Psychic Dreams

The phenomena known as precognition is a term used when you dream something and then it happens in real life; the ability or the direct knowledge to foresee events before they happen through ESP.

If you are one of the people whos dreams came true the next day the whole theory behind why we dream can be thrown out the window. In modern times studies have stated that everybody has a certain degree of psychic abilities but some peoples antennas seem to be more heightened than others.

The concept of being able to see future events have existed in the minds for thousands of years. Similar accounts of dreams are also found in Biblical text with Jacob and Daniel. The psychic phenomenon has intrigued people for centuries, remembering your dreams helps bridge the gap between our two worlds.

Are Psychic Dreams Real?

Keeping an open mind helps when it comes to decoding psychic dreams. It is not often that dreams provide you with a direct message or warning, the symbols are contained in a labyrinth made up of metaphors and parables.

This forgotten language once used to promote insight, future events, integration and a map to the soul; unfortunately method seems to be an unused ancient tool. The more we tend to focus on the outside world we divert away from the mysteries of our inside world. Psychic dreams exist only for those who dare to look inside.

Every night our astral body escapes the borders of the conscious realm and enters the mystical land of the unknown. In this dimension our souls are lost and found again. We communicate with our higher self, with people from other parts of the world; and the ones who have passed on. This is the meeting place that bridges the gap between consciousness and the unconsciousness.

It would be only natural to be skeptical about psychic dreams if you never have experienced one. This is why it is important to focus on remembering your dreams and documenting what has taken place. This would be similar to learning to ride a bike or a language it will take time and effort.

Once this is learned the next step would be put the puzzle together. You will notice that the dreams and the symbols in them will be unique to you as your life experiences will be different than the rest. In your dream journal you will notice a strange pattern of dots that all connect with one another.

Famous Psychic Dreams

One of the most well known documented accounts of precognition was that of Abraham Lincoln. Before his assassination he told his wife and friends about a dream he had.  In the dream he was at a funeral inside the white house. He walked over to a soldier on guard and asked who was in the casket?  The soldier replied “the president of the United States of America”. One week after the dream he was shot and killed at point blank range.

Edgar Cayce was an American self-professed clairvoyant who was known to enter a trans like state while allegedly asleep. Cayce recorded over 14,000 psychic readings that answered questions on subjects as varied as healing, reincarnation and future events in dreams. He also spoke about the history of humanity from the very beginning to the future when humans will be able to tap into their supernatural powers.

Dreaming Of The Deceased

There seem to be a fine line between actually dreaming of passed loved ones or unconscious emotions sorting itself out. Distinguishing the two might seem a bit of a challenging task, however there are some clues that determine if you actually made contact.

Nightmares or disturbing dreams involving your loved ones are usually repressed feelings filtering out and not direct communication. You will notice a slight difference in appearance when you dream of the dead, or you may have received a gift from the dead.

  • Appearing younger and healthy 
  • They send you a message 
  • The dream has a vivid or lucid feeling to it
  • Your energy might be more drained upon waking
  • Bright colors, symbols of transformation 
  • Appear on certain dates or important times (birth, death, rough periods in life and anniversaries)

Remember Your Dreams

The major problem people have is trying to remember their dreams when they wake up. Unfortunately we lose up to 90 percent of our dream recall the first minute upon waking. This is why it is vital you learn to strengthen your dream muscle and record as much information as possible.

We tend to focus on our daily tasks as a priority first thing in the morning. You will need to bring your attention on the events in your dream even if you just remember on event, object or symbol. As time goes on your dream memory will expand.

  • Keeping a dream journal helps track your progress as well as understanding the code or pattern that unfolds
  • Keep an open mind. 
  • Trusting the symbols in your dream have meaning. 
  • Meditation and grounding techniques help make your dream more vivid. 
  • You can ask to communicate with your dead loved ones before you go to sleep. 
  • Opening up your third eye.

Why People Have Precognition

Still today studies still cant prove on why we get precognitive dreams. There are many theories on this subject but no substantial evidence. Stated below are some theories for the reasoning behind them.

  • One theory states that the precognitive experience itself discharges some type of strong psychokinetic PK force, that brings the envisioned future to pass.
  • The past, present and future is all the same.
  • Possibly be a glance at future events that is based upon present circumstances and information.
  • Your mind is able to go outside an unknown force field
  • Possible that your mind produces more DMT in the Pineal gland.

Third Eye & Psychic Dreaming

The third eye is a mystical and esoteric concept of a speculative invisible eye, or all seeing eye is located in the Pineal gland depicted as located on the forehead.
The third eye or the sixth chakra is the center of intuition, self awareness and foresight.

Once the third eye is activated through some sort of spiritual practice your intuition increases as your dreams become more vivid. Among other things the third eye brings your dreams to life as the contents become more vibrate and animated.

Premonition vs. Precognition

Many people confuse premonition and precognition for being the same thing.  There is a slight difference between the two; though similar in nature they have the same end result.  Premonitions are mixtures of sounds, random images or feelings that flash involuntary in your mind at any given time.  Precognition on the other hand presents itself in dreams by using types of symbols, events or odd feelings.

Biblical Psychic Dreams

Deuteronomy 29:29.

“The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law”.

  • Daniel who was known for interpreting dreams had been doing it 500 years before Christ. He had the ability to analyze peoples dreams especially for King Nebuchadnezzar.
  • In Genesis 28:12 God spoke to Jacob when he was dreaming. He dreams of a ladder that is placed on the ground (earth) reaching up to the heavens. He wanted to let him know that God was speaking to him directly using the symbol of the ladder as the connection.
  • Genesis 31:24 In this verse God came to Laban the Syrian in a dream by night, and said to him, “Take heed that you speak not to Jacob either good or bad”.

Precognition Dream Facts

As you can tell by some of the psychic dreams below that their has to be proof. Though it is very hard to prove that it actually happened and most of the time people would have a hard time believe you.

Once you can remember your dreams then you have a higher chance of piecing it all together. Dreams do happen in metaphors and to understand the symbols makes it easier to decode what future events might happen.

  • At least one third of the general population experiences precognition in there dreams
  • There is no explanation on why we get psychic dreams
  •  60 to 70% of precognition happens in our dreams
  •  You will know the difference between a normal dream to a psychic dream.

Types Of Psychic Abilities

There isn’t just one type of psychic, like professional sports players they can come in all different shapes and sizes. You will notice that a skill of a baseball player would be different than a football player; however they are still playing a sport. A clairvoyant might have a different dream symbolism then someone who is a clear sentient.

People who have increased esp ability will have dreams that would be more vivid with heightened colors and symbolism. Psychic abilities are also connected to outer body experiences and astral projections.

  • Clairvoyance (clear seeing)
  • Clairsentience (clear feeling)
  • Clairaudience (clear hearing)
  • Claircognizance (clear knowing)
  • Clairscent (clear smelling)
  • Clairgustance (clear tasting)
  • Clairtangency (clear touching)

Telepathic Dreams

This is the ability to know what is in someone else’s mind, or to communicate with someone mentally, without using words or other signs. In the dream world people who are telepathic can pick up on peoples health, future events or messages from the deceased.  The telepathic dreamer is either used as a conduit or is able to pick up on the psychic unconscious grid.

Premonition Dreams

These are the most common psychic dreams where you are able to pick up on future events. The events usually unfold within days or months after the dream happens. The contents in the dream can either be exact or jumbled with parables and metaphoric symbolism. Precognitive dreams are messages that can either be negative or positive in its outcome. Famous accounts of documented precognitive dreams was the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and Sugar Ray Robinson.

Clairvoyant Dreams

Clairvoyant dreams pick up on events or situation at the present moment. The information received can take place in another country where the dreamer doesn’t have access to.

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Michelle Vega
Michelle Vega
8 days ago

When I was 13 I was visiting my aunt during Christmas and New Years break. I had a dream that one of my favorite outfits that I got for Christmas got ruined in my dream and I was upset. The next day not even thinking about it I got dressed putting on that outfit and later that morning was in a car accident and they had to cut my clothes off ruining them. I have had other dreams that have also come true but they are always about something tragic happening.

30 days ago

I keep dreaming about things forgetting them and remembering hours before it happens and no one believes me. One example is i planned to go to a place with friend and dreamed about it and 3 months later about 30 minutes till we get there I remember driving and doing the things and i did those things when I got there and this was the first time ive Been there. Can someone pls tell me what this is.

Reply to  The Dreamer
29 days ago

It’s like I see something on dream form then it happens later like in weeks to months

The same thing happened today it’s almost like a feeling of de javu like it’s familiar but it hasn’t happened

Rey Rey
Rey Rey
1 month ago

I have had many dreams where I find myself with someone that I’ve never seen before in my life, but yet I feel an intense connection to them. I have had feelings of being in love or just feeling so deeply connected to that person like I’ve known them for years. When I wake up, I even feel a great sense of loss because I know I’ll never see them again. I even feel a deep sadness. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this? I often wonder if these were people I might have known in another life. How… Read more »

2 months ago

I’ve had dreams of loved ones who’s have passed apologizing for passing away and telling me that they did not want to go. Along with them saying that they are sorry for not telling the truth before they passed because they didn’t want my family to be upset. I have also dreamed about sick patients passing away and when I return to work I heard they did pass away. I’ve also had a dream about another patient that they needed to go to the ICU and when I returned to work, I found out they did in fact go to… Read more »

Reply to  The Dreamer
2 months ago

What does this mean if I have these dreams

2 months ago

Last night I had a dream that I was in a familiar bar and the bartender was familiar as well ( someone that I ‘ve known for a long time) In looking at the time on my phone I noticed that it was not the correct time as time jumped forward from where I knew it to be. I then come to find out that it is Thursday, July 4, 2030. In disbelief, I ran into some strangers and asked what time it was, what day it was and everyone confirmed that It was Thursday, July 4 2030 indeed. I… Read more »

Reply to  James
9 days ago

Neil Gorsuch is an associate justice for the supreme court…it’s possible he could get to President by 2030-

3 months ago

I’ve been having many dreams that have come true since I was ten years old. Mostly about people I don’t know and they die a horrible death. Some times they are good. But not often, I had a dream about the girl Gabby that was found dead. In my dream her boyfriend either thought he killed her or it was an accident but he thought she was dead and panic and ran. The next thing I saw was watching the news and they said she was still alive but succumbed to her injuries. I do hope this dream doesn’t come… Read more »

John Doe
John Doe
4 months ago

Had a dream 3 months ago that two men knocked on my door and I followed behind them like I trusted them. Seconds later I realized the one on the right had a barrel of a gun sticking out of his left armpit and shot me point blank in the chest. Just a week or so the same event unfolded but only one person but as soon as I saw the barrel I hauled ass out of there. Can you explain this? Of course the person with the gun claims it was just an accident and the gun couldnt have… Read more »

Reply to  John Doe
3 months ago

i too have had dreams of the future a few times. last night i dreamed of my lover asking me if i would be mad if she had been seeing a past lover. and today i was ignored by her for all of my work day just to find out when we talked she got a free tatto from “her sisters guy friend” lol what will i dream of next…

Reply to  nathan
3 months ago

Being single