we was pretending to shoot it because he play a game with guns… OK and I didn’t have my glasses on me so I yell at my husband to go and check what my boy was talking about when I go and get my glasses and see millipedes coming from everywhere and we were trying to get out of the house but all the millipedes were coming around the doorknob and don’t let us… Read more »