Dreaming of The Sun

Anytime the sun makes it’s appearance in your dreams just be prepared that you might be undergoing a major transition in your life.

The sun is a very complex image that represents masculine energy, higher consciousness, growth, energy and the connection with the God’s.

Due to the it’s yellowish GOLD color and the CIRCLE shape we are dealing with something so profound that contain elements of inner awakening, completion and enlightenment.

Sun Dream Meaning

The sun metaphorically embodies many spiritual properties that leads to an awakening, completion and enlightenment – usually this major shift still remains unconscious to the dreamer.

The sun in our dreams encourages the dreamer to look inward as opposed to their outer world. In some cases the sun does appear in our dreams to represent new growth and beginnings in ones live; after the dark clouds dissipate the sun shines down on us.

The sun being one of the oldest known ancient Egyptian symbols is engraved on the hieroglyphs representing divinity, energy and power. They understood the spiritual elements long before our civilization took it in to account. Spiritually speaking the sun itself embodies the journey towards higher consciousness and inner awareness – something higher than us, full of light and warmth it contains profound message for you to decode.

Sun Spiritual Meaning

The sun in your dreams is letting you know you are receiving nourishment from something very powerful. The sun is revered because of its ability to create life, making crops grow and without it we would cease to exist.

Dreams have their own unique language that is coded in images, metaphors and sometimes parables. What happens around the sun in your dream will become clues were the inner transformation might be taking place.

The color gold is one of the most powerful colors when it emerges in dreams. Its close connection with the color of the sun tells us about our connection with the  afterlife, spiritual enlightenment and protection.

The yellow rays can even connect to the Solar Plexus or third chakra – Sanskrit, translates to, “city of jewels” a yellow disc that spins responsible for personality, ego, and identity, personal freedom, confidence, and authenticity. The sun in your dream might in fact be connected with opening this very powerful energy portal deep within your energy system.

Sun Dream Symbolism

  • Gift from the heavens
  • Connection with a higher power
  • Awakening
  • Solar Plexus or Yellow Chakra
  • Unconscious masculine energy

Sun Dreams: The Divine Spark Within

If we are thinking in terms of metaphors the sun can be a perfect example of the self. According to Carl Jung when we are born every individual has an original sense of wholeness—the sun being the archetype of The Self.

In alchemy the symbol of the sun implies completing the Great Work. The sun will represent life, influence, and strength, Self and energy

In a mythological sense the sun being parent God, mythologically predominantly the Father God, from whom all living things exist.

Why The Circle Of The Sun Leads To Enlightenment

Furthermore, the sun in our dreams may act as our unconscious desires being magnetically pulled us towards inner completion. A symbol that makes you reflect on your hopes and desires coming to fruition.

The sun is almost a perfect sphere only being a 10 km difference in its polar and equatorial diameters. A similar shape to the egg which is synonymous in dreams for being a symbol of rebirth and rejuvenation – circles are symbols of completion.  The ancient Egyptian sun God Ra that was represented by red solar disk over his head symbolized the idea of God as a man within it.

Sun Dreams: Yin & Yang

What is yin and yang and how does it relate to the sun in our dreams? Any circular shape in dreams often implies completion or balance that is similarly depicted in the yin and yang symbol. This is why in many cases the sun is usually complimented by the moon in our dreams. If the sun is a symbol of your inner masculine than the moon will be its complimentary force – or the feminine energy.

Yin & Yang Is Shaped Like The Sun

These are the divided energies within that need the right balance to let the energy (chi) flow properly in your life. Having to much of one energy creates an imbalance. Yang expands quickly it is very active, energetic, outward, and lighter. Unlike its counterpart yin, yang is fast moving and expands outward.

  • Masculine
  • Rising
  • Sun
  • Energy
  • Heaven

Sun Dreams: The Negative

It is not uncommon to dream of the sun dying, exploding or even falling, often representing a distortion within this inner masculine energy. Just as the yin needs the yang to balance when the sun emerges in a negative light it draws your attention to this area.

For women to dream of the sun in a negative way might in fact be connected with their inner masculine or what Jung would call the animus. In most cases connects back to the relationship with the father, the sun in the dream becomes metaphoric for the warmth, love and light that is need within you. This light provides the dreamer with the balance they need to become complete.

Dreaming Of Your Inner Masculine? 

If you notice bright sunlight in your dream it represents energy being provided to fulfill these once neglected parts of who you were. You are being guided by the self and to listen to what it wants.

If you dream of the sun at night it shows he light within the darkness, or the darkness within the light. The balance; yin and yang – opposites that are now united within.