Dreams Starting With J


Dreaming of jabbing someone signifies you are jabbing your own confidence or relating to aspects of your relationship. Jabs are seen as negative dream symbols that are passive in nature, a symbol to look out for aggressive tactics used on you.


The jackal close affiliation to the wolf might reflect unconscious masculine aspects that can either be good and bad; or reflecting a person who behaves in an opportunistic way. The jackal was considered a very powerful image relating to the ancient Egyptian god Anubis – a connection with the afterlife and mummification. They are also known in our dreams to keep evil away from us.

Jackfruit Tree

Trees are very symbolic images relating to personal growth, life, the great mother rooted in earth; feminine and nourishment. The jackfruits tropical nature connects with the sun or masculine energy representing new inner growth. If you are eating a jackfruit it represents fertility, large growth and success.

Jack In The Box

A dream involving a jack in the box represents a new sudden surprise in your life. Closely affiliated with the Trickster character, or the mischievous side of your personality that startles people for your own amusement.

Jack O’ Lantern

A Jack O Lantern present in your dream indicates is a positive symbol of protection that bad energies or evil spirits that harm you.


A jackdaw is a type of crow. If you dream of this bird it symbolizes death, not always of a person but a situation. They are also very intelligent however depending the context they can bring bad luck.


An article of clothing that represents protection to your identity with your surroundings. Jackets main purpose is to prevent the dreamer from becoming cold, thus reflecting cold or negative emotions from other people in your life. Wearing a fur coat in your dream represents protection from your animalistic side.


Dreaming of a jackhammer indicates your need to shatter your past in order to develop a strong present. It could may also be affiliated with a phallic symbol – the constant hard penetration to break though.


To dream of hitting the jackpot is a very positive dream symbol relating to financial success, luck and prosperity. Chances are you will get lucky in some aspect of your life that can be both related to your inside and outside world. If you dream about winning the jackpot on a slot machine implies after many failed attempts you will get lucky.


The dream of a jacuzzi symbolizes hot and stagnant emotions that are building up within. On the flip side jacuzzi may also be seen a symbol of relaxation and self-indulgence – time to emotionally unwind and go with the flow.


Seeing jade in your dream is considered a very lucky symbol . It represents peace, development, and immortality, luck, happiness, blessings, and fortune.


Jaguar is a Native American word meaning, “he who kills with one blow”, a powerful dream symbol that connects to the instinctual, intuition and feminine side to the dreamer. A rare find that lurks in the hidden jungle of your unconsous mind. It’s behaviour determines how well you understand your own self. Some may run while other observe its movements.


Dreaming of jails are metaphoric for what might be going on in your life at the moment. Jail in dreams often manifest as emotions, relationships or personal mobility that is restricted. The police act as symbols of authority, something that has power over your movements. Inside the jail is the time the dreamer reflects and changes when he or she gets out.


If you are a jailer in your dream it represents your unconscious behaviors to dominate others. If you see a jailer it implies you feel as if someone or something is trying to control you.


Dreaming of jam represents you are caught in a situation; a metaphor for being in a jam or some sort. To dream of a traffic jam suggests blockages in your movements – cars symbolize the dreamers drive or path ahead that has slowed down or hardly moving.


A janitor symbolizes some sort of unconscious clean up, or your unwillingness to come clean and sort through past problems.


What does japan mean to you? Does it make you think about technology, spiritually, or mediation? In most cases dreams about going to Japan are positive symbols representing new transitions life that might make you feel out of place, or unable to understand. What you do and how you interact in this city will determine the outcome of this new place in your mind or in reality. To dream of Japanese food represents contentment or a play on words such as “sue” or “she”. To dream of a Japanese man for women connects to her animus (see animus) link to the inner masculine representing respect and honor.


Jars in dreams often represents the important things that we keep confined for security and shelter. In dreams it is common to notice a broken jar that represents a loss of clarity and focus that was once contained. Noticing a jar of honey is a very symbolic dream indicating good luck or beneficial resources that have been accumulating over time.


Jasmine dreams symbolize satisfaction and happiness that won’t last long. At least you are experiencing love and pure bliss but enjoy it while it lasts.


Are you seeing yellow or are you yellow? If you cannot see clearly in your dream because of the disease it indicates you cannot think properly. If your skin is yellow it represents a metaphorical illness on the inside such as jealousy.


If you dream you are stabbed by a javelin, your unconscious is warning you that something is a threat to your safety.


The jaw is a very powerful omen relating to how the dreamer digests the contexts of their outside world. Seen as a symbol of inner strength and purpose can emerge both as a negative or positive symbol depending what takes place. Jaws link with communication (mouth) might clench to keep things closed from getting out. Jaws that are dislocated in your dream might have to do with bad speech patterns or issues with their identity.


Something looks nice and fascinating but the surface is too hard to crack and manage. However, if you manage to crack it then you are able to overcome obstacles in your life.


You seem to think you are king or queen and you can do whatever you please. Dreaming of a jaybird represents egotistical and conceited attitude.


Dreams of jealousy is often a representation of your own unconscious feelings of inadequacy. If your friend becomes jealous of you in your dream it may mirror actual unconscious feelings or behaviors that are projected on you. If you are jealous of a friend in your dream it suggest you are unable to admit you admire these traits that you want within yourself.


Wearing jeans in your dream may simply be a reflection of protection, identity and how you navigate in life. Many clues will unfold as you may notice the color, style or if they are ripped or not in your dream. If your jeans are ripped it suggest parts about the worn down parts of your movements that need to be changed. Alternatively, jeans might be a play on words for “genes”, the basic physical and functional unit of heredity.

Jekyll and Hyde

These images are symbols of your up and down movement or the duality between your persona at home as opposed to work.


Dreaming of being a Jedi is a symbol of peace relating to both your internal and external world. A powerful symbol representing good over evil and your quest to find the truth.


Like a car the jeep is a symbol of movement or the future path of the dreamer. It’s ability to maneuver in tough terrine implies your own inner drive is built for any sort of condition that lies ahead.


A negative symbol mirroring aspects of your personality that others can see through. A symbol of inner fragility, instability, uncertainty and weakness.


Dreaming of a jellyfish appear to bring our awareness to the emotional unconscious part of ourselves. Something is surfacing that has the ability to sting or damage you. They may come as a warning of aggression of things that you can see through, or relates to your emotional unconscious behaviors.


To see a jester in your dream indicates that trivial matters and silly pastimes will divert your attention from more important issues. Alternatively, a jester represents embarrassment in some situation or something to make you laugh when needed. They are connected to the trickster archetype.


Visions of Jesus are profound dreams that contain a symbolic message coded in his appearance, communication and facial expressions. Jesus emerges in your dream to be a symbol of strength, protection and unconditional love. The dream will contain secret knowledge reserved for the dreamer only that could be interpreted metaphorically.


Like planes a jet is a symbol of advancement but at a very fast pace. Jets in dreams can be considered a very symbolic yet positive symbol if all goes well on the flight. It reflects aspects of your relationships, career and major transitions in your life.

Jet Ski

Dreaming of being of a jet ski suggests enjoying new emotional thrills in your life. Though, below the surface remains the deeper parts of your emotions, something that needs to be discovered instead of just being on the surface.


When you dream of jewelry it is a powerful omen that can be both positive and negative. Often times these dreams can be unconscious to the dreamer, but can be very beneficial once decoded. If you dream of receiving jewelry it might suggest luck is on the way. If the jewelry is damaged it represents inability to attain things you want in life. Ultimately the dream is advising you to shape up because you are going nowhere.

Jewelry Box

A jewelry box symbolizes hidden treasures that reside deep within you. What Carl Jung called the golden shadow relating to withheld courage, hidden talents, repressed desires that need to come out. Boxes are known to be symbols in our dreams that contain hidden memories from our past. Something very valuable has now entered your life (see jewelry & box in the search bar).


Jewelry represents discovery a sense of self worth that has been hidden within you for so long. A powerful symbol reflecting luck and happiness that will soon be unfolding in your life soon.

Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle in your dream suggests a need for order in your life. It means that you need to find the missing pieces to make sense of the confusion that is currently taking place in your life.


Dreams are often known to be attacked or fight a Jinn inside their house in dreams. Usually these spirits or demons represent unconscious negative forces that seem to possess the dreamer. This is not an actual possession but rather a metaphoric one relating to bad behaviors, negative traits, addictions and negative emotions. Once it is in your house it becomes a part of the mind or psyche of the dreamer. Once you are fighting the jinn it becomes a positive symbol that you have now made this unknown force conscious to you.


Any sort of host or parasitic bug that that is known to burrows into a person’s skin and suck the blood is a negative symbol. Jiggers can be seen as people, negative thoughts or unknown behaviors that drain you emotionally.


It is very common to dream of our work, coworkers and boss that usually contains multiple meanings. Often times when unresolved issues arise they tend to manifest its way in our dreams. If you dream about your old job it might emerge to reflect similar parallels with your new job or emotions expressed. Going in for a job interview in your dream represents a new chance or transition in your life; this however would be depending on how the interview went. To dream of losing your job my reflect repressed fears, insecurity or preparing for a real case scenario.


You have been confident in yourself lately and the dream represents you have reached a high point in life.


Dreaming of a jockstrap suggests your position of susceptibility in a sexual circumstance. On the other hand it means that you are guarding yourself from any hurt that could be caused from a relationship.


Jogging in your dream represents the “middle” speed, or the amount of energy used to complete a task. Like walking or running it becomes a symbol of movement also your path. If you dream of jogging with someone it represents a guide or helper that will comfort and assist you along this journey.


To feel or notice your joints in your dream, represent flexibility. It refers to a give and take situation and the need to work together as a team. To dream that you are having joint problems, suggest that things are not coming together the way you want it to. You are experiencing difficulties in your progress.


A dream of you telling a joke represents how people perceive you but you want them to take you seriously. Alternatively you could be the one who cannot stop fooling around and take your responsibilities seriously. If you hear a joke it means you are doing things that serve no purpose. Otherwise if you are overwhelmed lately then the dream is trying to give you an escape and make you laugh a bit.


The joker is the dark side to your personality often called The Shadow. What might make jokes on behalf of other people’s suffering the shadow archetype belongs in every person, often rearing its ugly head in unconsous ways. The mask is unusually the dreamers persona or how they appear to others.


Look at what is written in the journal and see how it relates to your waking life. If you write or read a journal it symbolizes that you wish you could go back in history and alter things so you could do better. On the other hand the dream could just mean that you are reminiscing.


Dreaming of a journey implies growth and understanding of you. Whatever your journey your unconscious is telling you what to expect and to persevere. If you go on a journey with your friends it represents social change. It could also mean that those friends are going to help you along your way of discovering what is in store for you.


Jousting has a very sexual connotation in your dream. On the other hand it means you need to confront a problem head on and strengthen your will power.


A dream of being in a joyous state signifies blissful and peaceful relations with people you care about in your waking life.


Dreaming of a jubilee represents happiness in new beginnings.


Dreaming of a judge can imply that you might be feeling guilty, or that your actions have consequences. You may want to reflect on your behaviors in your walking life and see if can make sense out of it. If feelings of insecurity arise in your life being judged by the jury could also be metaphoric. If you are found guilty than your actions will be a direct result of being in trouble.


You want approval from others in order for you to progress. The judgment in your dream is one which is required in your life.


To dream of a water jug represents confinements or a reservation of your emotions.


Juggling in dreams reflects your ability to multitask to get the job done. Only a few can perfect this talent an balance so juggling becomes a very positive symbol.


A jukebox is a positive dream omen that can be decoded metaphorically. The songs that are played or seen on the jukebox become a metaphoric message designed by the dreamer. Music is a powerful omen hinting or inviting things in your life that will soon come to fruition.


Depending the context of your dream the image of jumping can be seen as both a negative and positive symbol. To jump is often reflected as taking a chance or relates to the opportunities we take in our life. What you jump over or off will alter the meaning. Jumping over water correlates with the dreamers emotions, perhaps a symbol of avoiding the depths or what lies below. Jumping off a building represents leaving or escaping from your beliefs, principles or what has been created by you. Jumping over a pit reflects avoid dangerous situation that can suck you into the depths of the unknown. To jump over a fence is a positive symbol that implies making a firm decision.

Jumping Jacks

A dream of doing jumping jacks symbolizes how you deal with things and you need to learn how to make steady pace for your life to be more organized.

Jumping High

Jumping high in our dream is a positive symbol that connects to new found goals, awareness, advancement and spiritual ascension. It’s close connection with flying tells you how symbolic the meaning is, however dreamers are known to reach the top and float. Floating is sometimes connected to outer body experiences, astral projection and lucid dreaming. Often times we jump high and float. See jumping dreams for more information.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope in your dream represents your ability to maneuver through life obstacles as they come swinging at you.


The jungle is a very symbolic place that resides in the dreams unconscious mind. A dense unexplored area that contains hidden mysteries and gems, but a place you can easily get lost and die. Like a forest what is found inside this area can be both rewarding or dangerous. The reason why animals are commonly found in the jungle in our dreams as it becomes a representation of our primate side – behaviors, instincts and urges are masked by animals wanting to be understood.


If you dream of junk it represents the necessity of tossing out the bad and old things in your lifestyle. This could be anything from built up emotions to memories that no longer serve you.

Junk Mail

Dreaming of junk mail suggests that minor problems in life would go away once you deal with them so stop worrying about them so much.


Dreaming of a junkyard represents your minds trash. All your hidden emotions, old traditions and habits are all tossed in that junkyard. The dream is just telling you to dump those old ways and move on to new things.


If you dream of Jupiter it either symbolizes your creative, wisdom and feminine energy. The plant is the protector of mother earth by absorbing the debris from the universe. Jupiter is known to protect the feminine energy in our dreams and balance.


Being on trial in front of a jury represents feelings of being evaluated by others. This is because you constantly are worried about what people think of you. If you dream of being part of a jury then you have a tendency to look at peoples actions and scrutinize them. Do you feel that you have to prove yourself innocent; or you are guilty?


If you dream of being treated justly then you feel that you are not being treated as such in your waking life.

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12 years ago

My dream was about a jaguar. In different situations I was the jaguar and seeing through its perspective, other times I was the jaguar but I saw myself. The jaguar was in a pool ( this all looked slightly cartoonish) and it was trying to go after this one guy. Whenever it saw him it would attack him. I think in one part they were in a regular room , but still with water, and the young man ( still alot older than me) walked in and saw a woman and child which I presume was his. As soon as… Read more »