Dreams That Start With Z


When you dream of being at ease and in a state of Zen it signifies that you need are either able to find tranquility or you find it hard to relax. To dream of a Zen garden is a symbol of mediation and peacefulness.


Zebras are symbolic animals that emerge from the unconscious that bring us a message of balance, order and important decisions. It’s black and white strips may mirror restricted beliefs that are causing conflict. If you are attacked or chased by the zebra it becomes a symbol of cognitive dissonance that remains unconscious within you; the message wants you to bring it to light.


A zero is symbolic of a void or emptiness you feel within yourself. It could also mean completeness (see circle in search bar), relating to wholeness and completion.


To dream of Zeus represents a symbol of power, authority, ruler and controller in your life. Since he is a God of the sky he has the ability to strike down upon the ones who do him wrong. Does this sound familiar?


Dreaming of zigzags denotes a crazy and inconsistent character.


You are going to be pumped and ready to battle whatever comes your way! Zinc is symbolic of positive energy that is going to help you progress in any area of your life. If you taste zinc it means that you are only experiencing some of the benefits that are being offered to you. Take the full dosage and fulfill all of your desires so that nothing is lacking in your life.

Zip Code

Seeing a zip code in your dream signifies your characteristics. Also consider the numbers or letters to find something in you life.


Dreaming of a zipper means one thing and one thing only, sexuality! If you are unzipping then it means you are ready to accept and open up to sexual interactions. On the other hand if you are zipping up it suggests that you are putting up emotional barriers to others. You are also not open to fulfilling your sexual desires Seeing a damaged zipper that is unable to open or close in your dream signifies that you are having sexual problems.

Zip Line

To dream of a zip line suggests up coming thrills on your new venture. The ability to move from one place to another with all the fun emotions combined.


Dreaming of a zodiac sign or signs represents your connection to your conscious and the rest of the world. If you dream of one particular zodiac sign you should be attention to its symbol and meaning and how it relates to you.


Zombies appear in our dreams when something is either physically or emotionally disconnected in your life. Zombies appear as an image or a reflection that imply a lack of soul, energy and life. Usually these dreams are connected to negative human behaviors that are seen in the outside world such as consumerism, or greed. A zombie apocalypse may encourage the dreamer to reflect on how they view society. Usually when the dreamer kills zombies its is a very positive symbol that removes negative and toxic behaviors in their life.


The zoo can be seen as the wild or unconscious part of the dreamer relating to behaviors, urges and instincts confined. In most zoo dreams the dreamer will notice the animals on the loose which implies a break or release from these repressed traits. The dreamer must question if these natural urges or behaviors are safer locked up or to run loose on outside. To dream of a zoo animals in your house are reflections of the dreamers mind. Depending the floor and what type of animal will alters the natural drives that might be running wild.


Dreaming of a zookeeper becomes the barrier between you and your wild instinctual side. He or she allows you to access these unknown parts that remain hidden within.


Zoomorphism means that you change into an animistic form. The dream symbolizes that you act more freely and do not allow rules or other people govern what you do. You act on your instinctive rather than what society tells you to do. Be careful not to go too far with this new found freedom because there could be consequences. Also note what animal it is you dream of and the characteristics they have. Maybe you have they characteristics in you and you just need to act on them a bit more.


A symbol that indicates growth that may relate to the heart due to its green color. It may also be seen as a phallic symbol relating to the male private parts.

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