Dreaming of Sewage

Dreams about sewage are very symbolic that connects the dreamer to their unconscious emotional state. The underground system is unknown or not viable to the dreamer but it contains all the negative or rejected parts of their past. The importance of sewage in your dreams reflects your current mental state of mind that is need to be cleansed or flushed out.

Depending the condition of the sewage, location and people around you are all hints when it comes to decoding your dream. You will need to investigate your shadow – repressed or rejected aspects of your personality as well as the negative emotional build up.

Sewage Dreams Meaning

The dream language uses symbols and images as metaphors reflecting aspects of yourself you might be unaware of. The image of the sewage connects the dreamer to the unconscious mind, all of the rejected feelings and emotions.

The sewage line is connected to your house that is a manifestation of the psyche or mind of the dreamer. The toilet is a representation of the metaphoric psychological waste that you release.

Essentially when you notice sewage you are confronting the raw emotions or negative past that is still residing in your mind.  You might be holding or still not letting go of what needed to be cleansed a long time ago. The condition of the sewage can imply how much is backed up with the dreamer.

If you are swimming in sewage it brings your attention to negative thoughts and worries that you are currently dealing with. Walking in sewage however implies dealing with a negative situation that will effect your emotional state of mind.

  • Unsettled fears or anxieties,
  • Shame or guilt,
  • Stagnant feelings & emotions,
  • Rejected and unknown;
  • Negative thoughts and memories.

Dreams of overflowing raw sewage suggests that build up that can no longer be held in. Essentially these are good symbols once recognized. You will need to investigate where the build up is occurring in your life. Your reaction to the sewage helps you understand how you will approach this problem.

Sewage Dream Symbolism

Often times sewage brings our focus on the hidden dangers or unconscious aspects of oneself. These are parts of the personality that you don’t want to identify with – unknown urges, behaviors, fears, low self esteem; and false beliefs.

The sewage is the place where all of these emotions or feeling hide as you go on in your daily life. The mask you wear hides you from the truth; in your dreams the sewage is a representation of what hidden.