Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation:

Dreams have caused a lot of confusion and bewildered human beings ever since the times of earlier civilizations. Dreams were once believed to only be interpreted by people who had special influence and powers in primeval civilizations because the symbols where said to be supernatural, holy and divine messages from a higher power.  Fast forward now to the 21 century and you will see an vast improvement when it comes to interpreting dreams thanks to a famous psychiatrist called Carl Gustav Jung who changed the way we dream forever.

Carl Jung Dream Quotes

“The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach’.

Dreams are symbolic in order that they cannot be understood; in order that the wish, which is the source of the dream, may remain unknown“.

“Between the dreams of night and day there is not so great a difference”.

Why Interpret you’re dreams? Why not!  What do you have to lose other than to gain inner perspective within yourself.  Don’t ignore or be afraid to challenge whats locked away deep in your unconscious mind, understanding and knowing it can be very rewarding.  Dream symbols come in all shapes, colors and feeling, some scare us, and others make us feel like we got a taste of heaven.  Dream and the symbols in them have been around since the beginning of time and will keep occurring as long as humans will be in existence so there must be a reason on why we get them.  Take away your blinders and start paying attention to the little detail you may have overlooked in your dreams and see what you might come up with.  Whenever our body is infected by a virus or a bacteria, the rising level of fever is a natural process. No conscious decision is needed to re-establish the body’s balance. The same system works in our psyche. In times when we are out of balance with our natural pattern of life, our subconscious sends us dreams and visions that are created by our inner self.  Dream Interpretation is not as easy as opening up a dictionary and having your dream symbols answered right in front of your eyes.  All symbols are unique to the dreamer and some symbols might mean something to one but different to another.  This is why we recommend you start writing down your dreams in a dream journal and remembering the events, people and emotional feelings you have during this time. Dream symbols come across as metaphors via the unconscious and its up to you to have an open mind and puzzle together the symbols you just received in your dream.  In order to interpret your dream symbol you must recognize that all dream symbols are not the same for every individual.  A train to one dreamer might mean a totally different representation to another.

Benefits of interpreting your dreams:

A lot of people do not realize that dreams play a very important part of our day to day lives. When you learn to interpret them it is like you experience a new realm or world. It literally changes your life! There are a number of resources on our website to help you understand how and why dreams are part of human existence. Although nobody knows for certain why we dream, the fact is it occurs every night. Why wouldn’t you want to understand what occurs every time you close your eyes and relax your mind a bit? Experts believe that dreams hold the key to hidden aspects of us. If you learn to interpret these symbols, you’d learn to unlock the mysterious and misunderstood parts of your life. When you pay attention to unlocking and interpreting your dreams then you could understand yourself properly and lead a better life.  When we dream there are no barriers. The past, present and future is all one in the unconscious mind. There are infinite possibilities in the dream world, you can learn to connect and be in tune with those you are close with or are somewhat connected with you. We all have the ability to dream and do so every night, just taking ten minutes to write down our dreams would lead us to knowledge that could help us excel in all areas of our life.

A dream dictionary provides a wide vocabulary of words that we could use to interpret the images in our dreams that our unconscious uses to represent our waking life.  We have  Thousands of dreams and symbols interpreted from our very interactive forum to our A – Z dictionary.  They usually include very common images that are close in meaning with interpretations to the puns that the mind plays. Although dream dictionaries are generally not regarded within the psychology community as scientifically viable, the dictionaries have provided a lot of help in interpreting our dreams even by most psychologists.

The art of dream interpretation has been considered part of science distinctively in psychology since the 19th century. There were dream symbols from the days that dreaming was not considered scientific which is why dream interpretations vary in different cultures. This lead to the investigation of forms, expressions, symbols and images involved in dreaming.  The thing is the mind surprisingly remembers every single image and tends to jumble words and images together. The dictionary offers translations by the dream analysts. It was first started by Sigmund Freud who unraveled a lot of the mysteries involved with dreaming.  He developed the dream dictionary so that people could look for the images found in their dreams in order to relate it to their waking life situations.