Dreams about Silver

In our dreams silver is often correlated with items such as necklaces, rings, coins, and jewelry for a specific reason. It might be the fact that silver has been known to be the mirror of the soul.

Silver is a precious metal and, similar to gold, often represents inner growth, transformation and wealth. Since GOLD is often connected with the image of the SUN, silver however directs us towards the MOON. The moon’s gravitational energy has been pulling the dreamer unconsciously towards something of inner value – silver is known for its feminine qualities and associated with purity.

How To Understand Silver In Dreams

In order to truly understand the spiritual significance of silver in your dream we will need to break down its properties. The fact that it is a conductor of heat and electricity it becomes a very powerful symbol relating to you inner world.

Furthermore, your dream will provide you with enough little clues that will purposely direct you towards where this transformation is unfolding.

  • Versatile, strong, yet malleable.
  • Brings you balance and harmony.
  • Psychic protection and awareness.
  • Calmness of energies.
  • Symbol of good health.
  • Protects against negative energies and psychic vampires.

Silver In Dreams Meaning

Silver in our dream teaches us about preservation and protecting this new value in your life as silver is an element that can be tarnished easily. We can assume that these outside factors relate to negative or toxic behaviours, people or emotions that distort your well being if this is not protected. This is why silver is a metal that connects with the dreamers emotional state and sensitivity.

If silver is the best reflector of visible light it metaphorically tells the dreamer of its close connection with the Spirit, Higher Consciousness or Divine Source energy for protection and peace. Though this is something that needs to be protected and cherished within or else it will be tarnished.

According to Swiss psychologists Carl Jung, he associated silver as a representation of the spirit that fights for the harmony and happiness in your life. By extracting a valuable resource from lead, silver becomes a symbol of importance to the dreamer.  Jung in his later years turned to the process of alchemy as a fundamental resource for in depth psychology that leads to transformation, inner liberation, and change.

Silver Spiritual Significance

Knowing that Silver has the highest electrical conductivity because it contains a higher number of movable atoms (free electrons). What does this have to do with spirituality? Besides from silver being an element that drives out negative energy and replaces it with a more positive charge, silver acts as a conduit that charges the etheric body resulting in a KUNDALINI awakening. Consisting of the same feminine properties as the moon this intense energy resides at the base of the spine; once activated this electrical energy causes the person to right higher states of consciousness.

Biblical Meaning Of Sliver In Dreams

The Biblical meaning of silver in our dreams tells about an important internal find that you will emerge in your life. This find would be the help from your higher power.

The fact that Silver is mentioned 320 times in the Bible tells you how it is valued. In the Middle East, before 500 B.C., it was harder to find than gold.

The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts.” Gold and silver are products of God – they are not a creation of man. God designed them to be intrinsically valuable and beautiful, for gold does not tarnish nor corrode

Dreaming Of Silver & Meanings

Dreaming of a silver NECKLACE represents a mind and body transformation relating to communication and expression. Because the location is near the throat it tells the dreamer of new found wisdom, protection and balance within the feminine and masculine unconscious energy (Yin & Yang inner power).

If you dreamt about silver coins, rings or money represents both internal and external wealth and richness. The coins shape or CIRCLE tells the dreamer about achieving inner wholeness and completion.

To dream of a silver fish represents your quest for spiritual nourishment and intuition. Fish are often unconscious symbol feminine or emotional state (water) relating to fertility, creativity, rebirth, good luck, transformation, health, and abundance.

Noticing a silver snake in your dream represents change and transformation in your life. Snakes in dreams are enigmatic symbols that point to the unconscious side of the dreamer. The silver snake in your dream might pose a threat to the dreamer if they are resisting this transformation process. The silver snake becomes a very powerful symbol of healing, changes and transformation in your life.

Earrings that are silver in your dream are quite profound as it connects the dreamer to the SPIRAL; a symbol of rebirth and fertility.