Snake In Your House Dream Meaning

Did you know that snakes are considered one of the oldest dream symbols that dates as far back as ancient Egypt dream interpretation book.

If you happen to stumble upon a snake in your dream you should know they are highly symbolic that provides a dreamer with either a warning or a coded message.

When snakes come to you in your dream they are very tricky to interpret due to its enigmatic nature, however you will be provided with many clues that will help narrow down the meaning.

Many people report dreaming about seeing snakes inside their home, sometimes they are observed from a distance and other times very threatening. A house can be a symbol reflecting the dreamers state of mind, the psyche so to speak. So why would you dream of a snake in your house?

Snake House Dream Meaning

If the house represents your mind what is found inside usually remains hidden or unconscious to the dreamer. What could this be? Well each floor inside the house represents a different layer to your mind – often what leading to behaviors, urges and instincts you possess.

Since ancient times snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. They can be seen as a symbol of destruction, rebirth and healing; as well as a symbol of destruction if you are unware of its power (see snake dreams).

This is why when the snake appears inside your house in your dream it often confuses the dreamer resulting with them not investing its true power.

Snake House Dream Hints:

Spiritual Meaning Snakes Inside House Dream

Since snakes are highly symbolic they can either come as a good or bad omen. Regardless of its coldblooded nature or lethal strike they provide the dreamer with something that is not fully understood within – these unconscious energies manifest as a snake when its not recognized.

A spiritual dream symbol to awaken these latent energies that are laying dormant within. Snakes may take form of feminine divine energy, creative life force, inner healing and transformation.

However snakes can appear “spiritually speaking” as a warning or threat from outside forces that will penetrate the psyche/mind of the dreamer. This will all depend on the context of the dream.

Basically what it does and how you react determines where you stand with the snake. This is the python snake appears in your dream more than any other snake as it contains healing properties.

Snake In House Dream Spiritual

Does your snake in your dream represent the Kundalini – in Hinduism this is the dormant potential force in the human organism. It is one of the components of an esoteric description of the “subtle body”, which consists of  disc (energy channels), chakras (psychic center’s), prana (inner energy).

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