Dreaming of Heights

Dreams about heights are usually complimented with fear and anxiety of plummeting to your death. More than likely your dream comprised of falling off a cliff or mountain – or -trying your best to hang on as you are slowing losing grip.

Despite the vivid nature of this dream it contains a value messaging that needs to be addressed in your daily life. This is a symbol that encourages the dreamer to explore aspects of his or her fears and anxieties that are currently out of control. The feelings of instability and a lack of grounding often remains unconscious until the dreamer acknowledges this problem.

Heights Interpretation

Falling dreams are one of the most common dream symbols that are closely associated with heights representing losing control in certain areas in your life. So where is this instability arising?

Your dream wants you to know that you are too close to the edge and risk the chance of rebuilding if you fall. When your dreams use cliffs or mountains they can be considered images of challenges and obstacles that you are currently facing. However this might not be as easy as you think as these fears are often repressed in the dreamer.

The good news is your dream will offer you clues such as locations, people, emotions expressed, and the outcome. Did you fall or regain your balance? By putting the pieces of the puzzle together you will notice that it relates to a particular situation in your life that you are not addressing. Does this dream connect you to your relationships, work environments, financial issues or emotional instability?

Heights Dreams: Unconscious Fears

A fear of heights may stem from our natural fear of falling and being injured. However in our dreams this might be a reflection of an inability to ground oneself or a change in their belief system. Many people have created restrictions in their own lives that has caused them to be over the edge, hence being close to falling.

Keep in mind an irrational fear or phobia of heights, especially when one is not particularly high up – might relate to conquering personal fears. Correctly identifying these negative attributes may stop these dreams from recurring.

Heights Dream Symbolism:

  • A fear of failure.
  • Loneliness.
  • Adjustment.
  • Personal growth.
  • Uncertainty.
  • Being hurt.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • A need to come down to a stable ground.
  • Insecurity.
  • Trapped and nowhere to go.

Emotions Expressed

Another helpful hint would be to examine the emotions felt during your dream. The feeling of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and grief help bring your attention to what might be unconscious to you.

In fact you might be trying your best to hold on to avoid falling to the ground. Let’s say for example holding on to a tight rope reflects a stressful situation where you are afraid to mess up. The exact events that take place would be metaphoric to your unidentified issue.

  • Trying to hold on.
  • Afraid to slip.
  • Feeling sick to your stomach.
  • Wanting to be safe.
  • Afraid to die.
  • Unable to confront.

Despite the negative feelings expressed in your dream you might be shocked to find their are many benefits to your dream. By examining your unconscious fears and insecurities will help you get off of these high platforms and on to stable ground.

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1 year ago

Very helpful, loved the article!