Dreams about Fire

When fire emerges in our dreams it can either pose warning or reflects the dreamer will undergo some sort of inner transformation in their lives.

In a positive light fire in our dreams is a symbolic image hinting at destruction of your old aspects in order for the new to flourish. Its ability to illuminate and transform the dreamer will reflect purification of this new energy that you will require.

Due to its unpredictable and dangerous nature it can also become a symbol that is highly destructive if it isn’t controlled. Fire encourages the dreamer to explore emotions that are not fully understood yet, perhaps consuming them relating to anger, jealousy, rage or desires that are unconscous.

In our dreams fire is commonly known to manifest, or start in symbolic places such as houses, buildings, insides tornados, breathing dragon, escaping or even being put out. The fire  purposely emerges in these particular areas in hopes you fix or stop this dangerous force from spreading.

Fire Dreams: House or Building Fire

One of the most common dream symbols that tend to appear are both house and buildings. A powerful image that often reflects the inner architecture of the mind dreamer; a metaphoric substructure of things built and developed over time. This is why when fires emerge in either a house or building it shows that some shift, event or change is about to happen. But where exactly?

In most cases inside the house or building each individual floor, room or lower levels often contain its own meaning where this shift or warning is taking place. For example, if the dreamer notices a fire in the bedroom it will point them towards relationships, past childhood experiences, sexual, unconsciousness that is not being made conscious.

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Alternatively, a fire in your house or a building may indicate new growth or change in our personality, viewpoints, consciousness or behaviours. Fire unique ability to completely alters what it is in contact with,  so one can depict big changes on the horizon.  If the dreamer notices a Building On Fire it usually relates to “structures” that have been built over the years that are now destroyed. This might mirror relationships, ideals, principles, goals, beliefs or values.

  • relationships
  • self renewal
  • danger or warnings
  • outside force consuming your mind/psyche
  • illness and death (in rare cases)
  • conscious shifts

Escaping Fire In Your Dream

Whenever the dream is escaping a fire in their dreams they might be avoiding a dangerous situation or not confronting a problem in their lives that needs to be put out. Running away in dreams is a metaphor for not facing something hidden within. Perhaps it suggest you are escaping something dangerous, or relating to avoiding truth.

Alternatively when the dreamer is putting out a fire in their dream it suggests that you will stop a threat that has the potential to get out of control. The location of the fire in your dream becomes a clue where the threat might be originating.

Dreams About Fire and Smoke

Dreaming of both fire and smoke in your dream represents the things in your life that our completely out of control. Both of earth’s main elements AIR & Fire connect causing a warning that you may have paid attention to a while ago.

Fire and smoke mixed together reflects attitudes and habits that might be taken down. How you react and what was on fire becomes clues. Watching thick black smoke in your dream can be a warning for possible danger to come. Smoke gives you a heads up of something destructive around you.

Dreaming about water and fire connects your emotional state with the element of fire. Two powerful energies YIN & YANG, two opposed forces that might be symbolic of confliction within. Putting out a fire with water in your dream suggests emotions under control.

Common Fire Dreams

If you are on fire in your dream it suggest that other people anger might be directed on you. Dreaming of your car on fire suggests your path/drive in life will come to a halt. This might be suggesting being overworked or a possible attack on your movement/future.

Forest fires in dreams represents destruction or lack of knowledge of the unconsciousness part of you. However, people who care about the environment might dream this symbol as being hurt by the damage done to it.  The forest brings us to mother earth (nature) this could be connected with the feminine.  If you have a flamethrower in your dream suggests your anger will be directed at what your target is.

Smelling a fire when you wake up might be related to sleep paralysis.  This common occurrence is when you are half awake experiencing hallucinations.

Fire Dream & Solar Plexus 

Did you know the color RED, YELLOW and ORANGE in your dream might connect you to your own CHAKRAS or inner energy that has transformed?

The yellow chakra or solar plexus is the chakra that governs things like self-worth, place in the “tribe,” confidence, money and purpose. Depending the context it could either be in strong or in danger. The red chakra brings your awareness to the element of fire, or ROOT that is known to transform the dreamer.

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  • Low self-esteem
  • Inability to set or maintain boundaries
  • Codependency
  • Enlightenment
  • Psychic
  • Lack of self-control
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Transfomation
  • Addiction
  • Meditation/Affirmation

Spiritual Meaning Of Fire Dreams

Did you know that Fire is understood by Christians, the ancient Chinese, and the Hebrews for being a symbol of divinity. Even though the fire destroys in our dreams its sole purpose is to help guide you from this destructive force. By recognizing and understanding this fire within help purify and transforms the soul.

Fires close association with the depiction of Hell connects the dreamer between the good and evil – comprised as one of the “FOUR ELEMENTS” that we can make ourselves it bridges us between the mortals and the Gods.

Spiritually speaking fire is known to purify the soul, liberating what might be old and worn out, only for the new to flourish. A symbol of new beginnings and enlightenment or harnessing great energy within. Perhaps your dream about fire relates to actual unconscious fears of one starting in your house.

Alchemical Process Fire

Alchemy is best known for its belief that lead can be transmuted into gold.  This is the power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way.  A metaphor for the soul being freed from a dead state,” to that of realizing its own spark that is derived from pure spirit. Burning off the dead wood, the symbol of personal transformation.

Over two millennia ago, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus believed that fire, which he seems to identify with God, is the source of all excellence.  Without fire, alchemy would not exist.  Fire is to alchemy as blood is to life, without fire there will be no existence.