Dreams That Start With V


Dreaming of either a vacant lot, space, house or building represents empty or unexplored areas of the dreamers psyche. An area that had no interest in the past is now being seen; a symbol that can only be understood by the dreamer.


Dreams about being on vacation represents that you need a break from responsibilities due to a hectic lifestyle. Alternatively, the location and who you go with becomes metaphorical clue for a new fun venture that will be unfolding in your life soon. If you dream about a vacation with your ex relates to past exciting memories that you once shared, or relates to repressed emotions.


Vaccinated in a dream represents protection against negative elements in your life. A symbol that suggests undergoing a small bit of pain for a long time cure. Often time the dreamer would be getting a shot from a doctor or nurse that can be considered an inner healer (see covid in search bar). Due to the pandemic the vaccine might have more to do with your views on society, protection and safety.


A vacuum as a dream symbol can be defined in two ways. One way of looking at them would be representations of cleaning or removing elements that belong in the unconscious. Houses are symbols of the mind or psyche of the dreamer so it can also be reflected as cleaning clutter of the mind. The same goes as if you where to vacuuming up spiders that also represent removing negative aspects in the dark corners of your mind. In essence, vacuuming in your dream is a positive symbol that metaphorically cleans up some negative aspect of yourself that you may not have been aware of before.


A vagina in your dream symbolizes your sensuality, feminine attributes and desires. A symbolic representation of unconscious sexual feelings and desires, but it is a reflection of womanhood and femininity. The location is close to the womb that is the birthplace for life and rebirth. Negative associations with blood, discharge, or smells relates loss of vital energy; or relating to distortion within the unconscious feminine instincts, urges and behaviors.


When you dream that you are a vagrant it implies that you want to escape the pressures of society. However, the dream could just be a representation of your worries if you are in an unstable financial situation. If you communicate to a vagrant in your dream it represents your character and how kind you are to others. Perhaps you feel that someone needs your help and you need to be more giving to someone in your life.


Dreaming of being a valedictorian indicates that you have been successful in your life and you are reminiscing of these achievements.

Valentines Day

When you dream of this day it suggests that you are making progress in your love life. On the other hand the dream denotes that you should show your love for others in your life and not take the for granted. If you receive something is symbolizes that someone adores you. If you see a box of valentines day sweets it indicates that a previous love affair is going to linger around.


Being a valet person represents your ability to guide others in their life but unfortunately you cannot even help yourself. If you gave a valet to park your car it means that you are allowing people or even asking people to order and control things in your life.


A valley symbolizes your desire to be protected or to protect others. If you find that you are in the depth of the valley it suggests that you are caught in some tribulations in your life. Alternatively, being on top of the valley indicates that you have triumphed some situation in your life.


Vampires like bats appear as a warning of psychic vampires, the people you surround yourslef who drain you emotionally. Oddly enough women tend to fall in love with vampires due to the rising of Hollywood depiction of them being romanticized. Though if you are a vampire slayer or killing one in your dreams it is a positive omen that implies removing bad traits or behaviors within; or getting rid of toxic people in your life. If you are running from a vampire it shows that you are avoiding people or aspects of yourself that are dangerous.


Like any sort of vehicle that provides transportation suggesting your path ahead, the van however allows others to come along on your journey. A minivan is a symbol that connects with your family; a group connection moving to your destination (see driving in search bar). A black van in your dream represents a hidden or mysterious drive that will take you to your next destination. Noticing a white van implies that your journey ahead will be pure and safe. A blue van in your dream represents freedom, wisdom and confidence (see chakra). If you had your van stolen it represents a sudden setback going forward.


An unlawful act that becomes a symbol in your dream representing the people who sabotage or deliberately damage your reputation. Cars and houses are commonly vandalized as they represent the dreamer self (house), or personal drive (car) that will be attacked. A sign that other people are watching you progress or perhaps setting you up to look bad.


Anything that is associated with vanilla will bring you joy and happiness. This is why vanilla cake and ice cream show up in our dreams so often; a symbol that will bring you back to a time of happiness and rewards.


Connecting with breath, a need to focus on awareness. How you feel about vaping can alter the meaning of the dream; a need to quit or enjoyment.


Dreaming that you are varnishing something indicates that you are trying to mask up something. Perhaps you are being someone you are not and trying to make everyone think things are perfect.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins in your dream tells you about an inner imbalance in your life that is blocking your energy. The location (see legs) points towards your grounding, movement and stability that might be lacking. Your dream is letting you know that this block is making you uncomfortable and to examine your inner world to find out what this could be.


Do you consider the vase empty or full? A vase in a dream represents the things in your life that you admire or hold value too. Positive interpretations involve the vase having flowers (short term growth), or full with water – the emotional state of the dreamer. Alternatively, vase that are broken or empty seems to reflect vanity and poor self image.


A vasectomy in a dream is a negative omen relating to removing masculine energy or vital life force. What is known to create or give birth inside the dreamer is being removed. A symbol that relates to an emotion inside the dreamer that remains hidden.


To dream of a vault reflects hidden talents and skills that you have not yet discovered or locked away in the dreamers mind. Once the vault is opened in your dream it becomes a good omen that unlock something valuable within the dreamer. The contents found inside can be translated metaphorically relating to memories, talents, emotions are now accessible.


Vaulting in a dream indicates heading upwards in your life or shooting up to the top something. You are going to make progress towards your aims in life and overcome whatever obstacles lie in your path.


Dreaming of a VCR suggests that there in something in your life that has been ignored. You made mistakes in your past that you have not yet learnt from.


Dreaming of vegetables symbolizes your need to revitalize your mind and body. Consider the specific vegetable for further significance. These are positive dream symbols that connect to prosperity and growth.


Vehicle are mods of transportation reflecting our movement, goals or life path. Buses symbolize shorter destinations whereas cars connected more with your personal journey. Motorcycles would represent raw masculine power or new powerful ventures.


These dreams signify a need to keep certain things in your life a secret or relating to a union of some sort. The veil itself might be referring to covering up the pure aspects of yourself. To dream of a black veil might imply impurities or the shadow side of the dreamer. Red veils in a dream reflect inner passions, lust and energy.


Dreaming of veins are actually connected to the heart of the dreamer; unconsous emotions are metaphorically processed though the body. Often times the dreamer will notice bulging, black, and varicose as a mirror of pain being reflected on the surface. These sort of vivid dreams informs the dreamer that what is on the inside shows to others on the outside.


Velvet in a dream represents sexuality, soft feelings and desires.

Vending Machine

Vending machines are images of things in our lives that we can easily access or obtain. A broken vending machine shows the dreamer that what ever used to come in handy is now shut down. If the vending machine is broken it suggests that what might have been used in the past to be handy and useful has now shut down. Though, if the dreamer where to find money inside the vending machine it becomes a positive symbol of new found luck (see money/coins).

Venereal Disease

Generally any type of disease suggests an internal problem that is affecting your mind.


Synonymous with snakes or spider venom mirrors the people, angry emotions or events that pose a threat in our waking life. The moment this poison gets into your body it will eventually corrupt the mind. A negative omen if the venom in the dream enters the dreamers central nervous system.


Having a dream with a ventriloquist indicates trickery and others taking you to be a fool. You are being fooled by someone or some situation in your life. If you are the ventriloquist it means that you are the one deceiving and manipulating situations and people who confide and believe you.


Dreaming of the planet Venus represents feminine energies and attributes. Venus connects you to the highest point of love. In Astrology, Venus represents two main areas of our life, love and money.


These dreams hint at a longing for romance in your life.

Venus Flytrap

Dreaming of a Venus flytrap is indicative towards a very strong and powerful woman. You are being controlled and dominated by a female presence in your life. Possibly being possessed by the feminine archetype.


The dream implies that soon you would be at peace and leave all your worries and troubles behind.


These dreams indicate an off balance in your mental state of mind. There is a need for inner balance and the cure is hidden in the details in the dream.


A veterinarian represents wild and animistic qualities that need to be controlled. Unfortunately, these qualities make you seem uncivilized in your waking life.


You are actually also annoyed and frustrated about some situation in your life. The dreams serves as a median to express your emotions and the dream is going to continue happening unless you get rid of the problem that is causing you to feel that way.


A vibration is almost like a wake up call. The dream suggests that you take heed of what is going on in all aspects of your mind.


Being a victim in your dream refers to your feelings that people are taking advantage of you. A lack of control as you are feeling powerless and helpless in a waking situation. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are unwilling to take responsibility for your choices.

Victorian Clothing

The Victorian period was a very diverse era but the most distinguishing aspect was the clothing and how the women were shaped and covered by it. You have to hide certain aspects of yourself in order to fit in. Perhaps you feel you cannot be yourself and you must be very conservative. It also means that you are holding back your sexual desires in order to you’re your conservative image.


Dreaming of being victorious signifies your security and your self-confidence. You know you are able to achieve what you set your mind to but you need to find some incentive in order to do it.

Vicious Dogs

See dog dreams

Video Camera

Using a video camera in your dream implies that you need to center your attention to a specific course of action. You need to stop all other distractions from hindering your progress. If you dream of someone else videotaping, consider what that person is videotaping. The dream refers to your recollections. Your unconscious is trying to get you to reflect and learn from your past.

Video Game

If you dream that you are part of the game symbolizes that you are powerless and others have command over your actions in life. Having a dream where you are engulfed in a video games signifies how you handle things in your waking life. Are you winning or losing? What type of game are you playing? If you are winning the game it suggests that you are capable of easily getting out of a situation; instead of going face to face with it. These dreams could be significant for you to control others for your own personal gain.


Dreaming of watching a video tape indicates that you are draining your energy and using your brain too much. You need to kick back, with some pop corn and enjoy a movie where you think of nothing but relaxing. Are you fast forwarding or rewinding or pausing and reminiscing? The video could also be of your life and your present situation or past situation that you are looking back at. Rewinding the tape means you want to go back to how things were and you feel sad about how things happened. While fast forwarding the video tape means that you want to skip what it going on in your life now and move forward and onward on to other things you consider better and more important.


Vinegar symbolizes things going wrong and bitter feelings in your life. However, sometimes we fail to see that something bitter might be better for us. Perhaps you needed to wake up and start working towards things in your life. You need to learn to make the best out of things.


Dreaming of vines denotes positive and determined thinking. You know what you want and you are going to climb to the top to reach it. On the other hand vines could mean attachment and being tied down. You feel that some relationship or situation is causing you to feel a bit stifled and you want to let loose.


A vineyard indicates that you will be rewarded for all your efforts. Fruit bearing vines suggest harvests and bounty. Grapes are also symbolic suggesting fruits of labor, hard work, determination, and patience. Ancient Sumerians felt this was a sign of life.


Vinyl symbolizes falseness and a fake persona. When you see vinyl in your dream it suggests that you are not being real to yourself. If you wear vinyl it indicates that you are dependent on others and thus you do not do much on your own.


Being violated in your dream refers to how you feel in your waking life. You feel that people are taking advantage of you and controlling your actions and course in life. You need to regain control over your life.


Violence can be a common theme when you may have unconscious pent up feelings of anger and frustration. Violence is a common dream occurrence that shakes up the dreamer for a reason. If you are doing the violence the persona who might be the victim might be a clue to investigate further. If you are being attack might suggest being victim in your walking life.

Violent Death

These dreams might seem horrific but they actually suggest internal change, death and rebirth. The violence might be met with your consciousness resistance to change coming.


Violets are symbolic of love, adoration, spiritual wisdom and happiness. When you receive violets in your dream it is indicative to someone bringing joy to your life. On the other hand, giving violets means that you are a bit shy to express your passion towards someone. The violet also has roots in Christianity and represents the modesty of the Virgin Mary.


A violin indicates that you will be able to find serenity. You will be rewarded after you are done working hard in your waking life. Alternatively, if the violin is damaged or you are unable to play it then it suggests that you will confront chaos and troubles in your life.


Being a virgin in your dream indicates innocence and purity suggesting the possibility for anything to happen. If you dream that you are losing your virginity it means that you yearn to experience your sensual side. If you recently lost your virginity or have not lost it as yet then you are currently thinking about. All your desires and envisioning of how losing it will be on your mind until you make the choice to finally lose it.

Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary is a dream symbol can alter based on your religious traditions and beliefs. She appears to be the mother goddess similar to Isis to the ancient Egyptians. In a Jungian view she connects with the feminine within the masculine (anima) as the highest level of selfless love, compassion, intuition. In Christianity she is accompanied by a new moon where she resonates with the concepts of purity, peace, illumination, and perfection. Many cultures have linked the moon with change and rebirth. There have been many sightings of the Virgin Mary around the world and all seem to be quite similar to how she presents herself in dreams.


Virgos like to plan ahead and thus dreaming of the symbol indicates you are very careful. You think things through so you wont make silly decisions.


Contracting a virus in your dream symbolizes a possible personal attack or fears of getting Covid 19. Coming from outside could represent things that are out of your control that effect you. If you dream that you have a computer virus it represents your life being in chaos and you do not have the power to organize it.


Having visions in your dream is a very strong and unusual feeling. These dreams imply that your mind is open and you are exploring it without limitations. If you are unable to see clearly in your dream it suggests that you are not thinking straight and thus likely to make silly decisions.


If you are visited by someone in your dream it indicates that you will soon find out something essential and significant that will impact your life. Is the visitor welcomed or refused? You are going to experience some form of change in your life and depending on how you accept the visitor in your dream is how you treat the change in your life. If you are visiting someone in your dream it signifies that you need to resume communication with that person or someone they represent in your life.


When you dream that you are taking vitamins it suggests that you are trying to regain your ability to be self sufficient and battle people who attack you.


These are messages from your unconsciousness giving you important details.


These dreams represent an inability to speak your mind in your walking life.


Hearing voices in your dream means you need to pay attention and listen to what people have to say. Perhaps the advice people are offering you or comments people are saying are bothering you. Alternatively this might be connected to sleep paralysis the process between sleep and wakefulness.


Dreaming of a volcano represents a build up of emotions that has reached the surface. Repressed emotions and feelings that eventually blow up in our lives is often depicted as a volcano eruption in our dreams. The unconscious is sending you a message or warning to pay attention to these bottled up feelings or else you and other will be hurt.


Usually any sort of volume in your dream has to do with your voice and communicating with others. If you dream that the volume is too loud it implies that you are being very influential and trying to shove your thoughts on other people. You need to be a little bit more open and understanding. While turning up the volume indicates that you are not being heard and you are doing everything to make sure that your voice gets across.


Being a volunteer in your dreams symbolizes that you feel satisfied knowing you helped people without others knowing you did it. On the other hand, it might be a dream implying to take the help from others who offer


To dream of vomiting symbolizes rejected or unsettled emotions, beliefs or negative feelings that are forcefully removed. The dreamer will need to examine what they are metaphorically rejecting in their lives. Since your own body is rejecting it shows the dreamer this might be a instinctive reaction (stomach/intuition) that wouldn’t allow it to be absorbed in the mind, body, and soul. To dream you are vomiting blood suggest a loss of vital energy, personal injury and pain. To dream of throwing up blood clots could represent a long overdue build up to these negative emotions. If you are vomiting raw eggs suggests neglect, and repressing some basic urges and instincts that make you whole. To dream of vomiting hair connects the dreamer with thoughts, knowledge and growth being repressed – a need to express how you feel.


If you are doing voodoo in your life brings your attention to getting things in a wrong way. You are going against the laws of nature. If you dream of someone casting a spell over you suggests being controlled by other people’s wishes.


Dreaming that you are voting implies that you want to be a part of a major decision that will affect a group not just yourself. You want people to hear what you have to say and believe that your choice is important as well. Perhaps you feel like you do not have a say in what is going on in situations around you and your dream serves as an expression of what you desire.


Dreaming of making a vow does not necessarily mean marriage. It signifies that you are ready to make a dedication or promise to someone or something. If you do dream specifically of marriage vows, it indicates that you want to take the next step in your relationship and settle down with the person you love.


Going on a voyage in your dream implies that you are doing the same in your waking life. You are learning about yourself and experiencing new things. Pay attention to where you are going and how you feel about the voyage because it refers to your path in your waking life.


Do you get attracted by watching people in your dream? When dreaming that you are into voyeurism indicates you are scared of what you want sexually. You may be putting up a wall because of your fear of getting too close in a relationship.

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Anagha Marathe
Anagha Marathe
2 years ago

I always dream that I am vomiting continuously. And people are watching me. I just can’t stop myself from vomiting….

2 years ago

good stuff

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