Dreams Starting With P


To dream of a pacifier symbolizes feelings about being treated like baby, or immature qualities one possesses. Depending the relationship with the feminine or mother it can be a symbol of nurturing your inner child.


When you dream of a package or parcel it symbolizes a “hidden message” from the unconsciousness. This is something that will arrive unexpectedly and will contain something of value. A metaphor implying you will receive a missing piece on your doorstep in the near future. If you are sending a parcel in your dream suggests your ability to offer help with your “gifts”.


Packing represents your past personal belongings that you carry with you. What makes packing symbolic is the fact that luggage represents what we take with us on the next destination. Packing goes hand and had with major transitions in our lives, the beginning stages before we take off. Sometimes these dreams can become negative when you are packing feces or it becomes endless. We must observe the luggage as your “internal baggage” from the past that you carry around in your head. If you are packing clothes in your dream it is a very positive symbol relating to changing aspects of your identity and image. Packing away eggs suggests “fragility” as you transition to the next stage.


Dreaming of being a pagan suggests that you are not putting enough effort into doing the right thing. If you dream of the pagan wheel its considered a symbol of the power of life and knowledge. Often, this pagan symbol is used in feminist traditions. This is one of the most common pagan symbols. The pentacle is a star within a circle


When you dream of a blank page it represents not being able to move forward or progress. You either keep procrastinating or you are just too lazy to try and lead a successful life. If you are reading a page in your dreaming you should pay attention to what the page says. If you are turning a page it becomes metaphor for moving on from your past.


Dreaming of being in a beauty pageant indicates insecurities about being judged by others in your life. Perhaps you are conforming to the social pressures of what it means to be beautiful. You look at other people try to measure up to their standards so that people would recognize you.


When you see a pager it indicates someone is attempting to reach you. It could also mean that you think someone is pressuring you into listening to them.


Dreaming of carrying or seeing a pail suggests that you are going to make progress. Depending on the contents of the pail and whether it is full or empty would tell you more about in which situation you would improve. If the pail is full it suggest heavy emotional burdens you need to let go of. On the other hand if it is empty it signifies recovering from a defeat or failure.


To dream of feeling physical pain in your dream might be related to a vivid nightmare or sleep paralysis. It is not uncommon to get hurt, shot or stabbed in your dream and physically feel it as you remain in your bed. Often times if the dreamer sleeps in an uncomfortable position or sleeps on their arm, then pain will be incorporated within the context of your dream. The area you experience pain in dream is often connected to an emotional pain that remains unconscious. For example: shot in the heart connects to feelings, emotions, love, relationships; whereas being stabbed in the stomach would be connected to your instincts or gut feelings.


Like colors that emerge in your dreams, paint is a very symbolic image relating to your inner energies, temperament, creativity and renewal. If you are painting your house it becomes a positive symbol of a mental and physical change in your life. Painting walls is good omen suggesting you are covering up the old worn down aspects of yourself and making a new fresh start. Painting a tree is symbolic to the fact that these images represent our protection, family, and self that will become new.


To dream of a paintball fight signifies aggressive competition while having fun to win the race. They can be considered positive dream symbols when you win.


Any objects that pair together in your dream signify a bond, connection and love. Connected to the number two which can be translated to is kindness, balance, tact, equalization, and duality. Pairs symbolizes a quiet power of judgment, and the need for planning. Alternately this could be the joining of two forces the Yin and Yang aspects of yourself.


To dream of pajamas is a positive dream symbol that relates to self comfort and unconscious protection. If you wearing pajamas in public it implies confusion and daydreaming in your daily life. The color of your pajamas will indicate your emotional state of mind.


Palaces are large and impressive building forming the official residence of a ruler, pope, archbishop, kings and queens. In dreams these structures are positive aspects of the dreamers mind – the substructure build to that exhibits supreme rule or order. If you dream of a beautiful palace it can be a positive omen mirroring inner royalty. If you had a dream about seeing the Royal Family it represents a wishful fantasy or a desire for power and wealth.


When you notice either your hand or palm it becomes a symbol of blessing, strength, power, hospitality, protection and stability. A powerful symbol that is known to ward of evil or negative energy around you – displayed in the Middle East as the ‘Hamza” with a palm and an eye in the center of it. In the far east cultures you have healing down by the hand called Reiki. It can also mean the ‘helping hand’ or ‘take my hand’ suggest connection and unity, love and protection.

Palm Branch

Very symbolic to the Catholic religion the palm branch holds significant power. The palm branch is a symbol of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life originating in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean world. The palm (Phoenix) was sacred in Mesopotamian religions, and in ancient Egypt represented immortality.

Palm Reading

To dream of having your palm read it becomes a symbol projection from your guides along your life journey. What they saw can become a personal forecast and what future goals have been lined up for you.

Palm Tree

A palm tree in your dream is symbolic of relaxation, durability and richness. Due to its many uses the tree reflects future prosperity and movement upwards towards your end goal. Since it needs the sun to grow it might encourage you to examine who might be the energy source that is helping you grow.


Is the pan hot or is it in the cupboard? If the pan is hot then it represents anger towards a situation or things that will take time in your life to get started.

Panic Attack

Nightmares about panic attacks are so vivid they are know to jolt the dreamer out of their sleep. People who suffer from panic attacks often fear of experiencing this dreadful feeling again. Dreams of panic attacks might occur to help prepare you mentally for the next attack or relating to unconsous fears of having one again.


Wearing or seeing panties in your dream suggest protection and self protection. A symbol that also have sexual undertones relating to repressed desires, inner feelings and attitudes.


Wearing pants in your dream represents protection, identity and movements in life. Many clues will unfold as you may notice the color, short pants or if you are wearing pants or not. Negative dreams such as missing pants signifies the dreamer vulnerability around others or embarrassing situations that will unfold. To dream of wearing short pants it represents freedom and fun along your journey. If you are buying pants it becomes a symbol of preparing and protecting yourself.


Pantyhose in your dream signifies you sexual feelings and enjoy being noticed. Any rips or damage to the pantyhose in your dream reflect hurt or sensitive feelings about your image.


When you see a blank paper in your dream it indicates that you want to come clean and create a new beginning in your life. If it is a stack or there are many papers all over it indicates that you are stressed and overcome by the amount things you are trying to deal with. Blank paper indicates that you need to work on being more communicative.

Paper Bag

To dream of a paper bag represents things that carry along with you that remain hidden. A brown paper bag represents purging of negative thoughts, emotions, habits, and life situations that remain concealed.

Paper Plates

Paper plates suggest that you are able to have something that would soon be blown away. You need to grab whatever is in your reach before it is gone.


Paparazzi appear in our dreams when our privacy is being compromised. The feelings of invasion, of being overly scrutinized or judged might be related to work, relationships or friends.


Dreaming that you are in a parachute signifies being guided down slowly from a failed or aborted plan. Planes are symbol of transitions so parachutes can apply as both negative and positive symbols. Alternatively, they can be seen as symbols to trust and let your guides (wind) take control over your direction. If you are skydiving without a parachute suggests taking risks by changing direction of your flight. How the dreamer lands will determine if this is a positive leap of faith.


Similar to flying, paragliding is a very positive symbol that tells you about control and length of your new flight in life. You have the ability to stay up in first place for a while; a symbol that connects to relationships, business, spiritual, and spiritual ascension.


Watching a parade in your dream represents something or someone being a distraction in your life.Whatever it is, it is causing you to stray from your aspirations in life. You can even be the distraction because you are afraid that you would not be successful in your endeavors. On the other hand, the characters or people in the parade may have significance to you; try to relate them to your life. If you are part of the parade then your dream suggests that you are lost and just going with the flow of what everyone around you is doing.

Parallel Universe

This so called unknown universe you might be entering could be related to exploring new parts of your unconscious mind. Something new yet familiar is reflecting somehow in your life; based off of the theme that unfolds it will tell you if this is an adventure or makes you anxious.


Being unable to move or stuck usually classifies under sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak that occurs upon waking or falling asleep. Though noticing people in the dream that are paralyzed might relation to a immobile situation they are in that restricts their direction. Dreaming about being paralyzed in a wheelchair suggests an inability to get your feet of the ground or reflects your own personal handicaps that stop you from advancing. If you dream a paralyzed person walking is a good omen implying growth and the ability to progress in the future. If your legs are paralyzed in your dream it is connected with your movement and inability to advance in your life.


Paramedics are positive dream symbol that act as guides or revives you before you get treated. They have the ability to bring you to a place (hospital, doctors) that suggest that this is the stage before getting helped.


Being paranoid in your dream represents how you feel in reality. You are worried about what you need to do in the future or how to deal with a situation. Perhaps you are feeling insecure in your current relationship?


Sleep paralysis or is this an actual paranormal type dream? Dreaming of paranormal events are vivid dreams that represent your unconscious fears and anxieties in your life.


Usually parasites in our dreams end up under our skin, white color or in poop. Parasites are like psychic vampires that feed off of the negative waste (poop) that is no longer needed within you. If they are under your skin it suggests fears, anxieties that remain unconscious to you. See worm dreams to find out how to remove them.


Parents in dreams represents the nurturing, responsibility, stability and unconscious masculine or feminine attributes depending the gender. It is not uncommon to dream of your parents dying, arguing, fighting, or hanging out. They are a part of our lives, what has helped shaped who you are as an individual along your life’s journey. Depending on your relationship and upbringing the context will alter and it would be up to the dreamer to find the meaning though the symbols that emerge in the dream. Dying parents can be seen as symbols of the old ways, major changes, rebirth, or aspects that used to be are dying off.


Parks tend to multiple interpretations in dreams. If this is a familiar park you frequently visited as a kid you can see this image as forgotten memories, games played with others, excitement, care free and growth. Parks can also symbolize how you grow and develop from a public standpoint. To dream of a playground slide represents quick thrills, chances and fun related to new ventures.

Parking Lot

Parking lots are associated with cars and movement. Cars are important to signify the dreamers drive, transition or path in their lives. If you noticed your car suggests a rest period or not moving at the moment.

Parking Ticket

A parking ticket is representative of how you feel. You think others are attacking you in your choices and decisions in life.


Being a part of parliament in your dream signifies your ability or inability to be in charge. You may need to take charge and speak up about something that is happening.


Parrots are troublesome omens relating to gossip and bad talk. Since parrots are notorious for listening and repeating they bring your attention to people you tell secrets too, or perhaps your bad talking.


If you are having fun at a party in your dream it means that you need to get out and dance the night away. If the party is not good then you have problems expressing yourself in social situations.


Dreaming of the city Paris brings your attention to desired love, romance and connection with the opposite gender. Perhaps this is a wishful fantasy that needs to be fulfilled or maybe what is to come in the near future.

Parents Dying

Death in dreams seems to be more of a positive symbol relating to ending or change in your life. It is very common to dream of your parents dying relating to puberty, leaving the home for school, unconscious fears of them dying, or a change with how they see you.


Dreaming that you find new and secret passageways suggests that you have new opportunities in your waking life. If you wake up before fully exploring these passageways, suggests you may not know how to take advantage of these opportunities; or how to move forward with a relationship.


Dreaming that you are a passenger in a car represents an inability to be more in control of your drive.


A dream with your passport signifies finding yourself and a sense of individuality. It is also connected with a plane which signifies moving from one destination to another. To dream you received a passport is a good omen of a new item that will help you move to your next destination.


The password in your dream symbolizes your ability to unlock your inner feelings. The words and letters in the password may be your unconscious trying to send you a message.


Dreaming of a past situation implies possible repressed memories, feelings or emotions that need sort out. These might be problems in the past seems to be lingering still and is bothering you. If you are dreaming of past friends depending your relationship can go either way. You may crave the old bond you had or if the relationship was bad you may have repressed feelings that need to sort out.


A clear path in your dream indicates that you are heading in the right direction in your life. How the path is presented to you in the dream will foretell the path that you are currently on. You will either be walking with ease or possibly struggling to move ahead if it is dangerous. If the path has dirt it might encourage you to take a step back and go on a more familiar path you are used to taking. If the path is blocked in your dream represents personal blocks that stop you from advancing.


Pastors in dreams bring your attention to your higher self or a connection with your spiritual side. A need to be forgiving for your sins or guide during difficult times in your life.


Pavement dreams focus on how we move about in life. Depending the condition of the pavement and what is going on dictates your current path.


A pawnshop in your dream indicates giving up something valuable for short term gain. The object you are trading in will be symbolic to you only.


A paycheck in a dream represents that either your hard work is not going to go by unnoticed or it will. If you are shocked and received more than you expected in your dream then it indicated that you are going to benefit from all that you are doing in your waking life. If not then your work is not being properly recognized and underrated. If you are having money problems and you dream of a paycheck then the dream serves as a release for your worries. Perhaps you need to work a little bit harder and reap the benefits of doing so.


Payphones symbolize communication and information that you need to work for. Maybe some relationship you have or some form of communication is causing you stress. If the pay phone is not working it suggests that you are being closed off. A symbol that people are not allowing you to express yourself properly and you are finding it hard to communicate with others.


Being in a state of relaxation and peace in your dream implies that whatever was causing you distress in your life has come to an end. Being at peace in your dream is a reflection of what will soon come consciously.


Peacocks are beautiful magnificent symbols that might lead to an inner awakening. Its iridescent colors (masculine energy) that has spread out for you to see its beauty. However it may also be connected to the dreamers image and vanity – a need to show off its colors to others.


Being at the top, highest peak of a mountain suggests that you are going to reach your goals. You would do what you need to in life to excel and achieve what you want.


Peanuts in a dream are indicative of getting to know the truth about things. If are experiencing money troubles then your dream is expressing it with peanuts.


Pearls are known to bring wealth, luck as well as offer protection. Known for their calming effect, pearls can balance one’s karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. A pearl necklace is said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer.


It also bestows wisdom and health. In some Christian contexts the pear represents the virgin and child, as well as innocence. The pear is a symbol of affection in many cultures or a metaphor for a pair of something.


Pebbles in your dream suggest trivial problems and setbacks in your life. If you dream of pelting or tossing pebbles it indicated that gossip is getting to you. People are bringing you down by their little degrading comments.


Being on a pedestal signifies admiration. You are being recognized and others are looking up to you. If you see a pedestal it means that you are looking up to someone or something.


Dreaming of getting a pedicure implies that you are confident and relaxed. You want to be taken care of and spoiled.


These are common dream symbols that imply a release of pent up energy that has now been released. Peeing blood implies a loss of energy (life force), urinating on the floor bring your attention to a lack of control in your life. A baby peeing on you might point to your inner child.


Peeling something in a dream is indicative of getting rid of the past and unwanted things in your life. Also if you find that you have a wall or appearance that you do not want, you are peeling it off slowly but surely.


A peephole symbolizes your very constricted view of things. Alternatively, the dream signifies a non-reciprocating situation. Someone has the upper hand.


Your lack of trust is evident in your dream. When you dream that you are spying on someone it actually represents your own insecurities. On the other hand something is causing you to feel a bit uncertain. Perhaps you are afraid of committing to something or someone. If you notice someone peeping at you then you are feeling a bit unsafe. On the other hand you may feel as though every action you make is being criticized.


A pen can appear in your dream if you might be forgetting something that might be a bit important to you. It can also appear in your dreams when there could be an issue with communication in your life. What are you writing down and why would it have significance to you in your life right now? You might want to think of the term coined “the pen is mightier than the sword” because dreams usually work in metaphors.


These dreams might be a metaphor to write you write down how you feel emotional. If you noticed the pencil being dull suggests a need to sharpen aspects of yourslef.


Dreaming of a pen is can translate into many interpretations depending on who is having it and the context of the dream. Though for the most part its a symbol of masculinity for the dreamer. Freud used to think anything that penetrated an object was a metaphor of this image.


The term ‘a penny for your thoughts’ might be suggesting your talking too much. A penny can also translate to luck, hidden talents and energy. Money as a dream symbol represents energy, so depending on losing or gaining all relates to what was going on currently in your life.


In our dreams we are often likely to dream of perfume or perfume bottles. These are symbolic images relating to something beautiful will be unexpected to unfold in your life.


It is common to dream of random people trying to kill, people fighting or even people you do not know in your dream. You may not remember all the people you have met or seen in your life but your unconscious keeps a record. These random people reflect our fears, family, unconscious aspects of ourselves that can be for or against us.

Period Blood

These dream reflect uncomfortable and unpleasant situations in your life. Bloods close connection to vital life or energy might also suggest a loss of energy.

Perming Hair

Perming hair in your dream represents obtaining or adding something within your psyche – hair relating to thoughts, development and wisdom that can be beneficial to you. It may also reflect your image and how you want others to view you in society.

Personal Trainer

Dreams of people who are pushing you to achieve something better suggests that you need to wake up and get moving. This can be any aspect in your life from losing weight to working harder at your job.


Your dream might have something to do with nature or going back to your animistic side of things. Pets bring our awareness to unconditional love, trust, friendship and instincts.


This is a very positive dream symbol that might be related to something mystical about you. If you were acting out as the pharaoh in your dream suggests that you like power and authority.


Many people have their own views on what a “Pheasant” means in a dream. This symbol can mean anything from balance, protection and creativity. Though some say it could mean that you have a very indecisive nature.

Phone Number

Numbers are very symbolic and when they appear in our dreams. Whether they are found on elevators, cards or someone telling you a number is a clue that can be translated depending what appeared.


They bring us messages from the past for you to decode as each picture holds a different meaning special to the individual. Dreaming many photos suggest an upcoming honoring, appreciation, admiration or more prestige and respect. Dreaming a picture of a specific person implies you want to inherit the same qualities as that person.


Dreams of piano resents mastery and control over your emotions and turn our attention to our creative side. You will have to keep your flow steady and execution regardless of your surroundings and audiences. You are playing with something ‘keys’ that are black and white (metaphor) Keys signify new beginnings.


Picture dreams can also imply that you could be holding on to the past. If you are taking a picture you might be trying to capture an important experience in your life that you don’t want to forget. This can be some type of memory that you hold close to your heart.


If you are lucky enough to pick up anything in your dream consider yourself lucky. For the most part we are known to pick up money, coins, flowers, clothes and fruits. Depending on what you pick up and how much will alter the meaning of the dream. Furthermore the colors and shapes determine if this find belongs in your inner or outer world.

Picking Fruits

Depends on the fruit you are picking can alter the meaning of the dream. If you were to pick a fruit like a pomegranate that would signify an abundance of something in your life to come. Where as if you were to pick a strawberry brings your awareness to love and passion in your life. Dream of picking fruits from a tree symbolizes happiness, good deeds, happy news, opportunities in both business and personal life. If you ate a poisonous fruit suggest you are taking in something toxic in your life and you might not be aware.


Picnics in dreams are positive dream symbols suggesting you will embark on a pleasant or amusingly carefree experience soon. A relaxed nature outside your comfort zone you will soon be nourished (food) from this experience.


The symbol used by mathematicians to represent the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The circle would be a symbol of completion or wholeness (the self). Wanting a piece of the pie might be suggesting a time to integrate yourself.


These are messengers from your guides bringing you glad tidings. Like the dove, pigeon are symbolic for protection, spirit, light, pure and everlasting love. Expect something coming your way!


When a pig appears in your dream hints at being dirty, greedy and stubborn. When these unclean animals appear suggests a need for self reflection on your thoughts, traits and behaviors as they could overlap. However, in ancient times they were considered to be symbols of fertility, strength and abundance.


Pills are taken to help treat an issue that might come back. Dreaming of a pill might be hinting at topically fixing a problem in your life. It could also be a metaphor ‘hard pill to swallow or ‘being a pill’ with a situation going on in your life.


This dream symbol that hints at being in control on the path ahead of you. Planes take us from one destination to another; being a pilot lets you know you are managing the responsibility accordingly. However if you are having trouble controlling the plane lets you know you have some difficulty ahead.


Internal negative feelings that are felt within will be exposed to others. Pimples inform the dreamer that these unconscious emotions that relate to your image and communication with other is infected. To notice the pimples on your back becomes a metaphor for this issues being something behind you, covered up, or not noticed. When the dreamer either pops or squeezes the puss out of the pimples it represents a removal of this internal build up within. Abscess show that this is a build up that has been accumulating for a long time.


Pink is overwhelmingly associated with delicacy, femininity, romance, harmony, and innocence. Dreams often depict the color pink in snakes, clothes, lipstick and dresses.


In dreams they are know to be related to connections, emotional networks or the passage between two parties. Water that flows from a pipe represents the complex emotional structure within the psyche of the dreamer. If the pipes are bursting it shows tension or an unconscious block that has restricted this flow from your internal system. To dream of a drain pipe represents the root chakra; release and your ability to let go of things that are no longer in use to you. If you are smoking a pipe relates to an unattainable or fanciful hope or scheme.


These are very symbolic dream symbols that bring our attention to new destinations, emotions and life changing events. Unlike cars that show us our day to day movements, planes show us larger and faster changes in our lives taking off and leaving the old behind. You embark on a new journey, the unknown leaving it to flow naturally and expect anything.

Plane Crash

A plane crash brings our awareness to failed plans or events that didn’t reach its potential. These dreams can be related to fears and anxiety happening in your life at the moment.

Plane Hijacked

Dreams about your plane taken over by terrorist suggests failed plans for advancement. There will be some negative force getting in the way of your progress.


Plants emerge in our dream to represent some sort of inner or outer growth that is taking place in your life. It contains spiritual properties that are often found within the pot. Plants may appear in different colors, shapes, indoor, broken and pots to hint at the true meaning.


If you are dreaming of anything “plenty” it suggests the things in our lives we will get in abundance. If you notice positive symbols such as plenty of fish, meat, food, red oil and eggs suggest some sort of spiritual nourishment and transformation taking place at the moment. Seeing plenty of snakes can go from both negative to positive depending the dream (see snake dreams). Dreaming of plenty of cockroaches, rats or mice is bad omen related to unconscious fears, people or situations you are in.

Playing A Game

To dream of playing a sports game represents rest, leisure and fun will soon unfold in your life. Winning or losing a game will mirror the outcome of advancement or being held back in some aspect in your life. To dream of playing Ludo suggests a quick race will unfold between you and 3 other people. Board games usually reflect how the dreamer navigates and moves in their life – advancements to setbacks, gains and losses.


Dreams of poop are common that suggesting a metaphor for holding on too, or releasing something toxic within. Stuff that that you hold inside need to come out as its toxic to hold it in. These dreams can be connected to the root chakra connecting with stability, security, and our basic needs. If you feel embarrassed, relieved or just noticed it implies how you feel about what you are holding in.

Polar Bears

Dreaming of polar bears represent resourcefulness, protection and being able to gather food from a baron landscape. The landscape could be the unknown or unconscious part of the dreamer. However the bears present themselves in your dream gives you a clue how to approach decoding it. If you are attacked suggests the qualities they possess is lacking in you.


Police can come either as protectors, guides, authority or enforcers that arrest us when we misbehave unwillingly. Police are symbolic in dreams based off of our good or bad behaviour that might not be known to the dreamer. They are sent from the unconscious parts of us that is known to police our emotions, movement or beliefs and however they show up in your dream gives you a clue for their intent. Being arrested by the police is a warning for going to car or careless in your actions.


The politician in your dream represents your hidden talents, motives or urges toward leadership or admiration. Our dreams reflect our inner politics that can be related to our friendships, family life or relationships. Seeing chief minister in your dream connects you to the ones who have control or governs your belief system.


Most poltergeist dreams happen inside the house of the dreamer; houses are symbols of the mind or inner architecture, an hidden or unconscious emotion that metaphorically haunts. Usually these dream unfold when the dreamer is being attacked by an invisible force. A symbol that encourages the dreamer to examine their inner world for the haunting to cease. See possession dreams.


The act of pointing can direct the dreamer attention towards something or to give force or emphasis to (words or feelings). In most cases fingers are being pointed that show blame directed towards the person involved. Pointing a gun or knife is a negative symbol of a direct attack (verbal or confrontation) that has the ability to remove or damage someone emotionally.


To dream of poison can alter the meaning if you are around it or eating something poisonous. These are warning signs that show you something is very toxic in your life and a need to observe your surroundings. If you were bitten by something poisonous suggests an enemy, however depending on what bites you and where can change the meaning.


The pope is important as he is a holy figure represents a direct line back to Jesus. Dreaming of the pope or him blessing you connects you to the source of higher consciousness, spirituality and the father. According to Jung a women who dreams of the pope might connect them to their inner masculine called the animus; see animus.


We are commonly known to pop nasty things in our dreams such as pimples, cysts or blackheads. Despite its gross imagery these dreams are actually quite beneficial to the dreamer. Basically when we pop we are technically removing toxic energy or negative inner feelings from within; once on the face it mirrors self reflection or what is noticed by others. Popping better things like champagne or fireworks implies a celebration or success or love in your life.

Porch or Patio

A place that becomes a part of the dreamer (see house dreams) depicting your body and aspects of your personality. It either becomes something that is in front or behind you that consists of feelings, family, relaxation in your field of view. The condition of the front porch becomes a clue that determine a negative or positive omen attached to it.

Positive Pregnancy Test

These are very good dreams that suggest you are in the beginning phases of inner growth, development, or relating to so sort of transformation. However this might take months to manifest in order to see the results.


These dreams are connected to your own personal behaviors that you may not have much control over; or bad qualities that you are unaware of. This might even be something that influences you, or has complete control over your life.


Possums may appears in your dream related to things that are only threatened when harmed. This animal reflects solitary and being nomadic, staying in one area as long as food and water are easily available. Being attacked suggests this area remains unconscious to you and you may have provoked it. Alternatively some say they relate to motherhood and irritability.


They come from the ground that signifies grounding or nourishment from mother nature. They can be positive symbolism, however if you noticed that it is rotten suggests a bad omen.


These dream might suggest a reflection of what might be going on with you personally and coming out in your dream. Could you be hoping for the best or have unfulfilled desires? It might imply a need to become closer to God or the Self. Praying to any god or any religion might be showing respect towards certain religions.


These dreams are powerful messages presented as a metaphor suggesting giving birth to something new in your life. If one was to have unconscious feelings towards having a baby based off of their biological clock ticking, then these dreams will become prevalent. However, these are good omens leaving you waiting for new beginnings to come. Losing a baby or a miscarriage points to failed or aborted plans that were once in the making.


Depending on what is taking place in the dream can alter the dream meaning. However, president dreams suggests head of state, power and integrity. If you are shooting a president suggests failing to obtain a high position.


Dreams about preserves or jam/jelly are positive symbol that connect you to the sweet things in life. What is often contained is hidden metaphorically within the dreamer.


Feeling pressure in your dream is often connected to sleep paralysis as an unknown force is weighing down on your chest. A common experience that happens before wakefulness and sleep.


These are very important symbols that reflect on either guilty or some sort of confident in your life. You have been found guilty, so its time to investigate what is taking place in your walking life.


Dreaming of a priest or pastor are very symbolic when they appear in our dreams. However, depending on your personal views and experiences on religion and spirituality can alter the meaning. Reflecting on your current behaviors, decisions and lifestyle you can apply to what the priest means to you and if you need guidance. Questioning if you are sinful and need to be forgiven. They can appear for us to dig deeper in our selves to reach a higher consciousness or connection to the Self.


To dream of pride in your dream represents your narcissistic behaviors that are hidden within. Defined as a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements; a symbol that can be both negative and positive depending the context of the dream.

Princess Diana

To dream of Princess Diana symbolizes hidden qualities that are inherent within yourself that needs to be made conscious. What does she mean to you? What similar qualities that both of you possess? Perhaps you are a future humanitarian? Someone who is in an unhappy relationship? Maybe she emerges in hopes you find a Prince (see animus).


A symbol that might contain elements of sexual desires, repression, misdirection of love and affection for financial ends, or selfish motives. If you are being a prostitute in your dream it might suggest selfish motives that are against your moral values. If you are buying a prostitute suggests you are using someone or something for you own short term gain.


Whatever you are protecting is usually a sign of protecting things that are unconscious to you. A profound dream symbol that encourages you to examine your inner child.


Dreaming of a Prophet connects you with a divine human being; their values shine within the dreamer. When they emerge they are highly symbolic that provides the dreamer with protection, love and security. A symbol that can also be a manifestation of the higher Self or higher consciousness. Who was the Prophet and why are they known? Are these qualities integrated or need to be obtained within? If they pray for you it becomes a symbol of protection, eternal life, and guidance. If they give you money it suggests you will benefit (internal wealth) from their teachings.

Psychiatric Hospital

To dream of a psychiatric hospital represents a need to heal your mind, body and soul. Feeling in your life that reflect insanity, confinement and restriction; in order for the dreamer to heal one will have to find out what this represents in their life. To dream of a break down represents repressed emotions and feelings that are being expressed in the dream. If you are admitted to an insane asylum suggest a call for self help in order to fix these unconscous issues you possess within. Escaping from an insane asylum suggests running from your fears or breaking free from crazy environments.

Psalm 23

To dream of Psalm 23 represents your devotion to God and you will continue to follow him on your life’s path. The symbolic nature of the sheep (see sheep dreams) implies that he is your Shepard and you will be guided by his spirit.


Psoriasis in your dream represents the negative things in your life that cycles every so often. Since its close attachment to the skin, psoriasis connects more to your identity or what is shown in front or others. Alternatively, any sort of shedding of skin in your dream connects you to the OUROBOROS or rebirth of the dreamer.


Connected with the shadow – the unknown feminine part of the dreamer. They hunt at night making them a fierce predator.


Pumpkins emerge in your dream to show your resilience, grounded nature and sacral chakra. These are positive symbols that reflect growth prosperity, and abundance will soon unfold in your life.


Punching something in your dream symbolizes anger and revenge towards the people that have hurt you. It might suggest that these emotions are repressed and needs to be expressed in our life. If you are unable to punch in your dream it mirrors inner weakness, low confidence and inner strength in your life. In dream we often punch our boyfriends, wall, face, dog (best friend) and a random someone.


To dream of a purse connects us to our identity or sense of self. According to Freud he believed that purse was a metaphor for opening and closing in a sexual manner, relating to the female genital. The items in the purse will be symbolic giving you a clue what to investigate.


When you dream someone is pursuing you it signifies your refusal to accept other people’s thoughts. Alternatively it may indicate someone trying to make you conform to their ideals. If you are the one pursuing something or someone then it implies that you are being kept down and not able to take control. Perhaps you should try focusing your energy on something else.


Pus in a dream is symbolic of negative emotions. If the pus is barely coming out it means that you need to accept the feelings that you have been experiencing and let them out. If the pus is flowing freely it means that you are ridding yourself of all the negativity you have been feeling.


Being pushed in our dreams are usually vivid nightmares that manifest on top buildings or very high places. They are negative dream omens that show outside forces that metaphorically push you over the edge, or remove you from a particular place. If you are pushed into water it reflects the dreamer emotional state that will be compromised. If you dream of pushing someone down the stairs it suggests you are affecting their progress in life. If you are pushed out of a car it suggests your drive or path ahead will be aborted by force.


Dreaming of puppies can either be dependency or joyfulness in your life. Generally they are positive symbols known to represent loyalty, immaturity or security – but on the other hand its close connection to the dog implies underdeveloped instincts. This is why the dreamer might see dead puppies implying a need to explore the masculine traits or senses that are not used within.


Putty symbolizes your ability to shape and form situations and people. In other words, you can manipulate people and things easily.


A puzzle, jigsaw or crossword in your dream signifies an internal problem that needs sorting out. Depending the game and what is happening with the pieces alters the meaning of the dream.


Wearing pajamas in your dream connects with your comfort level belonging to yin energy, intimacy, love and emotions.


Dreaming of a pyramid suggests physical stability, designed with three sides symbolize the material connections with creative processes. You might be building something that contain a hidden side. Pyramids are still a mystery to man, something buried under the surface that holds clues to the unconsciousness and spiritual side of the dreamer. It could also be connected with the all seeing eye or hierarchy.


Pythons contains both a positive and negative traits in your dream, they may emerge as symbols of transformation, or possibly a person ready to constrict the life out of you. Being bitten suggests what ever bad trait has affected you psychologically or mentally. A python brings your awareness to enmity, sexual desires, aggression, revenge and anger.

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1 year ago

Last night i dreamt that i flashed my phone and everything in it got erased. I woke wondering what it could mean because that was all i could remember.

Joseph Kiefer
Joseph Kiefer
1 year ago

In my dream I heard a noise outside the house I walked outside the house and I was shot in the back by police I heard my mom yelling honey I was just coming out to see if you’re okay please don’t shoot in my dream iwas fading away I could feel it I had to open my eyes out of my dream to make sure I was still alive

2 years ago

I dreamed I was traveling and in a place….maybe a car rental…..I set my purse and suitcase down, by the door and instantly someone stole my purse and bag. The purse was a new, concealed carry….all personal items in the purse, minus a gun. So hoping for an indepth explaination.

2 years ago

Hello I have a recurring dream that happened to me like 4 time and I really wanna know the meaning so I was in a room whit other people and I had a new phone the phone was in the box and I started tell other people about my new phone and then I open it whit them and I never use it and even sometimes I just tell people that I was about to have a new phone whit out even having it in my hand but when I talked whit this people I feel like I was a… Read more »

2 years ago

I dreamt that my late mum gave me some popsicles. I wanted to have mum but she cheerfully refused me having more.

Marcelle Smit
Marcelle Smit
2 years ago

I was wondering if anyone could help me interpret my dream. I dreamed that I was flushing puppies down the toilet. A few litters later I couldnt anymore so saved them and cared for them while my dad and I were driving around. That’s all I remember. For some background, I love dogs but have ocd so hair and messing on carpets etc i cant deal with so dont actually have a pet.

Marcelle Smit
Marcelle Smit
Reply to  The Dreamer
2 years ago

Thank you for your feedback. I haven’t tried CBT, but will definitely check it out.

2 years ago

I had 2 dreams that are connected. I am female just for reference. In the first dream… I had to prove I was a guy for some reason. So I did something similar to what Joey did in Friends… I made a fake with some meat. I didn’t dream about actually attaching it to myself. The dream ended abruptly. 2nd dream a few weeks later… in the dream I remembered that I have this and I felt an urge to remove it. But my family were around me. I even contemplated just telling them that I woke up this way.… Read more »

2 years ago

What if you only saw some poisons in the background of a dream? I had a dream once and I had entered a building with poison with the stereotyped toxic symbol, bright green. At the time it seemed like an insignificant detail, but I’m kind of interested as to what it could mean, since it had no context that I could think of.

Reply to  The Dreamer
2 years ago

Okay! Thanks for responding. Actually in the dream I was very unsettled in the building, and I was trying to rescue someone from what I believed was a toxic relationship taken literally, and he was being held captive by ex-friends of mine in the dream. Anyway, it makes sense, what you said, so thanks!

Dawn Carpenter
Dawn Carpenter
3 years ago

I dreamed that the porch was destroyed on my home.

3 years ago

My dad dreamed of getting a phone number from Biden and lots of random people, he was so surprised that he wrote down all the phone numbers everyone including Biden in his dream while dreaming. Then when he woke up, he wrote down the phone number that only Biden gave in his dream on a piece if paper. What does it mean to get a bunch of phone numbers from random people and the president?

4 years ago

When I was 7 years old I had a crazy dream. I was outside of my house catching lightning bugs in a mason jar, and playing with my dog at night while everyone was in the house asleep. I had stopped for a water break. Everything was pretty normal, but then all of a sudden a magic portal appeared, and so did Papa Smurf. He said “ Come through this portal and you can go bunches places. You have to go in and out of the portal in order to go to different places. Each place you go is a… Read more »

4 years ago

My friend had a dream about going down twice in an elevator and it brought him into a lobby high above the desert and the second to the ground in an office building that had the word scream on there.

11 years ago

I had a dream the other night and I cant seem to get it out of my head. My dream was that I was pregnant and I was really frustrated because my bump wasnt that big yet and that i had so long to go unitl the baby was due. I also mentioned my current partner in the dream as the father but he wasnt actually in the dream. Any ideas what this could mean?

11 years ago

Im Always Having Dreams Im Pregnant And Giving Birth but Recently I Had A Dream That Someone Came Up To Me And Shot My Stomach So I Knew I Lost The Baby And Just This Morning I Had A Dream That There Was A Baby About 1 Year Old Possessed And Im Getting Creeped Out This Is The Second Time Iv Drempt Of A Toddler Trying To Hurt Me Because They Were Possessed And In Both Dreams The Possessed Toddlers Told Me they Werent Going To stop Untill I Was Theres Its Creeping And A Very Weird Dream DO You… Read more »

11 years ago

I have had a recurring dream since I was a little girl. Almost everything seems to be on the left for me which is important. In this dream I am at my grandpa’s house in his rec room and it’s empty. suddenly the walls are lined with fold up chairs. Then dogs pop into the chairs sitting upright. I walk straight forward and slightly to the left to a husky. I reach my hand out it bites me but I don’t feel it. then I hear a screaming and on the left wall back by the door there is a… Read more »

Reply to  Katryna
4 years ago

Wow, that’s an interesting dream!

11 years ago

I always had a dream about plane crash. sometime I saw plane start spinning and crash on the ground and then lot a smoke and fire. Can anyone tell me what that dream means ?

12 years ago

I had a dream I was arrested, but I broke out of my cuffs and made a break for it. when I was far enough I slowed down, and eventually I got caught again, but only this time I knew they were they were waiting for me. I surrendered. I called out out that I was there, and threw my hands out to be cuffed. In the cruiser I managed to pick the lock but did not attempt to escape again. We arrived at the prison, as the officers are walking me through the walls I woke up. Could anyone… Read more »

12 years ago

I keep having these dreams that I’m pregnant. Every time the location and what I’m doing is different. However in these dreams I’m always trying to sit down but I can’t because my belly is too big. Can someone please tell me if that means anything?

12 years ago

Im dreaming of the same person most of the times but in different scenarios. Can you tell me what that means?

12 years ago

The guy I like from work was in my dream. He asked me for a pen and then I gave him my pen that I keep in my purse. I have also had a dream that his name was on a car window. What does those dreams mean?