Dream Symbols

Symbolism is the practice or art of using an object or a word to represent ideas or qualities. Just as a painter or author who wants to portray a certain mood or expression, they often use symbolism to allude to as opposed to just blatantly saying it.

Similarly depicted in our dreams the unconscious paints us an enigmatic picture, usually metaphorically riddled, filled with abstract symbols and themes in the most bizarre manner.

The unconscious uses a long forgotten, hidden language intended for the dreamer to extract the message or meaning metaphorically. Dream Symbols Dictionary uses an expression mirrors the parables used in the Bible, like a Zen paradox, or even the universal mythological stories. So you might want to know why these lessons are coded in this manner?

Perhaps Jesus has the best analogy. Jesus explained, “Therefore I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand“.  By engaging with our unconscious every night we open up a closed door leading down a path that animates your inner world, you head towards the light of wholeness, balance and inner knowledge – a path that leads to enlightenment.

Dream Symbols Dictionary

Ankh: In depth analysis

A profound symbol known in ancient Egypt as the “Breath of life” becomes a symbol of protection, hidden knowledge and wisdom. Often obtaining this ancient knowledge though the Third Eye the Ankh emerges in our dreams to spiritually protect us along on life’s journey or higher consciousness.


The arch is known to be a symbol of transitions and rebirths in life; once you go through the old part dies (rebirth) only for the new to flourish. Usually connected with holy places to represent the bridge to heaven, sanctuary and private place.

Chakras: In depth analysis

Chakras translates to “wheel” or “disc” in Sanskrit, and you can imagine them like wheels of free-flowing positive energy. If one of these seven centers become blocked it causes psychological issues and emotional distress in your life. In our dreams the chakras cleverly manifest in various forms of animals, reptiles, earth elements and enigmatic symbols that point to the blocked area.

Circle: In depth analysis

The shape of the circle can be considered one of the most profound universal symbols representing wholeness, transformation and rebirth. In dreams the circle appears as rings, snakes coiled, balls, earth and anything round – a dream symbol that leads the dreamer towards completion.

Crescent Moon: In depth analysis

The crescent moon connects towards the feminine energy or creative power that unconsciously pulls one towards her love. The crescent moon can be both warning or waxing will tells you if this is either ending or a new starting phase.

Cross: In depth analysis

The cross is known to be a powerful symbol that means the connection between heaven and earth, a meeting point of death and rebirth and new spiritual awareness – crosses can be seen in both visions and dreams as the old dies only to be reborn.

Earth: In depth analysis

The earth connects you to the divine feminine, a powerful energy that grounds, awakens and protects the person. On the flip side, the Great Mother can use her powers against when you dismiss or not run in accordance this unconscious feminine energy. The earth symbolizes transformation, wholeness and completion due to its circular shape.

Geometry: In depth analysis

Geometrical patterns morph onto random images such as flowers, insects, numbers, rings, staircases, or stars. Within the dream a story will unfold around that particular images in hopes you understand its spiritual significance. Geometric shapes in our dreams are profound symbols that bring us one step closer in being one with the universe.

Kundalini: In depth analysis

The kundalini is the primal force of awakening that often remains dormant, though once activated this powerful causes us to transform on the mental, emotional, and spiritual state. She emerges in your dreams in different forms in hopes you pay her attention. The award becomes your own inner transformation.

Lotus Flower: In depth analysis

The lotus flower is highly regarded in Eastern teachings as a symbol of enlightenment and purity. It even traces back to ancient Egypt relating to light and inner transformation. A symbol that appears in our dreams to show new growth and higher consciousness.

Octagon: In depth analysis

Many religious architectural connections when we recognize many sacred places of worship (churches, temples, mosques) were designed with octagonal structures supporting a dome on top. In Feng Shui (Bon Buddhism), the octagon becoems a symbol of protection that wards off negative spiritual vibrations. In dreams the octagon often manifests as a diamond; a powerful symbol of that connects us with the higher source.

Ouroboros (snake eating it’s own tail): In depth analysis

A powerful yet enigmatic symbol that contains many different spiritual meanings interwoven into it. It’s circular shape represents the true Nature of the Universe, eternal life, the Self and a unification of all things.

Phoenix: In depth analysis

The feminine energy of the phoenix only emerges once in someone’s lives to represent a conscious shift, rebirth and spiritual transformation. She like to visit us in our dreams to tell us when and were this shift will take place. A powerful symbol that has been used in both folklore and mythology dating back to antiquity.

Pinecone: In depth analysis

Seen throughout the hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt or linked to the popes staff entwined with two snakes and a pinecone, a symbol that represents activation of higher consciousness.

Rainbows: In depth analysis

Rainbows are very powerful symbols that emerge relating to luck, higher self, Gods connection to the earthly realm. The true symbol that connect humans with the higher realms, the unconscious with the consciousness and yin and yang. Rainbows encourage you to continue on the path and you will be protected until you find the gold.

Snake: In depth analysis

Snakes are not always know to be deceitful symbols in our dream, but rather leads the dreamer towards higher consciousness and enlightenment.

Spiral: In depth analysis

Spiral in dreams may morph into whirlpools in water, tornado, pinecones, screws, shells, snail, flowers; a feminine symbol which links to the generative force of the universe- an image that unconscious directs the dreamer towards the soul.

Stars: In depth analysis

There was a reason why the ancient Egyptians understood the stars as being connected with the Gods. In today’s time we have lost the true meaning behind what the star means when it has always been there to guide us during times of darkness. Stars are known to connect us to the divine, protection, light and darkness, luck and guidance during difficult times.

Tattoo: In depth analysis

Tattoo may be skin deep, but their significance sometimes goes deeper. What we may put on our body contains more unconscious elements of self expression that is wanting to be integrated in the outside world.

Tree: In depth analysis

The tree is an ancient symbol of life as the roots firmly grounded in the soil and the branches reach for the heavens. Dating as far back as ancient Egypt the pine tree can be directly linked to the pineal gland or higher consciousness.

Triangle: In depth analysis

The triangle connection with the human consciousness connects to the cycles of growth that leads to a higher state of awareness. On a spiritual level the triangle guides the person towards inner completion or a connection with an omnipresent force.

Two Headed Snake: In depth analysis

Due to the fact the snake sheds its skin and emerges anew it is thought to reflect inner transformation and growth.

Wheel: In depth analysis

The wheel embodies characteristics of the iconic image of the CIRCLE along with it’s continuous movements guides us towards reaching higher states of consciousness or enlightenment. One of the most ancient symbols found in Buddhism (Eightfold Path) and Hinduism; a practice towards achieving completion or Nirvana.

Yin & Yang: In depth analysis

The yin and yang ascribes to the universe being governed by a cosmic duality or interconnected forces that can be observed in nature. Two halves that together signify wholeness; yin comprising of the feminine principle, whereas the yang contains masculine; together, they represent inner completion, balance and harmony.

Dream Symbols & Meanings

Dream symbols book may morph into  people, places, or objects that appear in your dreams from your unconsciousness. You can consider the unconscious mind similar to how a computer stores everything all of your past, present and what is to come in the future.

According to Carl Jung he says we also have a collective unconsciousness refers to structures of the unconscious mind which are shared among beings of the same species. Jung believed before we go to sleep we can speak to the one million year old man that is inside us to provide us answers in our dreams.

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2 months ago

Today I had a dream with someone from my past that had a very significant role in my life. In the dream he told me you gotta stop the clock. I said what are you thinking? He said twenty. I woke up it was 5:44 a.m. this man was my court judge for many years. What does it mean?

2 months ago

I dreamed I found out my no longer deceased father had a h
Downs syndrome e younger sister, very pretty,. When I asked who was paying g for her care all this time, my no longer deceased mother said her long deceased uncle was. Help what does this mean

Reply to  The Dreamer
2 months ago

not dead in my dream, but actually dead dad 15 years, mom 35 years

Ladi solomon okpanachi
Ladi solomon okpanachi
2 months ago

Hi, I had a dream at about 5:45 am (Nigerian time) that I and all the children( polygamous family)of my dad(late) were all matching together holding soap in our hands lifted up and praying ( I can’t understand the words of the prayers). We approach a place where the grass on the ground were green then facing up towards a sun ( like a fade circle) in the middle of the circle was a cross and the shape of a moon keeps spinning round the cross In the circle. Later it turn into a white smoke like Snow from the… Read more »

3 months ago

So last night’s dream may be a clue. I was at someone’s house. The room they had me staying in was a mess. So I cleaned it. Then after a few days I saw video cameras all around and got embaressed cause I was changing in that room. Then I felt angry. The thing about my stay is I couldn’t go outside or outside the room for any reason