Dreaming of Old Friends

Dreaming of an old friend or acquaintance in your dream is one of the most commonly searched dreams on google.  But most of these dream have nothing to do with your old friends and has more to do with you.

Believe it or not but these ‘old friends’ or ‘classmates‘ are usually masked by our past experiences, feelings or memories that might be resurfacing in your life at the present moment. Some recent event or familiar setting might in fact be mimicking something related in your friendships, transitions and personality.

Old Friend Dreams

Dreaming of old friends encourages the dreamer to reflect on why they are no longer friends with this person. What were you like when you used to hang out with this person and what has changed? Perhaps you are in search for a friend with these same charactericts.

Old Friends Dream Meaning Clues

  1. Do you miss the old days when things used to be different?
  2. Are you growing apart from your current friends?
  3. How did they make you feel when you guys hung out?
  4. What fond memories did you guys have together?
  5. Did this person make you happy or annoyed you?
  6. Are you out growing a friendship

Old Friends Dream Meaning

Old friends in our dreams are commonly known to appear and disappear during different stages our lives. Growing apart from friends happens to everybody as it’s a natural part of life. You change, your friends change, and over time you find that you have less and less to talk about. But your dream is sending you a message coded within these fond memories or past you once shared together.

Think back during the time when you expressed certain emotions when this person was around? Did you have a negative or positive experience with this person? For example: If you remember your friend being jealous, fun, crazy, or depressed, than it might fit the description of someone with similar traits.

Could it be possible that the past feelings are being resurfaced lately? Maybe you unconsciously admire or reject some of their characteristics that you might see within yourself.

This friend is trying to show you uncover something to you that you are unaware of at the moment. These childhood friends that you no longer associate with emerge in your dreams to show you the past is still relevant. Dreams commonly resurface past experiences if change is needed in your life.

What Traits Does This Friend Possess?

  • funny
  • angry or aggressive
  • helpful
  • depressed
  • smart
  • athletic
  • stupid
  • skinny or fat
  • sexy or ugly
  • spiritual or religious

Old Friend Dream: Rekindling The Past

Do you have repressed memories or unfinished business with this old friend? Our past shapes us to who we are today, sometimes we move apart from one another for many different reasons. What caused your separation? Do you have desires to contact them? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to contact them again?

Dreams of hugging your friend is a very positive symbol that reflects a past connection that has occurred your life. You might have rekindled a part of you that once remembered yourself of that time. If you are parting with old friends might be hinting at your social side. Do you need to socialize more? What happened at the party?

Old School Friends Dream Meaning

Dreaming of old school friends reflects something new taking that is bringing you back to the time in your past. Perhaps you have or will interact with a new friend that will mimic the qualities and traits as this friend from the past. These become positive dream symbols as it reflects familiarity, connection and bonds  in the present moment.

Alternatively, dreaming of old school friends might encourage you to go back in your past and see how much you may have changed from this old version of you. Was this time more fun and exciting? Maybe this is needed in your life.

Old Friend Dream Metaphors

If you are still trying to figure out what is the meaning behind the dream and still stumped. Sometimes there first name or last name might give you a clue on what the dream is trying to tell you. For example: If the name is Erin Bell could ‘ringing a bell’ or ‘ear’ ‘run’.

Depending the context and the mood of the dream reflects what might be currently going on in your life. You will try and match these two together and see if anything connects.