Dreams Starting With A


When we dream of being abandoned harbors feelings of insecurity, emotional support or unconscious fears. It is quite common for kids to experience nightmares about their families leaving them behind. These dreams may be a result of past traumatic events, divorces or fears that it may happen. To dream of a child being left behind connects to the dreamers own inner child that has been neglected or forgotten about. If you are left stranded it mirrors feelings of loneliness and lack of direction in your life. Left stranded by a bus suggests you have missed your stop to get to the next stage.


When we come across an Abbey in our dreams suggest that we are looking to find inner peace and to clean up old habits. An abbey is a complex of buildings used by members of a religious order under the governance of an abbot. It a place for religious activities and housing of Christian monks. This could be a metaphor suggesting a need for spiritual guidance. If your walking away from an Abby means that you are feeling spirituality deserted and need to regain hope.


To see an abdomen in your dream represents your gut feeling on a situation. This is a interesting dream symbol because it represents your intuitive human instincts in your walking life. This might be connected to your energy centers in your body. If you notice that the abdomen is open means that you might be letting too much information go out about you. At this given time you might be feeling vulnerable.


Does being taken against your will remind you of anything? If you noticed your kids or loved ones being abducted suggests fears of some outside force taking them away. You may feel vulnerable that you no longer have control over them. If you are abducting someone in your dream suggests controlling aspects of yourself.


To feel or notice something abnormal even in a dream suggest that you will over come an issue that has been bothering you for a long time. An abnormal baby is a refection of your own inner child that needs developing, or relating to issues with new growth taking place.


To see anybody who is Aborigine or from a native tribe represents the spiritual side of you. You may relate to this character and want more inner peace. You may be too involved with yourself and need to come back down to earth.


If you dream of having an abortion means that you are self destructing yourself from moving forward in life. This might be connected to an “aborted” plan or new idea that you were once giving birth to metaphorically speaking. If you have had an abortion in your life and you have guilt these dreams will appear until you come to terms with it.


When we notice objects above us in dreams signifies your goals. You might feel that your goals are a bit out of reach at the moment. Above water is a positive symbols that suggest you are on top of your emotions. Above the clouds in your dream reflects not being grounded or a high mood. Dreaming about being above your bed is often linked to outer body experiences.


Being abroad in your dream signifies a new place in your life you are not familiar with. It might project unconscious aspects about yourself that is to exploring, or relating to new things in your waking life. It is quite common to be lost as it become metaphoric for you trying to navigate your way out of this foreign place. The country and the people you are with becomes clues.


Abscess emerge in our dreams relating to negative or toxic internal emotions that emerge on the surface. A positive sign is when the abscess is drained despite its vivid nature, a symbol of removing the build up that has accumulated over time. Puss is a negative symbol that mirrors unconscious build ups that are dangerous within.


Dreaming of your absent father or mother related to your repressed emotions, past pain, or unconsous link to the inner masculine or feminine. A desire to bond or perhaps find out more about who you really are?


When we dream of being “abstinent” in our dreams means that you are restricting yourself from the daily pleasures in your life. Its possible that you have a very strong mind and your not going to let your guard down.


We often dream of abundance of food or money which is a very positive symbol. An auspicious sign that informs the dreamer of gaining or acquiring an abundance of something, this may be related to internal wealth and prosperity.


Dreams about abuse can may connect to past trauma or related to people who take advantage over others. To dream of animal abuse reflects an attack on your unconscious behaviors and instincts. If you are witnessing abuse might reflect a situation that reflects someone using their power over others. If you are escaping abuse it suggest you are running away from a dangerous environment. Dreams of an abusive ex contains elements of PTSD from your past; see ex dreams.


Dreaming of the deep abyss reflects the vast emotional unconscious part of the dreamers personality. Such a vast unexplored part that can be scary and empty, yet contains a hidden mystery of what is going on. What is found or seen are clues that becomes a metaphorical message to the dreamer.


Dreaming of being in an academy means that you want to find new people to help you grow. You may want to seek new friends to lead you in the right direction.


To see an accelerator in your dream symbolizes that time time is right for you to excel in life. You will make all the right decisions yourself in order to advance. It all depends on the mood of your dream as well. If you noticed it stuck suggest that something is blocking you from moving forward. Try and remember who was with you in the dream where it was stuck or jammed.


Hearing different accents reflects trouble communicating or understand others. A sign something feels foreign to you, a symbol of your confidence level and how you interact in your waking life.


To dream of not being accepted reflects your agreeable nature in your waking life. A message to become more assertive and not feeling a part of the team. Though being accepted in your dream represents your own self pride and confidence around others.


An accident are considered symbolic dream symbols foretelling a grinding halt in some aspect in your life. Depending of the type of accident and the mode of transportation alters the meaning of the dream. Traditionally accidents revolve around the possibility that you’re being given a warning of possible danger to slow down or to be careful of what’s to come. Noticing blood suggest a loss in vital life force and energy.


Dreaming of accidentally killing someone reflects unconscious anger and a release of aggression. Mistakes have been made that made you go too far, a sign to examine your frustrations and inner rage towards something or someone.


When ever we dream of being an accomplice in our dreams implies that somebody in your life is bringing you down mentally. Nobody wants to be around a person who is going to get you in trouble. You may want to find out who is the cause of this and try your best to move away. If you take somebody along with you as an accomplice means you are the one that is a negative around that person.


To see an accordion in your dream means that you can be very flexible. If you are the one playing with an according, suggest that you are a very negative person. You are having too many negative emotions and need to become more positive.


Most people usually dream about an accountant during tax time and its your mind telling you to be more organized. If its not tax time and you dream of an accountant means that you are doing a good job by checking all the small detail. Your not going to be taken advantage anymore.


Any dream that we notice bank accounts we need to tighten our belts and save. You may be concerned financially about the future.


When you are accused for something you didn’t do is an awful feeling. When applied to your dream of being accused suggests you may have been blamed for actions that you never did, or you may have feelings of guilt. Most of the time we end up in court as we are before a judge. These are metaphors for being judged and sentenced by others.


When we dream of acid it represents all the bad emotions we have inside us. Its symbolizes hate, anger, temper, revenge and a loss of control. If you have some aspects of acid you need to take some steps back and reflect on your emotions and how to control them.


Acorns are great symbols to dream about because they represent your strength and your ability to grow on your own. In fact in the Nordic and Celtic mythology it represents fertility and immortality. The god Thor’s Life Tree was an oak and the word Druid can be translated as “Oak Knowledge”; see tree dreams.


These dreams bring your attention to self image and how you are perceived in your daily life. This might be unconscious feelings of feeling ugly or not confident in yourself. A metaphoric dream for something that has broken out and it shows on your face. Acne on your back reflects something ugly behind you, something that you might be ashamed of since you cover it up. Dream of popping acne or pus coming out is a positive symbol of removing negative associations about your appearance.


To dream that you have been acquitted from a crime in a court, suggests that you have learned a life long lesson. Something happened to you in your life that your unconscious mind is letting you know your very lucky and you got off the hook.


If you dream of acrobats show your flexibility and your balance in life. If you are an acrobat and you fall suggests that you need more practice in order to advance. If you are sexually active its common to dream of acrobats. You may be seeking new positions and want a more vibrant sexy life.


When we dream of an address suggest that you need to “address” a situation that your overlooking. Pay attention to the details of the dream and see what need to be confronted. If you see your old house address means that you want to relive


Acting in your dreams has many different types of interpretations. You are playing a role in front of others, a symbol that might suggests that you may wear a mask in front of others. Perhaps the role you are acting is reveling your true identity, who you want to be in life. If you dream about being in a movie it might be a wishful fulfillment.

Actor or Actress

To be an actor or actress in your dream represents a need to express your inner feelings. A powerful symbol that represents the desire for recognition, grace, wanting to impress others, material gain, popularity, and power. A positive omen that makes you enjoy acting out roles for other peoples enjoyment.


Acupuncture is a form of treatment that involves inserting very thin needles through a person’s skin at specific points on the body, to various depths. The location of where the needle is in your body acts as a metaphor for where you are getting relief from. The ancient Chinese believed in his holistic healing as it circulates a free flow of Chi energy and removes blockages.

Adder Snake

See snake dreams. Somebody in your walking life wants to do you wrong. Don’t be nervous just aware of your surroundings.


When you dream of an addict symbolizes something or someone in your life that you have lost control over. An addict represents the weak, lost and lonely person within you that needs help. Addicted to a drugs represents an addiction that overpowers you in your life.


Being addicted to anything in life good or bad is not that healthy. When you dream of being addicted to a substance suggests that something in your life is like a drug to you. Are you a possessive person? You may feel dependent on that person and feel you can function without them. Alternatively being addicted in your dream can also represent you not wanting to conform with society.


If you dream of seeing an admiral represents your need for direction and authority. You need direction with your life. If your are an admiral in your dream means that you have power issues and need to relax. You like to give authority over others. Do you remember who you were giving orders too? Maybe you should ease up on that person.


Dreaming about an admirer represents the beautiful qualities that you inherit that is not shown. Normally a stranger takes interest in your in your dream for you to see how special you are.


A very powerful dream that contains a hidden message about embracing new responsibility in your life. Perhaps this is a sign you are helping someone else grow and be a part of you. If you dream of adopting either a dog or cat it connects to your own unconsous feminine or masculine instincts that will soon be incorporated or understood. Adopting a baby connects with your feminine and masculine energy, a chance to look at your inner child.


To dream about adultery appears for many reasons usually not really relating to betrayal but rather relating to your own unconscious needs. Unless you are lacking emotional love and support or a wishful fantasy cheating might emerge in your dream. A powerful symbol of connecting with the energy that makes your complete.


Any type of advancement in dreams is a very positive symbol. Weather you advance at work, school or home are all great. Look forward to moving up the ladder pretty soon!


Dreaming of adventure suggests that your life at this moment is dull and need a boost of excitement. You are lacking some fun in your life and need to make a change. You may be tired of doing the same routine all the time.


When you dream of advertisement make sure you pay close attention to it. You may not think its a big deal, but your unconscious is sending you an important message. Understanding the message will help what needs to be fix in your walking live. If you are trying to advertise yourself represents your desire to be known.


Any advice we hear in a dream is a message from your unconscious that can be quite helpful. Usually you will only get good advice from powerful dream characters such as wise old men and older women. Sometimes advice in dreams is a warning as you need to be careful in a dangerous situation.


If you dream about spraying an Aerosol can suggest that something toxic needs to come out. You need to come clean with your feelings.


If you are dreaming of your partner having an affair might suggest insecurities or communication issues. Affairs become metaphoric in dreams when the partner may have given up on aspects of the relationship or is giving attention to something else; needs and desires are being neglected.


Dreaming of giving affection implies your good heart and a you’re nice nature to help others. If you are not such an affectionate person you may want to show people close to you more love. If you receive affection means that you need somebody to be close with.


Being afraid in your dream are usually vivid dream about heights, falling or animals. Being afraid reflects your fears in your walking life – the symbols become metaphors hinting at your unconscious fears.


Dreaming of affliction usually represents that you will hear bad news or some type of disaster. Alternatively, you may be suffering from inner turmoil and need release some stress.


Africa is a symbol of the wild or unknown side to the dreamer known as the unconsciousness. The birthplace of human civilization a symbol that becomes a calling for you explore your inner depths. To dream that you are African when your not means that you have the ability to relate to people different than you. Alternatively, you may even have a desire to return to the motherland.


To dream of Agates are very positive dream symbols. Regardless of the color of the Agate it means joy, peace, happiness and strength. If you break it means you are very self destructive. To see more than one means that you able to achieve inner peace.


Dreaming of old age might be related to your anxieties about getting older and the concept of death or dying. A young person to dream they are old might suggest they a wise person in a young body.


If you dream that somebody is aggressive towards you means that somebody in your life is being a bully to you for no reason. If you are the one who is aggressive implies that you can only let off steam in your dream and not in your waking life. You may not want to bottle up your anger.


To dream that you are suffering and in agony suggest that you need some help in moving forward in life. Alternatively it can mean some presence in your life is really killing you and need to fix the problem.


If we dream we are agoraphobic means that are scared to see people judge you. You need to become more confident in your life and find ways to make you more positive. You are showing signs of social anxiety.


If you dream of catching AIDS mean that people around you are attacking your internally. You may want to protect yourself from it. If you dream somebody else has AIDS suggest that you may want to help them, be somewhat of an “AID” to them.


If you are dreaming of aiming an object means that you are aiming for your goal. If you miss the target suggest that you need more practice and to slow down. If you so happened to aim a rifle or gun means that you are sexually frustrated.


When we dream about the air means we need some space. If the air is polluted means that your mind is not clear. If you are gasping for air that means there might be an area n your life where you are feeling suffocated.

Air Conditioner

Seeing an air conditioner in your dream suggests a need to cool down and recharge. It may also imply your attempt to keep calm, cool, or collected.

Air Balloon

Dreams about hot air balloon mirrors the dreamers social elevation, advancement, or popularity. By trusting the wind or spirit to guide you shows trust and confidence with your movement, a free spirit that rises above situations and will land when it wants.

Air Force

A symbol of protection from your guides in times to be defensive or your need to become free and independent. They may emerge when a conflict with a person or situation is arising.


Airports are very symbolic images that emerge before a major transition in your life. It becomes the place of departing or arriving at your new destination. They come during a time change, transition, adventure is about to take place. If you are trying to catch a plane it suggest holdbacks before you reach the next stage.


Airplanes emerge in our dream when undergoing a major shift or direction in your life. Unlike other modes of transportation a plane takes you from one place to a totally different geographical region. A metaphor reflecting changes in your job, relationships, spirituality and changes within. The faster it takes off the quicker the movement. Dreams of planes that fly low suggest the shift has started to occur but needs more power to get going. Plane crashes are symbolic of a stoppage or ending of future movement.


If the car is a symbol of our drive in life then why do you think the airbag deployed? Are you going to fast and need to slow down?


Wake up! This is a great dream symbol to get our attention that might long overdue in your life right now? What symbols and what was happening around you when this was going on? Maybe it just be time to wake up!


These dreams depending the context alter the meaning of the dream. It maybe metaphoric pertaining to the black and white; yin and yang or opposites within. What you think to be one thing is another; connecting to the shadow archetype.


If you are drinking too much alcohol in the dream it might be a symbol of you drinking too much. If you do not have a drinking issue than it could imply that you need to be more focus on life and stop escaping reality. To dream of alcohol bottles represents time wasted and aggression.


Could the alien be an unknown aspect of yourself that you recently discovered. Do you feel alienated in your waking life? Could this be a dream where you think the people around you could all be different than you? If you were abducted by an alien spacecraft might imply you might be taken against your will by something foreign.


The definition of an alley states narrow street; especially : a thoroughfare through the middle of a block giving access to the rear of lots or buildings. Do you in anyway feel that your life path is narrow without much room to move?


Similar to a snake these cold blooded reptiles can be very cunning and deceiving. Though they love to dwell in water that shows an emotional attack. Now this can be something that remains unconscious about yourself, or reflects the dangerous people around you. They have thick skin that are known to camouflage itself before it attacks..

Amal Tree

Dreams of this tree bring you abundance, spiritual fulfillment and guidance.


An ambulance in your dream acts as a guide or helper to lead you to a place to get fixed. If they bring you to hospitals and doctors they can be the people or lucky events that unfold that bring you towards getting the right help you need. When it crashes it shows interference on your way to get cured.


You might need to cut of something within yourself that could be causing some grief. Finding out what body part that was amputated in your dream might give you a hint of what to look out for. Amputation might be a metaphor of something holding out too long that might be causing you distress and needs to be cut off.

Amusement Park

Maybe this dream symbol could be an indication you might need some time for some R & R. Is your life boring right now and need some excitement? Could the dream mean that you could be taken for a ride?


They are found deep in the Amazon rainforest close connected to mother earth, massive in size with a big appetite. They could be a representation of your own life force. Since it’s a reptile, the snake spirit animal is reminiscent of unconscious drives and natural instincts. How you react to the snake may give you insight to your repressed fears.


Dreaming of anime characters appear to range anywhere from a fantasy into something more complex such as to incorporate unconscious masculine or feminine energy. This is why many people dream of their anime crushes showing up relating to traits they might be in search for.


The anima is a theory produced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung referring to the unconscious feminine image residing in male psyche; whereas the animus mirrors the masculine within the feminine.


According to Carl Jung the animus is the masculine within the feminine that often remains unconscious.


Ancestors appear as messengers in our dream as they bring news after they have passed on.


To dream you are in the Amazon rainforest suggest a need to get in touch with your spiritual side. The unconscious part of your, as you go deep in the healer (shaman/wise old man) will appear. Inside is where you get lost and are reborn.


These dreams are usually symbolic that hold a very powerful message of protection, love, guidance and help. If you are in need of healing or possible letting you know you will be protected they will show up. They are protectors and messengers from God, representing a greater force that is watching over and directing us.


Animals reflect the dreamers unconscious masculine and feminine traits, behaviors or primitive urges. How well you understand these instincts or traits within they can either come across loving or attack the dreamer. They may also manifest as unconscious characteristics of people we interact with in our daily lives.


This symbol is quite common one that suggest something might be bugging you. Ants can also imply hard work, teamwork and cooperation. They are highly intelligent and live in complex sub structures. In fact ants might even be connected to our neurons and biological sub structure.


Where were you when the anxiety hit you in the dream? The location and people around you might be a hint of who might be causing it. If you are alone maybe you need time to relax and take a breath. Anxiety in dreams are usually nightmares that could be an underlying issues involved.


The most iconic fruit in religion and mythology has appeared in your dream for reason you are unaware of. They bring you news of fertility, wisdom, sexuality and temptation. A complex symbol that encourages you to reflect what is taking place in your life that mirrors this metaphoric symbol.

Archangel Michael

These dreams can be a visit from an angel for protection during difficult times ahead. He appears as a guide to show you reassurance and to let you know that these problems will pass. The fallen angel has come to you for a reason as you connection with God only gets closer as he will defend you.


Since arenas are surrounded by seating, in which sports, entertainments suggests it could be hinting at fun and completion. Are you watching or in the center itself? The shape of the arena (see circle) tells you that if you overcome this obstacle or challenge you will be rewarded.


Common dreams that relate to unconscious memories or repressed emotions that are not expressed in your daily life. In our dream we tend to argue with family members, ex’s, friends and even dead family members. The main objective of this dream would be to find the core reason behind the conflict – often remains unconscious and can be decoded based off of the contexts of your dream.


These are dreams that suggest protection or some type of inner or external conflict you may be experiencing. The power and size of the army would be metaphoric to the forces or backing you have with this situation. This might be metaphoric unconscious feelings of starting or preparing for a war or battle. If you are going to war, or in battle this shows you how close you are to this personal battle and the current situation. If you are winning or losing the war is a mirror reflection of what is taking place. This might be repressed anger being used in the dream. If you are being invaded suggests outside forces are ready to attack. This could be any personal, emotional or work related issue.


These dreams bring your awareness to your internal conflict or struggle between right and wrong. These dreams are metaphors that reflect what is taking place in your waking life; a decision is based entirely on you. You choice to go left or right as you are now in a very emotional turbulent time.

Arranged Marriage

These dreams are common suggesting bring two people together to form a connection. If you are resisting or going with the flow lets you know how you will handle this union. You might be forced to be doing something you don’t want to do by your family or people who have power over you.


Being arrested by police in your dream suggests somewhere in your life you are being “detained” metaphorically speaking. Authority figures appear in our dreams to either warn us of our ways we are not aware, or something will stop your progress from advancing in your waking life. If your hands are cuffed that might suggest it being work related. Your actions where being watched and the next step with be the court. Being confined in a cell might suggest lack of growth and you might very well be put before a judge.


Arrows in dreams bring our attention to our energy directed towards a particular goal in life. Being shot with an arrow is a symbol of aggression directed toward you. If you have a bow and arrow it represents your movements and what you are setting for yourself.


Dreaming about being an Astronaut in space suggests a deep yearning to explore the unknown within. A need to grow spiritually hinting being in deep space is like mediation.


An asteroid however a large rocky body in space, in orbit around the Sun. The connection between feminine and masculine, possible luck, but can disrupt your atmosphere unexpectedly.


Attack dreams can be a representation of an unconscious self inflicted relating to behaviors and instincts you possess. Attacks are enigmatic symbols that may also point to the aggressive and malicious people in our lives- an attack becomes something you cannot feel but emotionally felt.


The attic is a very important place where many forgotten gems are hidden within you. Some suggest that the house is your own psyche and the different floors suggest different things. The attic is where you store all stuff you used to use in the past and forgotten about, this could be anything from goals and desires. Carl Jung suggested that the attic is a place of sexual experience. Going up might suggest one might be trying to explore this area to find meaning to the thoughts and attitudes we repressed. Certain objects that you find might be used as a metaphor to guide you to solving the dream.


This dream might be suggesting a need for assistance or fair treatment. This might point to areas of your work or business issues. Do you feel powerless or feel deserved by someone in your life?


You might be purchasing or making a deal pretty soon in the future. Understanding how an auction works you will know you need to make a confident decision on something you will want to keep. Could this be related to the arts?


In most cases dreaming of your aunt represents protection, feminine energy, protectiveness and a supporting nourishing figure. They are commonly known to cry to us, you notice they are pregnant or dying. Depending what happens will alter the meaning of your dream.


Depending the color it will alter the dream meaning. These are very powerful dreams that show you the possible ability you have to pick up on other peoples emotions.


These dreams might be a play on words for something that will fall. There could be some connection to the dream and what might take place during this season. The transition to the cold, coming close to the end.

Aurora Borealis

These dreams bring your attention to your spirit guide; or renewal in your spiritual energy. A calling to be closer with the Gods, become closer with mother nature – or self.


This might be an indication if you need to write down your thoughts to paper. This could also suggest that you may have desires to make your thoughts known and active to others. It also could be a dream that wants you to communicate with yourself on a more personal level. As Socrates says “know they self”.


Avalanches close association with snow is a warning to thread carefully in your life. Any sort of disruption can cause a major problem, related to people or situations in your life. If you are covered by an avalanche suggests burdens that will consume you.


These are very important dreams that usually have a bad ending. Sometime when we dream of death it suggest rebirth and you might be now becoming more consciously aware. Symbols of eggs hatching, pregnancies and even weather changes could be linked into rebirth and emotional upheaval.


An axe might be a play on words to ask something to whoever might be around you in the dream. A axe used to chop wood so it might be a metaphor for a need to assert one’s sexual control. Sigmund Freud also suggested it had a sexual connotation to it. Wood comes from a tree and a tree might have more of a significant meaning to it. Trees are symbols of physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation and liberation, sustenance, spiritual growth, union and fertility. To dream of an axe murder represents repetitive negative behaviour that weakens your energy.

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