Dreaming of Knives

Dreams involving knives are symbolic that brings your attention to the things that are being removed out of our lives. The image of the knife is often unconscious to the dreamer that often emerges as stabbing, cutting or penetrating something of importance.

Depending on who has the knife and where it is used in your dream will determine if this is an image that is either for or against you.

Knife Dreams Meaning

Despite the vivid or graphic nature of knives they actually contain a very valuable message that suggest you will be undergoing change in your life. If you where to approach the image metaphorically we understand that this removal process might be more painful than you think.

Whenever the dreamer is being attacked by someone with a knife it can contains three different translations. If the face or attacker is unknown it directs the dreamer towards their unconscious negative traits, behaviors and urges that need to be removed. Alternatively, it might even be related to a situation in their lives that they will be cut away or removed from.

The tables turn when the dreamer knows who the attacker is in the dream. Usually these people reflect your own personal shadow, or a projection of your unconscious traits that you see in them that need to be removed within yourself. Furthermore, if this person holds any sort of hostility or anger towards you they may in fact emerge to inflict internal pain.

Dream Of Stabbing? 

Stabbing in a dream could be connected with betrayal, fear and possibly a sexual connotation. If you stab someone in your dream, this could refer to your need for survival against the hostility of others. If someone is stabbing you the location will determine its motive (see below).

According to Sigmund Freud who believed that dreams were the ‘royal road’ to the unconscious mind would have a different theory on knifes.  Many objects such as a knife, dagger and swords could be substituted for male genitalia. He would question repressed desires or a need to penetrate.

Dream Of Cutting Dreams

Dreams of cutting could be positive symbol of removing obstacles and entanglements out of your way. These past barriers you have put up are now coming down through strength and raw power.

This could be any negative aspects of yourself such as anxiety and fear so you can become more complete.  You may want to open aspects of yourself where you never were able to before.

The location of where the knife is attacking the body can help decode the dream easier. Depending if you are being attacked or you are the attacker can change the meaning.

  • Eyes = loss of sight.
  • Head = connected to the mind.
  • Nose = cutting away something you may know.
  • Stomach = something you can’t stomach or someone attacking your energy.
  • Back = could be related to being dishonest or someone will stab you in the back (metaphor).
  • Foot or Legs = your progress in life will be affected.
  • Hands = might be related to work or if it’s your right hand could be related to a friend.
  • Heart = relationship/emotions.

Being Chased By A Knife

This dream might want you to turn your attention to the attacker as you may be running away from something that can separate you. Chase dreams are very common that suggest you are not facing your problems but running away from them.

Suicide Dreams Meaning 

Suicide dreams are usually good omens to suggest shedding the old so the new can be reborn. In Japan it is often called “hara-kiri” in the West, “seppuku” is a form of ritual suicide that originated with Japan’s ancient samurai warrior class. The gruesome act usually involved stabbing oneself in the belly with a short sword, slicing open the stomach and then flipping it upwards to ensure a fatal wound.

Shakespeare’s Dagger Symbolism:

“O happy dagger! This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die.” Juliet awakes from her feigned death to learn that her lover, Romeo, has taken his own life, believing she was truly dead”.

Like Shakespeare novel Romeo & Juliet the dagger plays an important role connecting to male sexuality and deceit. The objects Shakespeare uses can be very similar to our dream symbols as they presents itself as a metaphor with a deeper meaning.

Guillotine Dreams

These ancient devices are designed for efficiently carrying out executions by beheading. Dreaming of a guillotine might suggest a need to stop your mind or could be related to guilt.