Spiral Sacred Symbolism

The spiral was understood the ancients one of the most profound shapes that connects us to divinity or The Source.

 In terms of spirituality, the spiral as a symbol seems to lead us to the path higher consciousness or eternal awareness of our true being.

Unfortunately modern man has severed ties with his spirit, blindly leading each other down a path of confusion, as we collectively spiral the opposite direction away from our true journey.

Spiral Symbolism & Awakening

But what if I told you once you follow the way of the spiral it will lead you down a labyrinth-like passage towards enlightenment. Sounds crazy right? Who knows maybe your random swirls on a piece of paper might be intuitively hard wired with your DNA that connects your identity with the universe.

 Sacred Spiral Symbolism

  • Oldest geometrical shape or sacral geometry
  • Fibonacci spiral sequence appearing in nature
  • Used in magic, mysticism and ritual art and dance
  • The spiral vortex connects to the double helix structure of the DNA molecule
  • An archetypical symbol that leads to spiritual development or cosmic force
  • Ancient Egypt snake coiled in a spiral

Spiral Appearing In Dreams

Despite spirals appearing everywhere around us on earth a connection becomes apparent when they emerge in our dreams, visions, or perhaps drinking a psychedelic brew containing ayahuasca.

Though for most people they are most likely to catch a glimpse of a spiral in their dreams as your unconscious metaphorically imprints this iconic image directing you towards this powerful energy.

Don’t be fooled, what might appear to look like a whirlpools in water, tornado, pinecones, screws, shell, snail, flowers, or even going up a spiral staircase, is a feminine symbol which links to the generative force of the universe- an image that unconscious directs the dreamer towards the soul. Depending the context of the dream the spiral will symbolically connect with other images that appear. For example if the dreamer walks up a spiral staircase; the house representing the psyche or obtaining higher consciousness.

According to swiss analytical psychologist Carl Jung believed that the spiral leads you to The Self –  the eventual goal of the journey wholeness or completion. The true path to wholeness is a spiral one, not a straight line.

Spiral: The Universal Symbol

One can only assume what the ancients were trying to tell us with these unique, yet prolific swirl markings on petroglyphs, and megaliths that date back to the Neolithic period. Yet, ancient cultures throughout the world carved the same symbol with little or no contact with one another.

Even though we cannot solve the missing piece of the puzzle, one can observe these ancient markings and investigate what our previous ancestors believed pre cataclysm (The Younger Dryas) 10,000 BCE.

The three spirals found in County Meath, Ireland, beholds an ancient a prehistoric monument called Newgrange seems to date further past the Celtics.  It seems they may have found this monument and built myths around it – spiral of life represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The mainstream media believes it was a burial ground, but this is furthest from the truth.

The tri-spiral, triple spiral, “Triskele” wants to lead us down a path of spiritual development, the mysterious place of birth, death and transformation; connecting us to the Gods and and laws of the universe.

In the Buddhist culture the spiral becomes a powerful symbol representing creation and growth and the path towards enlightenment. 

Hopi Indians understood the spiral as being a symbol for eternity or for the path of our existence on earth.