Dreaming of Goats

Goats in dreams often point the dreamer towards good luck, balance, agility, urges, masculine energy and enduring difficult times. Though, in some cases the goat is known to turn on the dreamer by either attacking or chasing them suggesting an imbalance or a resistance to something.

Like most dream symbols that emerge in our dreams they often contain both positive and negative elements; goats in particular are very powerful omens that are symbolically mentioned in the Abrahamic faiths. Alternatively, a goat might just suggest you are the greatest of all time G.O.A T in a particular area in your life.

Understanding the nature of the goat in your dream helps determine if these qualities reflect aspects of yourself that remain unconscious to you. The goat in your dream will help you figure out if you are reaching your goals or going against them.

Goat Symbolism In Dreams

  • gentle and mild-mannered,
  • shy, but stable,
  • sympathetic, with a strong sense of kind heartedness
  • the ability to reach your goals in difficult times with no fear
  • going off track
  • sinning or misbehaving

Goat Dream Meaning

Good Climbers: Goats are known to climb mountains and trees with ease. While we might be afraid of these heights a goat signifies courage. This might be a symbol reflecting on reaching impossible goals.

Agility And Balance: Goats might be seen high up with little foot room to maneuver. They could be a metaphor reflecting how you move throughout difficult areas with craftiness and skill.

Gentle And Stubborn: Do you know anybody who fits this description? Could these traits be unconscious to you? They are known to be very social and need to be around friend or else they get depressed.

Milk Producers: Often overlooked in dreams, though goat milk is one of the most popular milks in the world. Milk represent life and the feminine, suggesting at new life.

Following The Herd: You will notice that goats are told what to do and similar to sheep when it comes to herding. Do you follow the crowd?

Negative Goat Dreams

If a Goat Is Biting you in your dream it becomes a negative symbol relating to lust, vanity, repressed urges, ego driven behaviours. Alternatively,  goats that bite you in your dream may represent egotistical people that you associate yourself around.

A Black Goat in your dream connects to the SHADOW side of the dreamer; repressed or ignored feelings, impulses, urges that are stored in the unconsciousness. The purpose of the color for you to shed light on what has been ignored.

If you come across a Brown Goat in your dream it becomes a  symbol of earth, wholesomeness, vitality, elegance, security, grounding, foundations, and stability. In most all cases to dream of a White Goat represents purity, good luck and balance.

Killing A Goat in your dreams might be hinting at sacrifice, or killing off unconscious aspects of yourself that were once repressed. It could suggest taking down someone who has these traits. How you killed it, and for what purpose alters the meaning of the dream.

A Goats that gives Birth is often called a ‘kid’, or ‘billy’ are positive dream symbol that signify abundance for the future. This is something that will take time to develop.

Goats In The Bible

Ezekiel 34:17 – “As for you, My flock, thus says the Lord GOD, ‘Behold, I will judge between one sheep and another, between the rams and the male goats.

Goats have a very bad reputation in the bible. Like dreams, goats appears as parables and metaphors relating to false Gods or fallen angel. The story of Azazel, is a scapegoat, fallen angel burdened with the sins of others and cast away.

In short, Azazel was telling people forbidden knowledge and causing trouble. So why did they use the goat to represent him? Basically goats are notorious to go there own way and not follow like the sheep.

Goats are symbols of people that go their own way in life. Sometimes we all stray off track but God wants us to come back on the right path. Your dream will provide you with clues that will help you figure out who and what made you go down the wrong path.

Does this mean you are bad? No humans are not perfect and we can use the goat as a lesson to head back on the right path in life.