Dreams about Skin

In short, dreams about skin represent the protective barriers between you and the world that you interact with. Skin becomes a metaphoric symbol that mirrors parts of your identity in which you display to others which is always hidden from the dreamer. Interestingly enough, the emotions expressed  in your dream suggests whether you are a thick or thin skinned person pertaining to a particular matter.

In most cases dreams about our skin tend to be extremely vivid or grotesque themes that often make you wonder if you are starring in a horror movie. In fact common skin dreams are often displayed by the dreamer peeling off hand or feet, getting burns, seeing scales, diseases/infection, having animal skin, or even things moving under your skin.

Skin Dream Interpretation

Depending on what happens to your skin will alter the meaning. For example, if you were pulling something out of your skin it will contain a different interpretation than someone whos skin was burnt.

Do You Want Your Dream Analyzed? 

Behind the meaning of your skin contains an underlying message for you to pay attention to something that still remains unconscious. If this is not properly addressed these uncomfortable dreams will continue to occur and become more and more vivid in the future. The good news is once you are able to find the problem you will not only become a mentally tougher person but live a better life. Are you up for the challenge?

Skin Dream Meaning: Self Assessment

Skin dreams encourage the dreamer to investigate parts irritable parts of their personality, your emotional state of mind, and how you process feelings from your outside environment.

Are you often told to have thicker skin? Since dreams love to use metaphors to send messages you might be someone who is highly sensitive, takes offence easily, or is hypersensitive to criticism. Similarly, a thin-skinned person gets emotionally hurt more way more often than an average person. In fact, you may even fear rejection, disappointment and failure so much that it shows on your (skin) personality. As much as think  you are protecting yourself on an unconscious level you are mentally being eaten alive.

  • Aggregable personality type
  • Holds on to grudges
  • Unable to set or has week boundaries
  • You absorb negative elements from your outside world
  • Ego is under attack
  • Can’t take a joke or lack confidence

Locations or people that surround you in your dream become clues that might point to the area of concern. Though in most cases this can be seen at home representing the mind of the dreamer or in front of a mirror implying self reflection.

Dreaming Of Your Skin Peeling or Falling Off?

Dreaming of your skin peeling represents  exploring a problem one layer (step) at a time, to thoroughly understand what’s causing the trouble. A symbol that tells the dreamer to find better ways to protect themselves in toxic environments or to be less thin skinned as its getting to you mentally. Could it suggest you are hypersensitive in dealing with criticism or negative feedback? Perhaps you react strongly to sensory stimuli coming from your outside environments?

Skin that peels off your hands in your dream represents issues relating to how you express yourself in action or relationships. Dreaming of your skin peeling off on your feet is directed to slow downs in your movement, rough patch in life, or problems with your support system or values.

Dreaming Of Skin Disease, Rashes or Infection

Any sort of skin disease or infection in your dream represents how being mentally weak will show to others. Unconscious feelings of insecurities, shortcomings, behaviors are showing to other people – infections show negative feelings on the inside that metaphorically protrudes on the outside. Skin rashes in your dream represents minor irritabilities that need to be examined in your life.

Dreaming Of Burnt Skin

Burning skin in your dream is a bit different than the other interpretations. Burnt skin in your dream represents getting to close to something that is dangerous in your life. Whatever you got close to is a warning to protect you emotionally from this person or situation.

Pulling Things Out Of Skin Dream

Pulling things out of your skin in your dream represents unconscious fears, weaknesses and anxieties that have managed to mentally affect your life. It is not uncommon to dream of pulling or removing maggots, worms, eggs, bugs that dwell in the depths of your feelings.

Dreaming of Skin Changing Colors

Like a chameleon your skin may change colors to represent blending in or adapting to your environments. These dreams might emerge suggesting to show your true colors or not being true to yourself.

Dreaming of Animal Skin

Dreaming of animal skin directs the person’s attention towards their unconscious drives, behaviors, urges and instincts that are not understood. The type of animal might direct you towards the answer.

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Brianna Lanely
Brianna Lanely
11 months ago

Ok but what does it mean if I chew the skin off my hands in my dream