Dreams Starting With G


When you dream about throwing up this signifies that you cannot communicate properly about your feelings in an aspect of your life. On the other hand the dream could be telling you that you are giving out too much information without realizing it and you would pay for it eventually if you do not stop.


If you are at a festival, carnival or party in your dream it indicates your freedom and festivity in life. You have an optimistic view and enjoying everything life is throwing your way.


A dream about the galaxy indicates your ideas and views on creation or a need for space. A symbol suggesting you are open to other thoughts and you look at the entire and bigger picture. The vast unknown might be connected to your unconscious, a time to explore the unknown.


The win is too strong for you to hold on no matter what you grab and try to hold on to. The dream represents the chaos around you that seems to be going by and you have no way of keeping track of anything. Things are in a mess and you have no power over what is going on.


Gambling in dreams often reflects the chances and risks we take in our life. Winning or losing will reflect the outcome of the chance you are taking. The type of game and the cards that are dealt will be metaphoric clues to help you figure out the true meaning. You might be able to determine if this risk will pay off in the near future.

Game Show

Games shows in a dream reflect an experience you are having in your life where you are taking chances and having fun with it. Winning or losing will determine the outcome.

Game Playing

A dream about having fun and enjoying games signifies and need for rest and relaxion. Depending the game and what it means to you can alter the meaning. If you score a goal good fortune will be heading your way.


To see yourself being part of a gang in a dream symbolizes your desire to be more powerful and threatening in order to get what you want. If you battle with a gang might be an opposing force or group in your life. Do you want to be part of a group? Do you need protection? Being chased by a gang represents fears relating to conformity. Dreaming of gangs with guns implies directed anger or repressed aggression with two opposing factors in your life.


A gap means a lost or missing space within some aspect of your personality. To dream of a gap teeth it symbolizes to a need to correct your communication. Alternately it may suggest to bridge something with your appearance or a gap in your communication.


To dream of Ganesha is a positive omen representing good luck and the remover of obstacles in your life. Similar to the elephant it brings wisdom and peace in your life.


Garages are symbolic due to what is stored in them as well linking to stability and security. If the garage was robbed shows an emotional attack or breach of trust from others. We store and hide objects we usually don’t tend to use in our day to day lives. What is taken or seen becomes metaphoric reflecting our lives. A garage fire represents anger or renewal – the house (mind/psyche) represents something close to you. The door opening and a car going inside might have a sexual connotation it.

Garage Sale

Having a garage sale in your dream symbolizes that you are getting rid of the old you. Whether it is past experiences, old toys or a job that you are fed up of you have used these things and learnt from them so that you have developed the abilities and experiences you wanted from them.


A negative symbol of holding on to negative thoughts, feelings or behaviors that have compiled over time. Noticing a garbage dump is the neglected or rejected aspects of your mind that need fixing (root chakra/grounding energy). Either throwing or burning garbage is the removal of toxic energy in your life. Finding money in the garbage represents wasted energy and careless actions. Seeing a garbage disposal suggests issues removing the blocks and trash in your life.

Garbage Truck

Dreaming of a garbage truck appears when you have let things go that used to burden you in the past. It now has free flow, contained and directed in the right place.


Gardens are essentially a part of the dreamer that reflects his or her life. The garden is a meaningful symbol that shows growth and development and future progress to flourish. However it appears will reflect how well you have cultivated this aspect of who you are over the years. We are known to dream of vegetables, flowers, destroying and even botanical gardens in our dream. A snake in the garden is a danger or relates to your unconsous instincts, temptations, or poses a threat to your inner development.

Garden of Eden

Depending on your dream you may not realize where you are. If you think about enough and realize that a snake or an apple is related to the Garden of Eden then this symbolizes your sexual desires. It could also mean that you are regretting decisions that you’ve made and you want to regain your innocence that was lost in your disobedience or poor decision making.


The gargoyle belongs to the dreamer, or what is commonly known as the human shadow that shows its ugliness to others; see shadow. This can be anything from anger, behaviors or grotesque human traits that stem from the emotional side of the dreamer. Because gargoyles are attached to buildings it connects us to the things we have built in our lives; see building. The water that comes out of the mouth will point towards and emotional state. In our dreams gargoyles are known to fly in the air suggesting for you to ground these unwanted feelings.


Garlic in dreams may emerge as a symbol of protection that wards off negative energy. However due to its shape and its benefits it relates to good health and fertility. If you are buying garlic it suggests you are obtaining something within that will either be good or protect you. If you notice rotting garlic suggests something that was once strong has been neglected. If you are peeling garlic it becomes a positive symbol that implies removing or uncovering something that will serve you a purpose in your life.


A garter is a very sexy garment and to dream of wearing or purchasing one indicates you want to be sexier, less innocent and more daring when it comes to sex.


Dreaming of gas that is not contained can be a danger. Remember this is not seen but felt with other senses (instinct). Often times gas explodes in our dreams that may be a result of repressed anger that has been discharged; relates to our unconscious emotions. A gas cylinder in your dream becomes a part of your tolerance or build up, or danger contained by others around you. In order to fully grasp what the gas represents you need to look inward to find what is either contained or repressed that cause be dangerous if you are not careful.


When you dream of gasoline it is representative of your energy levels. If your car is running low on gas might suggest a need to stop and fill up before you continue on your life’s journey. If your car happens to be out of gas might be a reflection of not being prepared or over working yourself and not servicing your needs.

Gas Chamber

To dreams of a gas chamber represents some situation that is bringing you down and causing you to suffer. If you are being protected from the gas by wearing a gas mask indicates your ability to know what is good for you and what is not. You are conscious of the fact that people are not giving you all the information they have.


Gates in dreams are metaphoric openings or closing in our lives. They are very powerful symbols that allow the dreamer to access new ventures in their lives, or become powerful symbols of the mind and higher realms. An opened gate determines transitions, movement and opportunities in your life, whereas a closed gate blocks your progress. An iron gate shows the dreamer strengths along the journey.


To encounter a same sex dream and having to be straight is quite common and doesn’t mean you are actually gay. In fact Jung stated that the psyche is androgynous comprised of both male and female characteristics. In the dream you maybe identifying with qualities that both sexes or the individual possess.


What is the gathering about? When you dream about trying to gather your things and put things together it suggests that you are trying to organize the things in your life. If you dream of people gathering together then pay attention to different traits in them because your unconscious is suggesting that you are trying to use these in your personality.


This is a place of shelter that protects the dreamer from outside elements or ones own emotional state. A place to relax and reflect about your happiness and joy in life.


Driving a manual car and switching gears in your dream represents your ability to move forward at a steady pace. It could also mean you know how to handle situations and have a good control over things in your life.


If you dream about putting gel in your hair it means that you are trying to hold things together in your life. You feel as if everything is falling apart but the gel symbolizes that things are going to be sorted out soon.


A gem is hard to find and is considered very valuable. When you dream of a gem or gemstones this means that you have high expectations or you’ve found something of great importance to you. If you give someone a gem it represents your feeling of giving someone an important part of you.


If you have dream about yourself being another gender, do not be afraid your unconscious is telling you to incorporate some of these qualities into your personality. On the other hand it could mean that you are having a gender issue, you do not know what sex you feel more comfortable with.


You may have been a bit out of it for a while but the generator signifies you are going to power yourself up to get what you need done. It could also mean that you want to help give someone a power up; they seem to be in the dark lately.


A genie is able to help others and grant their wishes. If you are the genie in your dream then you are trying to help someone out with what they desire in life. Otherwise if you see a genie then you want someone to tend to your wishes. You are probably feeling neglected and want some attention.


Genitals in our dreams represent our life force and drive in our walking life. The feminine links with our creative power as the masculine identifies with our inner strengths.

Genital Warts

A symbol relating to negative interactions being passed from one person to another through various means. The location implies that this might be related to masculine or feminine energies; distortion or negative associations related to urges, behaviors or desires.


A metaphor for something unconscious that is generating below the surface. Since it has the ability to turn energy in to a powerful source – contained electricity that is stored within the dream becomes very symbolic. The generator implies accumulating energy that can be put to use in areas that where unknown to you in the past. If you carry a generator in your dream it suggest this is something you moving this source from one place to another for a better purpose.


Dreaming of being a genius represents your knowledge in a specific situation. On the other hand you could be feeling as if you are not applying your full potential or you wish you could be better at what you are trying to accomplish.

German Shepherd

German shepherd in dreams represents loyalty, friendliness, defensiveness and alertness to a situation. If you are training one then this means you can easily persuade someone or vice verse.


To dream of a genocide represents a deliberate act removing or exterminating something in particular; the motive or intentional action to destroy a people. If you are witnessing a mass killing or genocide it might relate to feelings of being helpless or watching something unjust in your life. Alternatively, these dreams might be related to repressed feelings about your views on humanity, or the atrocities humans beings are capably of doing to one another.


A dream about germs all over indicates your frustration or anxiety about getting sick. Something is bothering you when you are conscious and you feel somewhat not like yourself and a bit weak. You could also feel like if something or someone is being too dirty around you.


Entering a ghetto in your dream might be symbolic to areas in your life that are left neglected. These dreams could be hinting at stored feelings, emotions, financial views that are negative and ignored. This might be connected to your shadow archetype the ignored part of your conscious that ends up in your unconscious. If you where lost in the area is one clue that this issue is unexplored and you will need to familiarize yourslef with it.


Ghosts are metaphoric symbols reflecting the unknown things that haunt us in our lives. The ghost manifests over time long enough to become a haunting in your house (mind/psyche). The more vivid and disturbing the haunt the more this issue has been neglected. Often times ghosts mirror our past unresolved memories, traumatic events, fears and anxieties in your life. If a ghost pulls your leg, strangles you or jumps on your back it would be related to sleep paralysis.

Ghost Town

A dream where you wander through a town with no one in sight is a common one. First you need to analyze your surrounding and see if you have any memories there or it serves any purpose of your past. If so then you need stop living in those days and move on. If not it could just mean that you feel lonely and you find yourself trying to get away from people.


Giants that appear in our dreams becomes symbols of power, strength, and dominance. Friendly giants might be aspects of your higher or true self. Giants that are threatening in dreams can be symbols of the dreamers inferiority. In the Bible they are seen as the chosen ones.


Gifts are always nice and they make you feel cared for and loved. Gifts are positive dream symbol that represent a hidden surprise or abundance in your life. If you are giving a gift in your dream it taps into your own special “gifts” you give others – a symbol of healing and compassion.

Gift Wrap

To see gift wrap in your dream, suggests that there is something that you are trying to cover up or hide. You are trying to present something unpleasant in a more inviting or cheerful manner. Consider the gift of what you are wrapping, the color, pattern and occasion.


Dreaming about being part of a gig indicates your desire to have the spotlight on you. You want your independence and to let loose but you want the attention too.


Giraffes are gentle creatures with gracefully long necks that is said to stretch out onto the heavens. When giraffes emerge in our dreams they have many meanings. Are you a person that sticks your neck out for others? It’s ability to look ahead represents the dreams foresight and peaceful manner. If you are attacked it mirrors your future prospects, a sign you might be on ground level and need to advance.


Wearing a girdle in a dream is symbolic of holding back who you really are in society or being held back so that you can aid people. You are aware of the fact that you cannot do everything you want to do because of your commitments.

Girl Scout

Dreaming that you are a girl scout indicates that you need to apply more of your feminine traits. Characteristics like understanding and compassionate would help you reach your goals.


Seen as a symbol of innocence, ideals and beliefs. For women girls in dreams might be a symbol of their youth or inner child. Males might see the girl as a symbol of the inner feminine (anima) or sexuality. Men often dream of girls they have never met that could connect to their twin flame.


When you are able to give stuff to others in our dreams it becomes a powerful omen that suggests your knoweldge will be passed onto others. Do you know what gift this is you have to share? We are known to give money, food, bread and flowers in our dream, each symbol represents something different. Giving birth implies a rebirth taking place in your life.


Glass is a symbol of an invisible barrier you put up to protect yourself. Noticing broken glass is usually connected to a negative symbol reflecting what is going on in our life at the moment. Broken window glass reflects opportunities that are shattered that need fixing. Being cut by the glass donates to the shattered aspects that occurred has now effected you personally. If you are eating glass then you seem to be putting yourself in situations where you are left helpless. You are swallowing or eating glass it implies absorbing negative traits or beliefs that will cause dissonance. Throwing up glass indicates a loss of energy rejecting negative belief systems. If you are drinking from a glass then it becomes a symbol of good luck.


We love to try and live a life full of glamour. To see glitter or throw glitter in your dream means that you want some attention in your life and to get it, you need to put yourself out there. If you see something is shiny or glittery then you should be weary of things that appear pretty because the glitter is just dust. Something or someone in your life could be trying to get your attention but it really is not good for you.


A globe in your dream symbolizes travel and control. Whether it is to take a trip in your own life and look at things from different views or simply try to experience new things because you never know what’s out there for you. You seem to be in control of your life unless the globe does not stop spinning no matter how hard you try to stop it.


Is everything grey and depressing in your dream? You seem to be facing the same atmosphere in your waking life. Your unconscious is telling you that something or someone is not doing you good.


Hands are very symbolic as the tools we use to operate in life and if you are wearing gloves it is a sign of protection. If you take off your gloves and hand them over to someone else this suggests you value the person and their thoughts. On the other hand, if you throw the gloves on the floor after taking them off then you are frustrated with something and you are giving up.


A dream about seeing a glowing light on something then some new information has intrigued you. If it is on someone or something that serves purpose in your life then your unconscious is telling you to pay attention to them in your waking life.


Glue is symbolic in our dream that bond two things together to make it work. It is a positive symbol that represents strength and unity that often relates to relationships, friendships and family. If the glue is presented in a negative manner it suggests being stuck at something you no longer want to stay in. If you are gluing things it represents your ability to help fix opposing forces or things that are broken.


Scoring goals are very positive dream symbol that mirror achieves and success in your life. A ball that goes into the next may also be a phallic symbol of intercourse. If you are a goal keeper it becomes a symbol of protection and safety of your team.


Goat dreams symbolize agility, balance, direction and sexual urges. Domesticated over 9,000 years ago they are very symbolic in the bible, mythology and folklore these are very symbolic animals that are always known to go their own way. They are know to emerge for many different reasons – known to chase, attack, notice poop, giving birth and even noticing a goat head. A symbol that contains both positive and negative elements depending on how it appears.


As rare as these dreams are they can be a possible connection to a new state of consciousness as been attained. A symbol of feelings or desires to reach a level of perfection – the higher self or consciousness. If he gives you a warning pay close attention to what he requires of you. He is know to talk with the dreamer in hopes of change or knowledge.


A dream about a Goddess represents a powerful female presence. If you are guy and dream of a Goddess then you are afraid of feminine control or being more powerful than you.


A dream with Godzilla represents the irrepressible urges, anger and destructive actions. It might emerge as an uncontrolled situation that terrifies you and has the ability to destroy anything in your path.


Are you looking at something that is hurting you at a closer view or are you shielding yourself from it? Wearing goggles or seeing them in your dream indicates feelings of hurt that you are trying to avoid or pay closer attention to.

Going Back To School

School is a place that we learn something in order to advance. Going back to school can be seen as past memories, repressed emotions or returning to the old you.


Discovering a high valued item becomes metaphoric for inner richness or wealth that has been found. A positive symbol reflecting power, wealth, goals, and knowledge. Dreaming of gold nuggets suggests an important find, something that needs to be further refined to make pure. A loss of gold is a negative symbol relating to spiritual (blocked energy/solar plexus), or finding lost things within that are valuable.

Golden Sword

Swords are seen as symbols that remove negative elements and protect the dreamer from outside forces. The color gold is a symbolic representation of power and knowledge being obtained by removing these traits or enemies in your life.

Golden Retriever

Dogs can sniff things out, or in your case to “retrieved” something that has now been found. This may be relating to your natural drives, behaviors and instincts; a masculine energy that can be underdeveloped if a puppy emerges. They may also reflect kind, loving or compassionate guides, friends and people in your life.


Goldfish in a dream has multiple meaning. For the most part they are seen as symbols of good luck, wealth and prosperity. Due to its confinement in a small bowl it could reflect lacking emotional growth or insight. A goldfish that leaps out of water suggests inner knowledge and wisdom. A dead goldfish implies neglecting your spirituality.


When you dream of golf you want to have some peace and relax a bit in your waking life. If you keep hitting the golf ball until you finally make the putt then you do not give up. You do what you need to do to make a hole in one. If you dream of a golf bag represents convivence along on your journey.


Dreaming of a goodbye might reflect old parts of who you used to be in a relationship, situation, in your life. It may also reflect letting go of bad habits as you are moving on. If you dream of saying goodbye to your ex it suggests they are no longer emotionally connected as you made peace within yourself.


When you dream of a goose or geese it could be a pun on mother goose or going on a wild goose chase. Look at the context of the dream and see how it relates to your life. If you are the goose and you are running after things in your dream and not finding what you are looking for then you are chasing things in your life.


Are you hairs standing on edge and you are speechless? A dream like this suggests that you have found out something in your life that is making you very anxious.


When you dream of a gorilla they are messengers of loyalty, leadership, compassion, power, and family. A symbol that represents the father or protector – primitive instincts and behaviors. These symbolic meanings for the gorilla are more concentrated on calmness overpowering emotional pride and selflessness than individualism. If it is charging at you its a possibility connected to anger, uncontrolled instincts or a symbol of the shadow archetype.


When you dream about hearing gossip it indicates that you are listening to others and not using your own discretion. A symbol of negative communication between two people.


The government in a dream indicates control over things, power and authority in your life. If you are being chased by the government suggests you have trouble facing the things that have control over you.


A gown may emerge in your dream for several reasons. The dream might be picking up on some type of important event in your life, a change in appearance or attitude. It can become metaphoric relating to being noticed or a part of your identity.


Are you looking for the right route to reach your ambitions? When you dream of a GPS it suggests that you are searching for the right path to take to reach where you want to go in life.


A dream of graduating symbolizes your transition to better things and another step in life. You have successfully completed some goals and are ready to go on to other more challenges. If you are missing your graduation in your dream suggests something is stopping you from advancing. These might be unconscious traits or behaviors that are holding you back.


To dream of a grandchild represents innocence, enjoyment or relates to your own inner child. In most cases in our dream grandchildren are kidnapped, dead, sick or lost; symbols representing unconscious fears, change, or metaphorically taken away in some instance.

Grandfather Clock

Dreaming of a grandfather clock is symbolic of time that has passed. It could also mean you are holding on to old habits and ways that have become outdated.


Dreams involving your grandparents could represent the relationship and love you share with them. They emerge as the wise woman or wise man, to bring the dreamer wisdom and knowledge. They are commonly known to communicate with us in our dreams after they have died – known to hug, bring food or gifts.


A grapefruit signifies your faith and doing good things. It means that you will soon prosper after all that you have done for yourself and others.


In ancient traditions used grapes to mirror the awakening of the soul and the path from disillusion into enlightenment. These sacred symbols have shown positive omens attached in religion and mythology. Grape vines are symbolic showing us opportunity, abundance and prosperity. If you have grape vines growing in your dream and people are picking from them this means that you are a generous person and you offer help to others.


A dream about grass represents your successes and grounding nature. If you dream you are admiring someone else’s grass then you are being envious of that persons achievements. If you dream of planting or watching your own grass then you know how to achieve what you want in life and know that your endeavors would pay off.


Grasshoppers can only leap forward and never backwards. When they appear it come as a metaphor for either a need to move forward or you are doing just so. They show us we are leaping over obstacles in our life that are now part of the past. You will soon be liberated and dedicated to the tasks you have to complete in order to fulfill your duties in life. Seeing an abundance of them could also be a bad omen as they have the ability to destroy crops. This might suggests your hard work might be in danger.


Graves are symbol of what has been dead and laid to rest in your past. If you are digging up a grave suggests you are trying to dig up the past to find answers. Graves can be seen as symbols of ending or death, though when death occurs new beginning arise. This should be the resting period that needs to be left alone. An empty grave forebodes a new ending. Something will be put to rest.


The graveyard could just be your buried feelings or people you have gotten rid of in your life. It could also mean that you wish to see someone who was close to you that has died.


A symbol that represents your inability to be ground in life. If you dream about floating or being pulled up in the air it might be a result of an outer body experience or sleep paralysis state.

Greeting Card

When you dream of a greeting card it has something to do with a relationship or getting in contact with someone. If you receive a greeting card then something or someone is going to surprise you.


The color green contains elements of the dreamers emotions, unconscious personality traits and spirituality. A symbol that is known to represent tranquility, good luck, health; as well as jealousy and greed (money). Its close connection to mother earth tells the dreamer of its grounding nature or a disconnect from their true needs. The color is often attached to snakes, food, water and gardens in our dreams.


Seeing a grenade in your dream represents pent up anger that will explode. A dangerous omen if it is not controlled or handled properly. If you are throwing the grenade it suggest the repressed anger will detonated by you towards other people.


A color that represents the mood of the dreamer. With out sun (energy) this shows the dreamer may lack vison, clarity or feeling depressed. Alternatively depending what it is attached to might imply wisdom and inner growth.

Grey Hair

A symbol that is often confused with getting old or worn down. Unless the dreamer has worries about age this image might rare its head in your dream. In fact grey hair is a positive symbol relating to maturity, wisdom and inner growth. Its close association the head attaches this images to your thoughts and behaviors.


A grindstone is a good symbol. Whatever you dream of doing with the grindstone represents your actions which are going to lead you to advance in your waking life. If you are using the grindstone to sharpen something this indicates that you have people in your life that have proven useful to you.


When you hear groans in your dream it means that someone needs your help because they are hurt. It could also mean sexual groaning where you may be having problems or holding back on letting it out in your conscious life and so your unconscious is telling you to let loose and enjoy your sex life.


Depending what groceries stand out in your dream will become metaphoric for your own security, comfort and basic needs you are looking for. If you are receiving groceries is a positive symbol that you will benefit in some way in life. Grocery bags in dreams represent the important small things or personal items you keep close along your journey in life.


A groom is an image of something that connects to your inner masculine or animus. A joining of two energies to make something whole. Grooms are known to appear in our dreams when new ventures or unconscious energies unite.


A ground is like a barrier or wall between your subconscious and your waking life. It is what separates your two states of mind – a strong foundation suggests you are well-grounded. If the ground is falling it represents aspects of your life whether it is emotional, financial or spiritual that needs support.


If you dream that you are growling in your dream then you need to let go of unwanted negative emotions. You seem to be holding back these feelings in your waking life but your unconscious is trying to tell you that it is going to bother you until you release your frustration. If you hear a growl then you need to be careful because you are being warned by your unconscious that you or someone you know is in peril.


Depending how they appear guards can be symbols of protection or blocks in your life. If you are chased by a security guard it relates to your own “security” that you have been confronted with.


When you dream of yourself being a guest this indicates your awkwardness in a situation. You feel new and uneasy about a few something in your life. If you dream of welcoming a guest then someone new or a new situation or adventure is going to come your way and you are ready to welcome it with open arms.


Dreaming of a guillotine connects your mind with your body. The removal of your head suggests feelings that failure, embarrassment or detachment. Fears of things being cut short, deleted or cut off within.


Dreams of feeling guilty represent your feelings that you have suppressed in your waking life. You do not let these emotions out when you are conscious and so your unconscious has to release them.


A dream of a guitar is symbolic of love and sexuality. Are your strings broken or perfectly strung? The meaning of the dream depends on the condition of the guitar. If you have broken strings then your heart may be broken and if the guitar is perfectly strung then you are probably in love. If someone is playing the guitar can represent harmony and peace in your life.


When you dream of gum it indicates feelings of being trapped and susceptible. You seem to be stuck in a situation in your life. If you cannot get rid of the gum, whether it sticks to your hand or your mouth, you are upset by your inability to get away from the problem.


A gun in your dream represents anger that is often directed at the one that is shot. Known to mirror aspect of the dreamer self-destructive ways, power, death, sex drive and anger.


A dream of gunpowder is similar to dreaming of loading a gun. You are getting ready to blow things up with the path you have been on lately. Your unconscious is telling you that you need to slow down and think before you act.


Dreaming of a gutter symbolizes depression and low spirits but if you find something in it then you need to look in places where you least expect to find what you want to make you happy. It could also simply mean that the precious things in life could be found in the places that you would not usually look.


Shape up or ship out! Dreams with a gym signify your need to work on yourself whether it be in fact exercise or to practice what you learn in life.


When you dream of a gynecologist it signifies worry of your genital or your partners genital. You could be afraid of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. If you are a woman you could be experiencing problems with your vaginal area and nervous about the outcome but you know that you need to see a specialist about the problem.


Do you feel confined and trapped and you just want to let loose and go where you please? Dream of being a gypsy represents your feelings to be free from responsibility and travel when you feel.

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